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Author Topic: 2019 Round Four Thread  (Read 2102 times)
« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2019, 04:25:07 pm »

Wisconsin Cockerels

B: Dane Rampe, Lachie Whitfield, Alex Witherden, Adam Saad
M: Jack Macrae (C), Mitch Duncan, Gary Ablett Jnr, Dayne Zorko (EVC), Luke Shuey, Touk Miller
R: Max Gawn (VC)
F: Bayley Fristch, Jack Billings, Josh J. Kennedy, Matt Taberner
U: Caleb Daniel, Darcy Tucker, Alex Sexton

E: Charles Cameron (F), Charles Curnow (F), Liam Duggan (B), Jaeger O'Meara (sub)
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« Reply #16 on: April 12, 2019, 05:14:54 pm »

Still having computer troubles - just as assumed partial lockout tonight before full lockout tomorrow night!

D: Stewart Shaw Williams McKenna
M: Coniglio (vc) Heppell (c) Hunter (evc) Adams Viney Wines
R: Martin
F: Jenkins Melksham McCarthy Ryan
U: Hill Pittard Thompson

Emg: Scully Redman Anderson Steven (sub)
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« Reply #17 on: April 14, 2019, 12:53:45 pm »

Quito Quetzals

Def: Daniel Rich (76), Tom Langdon (80), Aliir Aliir (89), Matthew Suckling (107)
Mid: Shaun Higgins (C - 186), Seb Ross, Tom Phillips (116), David Swallow, Hugh McCluggage (85), Jack Bowes (VC)
Ruc: Shane Mumford (111)
Fwd: James Worpel, Josh Dunkley (73), Jeremy Cameron (92), Luke Breust
Util: Callum Mills (66), Ryan Burton (106), Scott Lycett (83)

Emg: Ed Curnow (M), Nick Haynes (D), Tom J. Lynch (F), Jacob Hopper (M - Sub - 106)

1270 with Ross, Swallow, Bowes (VC), Worpel, Breust & Sub (currently 66 -> 106) to come
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« Reply #18 on: April 14, 2019, 06:09:45 pm »

Colorado Avalanche 15.13.103 lost to Quito Quetzals 19.10.124
(Real: 1549 vs 1864)

Are Quito a premiership contender? This week's performance indicates it! Comfortable win on the back of a very good team performance (just the one score sub-70 - and that was 66) - Jack Bowes wasn't required to kick the match winner in this universe. Colorado are slowly getting better, and are building towards a first win for 2019 - but it wasn't coming against Quito.

Colorado: Ebert, Walsh, Witts, Atley
Quito: Ross, Phillips, Mumford, Swallow, Suckling, Hopper

Las Vegas Sinners 17.9.111 defeated Houston Bombers 16.11.107
(Real: 1664 vs 1603)

Not a great week for either of these sides to be honest, but the Sinners will take the four points in stride. Rockliff was back to his (non-concussed) best with a big score as captain, but they'll be disappointed by Westhoff's continued struggles since a huge round one, while Butters and Powell combining for 34 points was not ideal. Balta also scored in the teens for Houston, while they also had an OOP ruck to cover up Heeney and Ellis having very good days.

Las Vegas: Rockliff, Cunningham, Lloyd, Sheppard
Houston: Heeney, Ellis, Zaharakis, Murphy, Simpson, Walters

Wisconsin Cockerels 19.8.122 defeated Ottawa Otters 16.7.103
(Real: 1833 vs 1551)

This game went pretty well as expected, save for maybe Ottawa scoring a little under expectations. Just not enough high-highs for Ottawa, while Wisconsin got that out of Whitfield (who is playing on this guy?) and Billings, and maybe underscored a little due to sub O'Meara being injured.

Wisconsin: Whitfield, Billings, Gawn, Macrae, Miller, Ablett
Ottawa: Marshall, Taranto

Carolina Panthers 16.13.109 lost to Anaheim Mighty Ducks 17.10.112
(Real: 1628 vs 1684)

Yikes, now this was a game that was all over the place. Anaheim won despite captain Dangerfield only managing 66 - almost 100 points less than Carolina's captain, Brodie Grundy, put up. Carolina's midfield (for the most part) and Grundy were superb, but the rest of their team was cringeworthy. Starting with Ward's injury-affected 4, they managed to pick up only 143 points from their three utilities - a week after all three put up tons! I'm even going to put up their team scorecard because it's crazy - look at their emergencies! As aforementioned, Dangerfield was tagged down low but twin 150s from Merrett and Mundy more than picked up the slack; and, more importantly, they only had one of their XVIII score sub-50.

Carolina: Grundy, Bontempelli, Shiel, Kelly, Henderson
Anaheim: Merrett, Mundy, Boak, Hawkins

Def: L McDonald 37 - L Ryan 93 - D McStay 60 - A Naughton 60
Mid: C Ward 4 (SUBBED) - D Shiel 114 - M Bontempelli (VC) 127x1.5 - Josh Kelly (EVC) 114 - C E-Yolman 67 - R Henderson 102
Ruck: B Grundy (C) 160x2.
Fwd: J Roughead 82 - J Stringer 69 - D Rioli 54 - B Mihocek 35
Util: T Kelly (M/F) 39 - S Menegola (F/M) 51 - C Rozee (D/F) 53
add HGA: 4
Emerg: A Tomlinson (M) 95- R Stanley (R) 93 - A M-Tippa (F) 143 - R Atkins (SUBBED) 83

San Francisco Grizzlies 16.10.106 lost to New Brooklyn Hawks 19.7.121
(Real: 1588 vs 1812)

Phew am I relieved, after Neale's 177 as captain against myself last week I only had to put up with a 169 as captain this week. I'm just glad it wasn't the difference this time around, as a forward line with a best score of 61 was crippling and Jack Steven not showing up (literally) didn't help either. The BOG is an obvious one, but saints pair Newnes and Steele also picked up some slack.

San Francisco: Stewart, Pittard, Martin, Coniglio
Brooklyn: Cripps, Newnes, Liberatore, Steele

Boston Terriers 19.11.125 defeated Chicago Sharks 18.11.119
(Real: 1870 vs 1779)

Chicago were right in the hunt to pull off a big away win in a high scoring affair, but the last two players on their XVIII - Hipwood and Sinclair - could only manage 58 points between them. Aside from those two, both teams played very well and could well meet later on in finals.

Boston: Redden, Neale, Goldstein, Sidebottom, Laird, Smith
Chicago: Hurn, Sicily, Yeo, Hunt, Gaff, Lobb, Andrews, Parker
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This Is Straya

« Reply #19 on: April 14, 2019, 06:57:08 pm »

Hawks have started the season well.
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