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Author Topic: 2018 off-season  (Read 16829 times)
Bill Manspeaker
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Let the fire rise, cos everything is fine

« Reply #60 on: November 15, 2017, 11:56:52 pm »

hands off our pick 8 Money :P
Money Shot
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Paddy Wow is the next big thing

« Reply #61 on: November 16, 2017, 07:47:18 am »

hands off our pick 8 Money :P
My bad hahaha
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« Reply #62 on: November 24, 2017, 11:21:08 pm »

Interesting draft. We needed to load up on the midfield this year with a ton of young KPP in place and SOS did just that. The picks tonight were:

Paddy Dow (3)
Lochie O'Brien (10)
Tom De Koning (30)
Angus Schumacher (70)
Jarrod Garlett (78)

With Brayshaw going at 2 I was curious to see if we would take LDU. Looking at all the stuff leading up to the draft Carlton really liked Dow and what he could bring to the team. However LDU is supposed to be a stud and a more complete midfielder at this point. Dow is supposed to play like Danger where he can burst from a stoppage and play up forward and be a problem for the opposition. We need goals out of our midfield to help replace the hole left by Gibbs. He also has versatility which is key with mids being able to rest forward and still have an influence.

O'Brien seems like the exact type of player we need and the type of player that Boekhorst was supposed to be. Someone that can cover the ground with an elite kick. What makes him even better is the fact he is a left footer that can supposedly kick on both feet which is rare. We need some class in the middle and he will give us that by the sounds of it.

De Koning is a ruck that can play forward. I think this is a key moving forward that if you're going to get a ruck he needs to be able to play in the forward line. We aren't very deep in the ruck and we need a young guy to blood behind Kreuz. Losing 2 of our back up ruck options and only bringing in Lobbe as a stop gap I expected us to grab a ruck at some point. De Koning must be the guy that SOS likes and we can give him the time to develop over the next 3-4 years without having to rush him.

Schumacher is another Bendigo player (3 out of 5) and another guy that's supposed to use the ball well. I think he is another left footer which seems to go hand in hand with good ball users. With Bolton coming from the Hawks and their game plan revolving around excellent ball users (and a ton of left footers) this makes sense as a late round pick.

Garlett is the biggest surprise. He quit footy to move back to Perth due to family illness and homesickness. An early-ish pick in the 2014 draft this is a good flyer to take. Worst case he doesn't pan out, we used the last pick of the draft on him. If he does work out we have a steal with his potential. Another mid/forward, he struggled at GC but with less pressure he could thrive. Funnily enough I was talking with my dad pre-draft and said we should grab Ryan if he fell to pick 30. We haven't really had a dominant small forward that can hit the scoreboard since Eddie and Jeff Garlett. We didn't get Ryan but we got a different Garlett.

So looking at our players by position currently on the list


Liam 'GOAT' Jones
Sam Rowe
Plow (although he is a tweener)
Macreadie (see Plowman)

Small/Rebounding Defenders



De Koning


Silvagni (tweener)

HFF and Small Forwards

Fisher (could play some midfield)

Inside mids

Graham (could still be delisted)

Combo Mids

Murphy (inside and outside)
SPS (inside, outside and forward)
Cuningham (outside and forward)
Lang (outside and forward)
O'Brien (outside and HBF)
Dow (inside, outside and forward)
Garlett (outside and forward)
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