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Author Topic: 2021 Round Twelve Thread  (Read 1145 times)
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« Reply #15 on: June 13, 2021, 06:30:39 pm »

San Francisco Grizzlies 18.9.117 lost to Boston Terriers 20.11.131
(Real: 1760 vs 1960)

*cue most of the comp scoring sub-117 but still managing to not only lose but get smacked by Boston*
This was pretty close heading into today, but Powell and Green combined for 130 while Goldstein and Hall combined for 267...and how good is finally having a ruckman and not having to play one OOP! Stef (26) scored worse than an OOP player would've managed, but at least it saves me having to type (OOP), precious seconds.

San Francisco: Stewart, Ryan, Langford, Rohan, Williams
Boston: Laird, Hall, Goldstein, Smith, Walker, Keays, Pendlebury

Chicago Sharks 19.7.121 defeated Ottawa Otters 17.7.109
(Real: 1821 vs 1632)

Sorry Macca and Nige, not much to say about this one. A slightly above par Chicago takes an expected victory over a slightly below par Ottawa, which Chicago more than needed to keep their top six positioning, although Chicago definitely could've used a bit more out of Oliver as they hope to win some pivotal games in the run home.

Chicago: Brayshaw, Flynn, Andrews, McDonald, Henry, Parker
Ottawa: Cunnington, Graham, Jiath, Dixon, Taranto, Ryder

New Brooklyn Hawks 19.11.125 defeated Colorado Avalanche 17.9.111
(Real: 1868 vs 1670)

Colorado also pretty unlucky, to put up a reasonable score (especially considering VC Rowell put up a stinker - imagine if he actually was fit and with it) but not to even really come close. The Saints shone for NBH, with Crouch, Steele (c), and Membrey being the three highest scores of the game, and luckily didn't completely shower the bed in this contest and not kick a goal for the last hour of the match.

Brooklyn: Crouch, Steele, Membrey, Bolton, Duryea, Liberatore
Colorado: Hickey, Simpkin, Walsh, Maynard

Wisconsin Cockerels 20.12.132 defeated Las Vegas Sinners 18.12.120
(Real: 1977 vs 1804)

How lucky that Vegas got McGrath's 9 subbed out and didn't affect HGA (obviously), it would be a shame if they had two forwards score 22 and 39...so ends a harsh away stand in Wisconsin for the Sinners, and they'll be missing McGrath at M6 (what a stacked team jfc) for a fair while. But we all know they're good enough to match it with the best, Jukercoach or not. Also, I'm still working on how to neg the Parish-Duggan trade...I'm sure it'll require some dimension bending.

Wisconsin: Parish, Gawn, Macrae, Miller, Zorko, Darcy, May
Las Vegas: Mitchell, Petracca, Lyons, Naitanui, Lloyd

Houston Bombers 17.11.113 lost to Quito Quetzals 20.7.127
(Real: 1692 vs 1910)

This was looking surprisingly close leading into this weekend, but as you can see from the best, all of Quito's shone this weekend while Wines was seemingly a lone hand in keeping Houston in the same ballpark.

Houston: Wines, Crisp, Bailey
Quito: Cameron, O'Brien, Greenwood, Swallow, Greene, Houston

Anaheim Mighty Ducks 17.8.110 lost to Carolina Panthers 18.11.119
(Real: 1644 vs 1783)

Carolina were hurting from Rioli and McKay twin (low) fives, while Guelfi and Petrol Jelly weren't much better for Anaheim. The difference? Merrett (137 as C) and Mundy (97 as VC) were good for Anaheim - but Bontempelli (149 as C) and Kelly (147 as VC) were through the roof, to swipe a hard earned but well needed victory for Carolina. But with five straight sub-55 scores for Milo, is his spot in the XVIII so secure?

Anaheim: Merrett, Hawkins, Boak, Gray
Carolina: Bontempelli, Kelly, Ryan, Rozee, Martin
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« Reply #16 on: June 13, 2021, 07:05:13 pm »

Wisconsin Cockerels   11-1  1547  1362  113.58
Quito Quetzals   11-1  1473  1335  110.34
Carolina Panthers   9-3  1455  1333  109.15
Boston Terriers   9-3   1469   1392   105.53
Las Vegas Sinners   7-5   1496   1408  106.25
Chicago Sharks  6-6  1414  1385  102.09
Anaheim Mighty Ducks   5-7   1296   1375   94.18
Houston Bombers   5-7  1337  1422  94.03
New Brooklyn Hawks   4-8   1351   1362   99.19
San Francisco Grizzlies   3-9  1251  1415  88.41
Ottawa Otters   2-10   1300   1399   92.92
Colorado Avalanche    0-12   1235   1416   87.22
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