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Author Topic: 2021 Round Ten Thread  (Read 2929 times)
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Anaheim Mighty Ducks 17.12.114 defeated Colorado Avalanche 15.12.102
(Real: 1709 vs 1531)
Was a huge change for Colorado to snatch their maiden win of the season, but it was not to be as they had their fair share of shockers - Simpkin literally 110 points less than last week! Anaheim meanwhile, shockingly, currently have a share of sixth spot, with Chicago and Houston yet to play obviously. It was the usual suspects for the Ducks, with Ridley, Merrett, Mundy and Porkins among their best. Speaking of best...heh.

New Brooklyn Hawks 18.7.115 defeated Ottawa Otters 15.13.103
(Real: 1718 vs 1545)
The Hawks breakthrough for a long-awaited and well-deserved victory, even with star midfielder defender Oleg Markov struggling, it was more than made up for by Libba's 145 and Johannisen's 96 (it might not seem like much but it's about 100 points above his average) against PK's own Saints. This was joined by Bailey Dale's 152 for the Otters, well accompanied by Cunnington's 142, but Treloar's injury cruelled Ottawa, who shared the ledger on the season with two wins apiece.

Chicago Sharks 19.9.123 defeated Houston Bombers 16.12.108
(Real: 1851 vs 1617)
A clash with huge finals implications, and Houston were genuinely the better side around the ground, Craberner aside...but they still got thumped on the back of Clayton Oliver, who showed that when he's on his team is unbeatable and definitely wouldn't lose by a point to flowering Crom. Obvious TOTW choice Jack Sinclair was the best for Houston, putting 117 points towards his team's cause, just shy of Oliver's own 204x2.

Boston Terriers 18.11.119 lost to Quito Quetzals 20.7.127
(Real: 1780 vs 1907)
Another big game between two of the top four, with Boston falling further behind the minor premiership race and will get jumped by the Sinners this week, but they fortunately still have a two-win buffer over Chicago. This game was right on until Sunday, when Pendles' 43 and Goldy's 67 as CC were a huge difference in the game, as was Salem coming out for Wilkie. The SEED was the best for Quito, as expected, and imho Will Snelling was too.

San Francisco Grizzlies 15.12.102 lost to Las Vegas Sinners 22.8.140
(Real: 1523 vs 2100)
We did it Stig, we got the Sinners another win! Shame it wasn't this performance against the Quito or Wisconsin they'll have to go through for a premiership tilt, but they'll/we'll take it all the same. And it really should've been a higher score too, as they faded towards the end of the scoresheet with Close 54, Hayward 28, Sheppard 51 and Rowbottom 66, four of the last five players in the XVIII, scoring well below expectations - could easily add another 125-odd points to their score if they performed adequately as well, and then we're really getting into all-time territory.

Carolina Panthers 18.10.118 lost to Wisconsin Cockerels 20.9.129
(Real: 1773 vs 1933)
I initially thought this would come down to who came out on top out of their C/VC, being their star Bulldogs midfielder and ruckman. Carolina won both of these categories, but were killed by three scores in the 30s in their forward line, and the next two forwards up in the EMGs also scored in the 30s! It was made up for by Amon's sub escaping the 30s (he scored 44). Carolina can certainly put up some huge scores with consistency and depth around the ground, on the back of their stars firing, but when it goes wrong it can go really wrong - not to say 1773 is a necessarily bad score, but you won't beat Vegas, Wisconsin, and Quito too many times with it (maybe Quito).
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