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Author Topic: 2019 Round Five Thread  (Read 2092 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 19, 2019, 03:26:33 am »

DEF: Jarrod Harbrow, Robbie Tarrant, Shane Savage, Brayden Maynard
MID: Sam Walsh (cc), Isaac Smith, Brad Ebert, Paul Ahern, Paddy Dow (f), George Horlin-Smith
RUC: Jarrod Witts (cc)
FWD: Shaun Atley, Adam Cerra, Peter Wright, Jamie Elliott
UTIL: Jesse Joyce, Brayden Preuss, Willem Drew

EMG: Corey Wagner (M), Taylin Duman (D) (sub), Tom Hickey (R), Sam Gray (F)
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« Reply #16 on: April 19, 2019, 10:59:54 am »


Def: Michael Hurley, Blake Hardwick, Luke Hodge, Jordan Lewis
Mid: Patrick Dangerfield (C), Zach Merrett (EVC), Josh P. Kennedy, David Mundy , Nathon Jones, Robbie Gray
Ruc: Tom Bellchambers
Fwd: Tom Hawkins, Travis Boak (VC), Darcy MacPherson, Sam Switkowski
Util: Anthony Miles , Matt Guelfi, Jordan Ridley

Emerg: Callum Brown (F), Nick Robertson (D), Tom Cole (SUB), Sam Draper (R)
« Reply #17 on: April 19, 2019, 01:45:51 pm »

Wisconsin Cockerels

B: Alex Witherden, Adam Saad, Lachie Whitfield (EVC), Dane Rampe
M: Dayne Zorko, Luke Shuey, Jack Macrae (C), Touk Miller, Gary Ablett, Mitch Duncan
R: Max Gawn (VC)
F: Josh J. Kennedy, Jack Billings, Bayley Fritsch, Charlie Curnow
U: Caleb Daniel, Jaeger O'Meara, Matt Taberner

E: Charles Cameron (F), Alex Sexton (F), Darcy Tucker (B), James Rowbottom (sub)
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ASC Admin

« Reply #18 on: April 20, 2019, 09:24:48 am »

D: Stewart (evc) Pittard Shaw Williams
M: Coniglio (cc) Heppell (cc) Hunter Adams Viney Wines
R: Martin
F: Betts Melksham McCarthy Jack
U: Scully McKenna Steven

Emg: Anderson Thompson Ryan Hill (sub)

The change: Betts in for poo poo Jenkins
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UTG Admin

« Reply #19 on: April 21, 2019, 07:43:32 am »

Quito Quetzals

Def: Daniel Rich (99), Dan Houston (83), Ryan Burton (67), Aliir Aliir (33)
Mid: Shaun Higgins (CC - 134.75), Jacob Hopper (68), Tom Phillips (94), David Swallow (YTP), Seb Ross (66), Jack Bowes (YTP)
Ruc: Shane Mumford (CC - 150.5)
Fwd: Jeremy Cameron (85), James Worpel (YTP), Luke Breust (YTP), Josh Dunkley (YTP)
Util: Scott Lycett (75), Tom J. Lynch (44), Reilly O'Brien (YTP)

Emg: Nick Haynes (D), Mitch McGovern (F), Ed Curnow (M), Hugh McCluggage (M - Sub - 105)

1071.25 (Aliir subbed for McCluggage) with Swallow, Bowes, Worpel, Breust, Dunkley and O'Brien to come  :-\
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ASC Admin

« Reply #20 on: April 22, 2019, 05:08:49 pm »

Chicago Sharks 18.10.118 defeated Colorado Avalanche 15.10.100
(Real: 1763 vs 1505)

Chicago were pretty good, Colorado were pretty average. A pretty expected scoreline to be honest. Razzle dazzle Fantasia was at his best with a best on ground performance, while Sam Walsh continued his good form with the CC for Colorado. Chicago were above average all over the ground until you got to the forwards (33, 57, 44, 81 - Fantasia was a utility), with the sub Hunt not helping improve that much. Paul Ahern was very poor with just 22 in the guts for Colorado, while his sub replacement wasn't much better in Duman's 22 (and he'll miss his next two too!).

Chicago: Fantasia, Hurn, Sicily, Fisher, Oliver, Ryder, Parker
Colorado: Walsh, Drew, Savage

Boston Terriers 14.18.102 lost to New Brooklyn Hawks 16.15.111
(Real: 1533 vs 1672)

Yikes...NBH got the win but were below their usual 2019 standards, while Boston had a really really poor week - I bet the other 10 coaches in the comp wishes they got either of these teams out of the way this week. Where to start - both Captains were below their averages for 2019 with Neale's 91 and Cripps' 110 (funnily enough still the top Hawk score), both sides had an eagle score horribly up forward in Darling's 9 and Cripps' 22, while both missed half a game from Parfitt and Milera. The NBH midfield were at their consistently high standard with four tons, a 98 and an 82 which won them the game (compared to Boston with Sidebottom, Redden and Sheed failing to crack 70), as their other lines (save Papley and Berry) were well below expectations.

Boston: Langdon, Smith, Pendlebury, Goldstein
Brooklyn: Cripps, Crouch, Papley, Steele, Crouch, Berry

San Francisco Grizzlies 16.13.109 lost to Anaheim Mighty Ducks 16.14.110
(Real: 1634 vs 1651)

A close contest to be sure - maybe my generosity got the better of me allowing Anaheim to loop in Callum Brown! Both sides certainly performed below expectations, with Dangerfield getting the Ducks home thanks to some very favourable Champion Data magic. The Heppell/McKenna/Hawkins/Miles revenge game definitely got to the home side's favour, with Heppell and McKenna combining for 208 points while Hawkins only managed 73 (would've been the second top score in my forward line) and Miles was out. Anaheim have shown the last two weeks they can grind out close wins, but they'll need to lift if they want to beat the top sides like Boston and New Brooklyn (see above).

San Francisco: Heppell, Wines, Coniglio, Betts
Anaheim: Merrett, Dangerfield, Kennedy, Bellchambers, Hurley

Carolina Panthers 19.8.122 defeated Ottawa Otters 16.9.105
(Real: 1832 vs 1577)

Boom, a big warning shot to the rest of the competition that the 2017 premiers still mean business with a very nice score - considering they had scores of 19 and 21 in their backline! Their best list is intimidating, but they lacked the one or two mammoth scores that Grundy and Bont/Martin/Kelly/Shiel usually bring to the table. Ottawa meanwhile had that mammoth score in Treloar's 150, but their experimentation with Taranto and Marshall, among others, sharing the captaincy over the seasoned veterans did not pay off this week - after three straight tons, is Marshall mania over in Canada?

Carolina: Henderson, Kelly, Shiel, Mihocek, Martin, Ellis-Yolman, Bontempelli, Atkins, Ryan, Roughead, Grundy
Ottawa: Treloar, Prestia, McEvoy, Cunnington

Wisconsin Cockerels 18.10.118 defeated Houston Bombers 17.10.112
(Real: 1774 vs 1676)

This game went about as most would have expected I suppose. Wisconsin weren't spectacular (see best list) but were remarkably consistent, with the only real blights Kennedy's 24, Cameron's 43 (who was only playing as Curnow was hurt) and Rowbottom's slow start to his career - their XVIII was also 80+ until you hit JJK. Houston ran out of players as Hill, Constable, and Langford had to be omitted from the XVIII and Phillips from the EMG meaning a list-dip was in order. The best on ground? Gawn and Walters scored highly...but I'd give it to big boy Matt Taberner, what a star.

Wisconsin: Gawn, Taberner, Ablett, Daniel
Houston: Walters, Crisp, Murphy, Kreuzer, Sloane, Macmillan

Las Vegas Sinners 17.13.115 defeated Quito Quetzals 14.20.104
(Real: 1727 vs 1555)

The luck was present in Las Vegas this week that's for sure, as they host a Quito well down on their recent form despite Nat Fyfe for some reason being allowed to sit back and relax rather than play some footy - a tactical rest ahead of their next game? As the best lists suggest there wasn't much to write home about in this clash, with the X-Factor Brad Sheppard the pick of the bunch. The Sinners were actually pretty consistent across the board (impressively managing 115 with only two tons, and neither of those being 125+), while Quito did have a few poor scores in Aliir, Breust and Lynch while their CCs failed to fire, and their two tons were only 101 and 105. They'll need to lift to beat Houston next week, but at least that game will be back in Ecuador.

Las Vegas: Sheppard, Lloyd
Quito: McCluggage, Worpel
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This Is Straya

« Reply #21 on: April 22, 2019, 05:19:27 pm »

Ugly but still a win! NBH on fiiiiiire.
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GOT Pillow Talk

« Reply #22 on: April 23, 2019, 10:18:36 am »

Ha, consistency not a trademark of the Sinners!! so will take a win without the main mids going large!!
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