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Author Topic: WXVW Information and Official Rules  (Read 2721 times)
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WXVW Competition Information

How does it work?

•8 team competition (run by FF members)
•Most current AFL Womens players were selected in a draft
•Only 15 players (plus 3 emergencies) are selected each week to compete against other teams
•Scoring is based on the Statistics provided by the AFL site.
•At the end of each season, there will be a trading period and national/pre-season/rookie drafts.
•The competition runs simultaneously to the Womens AFL season

Teams and Coaches

1. Bogota Maragays - Levi
2. Barcelona Lynx - Football Factory
3. Karachi Rhino's - Nige
4. Jakarta Dragons - FanTCfool
5. Algerian Antelopes - Koop
6. Rome Goddesses - Torp
7. Port Moresby Cassowaries - Boomz
8. Lima Llama's - Ziplock

How do players score points?

Scores will be calculated manually using the stats from the AFL site.

Mark: 3 points
Kick: 3 points
Handball: 2 points
Tackle: 4 points
Goal: 6 points
Behind: 1 point
Hit Out: 1 point
Free For: 1 point
Free Against: -3 points

How can I be part of the WXVW ?

There are three ways you can be a part of the WXVW.

•Assistant Coach

Coach - Run the team as if it were your own. Unfortunately, the opportunity to become a WXVW coach only comes along when a coach retires or is sacked. Once it has been announced, a formal process will begin to find a new coach.

Assistant Coach - Help assist the coach in whatever way. Teams are always on the lookout for additional help, it is best to contact the coach directly to see if any positions are currently vacant.

Member - Help support the club! Feel free to sign up to any club as a member and support the team throughout the year!

The WXVW Official Rulebook

Team Submissions

1. Teams must be submitted prior to the beginning of the first match for each AFL round. Be careful when editing your post, if the editing time-stamp is post lock-out, your team submission may be void.

2. Teams sheets must be submitted in the following format:


Captain: Player A
Vice Captain: Player B
Emergency Vice Captain: Player C

Backs: Player A, Player B, Player C, Player D
Midfielders: Player E, Player F, Player G, Player H
Forwards: Player I, Player J, Player K, Player L
Ruck: Player M
Interchange: Player N, Player O
Emergencies: Player P, Player Q, Player R

3. You must select 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 4 forwards, 1 ruckman and 2 additional players from any position, along with 3 emergency players.

4. Captains are nominated each week, you have the choice of either:

    4a. Your nominated captain will receive double points each week. Should she not play, your vice-captain will receive double points. Should your Captain and Vice Captain not play, your Emergency Vice Captain will receive double points.

5. Should you not have enough def/mid/fwd/ruck players to fill the respective position, you may still select any player to play there however, they will forfeit 50% of their score (rounded up).

Example: If you were to play Moana Hope as a defender and she scored 103 points, then she would only score 52 points in WXVW. NB: All scores affected by a penalty are rounded up to the nearest whole number.

6. If you (or your assistants) do not submit a team by the nominated time (the start of the first game of the season), your team will be selected by Administration.

Emergency Rules

7. Emergencies will play should a starting member of your team not play, but with conditions.

     7a. If a player on the interchange is the same position as the player that pulled out, she will be moved into that position. The extra interchange spot will be filled by your FIRST preference listed emergency.
     7b. If a player on the interchange is NOT of the same position, then the replacement moves to your emergencies.
     7c. Emergencies can only replace players in the SAME position for full points.
     7d. If neither the interchange or emergency can fill the position, the FIRST preference emergency will fill in but only HALF the score (rounded up) will count.
     7e. If two or more emergencies are the same position (i.e. all midfielders), than the highest ranked preference will play (i.e. if Emer2 and Emer3 are both midfielders, Emer2 will be selected)
     7f. If an emergency is a Dual Position Player, she can be called into either position (i.e. if he is a Fwd/Mid, he can play as either a forward or mid)
     7g. If you have more than 3 players in your starting 15 not playing (and emergencies have been used), the highest preference squad member (determined by your pre-season preference list) from the rest of your team will play, but only a QUARTER (rounded up) of the score will count. I.e if Gemma Houghton is the highest remaining squad member, and she scores 53, only 14 points will count towards your final score.
     7h. If you are forced to play an emergency OOP, AND you happen to need to use another emergency for another position, the emergency selected to play OOP is the emergency that scored the least out of the two emergencies. e.g. Hannah Scott is your E1 and scores 50, and Tayla Bresland is your E2 and scores 150. And, you need one of these emergencies to fill a ruck spot (OOP) and a utility spot (for full points). Tayla Bresland (although he has a lower preference) comes into the utility spot for full points, and Hannah Scott comes into the ruck spot for half points (as he is OOP). However, using the same example, if the E1 (E2/E3) comes onto the field in normal circumstances (e.g. coming on as a defender), then the E2 (E1/E3) and E3 (E1/E2) are considered for the OOP spot and utility spot. 

Team Lists and Positions

8. Team Lists are kept in the thread provided below, players must be named in the correct positions according to the team lists.


     8a. If you play a player OOP you will receive half of the players points (rounded up)

Home Ground Advantage

9. When you have a home-match (the first team listed in the roster, unless the venue states it is a neutral match), your lowest scoring player will have her score counted twice.

Example: if Gemma Houghton is your lowest scoring player and scores 20, her score will be doubled to 40.

     9a. If you can only field a team of 14 or less, your lowest scoring player that actually plays counts twice.

Home and Away Games

10. Each team will receive 4 points for a win and 2 points for a draw. There will be points margins as well (for and against)

Each team will play 3 home games and 3 away games.


11. There is only 1 Final, THE GRAND FINAL, the 2 teams that finish on top of the home and away ladder will play off in the GRAND FINAL.

     11a. If there is a draw in the GRAND FINAL then there will be joint winners.

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WXVW Scoring:

Kicks 2 points
Handballs 1 point
Marks 3 points
Tackles 4 points
Contested Marks 7 points
Clearances 2 points
Frees For 4 points
Inside 50's 2 points
Rebound 50's 2 points
Hitouts 1 point
Goals 8 points
Behinds 1 point
Goal Assists 1 point
Clangers -1 point
Frees against -4 points
Scaling is for:
If you get over 19.5 kicks you get +5
If you get over 9.5 handballs you get +4
If you get over 5.5 marks you get +3
If you get over 6.5 tackles you get +5
If you get over 2.5 contested marks you get +5
If you get over 4.5 clearances marks you get +3
If you get over 4.5 inside 50's marks you get +3
If you get over 4.5 rebound 50's marks you get +3
If you get over 10.5 hitout's marks you get +4
If you get over 9.5 contested possessions you get +3
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None of the scores from round 2 will be changed(no results would have changed anyway) however, this WILL be the scoring system we use from here on.

The complete stats from round 1 and 2 will be posted in the relevant thread shortly.
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