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Author Topic: AXV: Ver 2.0 Survival.  (Read 926 times)
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« on: September 01, 2018, 10:23:48 pm »

All, As you can see in the discussion thread we are currently in a tad of strife.
We have 3 coaches that have resigned & 1 suspended.
Another 2 coaches are contemplating leaving as well.
Can we save this? Feel that we need to do something drastic.
My thoughts on how to.

All remaining coaches stay with their current teams & we do a redraft of the departing teams (4) being the following:
Llamas, Dolphins, Gazelles, Dongs. 12 team Comp then.

Saying that if the other 2 coaches want out then with these 2 teams being:
Crocs & Elephants are then added to the redraft, then becoming a 10 team comp.

Once a decision has been received we could start this draft, & then also get on with trading.

How to do the redraft?
First increase the team lists to 50.
Working on a 10 team comp.

Going on this season comp ladder we work the re draft first 3 rounds to help the bottom teams first in the following:
Picks 1 > 5 are as follows: Lambs, Ales, Eskimos, Vipers, Tigers. 6 > 10 same order, & 11 > 15 same order.
Picks 16 > 25 repeat first 5 order, but then include our top tier teams so picks 21 Folders, 22 Bears, 23 PNG, 24 Strikers, 25 Crabs.
Picks 26 > 35 repeat. Our bottom 5 teams are now at 50 on completion of this.
Picks 35 > 40, 41 > 45, & 46 > 50 would continue as follows: Folders, Bears, PNG, Strikers, Crabs.

Saying if 12 teams then: picks as follows: 21 Elephants, 22 Folder, 23 Bears, 24 PNG, 25 Crocs, 26 Strikers, 27 Crabs.
Following the same configuration as per the 10 team draft.

Team lists: http://forum.fanfooty.com.au/index.php/topic,110381.0.html

This option suggested ,might be for some a bit different in not offering lower teams a better / stronger team, but think that this does deserve some thought as to the 5 bottom teams then strengthen their teams.

Left over players go into the rookie draft.

Trading: **Maintain current trade movements over both periods**

National Draft:
As normal, no priority pick as with the re draft have gained with the picks taken.

Rookie Draft:
As normal.

**These suggestions above may have a lot of holes in them, but with input & modifications could & can help to fill them in & play on in 2019.**

Know also that coaches will bring up rules etc & that some are being broken, but in this case we need to.

On that, with lower teams in the comp, we drop the 3 bye rounds, Maintain UF, re do our Match day thread as used currently across all keeper leagues on FF.

« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2018, 01:03:48 pm »

I'm going to keep a post here detailing what additional rules we need to vote on before entering into our drafts. Votes for these rules will be sent out once we figure out what drafts we are going to run.

- Additional points for defenders
- Priority picks for lower teams
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