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Author Topic: WXV Vacant Coaching Positions - Toronto & Rio de Janeiro  (Read 10725 times)
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He has risen

« on: August 25, 2018, 12:18:55 pm »

That's right! WXVs longest period without an opening (a touch under 2 years) has come to a close, where we have TWO - that's right, TWO VACANCIES!

I'm genuinely excited to be welcoming new members to the WXV Community!

Our new coaches will be giving us a big net gain and will make the comp a better place :)

Unfortunately, the vacancies have come at an inopportune time. There is WXV Rule Voting in progress, the Grand Final was this weekend, and the trade period was set to open on Monday morning.

The trade period will be delayed until:
 - We vote in our new coaches; and
 - The current WXV Coaches have voted on all of the proposed rule changes. The new coaches will not be a part of this vote.

 I know we want to get started on trades, but given that it has been such a long time since we've had an opening - and it might be a long time until our next one - we should give all applicants the ability to give themselves the best chance at landing an opening.

So with that in mind, applications close Monday, 11:59.59 PM AEDT.

Now, attention all aspiring applicants!

WXVs is a fantastic community of quality characters, from the "confident" Holz, the controversial meow, the humble Boomz, the 'dogging the boys' GL,  and much more! We have been blessed this year with 18 teams actively participating, which you do find yourself naturally doing anyway, because Worlds is just a fun and addicting place to be a part of. As such, we saw only two occurrences this year of a team forgetting to submit there team on time.

From wicked Awards Nights, Weekly Match Previews, a Proud & Rich History and Controversial Rules and Trade Periods... this is where you fantasy football addicts belong.

But before I go on, ask yourself these questions. Am I active/passion enough to:
1) submit my team every week?
2) respond to votes in a timely manner?
3) trade?
4) Get banterous?!

IF you answered yes to all those questions, and think this is a place you'd love to be a part of, then be sure to apply in this thread. In the past, I'd ask you to list any experience you have, but is the best XV of the vacated team etc. But, I can safely assume that the WXVs Community - and myself personally - will be placing a premium on active engagement. Whether that takes the form of banter, a loud voice in threads, or looking to bring fresh new ideas into the comp... that's up to you! I'll leave the application format up to the applicants this time around.

ANYONE can apply, whether you are relatively new to FF or even a current WXVs coach, but remember when you write your applications, all the Worlds coaches will be voting for you, and will be reading them. So make sure you get in everything you want to say, but be careful of the TLDR glance (too long, didn't read).

The applicant with the most votes will be able to choose what list they'd prefer.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to either PM me or post here :)

Cheers all, and good luck!

Toronto Wolves

Jack MacraeWestern BulldogsMID125.06
Kade SimpsonCarltonDEF106.7
Scott PendleburyCollingwoodMID103.8
David MundyFremantleMIDFWD96.76
Nic NaitanuiWest CoastRUC96.6
Jack ReddenWest CoastMID95.29
Tim KellyGeelongMID93.48
Tom BellchambersEssendonRUC93.15
Jesse HoganMelbourneFWD91.8
Dion PrestiaRichmondMID89.9
Travis BoakPort AdelaideMIDFWD88.05
Connor BlakelyFremantleMID85.08
Alex WitherdenBrisbaneDEF83.81
Brayden FioriniGold CoastMID82.3
Jacob HopperGreater Western SydneyMID81.22
Scott D ThompsonNorth MelbourneDEF78.95
Wayne MileraAdelaideMIDFWD78.56
Matthew LeuenbergerEssendonRUC76
Jake MelkshamMelbourneFWD73.95
Allen ChristensenBrisbaneFWD70.86
Michael ApenessFremantleFWD70.4
Kade KolodjashnijGold CoastDEF67
Ryan ClarkeNorth MelbourneDEF65.22
Taylin DumanFremantleDEF64
Thomas ColeWest CoastDEF62.82
Peter WrightGold CoastFWD62.71
Stewart CrameriGeelongFWD62
Nick RobertsonBrisbaneDEF61.65
Lynden DunnCollingwoodDEF60.57
Tim MohrGreater Western SydneyDEF56
Robbie FoxSydneyMID54.89
Josh GreenEssendonFWD54.71
Alex PearceFremantleDEF49.45
Bradley LynchWestern BulldogsDEF48.75
Cory GregsonGeelongFWD47.6
Matt ShawCarltonMID47
Jarrod GarlettCarltonMIDFWD46
Jackson MerrettEssendonDEFFWD45.5
Alex JohnsonSydneyDEF39.5
Nicholas ShipleyGreater Western SydneyMID24
Ben McKayNorth MelbourneDEFFWD0
Callan EnglandWest CoastMID0
Connor NuttingGold CoastDEF0
Jack BuckleyGreater Western SydneyFWD0
Matthew AllenWest CoastFWD0

Rio de Janeiro Jaguars

Patrick CrippsCarltonMID119.95
Elliot YeoWest CoastDEF108.67
Angus BrayshawMelbourneDEFMID96
Jaeger O'MearaHawthornMID93.16
Tim TarantoGreater Western SydneyMIDFWD89.8
Jeremy CameronGreater Western SydneyFWD83.67
Ben JacobsNorth MelbourneMID80.31
Aaron HallGold CoastMID79.67
Dom TysonMelbourneMID76.69
Aaron FrancisEssendonDEFFWD75
Brayden MaynardCollingwoodDEF74.29
Shaun McKernanEssendonRUCFWD73.8
Josh WalkerBrisbaneDEFFWD72.69
Luke BrownAdelaideDEF71.53
Joel HamlingFremantleDEF70.94
Jeremy FinlaysonGreater Western SydneyDEFMID70.15
James FrawleyHawthornDEF67.17
Billy HartungNorth MelbourneMID64.69
Brendon Ah CheeWest CoastMIDFWD64.25
Matt RosaGold CoastMID62.4
Nick SmithSydneyDEF62.3
Mark BaguleyEssendonDEF60.53
Zaine CordyWestern BulldogsDEF60.5
Jake NeadePort AdelaideFWD58.43
Tom De KoningCarltonRUCFWD58
Todd MarshallPort AdelaideFWD57.57
Cameron PedersenMelbourneRUCFWD57.5
Bailey DaleWestern BulldogsMID57.4
Levi GreenwoodCollingwoodMIDFWD56
James ParsonsGeelongFWD53.64
Eric HipwoodBrisbaneFWD52.86
Jordan GallucciAdelaideMIDFWD51.53
Lindsay ThomasPort AdelaideFWD51.29
Sam J ReidGreater Western SydneyFWD49.83
Gary RohanSydneyFWD48.18
Hayden BallantyneFremantleFWD46.88
Jack RedpathWestern BulldogsFWD46
Sean LemmensGold CoastDEFFWD42.11
Isaac CummingGreater Western SydneyDEF40
Declan MountfordNorth MelbourneDEFMID0
James BellSydneyMID0
Kyron HaydenNorth MelbourneMID0
Marco PaparoneBrisbaneDEF0
Nick LarkeyNorth MelbourneFWD0
Tarir BayokWest CoastMIDFWD0
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2016 m0nty Medallist DT - 29th Overall DT 2016

« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2018, 01:41:33 pm »

So probably surprising to everyone but I have decided to apply for one of the teams.
I currently have teams in Euros,BXV and ADT and assist Ringo in Worlds
I have been admin for ADT for a few seasons but stepped away this year due to my personal issues ready to get back into it and give Nige a hand.
I think I'm pretty quick in replying to trade offers and voting and I don't mind trading the odd premo out either.

Roswell Aliens is my 2 time premiership team one in the inaugural year 2014 and one last year but have played finals every season apart from this one but we are doing a mini rebuild.
http://forum.fanfooty.com.au/index.php/topic,99123.0.html Roswell team thread(might be a few things need updating :P )

I've completely rebuilt my Euros team with the help of GoLions(best assistant ever),we've drafted and traded to get the team looking so much better than it was but injuries killed us this year in a year we expected to make finals for the first time
http://forum.fanfooty.com.au/index.php/topic,89699.0.html Croatia team thread (also may need updating)

In BXV I've also completely rebuilt my list and finished top 4 this season but unfortunately lost in the semi finals to the eventual premiers.
http://forum.fanfooty.com.au/index.php/topic,89952.0.html Hoods team thread
http://forum.fanfooty.com.au/index.php/topic,62964.0.html Hoods list when I took over the team,2nd last post of the thread.

I see two completely different teams available in that Toronto is ready pretty much ready to go as is,has a good mix of youth and experienced players.
Ruck line needs a little work with Nic Nat out injured and Bellchambers and Leuenberger almost heading to the retirement home and also needs a boost down in the forward line.
Rio has a decent core that you could build around overall needs a bit more work put into the team than Toronto does.
I won't post best XV's for the teams because injuries,position changes and what I'd do in the trading and drafting period means a best XV right now is fairly redundant.

And with that I'm done,most of the coaches know how I am from the other XV comps so I'll leave it at that.
Thank you  :)
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2017 SC m0nty medalist

« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2018, 03:01:18 pm »

Why hello there everyone....

My History
 - Inaugural WXV coach (Buenos Aires Armadillos). That was for 2 or 3 seasons, made the Prelim for the first 3 seasons and knocked out by nemesis Sao Paulo each time :( Then Nails ruined that team when I left.
 - Inaugural EXV coach (Greek Titans, I think). Same amount of time as WXV
 - Coached/Co-Coached BXV and AXV teams at times too. Eskimos in AXV the last team I was in charge of.
 - 2018 was my first year without any XVs since WXV started in 2012. Was good to have a break.

So why return?
I miss keeper leagues, I want to get involved again. Been a long time since I was involved with WXV and it's certainly changed a lot since then.

Am I active enough?
Of course. This would be my only XV side, so all my attention will go into it :) Submitting my team won't be a problem, you'll likely see me doing it as soon as the thread opens just so it's out the way, and then just adjust based on teams from there.

I check the forum pretty much every day, so I'll respond to votes as soon as I have worked out what my answers are.

Will I trade?
Silly question, of course!

There's coaches involved that I will definitely be having constant words with ;)

The teams available/my philosophy
Both teams have a good core, especially Rio. If you have a good core then anything is possible from there. There's no such thing as a rebuild either, so that won't be happening if I was in charge. Might be a downfall of my style, but I tend to look to the medium-term with my trades, which means I avoid the bottom of the table, but it makes competing with the best tough.

If anyone has questions for me, then ask away :)

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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2018, 03:42:06 pm »

It's been a while, old friend.

I may or may not be bringing a friend along for the ride, so I'll leave this as a placeholder for now, watch this space!


Hello WXV Community! My name is Koop, Cooper, KK, KoopKicka, Kopo, whatever you want to call me.  I've been around the scene for a while now, first joining FF in 2012, and activating this account in 2015. I'm honestly a pretty friendly dude (don't ask Tom, I honestly don't know what happened to his girlfriend), and feel I could bring a lot to the WXV community if given the opportunity.

What you'd be getting

- Responsible for the following

- 8.72% of all 2017 AXV posts
- 6.59% of all 2018 AXV posts
- 7.08% of all 2017 BXV off-season posts
- 4.00% of all 2018 BXV posts

Sustained activity? Tick! 

Any coach can take a team from the bottom to the finals in a season with semi-adept trading, but can they do it while maintaining a younger list profile?

- Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs (BXV), 11th in 2017, 7th in 2018
- Taiwan Dolphins (AXV), 15th in 2016, 6th in 2017, 7th in 2018

Track record? Tick!


- Used all 15 available movements in BXV in 2017/18.
- Used 7 of 10 available movements in AXV in 2017/18 in a dying competition.
- Used all 10 available movements in AXV in 2016/17.
- Active presence as co-coach in EXV trading.



I'm assistant coach at Cairo & have helped Cape Town out in the past, I think that should sufficiently answer that question. ;)


Let's go onto experience,

XV History

Kathmandu Eskimos (AXV) - Founding Head Coach -  2012-2014
Huddersfield Hawks (BXV) - Assistant Coach - 2012-2013
Seoul Magpies (WXV) - Assistant Coach - 2012-2013
Liverpool Rams (BXV) - Assistant Coach - 2013-2014
Alberta Rockies (AXVIII SC) - Founding Head Coach - 2013-2014
Nicaragua Survivors (AXVIII DT) - Founding Head Coach - 2013-2014
Taiwan Dolphins (AXV) - Head Coach - 2016-2018
Cairo Sands (WXV) - Assistant Coach / Trade Advisor - 2016-
Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs (BXV) - Assistant Coach - 2016
Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs (BXV) - Head Coach - 2016-
Colorado Avalanche (AXVIII SC) - Assistant Coach - 2016-2017
Colorado Avalanche (AXVIII SC) - Head Coach - 2017-
Algerian Antelopes (WXVW) - Founding Head Coach - 2017-2018
Swiss Storm (EXV) - Co-Coach - 2017-

It's almost depressing at this point really.

Onto the vacancy!

Pretty disappointing circumstances that the opportunity has come up in, Adamant has been someone who I would've considered a reasonable FF friend over many years of XV's involvement and trading, and to see this go down is not something I would've expected to see from him before this year. Levi obviously had a couple of screws loose, but did a lot for this competition, which can't be understated even in the aftermath.

As LF said, there's two completely different teams here. I thrive off a challenge or project, so if successful, I'd love to take over the Rio team. I think either way though, both teams need a re-branding considering the events of the last few days, so I'd propose a name change as first port of call if given one of the vacant coaching slots.

I also won't go into naming a Best XV considering the fact that it is a fluid concept that will change over the course of the off-season, especially in Rio's case, but I will highlight some players from both teams that I feel are long-term planks to develop around, or strengthen, in Toronto's case.

Toronto - Jack Macrae, Brayden Fiorini, Alex Witherden, Tim Kelly, Connor Blakely, Jacob Hopper, Wayne Milera

Rio - Patrick Cripps, Elliott Yeo, Angus Brayshaw, Jaeger O'Meara, Tim Taranto, Todd Marshall, Brayden Maynard

To conclude (TL;DR),

I know there have been some concerns raised over my habit to go 'missing' at times in other comps this year. I want to state publicly that it has been an extremely difficult year personally, if any coach wants to come to me privately and ask why so they can take it into account when they vote, they are more than welcome to do so. I'll be upfront and honest about it. I'd like to point out though that I only missed naming for both BXV & AXV once throughout the season, regardless of personal concerns. AXVIII I've had conversations with Jukes about already.

I hope the above statistics show my commitment to an active environment over a long period of time. I like to trade and trade hard to build a squad I like, and I feel both teams would give me the tools to do so. Most WXV coaches would know about my demeanour and approachability from other competitions, so I won't try and plug that, but I'm a pretty easy guy to trade with if you're not trying to rip me off, using all my available movements last year in BXV and the year before in AXV shows testament to that.

Thank you for reading!

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coach in WXV, BXV, ADT, ASC

« Reply #4 on: August 25, 2018, 10:23:40 pm »

Hey Guys,

kilbluff here throwing in my application.

As we all know i have been waiting a long time to get my own team in WXV.

In the mean time i have been gaining eperience with my 3 current teams Birmingham Dragons in BXV who were a bottom 8 team and i turned them into a top 3 team and we won the knockout comp this year, Anaheim Mighty Ducks in ASC we made the finals this year but didn't go very deep but considered a serious contender, Bermuda Tiger Sharks in ADT came 4th this year we were knocked out in the prelims unfortunately.

Here are some quotes from admins of the leagues about my involvement in them.

KB has been a coach since the origin draft of AXVIII SC, one of I think three coaches to have coached the whole way through. 100% reliable in naming teams and I can't remember him missing a week. Has to be commended for transforming Anaheim from an okay team (8th in 2015, 6th in 2016) to a contender through a hard and heavy trading strategy where he targeted old farts, and he was pretty unlucky not to play in a grand final the last couple seasons, both injuries and form-wise. Always active and trying to improve his team and I genuinely think that he would be a good coach in WXV, both in performance and banter.

KB has been very active coach in British xvs coming in to take over the Birmingham Bombers in 2013 taking over from a the coach who drafted team. He changed the name to Birmingham Dragons in 2014 in an endeavour to get his team up the ladder which he has succeeded in doing being knocked out in the preliminary final this year.

My big goal is to win a Grand Final in a keeper league thought i might do it this year but wont give up now trading to improve my teams weaknesses.

I'm very committed even when i was in hospital for 16 weeks starting early January i was still discussing trades and postng teams, i am in the top 10 posters for FF and #1 for most time online, and i think i bring plenty of banter.

Now to the teams it's obvious to say i like Toronto but to be honest i like the challenge that would come with Rio more the obvious 1st mission would be to get a ruck and then i would do a semi rebuild around Yeo and Cripps, i'm confident i can make it competitive and make the finals in a couple of seasons.

Thanks for reading my application hope to be competing with you soon.
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Get around the Kate Upton Cobras!

« Reply #5 on: August 25, 2018, 10:47:32 pm »

Now to the teams it's obvious to say i like Toronto but to be honest i like the challenge that would come with Rio more the obvious 1st mission would be to get a ruck and then i would do a semi rebuild around Yeo and Cripps, i'm confident i cant make it competitive and make the finals in a couple of seasons.
Lost my vote for tanking
meow meow
« Reply #6 on: August 26, 2018, 01:18:27 am »

See what happens when you don't write properly?
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coach in WXV, BXV, ADT, ASC

« Reply #7 on: August 26, 2018, 01:58:36 am »

See what happens when you don't write properly?

« Reply #8 on: August 26, 2018, 03:42:15 pm »

Hi WXV Community!

I've decided to throw my hat in the ring for a WXV role again.

Many would know me as an experienced XVs competition operator. I've been involved with the AXV since it started as coach of the Manila Folders, while also running the comp for a few years from its second season. Alongside nas I have also stepped in to help keep the competition running from week to week this year.
Over the years I've had a few assistant coaching arrangements in the WXV, including at the Royals (some years ago now) and at the Tigers.

Why the application?
I've always enjoyed my time being involved with the XV competitions, and I've always been a big fan of the WXV particularly for using the SC scoring system, and I think it would be great fun to coach a team.

What do I bring?
I am always keen to get involved with a quality competition. I thoroughly enjoy the off-season fun with drafting, and while I may not be the easiest coach in the world to make a trade deal with, I enjoy the process and am always willing to put together a fair deal. I am also a great fan of a healthy dose of banter.

My journey with the Folders also shows my team management capabilities. After being a premiership contender and making a grand final in the first couple of AXV seasons, we embarked on a rebuild for the next few seasons, going to the trade table and draft. This season we returned to the finals, being knocked out in a semi final.

One more thing I would say is about the discussion we have going on in the AXV at the moment regarding the future of that competition. While I've said I don't see myself being able to commit much more additional time to that in the future in addition to my current admin duties in terms of providing more weekly features for the competition, I definitely believe I would be active enough to make a meaningful contribution to the WXV.

What about the available teams?
As others have alluded to, each time is in a bit of a different position with it's list at the moment. The Wolves have strong top end talent and should be competing in finals next season. A bit of shrewd trading could see them a real contender.
The Jaguars have some elite young talent in their top 5 scorers, but fall away after that. I'd probably look to trade more aggressively here to see them compete for a top 8 spot.

In summary, I believe I'd make a valuable addition to the WXV Coaching ranks by being a regular contributor, and active poster and trader, and with a bit of luck, maybe even a decent coach.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and good luck to the other applicants!
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« Reply #9 on: August 26, 2018, 04:05:04 pm »

The Wolves have strong top end talent and should be competing in finals next season. A bit of shrewd trading could see them a real contender.

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2019 Rank: 305

« Reply #10 on: August 26, 2018, 04:07:47 pm »

The Wolves have strong top end talent and should be competing in finals next season. A bit of shrewd trading could see them a real contender.

Considering they were the clear standouts this season, finished atop the table and were going to participate in the Grand Final, I don't think the shrewd trading would be necessary.  :P
« Reply #11 on: August 26, 2018, 05:24:31 pm »

The Wolves have strong top end talent and should be competing in finals next season. A bit of shrewd trading could see them a real contender.

Considering they were the clear standouts this season, finished atop the table and were going to participate in the Grand Final, I don't think the shrewd trading would be necessary.  :P
Nothing wrong with a bit of shrewd trading to have them win the premiership!
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UTG Admin

« Reply #12 on: August 26, 2018, 11:34:07 pm »

Coaches, Admin & Interested Onlookers,

The WXV is undoubtedly the pinnacle of keeper league competitions, hence the opening of two vacancies is something to get very excited about.

Since joining the forum in May 2015 to ask a question about the relevance of then DPP forward Max Gawn, I've branched out in my knowledge and dedication to fantasy sports, including ventures into the XVs and XVIIIs.

Over the past few seasons, I've been aligned with JRoo as an assistant to the Suns, providing my two cents worth on trade proposals as Mexico looks to return to the top of the tree. Not only has this given me a taste of WXV life, but fueled my interest in taking on a head-coaching position. This also means I wouldn't be a clueless new coach, I've kept an eye on trades, results, ladder positions, rules and, most importantly, banter, along the way.

...What else?
  • Co-Coach of the Mongolian Lambs in the AXV
  • Head Coach of the Quito Quetzals in the ASC
  • Head Coach of the Manchester Magic in the BXV
  • Head Coach of the Springfield Isotopes in the ADT
  • Admin of the AFL Ultimate Team Game Competition
  • Head Coach of the Jakarta Dragons in the WXVW

    ...plus a bunch of other ventures along the way. If the opportunity has presented itself, I'm all over it. I love the year-long commitment a keeper league provides.

    I am strongly committed to each of my positions, irrespective of success or shortcomings. I am loyal to my sides, and the fact that I have not given up a head coaching position is a testament to that. I enjoy the bulky research at draft-time and enjoy trying to pick out the next SuperCoach pig from the masses. I see myself as a reliable and accessible coach, you'll get my responses to votes within 24 hours as I'm on the forum at least once a day. I don't miss my submissions and you can always catch me on here, Discord or even FB Messenger for some stress-free trade talks. Speaking of, I am more than willing to put the cards on the table and move some chess pieces around over the off-season. I'm not afraid of trading to shape a list to my preference, and there's no reason why that would change as coach of either Toronto or Rio.

    Although at opposite ends of the ladder, personally I don't see Toronto and Rio as being particularly dissimilar due to a strong young core. As flagged by Koop, names like Hogan, Cripps, Brayshaw, Yeo, Witherden, Macrae, Kelly, Fiorini and Blakely are all young, potent powers for their respective sides. However, Toronto's experienced heads in Simpson, Pendlebury and Mundy ensure a well-rounded side that will no doubt head into 2019 with the highest of expectations. Securing some assistance in the ruck department due to the loss of Naitanui will be essential for Wolves' success next year. On the other side of the ledger, securing some support for the big names of Rio is of the utmost importance. An aggressive approach to trading could see some breakout contenders joining the Jags and catapulting them back towards their heights of seasons' past.

    Now, perhaps the most important part, the bants. Unsurprisingly, every applicant will tell you that they're at one with banter and will spice up the competition. I am by no means an edgelord, but I urge you to consider who will be the chirpiest candidate for the job. Plus my posts have spelling, grammar and all that cool stuff.

    TL;DR, A WXV Head Coaching position would be a privilege. As an experienced and active coach, I believe I am a suitable candidate to take up one of these positions, and in doing so would make a strong contribution to the competition as a whole. I wish my fellow applicants the best of luck, and appreciate the consideration. Thank you.

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« Reply #13 on: August 27, 2018, 10:08:28 am »

Coaches of WXV.
                       I would like to be considered for a coaching position of either WXV team advertised, Toronto & Rio.
Brief History & what I would bring to WXV?
Member of FF since March 2009.
Admin for AXV: Though as as we speak it is in trouble. Have continued to do the threads that are needed, but we need help & hope that maybe it may be forthcoming to keep it running.
Admin for EXV: Took on the Admin role to help & feel that I have helped in some way to turn the comp around, so that it is succesful as well.

Keeper League history:
A Coach that is competitive, doesn't mind trading, constantly online, so as to respond to PM's, Voting, Drafting & all other that is required. Discord always check & comment, & responds to DM's. 
AXV: Coach of the UAE Tigers since taking over in late 2015. Finals in 2016. Finished 2nd last in 2017 (3 wins), commenced through trading & drafting to make Tigers a side that & have moved up the ladder to 11th (8 wins).
BXV: Coach of Staines Steins since taking over in late 2016. Using a quote that was included in the application op:
"Staines Steins have been in the cellar for a few years and will represent a challenge to the new coach."
Accepted the challenge & through Trading & Drafting have produced the following:
2017 made the Preliminary Final & suffering defeat to the GF Winner.
2018 Competed in the Grand Final & being victorious.
EXV: Coach of Iceland Polar Bears since late 2017,
2018: Preliminary Final in my first year through trading & drafting produced this result.
ASC: Coach of the Carolina Panther (Formerly Peruvian Panthers) since early 2016, made the GF in my first year, but failed to clear the hurdle. Missed most of the trading & draft action as this was prior to seasons start. Made the GF. Having a full EOS access to trading & Drafting achieved the following:
2017: Competed in the GF & being Victorious.
2018: Injuries played a hand, finishing 8th.
ADT: Coach of the Arizona Scorpions since early 2016, made the EF & bowed out. Again missed most of the trading & drafting.
2017: Trading & Drafting in my first full EOS ended in Completing in the Prelim but fell short.
2108: At time of posting currently participating in the GF.

In closing & as from all the above, a coach that trades & drafts, to become competitive, maintains team threads, willing to help where needed, responds as soon as possible to all messages.

To all the applying coaches above & future applicants, best of luck to all.

Cheers & thanks for your perusal & consideration,
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Fantasy Coach

« Reply #14 on: August 27, 2018, 11:49:07 pm »

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