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Author Topic: 2019 Round Sixteen Thread  (Read 1953 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 14, 2019, 08:09:04 pm »

Quito Quetzals

Hugh McCluggage replaced by Paul Seedsman
Dan Houston replaced by Nick Haynes
Ryan Burton subbed out for Toby Greene

Houston 1857.5 def by Quito 1986
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« Reply #16 on: July 14, 2019, 08:11:09 pm »

Chicago Sharks 13.12.90 lost to Wisconsin Cockerels 20.11.131
(Real: 1349 vs 1972)

Chicago were very bad, Wisconsin were very good. That's just about enough that has to be said about this one, as Wisconsin get both the four points and put their percentage just about beyond doubt to go above any team they may tie with on the ladder. Hard to not top 130 when you only really have one passenger (Kennedy, although dreadful, was subbed out!) and a host of centurions. As for Chicago...their forwards and utilities were exposed once again with many poor scores, while CCs Oliver and Parker, although guns, could not get going at all.

Chicago: Yeo
Wisconsin: Dunstan, Cameron, Zorko, Macrae, Gawn, Duncan, Saad, Ablett, Whitfield

Carolina Panthers 16.15.111 defeated Colorado Avalanche 16.11.107
(Real: 1671 vs 1609)

A very close game, showing both Carolina's form slump and Colorado's red hot streak! Robbie Tarrant was huge for Colorado with 700 intercept marks, but Grundy showed his class as captain to get Carolina home with the four points. They may have "only" managed 107, but that's a big improvement for a young XVIII and it's impressive to get two very good performances in a row. I know I don't want to be drawn to play them next week!

Carolina: Grundy, Henderson, Atkins, Mihocek
Colorado: Tarrant, Savage, Witts, Walsh

New Brooklyn Hawks 17.11.113 lost to Anaheim Mighty Ducks 18.9.117
(Real: 1691 vs 1760)

Another close four-point contest, with the visiting Anaheim getting the huge win to both solidify their finals positioning and damage the Hawks'. After dominating for a large part of the season, even getting to outright top at one stage, the Hawks have fallen massively due to a variety of reasons and are now a good chance to miss finals, unless they can resurrect their season next week. Speaking of outright top, Anaheim may not get that this week with Wisconsin winning (and winning well), but there's still a week to go...

Brooklyn: Brown, Duryea, Steele, Milera, Cripps, Houli, Crouch, Berry
Anaheim: Dangerfield, Boak, Cotchin, Burgoyne, Merrett, Kennedy, Gray

San Francisco Grizzlies 15.15.105 lost to Las Vegas Sinners 20.8.128
(Real: 1576 vs 1925)

A tale of two outlier captain scenarios - one side had theirs injured on 0, effectively 0 x 3 = 0 thanks to HGA, while the other had a 154. If Coniglio had a 150 the Grizzlies would've gotten the win, but instead it's a big 23-point victory which will certainly assist the Sinners' percentage. Have we seen seven in the best for a score this low?

San Francisco: Hunter, Viney, McKenna, Wines, Hill, McCarthy, Williams
Las Vegas: Fyfe, Newman, Lyons, Lloyd, Harmes, Petracca, Hewett, De Goey

Boston Terriers 20.6.126 defeated Ottawa Otters 17.12.114
(Real: 1885 vs 1705)

Ottawa still managed a respectable score despite an early injury to McLean, while Boston manage a very good score ahead of their run at finals - surely Zurhaar gets a run soon though!

Boston: Goldstein, Neale, Pendlebury, Sidebottom, Selwood
Ottawa: Byrne-Jones, Treloar, Marshall, Taranto, Prestia, McEvoy, Lewis

Houston Bombers 19.10.124 lost to Quito Quetzals 20.12.132
(Real: 1858 vs 1986)

Very unlucky for Houston to put up a great score but not manage to pull in the victory, as Quito come very close to smashing 2000 with a win that will be vital in their finals hopes. Dunkley's double ton as captain was basically the difference (a measly 130 would've meant a loss), but the rest of their team still performed very well - but the Bombers team as a whole were very good as well, needing only a 113 and 81 as C/VC to get a very good 1850+ score.

Houston: Robinson, Crisp, Ellis, Kreuzer, Murphy, Sloane, Greenwood
Quito: Dunkley, Greene, Curnow, Worpel, Phillips, Vlastuin
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« Reply #17 on: July 14, 2019, 08:17:58 pm »

Wisconsin Cockerels   12-4   1976   1794   110.14
Anaheim Mighty Ducks   12-4   1828   1752   104.34
Las Vegas Sinners   11-5   1846   1782   103.59
Boston Terriers   10-6   1915   1882   101.75
Carolina Panthers   9-7   1902   1822   104.39
Quito Quetzals   9-7   1906   1840   103.59
New Brooklyn Hawks   9-7   1854   1865   99.41
Ottawa Otters   7-9   1840   1843   99.84
Chicago Sharks   7-9   1814   1835   98.86
San Francisco Grizzlies   6-10   1791   1873   95.62
Houston Bombers   3-13   1790   1854   96.55
Colorado Avalanche   1-15   1576   1891   83.34
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