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Author Topic: Richmond 2016 H&A discussion  (Read 50115 times)
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« Reply #360 on: August 23, 2016, 05:30:23 pm »

Lol, Tad Harsh on Pagan there buddy. Like to see any AfL coach build a team outta rubble with NO draft picks because of your salary cap cheating.Carlton was cooked before he even walked in the door.

He was a dinosaur that was past it. If we take the loss of picks into account in year 1, it was the Goddard/Wells picks which hurt, we still offloaded our 2nd round pick for Barnaby French and actually came away with some handy players in Simmo and Fisher late in the draft. That year the rookie draft was actually quite strong as well so the recruiting there probably did him no favours there. The following season we scored a priority pick (Walker ) and traded out a bunch of our other picks and players for guys like David Clarke, Digby Morell, Daniel Harford and Cory McGrath. Who did we draft? Guys like Glen Bowyer, Jordan Bannister and Ricky Mott. We were also gifted Nick Stevens in the pre-season draft so that actually made up for not being able to draft Farren Ray....

Our recruiting was horrible (Troy Longmuir, Callum Chambers and Dylan McLaren to name a few more) but his outdated game plan magnified that.

He and Mick were not all that different, proof is when he brings in old mate Mick Martyn so he could get to 300.

Corey McKernan won a B&F and leaves a year later because he somehow got stuck with Pagan again. We actually sacked him for Barry Mitchell before we had to back out since we couldn't afford to pay out his contract.  I can keep going really.

Please do, actually enjoying this read.  Tell me the bit about David Teague winning the B&F aswell.
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« Reply #361 on: August 23, 2016, 06:06:41 pm »

Vickery at Hawthorn would be a sound fit, the only issue is you'd only get a 3rd Rounder at best.

Dyril got the rising star nom for R22!
good on him, well deserved. he was about the only good thing about the game (well I was happy with Acres, Billings and Ross but you know what I mean)

not a fan of the nickname though :P
Danioli as a nickname?
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