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« Reply #15 on: November 24, 2019, 04:00:31 pm »

2019 Trade Wrap

Bryce Gibbs (trd.), Zach Tuohy (trd.), Tom McCartin (trd.), Aaron vandenBerg (trd.), Lin Jong (trd.), Kade Kolodjashnij (trd.) Zac Langdon (trd.), Pat Kerr (del.), Connor Nutting (del.), Jackson Thurlow (del.), Ryan Lester (del.), Cam Polson (del.)

It was another busy trade period for Oxford, with 12 players departing. We wish these players well on their future endeavours, particularly Gibbs and Tuohy, who have both been great contributors for Oxford over the years.

Jed Anderson, Jamie MacMillan, Jonathon Patton, Callum Ah Chee, Conor Nash

The Lions welcome the arrival of 5 new players.

Coach SilverLion has given his comments on the new recruits:

J Anderson: "Good midfielder with room to improve, helps bolster our mid stocks which we were lacking in."

J MacMillan: "His best is of a very high level, but his consistency can let him down. Should be a starter for us."

J Patton: "Has shown that he has talent, but he also clearly has his risks. If fit, could go well at the Hawks and be an asset for us."

C Ah Chee: "Potential."

C Nash: "Has shown some signs and compliments our other Hawks talls."

S Murray: "No comment."

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« Reply #16 on: December 06, 2019, 11:39:50 am »

2019 National Draft Selections

Oxford would like to welcome the following players:

Pick #2:
Noah Anderson

Position: Midfielder
Height: 191cm
Weight: 87kg
DOB: 17/02/2001

AFL.com.au Journalist Cal Twomey: "At his size, and with his skill set, Anderson is able to impact games in a number of ways. Underpinning all of that is his work-rate – he's a hard-running midfielder who just keeps pressing all game. He showed that at the NAB AFL Draft Combine, when he completed the 2km time trial in 6:17 minutes, but he also has some take-off speed (he ran three seconds flat for the 20-metre sprint), which can be seen in his midfield work. Throughout the year Anderson also averaged two goals a game for the Chargers at NAB League level, highlighting his ability to push forward and be a genuine threat. The Vic Metro captain is a natural player who attracts the ball.

Pick #17:
Liam Henry

Position: Forward/Midfielder
Height: 180cm
Weight: 86kg
DOB: 28/08/2001

CT: "Henry is a special talent. His standout game of the year came when the stakes were perhaps highest, in the title-decider of the under-18 championships. The West Australian starred in his side's gripping win over Vic Country that saw them take out the carnival, with Henry best afield. His field kicking, smarts with the ball, class around goal and fine touch were on show, but only for a little longer after that, having injured his knee late in the season."

Pick #34:
Dylan Williams

Position: Forward
Height: 186cm
Weight: 81kg
DOB: 01/07/2001

CT: "Williams was one of a handful of players to participate in a 2km time trial in front of recruiters, completing it in 7:18 minutes in a promising display. It showed recruiters Williams had done the work while on the sidelines with a back stress fracture, which ruled him out of the second half of the season. Williams is one of the most talented players in the pool, having dominated patches of games in the forward line, where his overhead marking and goal sense is uncanny."

Pick #56:
Sam De Koning

Position: Defender
Height: 201cm
Weight: 86kg
DOB: 26/02/2001

CT: "De Koning's best patch of form for the season came at the under-18 championships, when he was one of the leading key defenders at the carnival and was named an All Australian. He uses his height and athleticism to tussle with opponents and get in their way, and can also be used part-time in the ruck. The younger brother of Carlton's Tom is raw and may need some time but has quality attributes."
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« Reply #17 on: December 19, 2019, 06:16:19 pm »

2019 Rookie Draft Selections

Pick #2:
Peter Ladhams

Pick #4:
Marlion Pickett

Pick #13:
Ned Reeves

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« Reply #18 on: February 18, 2020, 10:51:59 am »

2019/20 Trade Period 2 Wrap

On the last day of the Trade Period, Jack Gunston departed the Lions. We thank Jack for his services over the years, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Bradley Hill

Coach SilverLion: "We've had some injuries over the pre-season to our midfield, that combined with a lack of true midfielders and a surplus of forwards meant that we targeted an additional midfielder in the trade period. Hill fits in perfectly with our age profile, and should be an asset for us."
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« Reply #19 on: September 15, 2020, 12:33:56 pm »

2020 Awards

Best & Fairest - Noz-Vinny Medal:

In 2020 see the awarding of the second NV Medal.

The NV Medal is awarded to club's best & fairest player over the season. Votes for the NV Medal are given under a 5-4-3-2-1 system for the highest 5 scoring players each round. In the event where two or players scores in a round tie, their votes will be halved/divided by 3 etc., for example 5-4-2.5-2.5-1 or 5-4-3-1-1-1, this is to ensure that the total amount of votes available per round remains the same. If two or more players tie on total votes at the conclusion of the count, they will be named joint JF medalists.

(Note: In 2020, some player's scores in one game were used for multiple rounds, if this player's score is in the top 5 for either of the rounds it counts for, they will still receive votes. These scores will be marked with an asterix for reference).

Without further ado, it's time to announce the votes!

Round 1 (Win, Neutral vs. Liverpool Rams) (Rivalry Round - 'The Ethan Hughes Cup'):

Sam Docherty (157) - 5
Jaeger O'Meara (156) - 4
Connor Rozee (152) - 3
Bailey Smith (136) - 2
Mason Redman (112) - 1

Round 2 (Loss, Home vs. Grope Lane Giants):

Bailey Smith (178) - 5
Connor Rozee (155) - 4
Sam Docherty (140) - 3
Jonathon Ceglar (131) - 2
Jed Anderson (107) - 1

Round 3 (Loss, Away vs. Bradford Badgers):

Ollie Wines (163) - 5
Sam Docherty (156) - 4
Jaeger O'Meara (151) - 3
Brad Hill (146) - 2
Jonathon Ceglar (141) - 1

Round 4 (Loss, Away vs. Manchester Magic):

Sam Docherty (202) - 5
Jed Anderson (163) - 4
Marc Pittonet (120) - 2.5
Bailey Smith (120) - 2.5
Jonathon Ceglar (116) - 1

Round 5 (Loss, Home vs. Nottingham Hoods):

Jaeger O'Meara (151) - 5
Tom Hawkins (134) - 4
Jed Anderson (128) - 3
Sam Docherty (127) - 2
Tom Liberatore (122) - 1

Round 6 (Loss, Away vs. Hebden Bridge Lachie Neales Hedgehogs):

Bailey Smith (157) - 5
Tom Liberatore (156) - 4
Ollie Wines (124) - 3
Jaeger O'Meara (117) - 2
Stephen Hill (102) - 1

Round 7 (Win, Away vs. Blackpool Bunnies):

Tom Liberatore (144) - 5
Peter Ladhams (135) - 4
Jaeger O'Meara (123) - 3
Bailey Smith (120) - 2
Noah Anderson (118) - 1

Round 8 (Loss, Home vs. Leeds Leeches):

Jaeger O'Meara (182) - 5
Jed Anderson (152) - 4
Bailey Smith (148) - 3
Peter Ladhams (147) - 2
Bailey Williams (WB) (125) - 1

Round 9 (Win, Away vs. Swansea Breakers):

Jed Anderson (208) - 5
Ollie Wines (151) - 4
Tom Liberatore (139) - 3
Bailey Williams (WB) (129) - 2
Jaeger O'Meara (126) - 1

Round 10 (Win, Home vs. Huddersfield Hawks):

Peter Ladhams (188) - 5
Tom Liberatore (155) - 4
Jed Anderson (148) - 3
Bailey Williams (WB) (128) - 2
Tom Hawkins (126) - 1

Round 11 (Loss, Home vs. Birmingham Dragons):

Ollie Wines (254) - 5
Peter Ladhams (138) - 4
Bailey Williams (WB) (124) - 3
Tom Liberatore (123) - 2
Tom Hawkins (119) - 1

Round 12 (Loss, Away vs. Staines Steins):

Bailey Smith (221) - 5
Jed Anderson (216) - 4
Jaeger O'Meara (190) - 3
Tom Hawkins (189) - 2
Tom Liberatore (175) - 1

Other 130+ Scores:

Noah Anderson (154)
Ollie Wines (136)
Bailey Williams (WB) (131)

Round 13 (Loss, Home vs. Hastings Hurricanes):

Jed Anderson (216) - 5
Ollie Wines (147) - 4
Tom Liberatore (139) - 3
Bailey Smith (138) - 2
Bailey Williams (WB) (130) - 1

Round 14 (Loss, Away vs. Wrexham Knights):

Ollie Wines (168) - 5
Noah Anderson (151) - 4
Sam Docherty (148) - 3
Tom Hawkins (128) - 2
Jed Anderson (121) - 1

Round 15 (Win, Home vs. Winchester Werewolves):

Ollie Wines (190) - 5
Tom Hawkins (168) - 4
Jed Anderson (139) - 2.5
Shane McAdam (139) - 2.5
Noah Anderson (137) - 1

Other 130+ Scores:

Elliott Himmelberg (134)
Tom Liberatore (131)

Total Votes:

Jed Anderson - 32.5
Ollie Wines - 31
Bailey Smith - 26.5
Jaeger O'Meara - 26
Tom Liberatore - 23
Sam Docherty - 22
Peter Ladhams - 15
Tom Hawkins - 14
Bailey Williams (WB) - 9
Connor Rozee - 7
Noah Anderson - 6
Jonathon Ceglar - 4
Marc Pittonet - 2.5
Shane McAdam - 2.5
Brad Hill - 2
Mason Redman - 1
Stephen Hill - 1

NV Medallist 2020:

Congrats to Jed Anderson!

SL says: "Arriving from Grope Lane over the off-season as part of an exchange for Zach Tuohy, Jed well and truly exceeded expectations this year. Originally acquired with the thought of a utility spot in mind, Jed very quickly stepped up and became our highest averaging mid, as well as being our captain throughout the back half of the season."

2nd Place: Ollie Wines

SL says: "After a poor 2019 riddled with injuries and bad form, Ollie got back to the level we know he can. Very nearly pipped Jed for the BnF after a ripping finish to the season."

3rd Place: Bailey 'Bazlenka' Smith

SL says: "Baz took a massive leap this year, becoming one of our most consistent and important players. Will be great to watch his development for years to come."

4th Place: Jaeger O'Meara

SL says: "Jaeger backed up last year's JV Medal win with a respectable 4th this year. His output was again of a high level, and his drop in placings from last year to this is more of an indication of the improvement of his peers, rather than a drop in output by him."

5th Place: Tom Liberatore

SL says: "Much like Jaeger, Libba backed up last year's 2nd place in the JV medal with a respectable 5th this year. His form this year was arguable better and more consistent than last year, and he has solidified himself as an important cog in our midfield."


Special mention to the much loved Sam Docherty, who after missing two years with multiple ACL injuries, came back and played every game this year, and finished a respectable 6th in the BnF.
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« Reply #20 on: September 15, 2020, 12:34:42 pm »

2020 Awards

Coaches Award:

The Coaches Award is awarded by the coach to the player who they deem to have shown the most outstanding all-round qualities such as performance, exceeding start of year expectations and consistency.

The Winner of the Coaches Award for Oxford in 2020 is Tom Hawkins! Congrats Tom!

SL says: "The great porkins greatly exceeded expectations this year, bouncing from an average 2019 to be one of the top forwards this year, almost certainly winning the Coleman Medal in the process.

Honourable mentions to Jed Anderson, Bailey 'Bazlenka' Smith, Bailey Williams and Elliott Himmelberg for also exceeding start of year expectations."
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« Reply #21 on: September 15, 2020, 12:35:50 pm »

2020 Awards

Rookie of the Year:

Replacing the Best First Year Player Award this year is the Rookie of the Year Award. This is awarded by the coach to who they deem to have had the biggest impact out of the players drafted during the previous year's national and rookie drafts. Additionally, anyone who is eligible for the NAB AFL Rising Star Award as well as any other player who has played less than 10 games prior to the current season is also eligible for this award, regardless of when they were drafted.

The Winner of the Rookie of the Year Award for Oxford in 2020 is Noah Anderson! Congrats Noah!

SL says: "Taken with Pick 2 in the 2019 NAT Draft, Noah has shown great promise throughout the year, having played almost every game for Oxford. It will be exciting to watch his development for years to come.

Honourable mentions to Peter Ladhams, Shane McAdam, Elliott Himmelberg and Marlion Pickett for also having good seasons."
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Get around the Kate Upton Cobras!

« Reply #22 on: September 15, 2020, 01:56:13 pm »

Gee, Wines did well to finish 2nd and 4th in the same year!
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« Reply #23 on: September 15, 2020, 01:57:50 pm »

Gee, Wines did well to finish 2nd and 4th in the same year!
You saw nothing :-X
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« Reply #24 on: December 08, 2020, 02:34:07 pm »

2020 Trade Wrap

Tom Hawkins (trd.), Jonathon Ceglar (trd.), Brad Hill (trd.), Ben McEvoy (trd.), Stephen Hill (trd.), Dylan Grimes (trd.) Sam De Koning (trd.), Ned Reeves (trd.), Allen Christensen (ret.), Anthony Miles (ret.), Sam Lloyd (del. ret.), Sam Murray (del.), Jamie MacMillan (del.), Logan Austin (del.), Billy Gowers (del.), Patrick Ambrose (del.), Conor Nash (del.), Mark Hutchings (del.)

In the busiest Trade Period yet for the Lions, 18 players departed (nearly half the list :o). We wish these players well on their future endeavours (except Sam Murray, he can go and get flowered), particularly Hawkins, Ceglar and McEvoy, who have all been great contributors for Oxford over the years. The big Porko departs Oxford as a true club great, and as the reigning Coaches Award winner.

Scott Lycett, Michael Gibbons, Ben Keays, James Harmes, Ben Long, Todd Marshall, Mark O'Connor, Brent Daniels, Brandon Starcevich, Jayden Hunt

The Lions welcome the arrival of 10 new players!

Coach SilverLion has given his comments on the new recruits:

S Lycett: "The Power main ruck, pairing him with Ladhams takes care of our ruck stocks for a while."

M Gibbons: "Hard working fwd/mid that helps fill the void left by Hawkins in our forward line."

B Keays: "One of my favourites. Had a breakout year with the Crows and I'm hoping he continues to improve."

J Harmes: "Had a poor year being played out of position, hoping he gets his preferred role back and returns to his 2018-19 form."

B Long: "Promising young defender who looked good in his first year in the role. Could be a starter for us."

T Marshall: "Last minute acquisition who could be an asset up forward, has shown plenty of signs for a KPP so early into his career."

M O'Connor: "Solid and reliable defender who will provide handy depth for us."

B Daniels: "Good young prospect, is locked in the Giants' 22 and should continue to improve as a player."

B Starcevich: "Another one of my favourites. Had a breakout year and seems a lock in the Lions' 22, should only improve as well."

J Hunt: "Like Harmes, had a poor year. Taking the punt that he can turn it around and get back to the level he was at a couple of years ago."
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« Reply #25 on: December 11, 2020, 02:31:46 pm »

2020 National Draft Selections

Oxford would like to welcome the following players:

Pick #19:
Logan McDonald

Position: Forward
Height: 196cm
Weight: 86kg
DOB: 04/04/2002

AFL Talent Ambassador Kevin 'Shifter' Sheehan: "Athletic tall forward who has taken all before him this year since debuting at senior level for Perth, kicking 21 goals in nine matches from his average 11.6 disposals and 4 marks. Showing some of the traits of a young Nick Riewoldt, he is strong overhead and a hard-running target who reads the ball impressively in flight and has rare footy smarts. Burst on the National scene in 2018 the NAB AFL Under-16 National Championships kicking 6 goals against Victoria Metro winning All-Australian Under 16s honours and was again prominent up forward as a bottom age player for Western Australia when they won the Under-18 National title in 2019. Very impressive at National Combine in WA recording 6 minutes 33 seconds for the 2km in the endurance and 3.03 seconds for 20 metres in the speed confirming his athleticism."

Pick #20:
Denver Grainger-Barras

Position: Defender
Height: 195cm
Weight: 78kg
DOB: 17/04/2002

KS: "Ability to read the play and intercept marking are his weapons which were on display making All Australian at Under-16 level in 2018. He starred as a bottom ager last year as Western Australia won the NAB AFL Under-18 National Championships for the first time in a decade. After debuting at senior level in 2019 in the WAFL he played eight senior games this year and continued to impress averaging 10.3 disposals and 4.5 marks. Winner of the AFL Life Members Scholarship in 2019, an annual award given to one outstanding prospect annually and won in the past by the likes of Joel Selwood and Nic Naitanui. Confirmed his speed (2.99 seconds for 20 metres) natural leap (running vertical jump- 87cm) and agility (8.13 seconds-AFL Agility run) in NAB AFL Draft Combine in WA."

Pick #51:
Ryan Angwin

Position: Defender/Forward
Height: 184cm
Weight: 74kg
DOB: 12/12/2002

KS: "Left footed medium forward/defender with silky skills and a high footy IQ. Knows how to find space, is a composed decision maker who is creative with the ball in hand. Good athlete with his agility (8.42 seconds-AFL Agility run) and endurance (6 minutes 12 seconds for 2km) both very good in preseason testing. Played 11 games as a bottom ager averaging 11.5 possessions (5.5 contested) and looked set for a big 2020 before shutdown of NAB League. Able to train with and learn from Port Adelaide’s Xavier Duursma, also from Foster, when the AFL competition was suspended making the most of the circumstances."
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« Reply #26 on: December 14, 2020, 04:11:18 pm »

2020 Rookie Draft Selections

Oxford would like to welcome the following player:

Pick #20:
Jack Payne

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« Reply #27 on: January 06, 2021, 06:43:30 pm »

Squad Origins

Noz era:

Jaeger O'Meara - Pick #50 - 2012 Origin Draft
Tom Jonas - Pick #590 - 2012 Origin Draft
Cam Ellis-Yolmen - Pick #635 - 2012 Origin Draft
Ollie Wines - Pick #5 - 2012 National Draft
Tim O'Brien - Pick #41 - 2012 National Draft

Vinny era:

Sam Docherty - 2013/14 Trade Period 1

Bailey Williams (WB) - Pick #52 - 2015 National Draft

Elliott Himmelberg - Pick #16 - 2016/17 Supplementary Draft
Zach Guthrie - Pick #17 - 2016/17 Supplementary Draft

Darcy Fogarty - Pick #11 - 2017 National Draft
Liam Ryan - Pick #46 - 2017 National Draft
Sam Taylor - Pick #62 - 2017 National Draft

SL era:

Tom Liberatore - 2018/19 Trade Period 1
Jarman Impey - 2018/19 Trade Period 1
Mason Redman - 2018/19 Trade Period 1
Marc Pittonet - 2018/19 Trade Period 1
Mitch Hinge - 2018/19 Trade Period 1
Ethan Hughes - 2018/19 Trade Period 1
Bailey Smith - Pick #2 - 2018 National Draft
Connor Rozee - Pick #8 - 2018 National Draft
Shane McAdam - Pick #10 - 2018 Rookie Draft
Darcy MacPherson - 2018/19 Trade Period 2

Callum Ah Chee - 2019/20 Trade Period 1
Jed Anderson - 2019/20 Trade Period 1
Jonathon Patton - 2019/20 Trade Period 1
Noah Anderson - Pick #2 - 2019 National Draft
Liam Henry - Pick #17 - 2019 National Draft
Dylan Williams - Pick #34 - 2019 National Draft
Peter Ladhams - Pick #2 - 2019 Rookie Draft
Marlion Pickett - Pick #4 - 2019 Rookie Draft

Ben Keays - 2020/21 Trade Period 1
Mark O'Connor - 2020/21 Trade Period 1
Ben Long - 2020/21 Trade Period 1
Brandon Starcevich - 2020/21 Trade Period 1
Michael Gibbons - 2020/21 Trade Period 1
James Harmes - 2020/21 Trade Period 1
Brent Daniels - 2020/21 Trade Period 1
Jayden Hunt - 2020/21 Trade Period 1
Scott Lycett - 2020/21 Trade Period 1
Todd Marshall - 2020/21 Trade Period 1
Logan McDonald - Pick #19 - 2020 National Draft
Ryan Angwin - Pick #51 - 2020 National Draft
Jack Payne - Pick #20 - 2020 Rookie Draft
Sam Hayes - 2020/21 Trade Period 2

  • 32/44 players have arrived at Oxford over the last 3 off-seasons.
  • Only 3 players remain from the 2012 Origin Draft - JOM, Jonas and CEY.
  • Only 1 player traded to the club prior to the last 3 years remains on the list - Docherty.
  • No-one drafted or traded to Oxford during the 2014/15 off-season remains.
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