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Author Topic: 2021 Round Six Thread  (Read 996 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 23, 2021, 04:56:15 pm »

Carolina Panthers:

Def: Sam Docherty - Luke Ryan - Jayden Short - Aliir Aliir.
Mid: Dustin Martin - Marcus Bontempelli (VC) - Josh Kelly (EVC) - Tim Kelly - Josh Daicos - Sam Menegola.
Ruck: Brodie Grundy. (C)
Fwd: Brodie Mihocek - Jake Stringer - Joe Daniher - Connor Rozee.
Util: Tom Atkins (F) - Rhys Stanley (R) - Aaron Naughton (F)

Emerg; Adam Tomlinson (M/D) - Daniel Rioli (F) - Dougal Howard (D) - Karl Amon (M - Sub)
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« Reply #16 on: April 23, 2021, 05:25:35 pm »

Houston Bombers

Def: Adam Saad, Jack Crisp, Tom Doedee (VC), Hunter Clark
Mid: Ollie Wines (C), Zak Jones, Brandon Ellis (EVC), Jack Sinclair, Jack Redden, Zac Bailey
Ruck: Marc Pittonet
Fwd: Isaac Heeney, Tom Phillips, Matt Taberner, Kysaiah Pickett
Util: John Noble (D), Jacob Weitering (D), Sam Taylor (D)

Emg: James Aish (M), Brent Daniels (F), Connor Menadue (D), Michael Gibbons (F - Sub)

Ins: Isaac Heeney, Zak Jones, Sam Taylor
Outs: Jarrod Berry, Darcy MacPherson, Noah Balta

New: Sam Taylor
Heeney in for Daniels. Daniels replaces Cement Hands at E2.

Connor Menapoo also replaces Balta at E3.
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« Reply #17 on: April 23, 2021, 06:05:26 pm »

Anaheim Mighty Ducks

D: Blake Hardwick, Michael Hibberd, Luke Brown, Tom Cole
M: Zach Merrett (C), Travis Boak (EVC), Josh P. Kennedy, David Mundy (VC), Trent Cotchin, Devon Smith
R: Andrew Phillips
F: Nathan Jones, Robbie Gray, Tom Hawkins, Nick Hind
U: Jy Farrar, Travis Colyer, Archie Perkins

Emerg: Callum Brown, Tyler Brown, Ben McKay, Lachlan Murphy (sub)
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« Reply #18 on: April 23, 2021, 06:24:06 pm »

New Brooklyn Hawks

D: Bachar Houli, Liam Duggan, Lachie Ash, Jake Lever
M: Jack Steele (C), Paddy Cripps (VC), Brad Crouch (EVC), Angus Brayshaw, Tom Liberatore, Noah Anderson
R: Toby Nankervis
F: Shai Bolton, Tom Papley, Tim Membrey, Ben Brown
U: Lachie Weller, Finlay Macrae, Sam Petrevski-Seton

E: Jack Higgins, Blake Acres, Marlion Pickett (SUB), Gryan Miers
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« Reply #19 on: April 24, 2021, 12:42:25 am »

D: Williams, Stewart (c), Baker, Hartlett
M: Hunter, Heppell (evc), Viney, Hill, Powell, Green
R: Martin
F: Lambert (vc), Langford, Riewoldt, McCarthy
U: Hooker, Kelly, Redman

Emg: Birchall, Laverde, Rankine, Hughes (sub)
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UTG Admin

« Reply #20 on: April 24, 2021, 11:30:52 am »

Quito Quetzlenka

Callum Mills (EVC), Lachlan Sholl, Daniel Rich, Jack Lukosius
Hugh Greenwood, Jacob Hopper, Hugh McCluggage, Paul Seedsman, Caleb Serong, Ed Curnow
Reilly O'Brien (VC)
Josh Dunkley (C), Toby Greene, Luke Breust, Jeremy Cameron
Scott Lycett, Callan Ward, David Swallow

Nick Coffield, Seb Ross, TJ Lynch, Dan Houston (SUB)
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« Reply #21 on: April 25, 2021, 09:15:31 pm »

Las Vegas Sinners 18.11.119 defeated Colorado Avalanche 13.12.90
(Real: 1787 vs 1355)

Heroic effort by 2 metre (schlong) Peter just couldn't get Colorado over the line, as they narrowly fall to the Sinners who continue their winning ways in games decided by more than 5 SC points. Colorado having to play two guys who came on as (AFL) subs didn't help, nor did having an actual sub, nor did having an OOP ruck, but they'll get there one day I'm sure. Meanwhile, Vegas seem to be already there but, as we'll see in future games, 119 might not always be enough...

Las Vegas: Petracca, O'Meara, Fyfe, Lyons, Lloyd
Colorado: Wright, Walsh

Quito Quetzals 23.7.145 defeated Wisconsin Cockerels 21.9.135
(Real: 2175 vs 2028)

5 of the top 9 scorers for the round, including a CC, with the other CC not far behind in 13th, but Wisconsin still managed to absolute bottle it to Quito who, although they didn't have any 140+ scorers, had 11 tons and didn't have the duo of pathetic Hawks boys that Wisconsin have, which cost them making this a much closer contest. Guess being carried by Nige's expert original drafting and PSK's trading and NAT/RD drafting can only go so far?

Quito: Curnow, Mills, O'Brien, Dunkley, McCluggage, Seedsman, Serong, Greene, Houston, Rich, Lycett
Wisconsin: Ziebell, Parish, Duncan, Gawn, Miller, Macrae, Darcy, Edwards, Impey, Zorko

Houston Bombers 17.11.113 lost to Carolina Panthers 19.12.126
(Real: 1696 vs 1886)

I predicted a 130-110 Carolina victory on Discord, and this wasn't far off it. Houston were fine, and when Heeney gets going, and they have a worthy sub and VC, they'll definitely pick up some wins, but they'll really have to push it to match it with sides like Carolina, who even with Dusty getting skullflowered and Milo tanking for his real team (see display picture) managed a solid score.

Houston: Wines, Crisp, Weitering
Carolina: Grundy, Stanley, Amon, Aliir, Docherty

Ottawa Otters 16.8.104 lost to San Francisco Grizzlies 17.8.110
(Real: 1558 vs 1644)

This is how you win games of (fantasy) footy, Wisconsin! San Francisco snatch the victory on the back of SL's prized boy Hughesy to remarkably square their ledger at 3-3, even without Coniglio, Anderson, and Adams out there (admittedly the side is still shower with them). Marshall was his usual self for Ottawa (further consolidating trading him away in Worlds), but was let down big time by 10 scores under 70, plus McGovern's 76 in a quarter and a half.

Also...Will Phillips (NAT #2) 37 as an EMG. Tom Powell (NAT #3) 96. Final margin 86.

Ottawa: Marshall, Treloar, Byrne-Jones, Taranto
San Francisco: Heppell, Hughes, Stewart

Anaheim Mighty Ducks 17.9.111 lost to Boston Terriers 20.10.130
(Real: 1661 vs 1949)

Pretty much the only side taking up any real estate in the top SC scorers of the week, Boston rode #2 Salem and #5 Keays to a handy percentage booster. Anaheim had their share of good scoring, especially in their midfield, but they sorely missed Jordan Ridley, and they had NINE scores 56 or under - saying that makes it seem like a miracle they made it to a respectable 111. 111 will win them some matches, like the previous one (HGA dependant), but not when Boston have 9 tons, two of them 150+, and their C (96) nor VC (111) really took off).

Anaheim: Mundy, Kennedy, Boak, Merrett, Hardwick, Hawkins
Boston: Salem, Keays, Selwood, Sidebottom, McInerney, Laird, Pendlebury, Cumming, Walker

New Brooklyn Hawks 17.9.111 lost to Chicago Sharks 17.12.114
(Real: 1660 vs 1712)

A pretty close game between two teams capable of the massive and the mediocre, today trending slightly towards the mediocre with both teams having their fair share of sub-50 scorers - Duggan 41, Crouch 33, Papley 39, Higgins 47, and Macrae 37 will be rued by the Hawks, and you can say the same for Barrass 41, Andrews 56, Hunt 48, and Rotham 19 for the Sharks. Chicago join the mighty Grizzlies on 3-3, while NBH are far too good of a side for their 1-5 record (they're better than my mob that's for sure, regardless of the result).

Brooklyn: Ash, Nankervis, Anderson, Lever, Steele
Chicago: Guthrie, Oliver, McDonald, Sinclair
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« Reply #22 on: April 27, 2021, 03:18:44 pm »

Quito Quetzals  6-0  735  657  111.87
Carolina Panthers  5-1  733  649  112.94
Wisconsin Cockerels  5-1  759  694  109.37
Boston Terriers   5-1   741   687   107.86
Las Vegas Sinners  3-3   749  703  106.54
Chicago Sharks  3-3  699  683  102.34
San Francisco Grizzlies  3-3  612  656  93.29
Anaheim Mighty Ducks   2-4   647   685   94.45
Houston Bombers  2-4  656  723  90.73
New Brooklyn Hawks  1-5  668  703  95.02
Ottawa Otters  1-5  635  706  89.94
Colorado Avalanche   0-6   600  686  87.46
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