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Title: Navigation thread
Post by: PowerBug on December 08, 2014, 07:07:22 pm
Below is a list of all the different important threads in this board, and their purposes.

From the Pavilion (,99768.0.html): The premier thread on the board, this is used to discuss any general comments, such as ongoing league and friendly matches, challenges to be sent/received, and any ranting that people have about the game
Pops and Plops (,99604.0.html): Discuss all training updates here
Youth Pulls (,99605.0.html): Post your weekly youth recruitment here
Spare Ratings (,22779.0.html): For all discussion on the spare ratings of your players
NAT tours and other stuff (,99606.0.html): All comments related to the National side of the game
EOS Sales (,66968.0.html): Active during "End Of Season", post everyone your team is selling during this time when the Transfer Market is boiling
To all the beginners out there... (,99658.0.html): A thread for all beginners to take a look at the basics of the game. Kinda like the Game Manual, but only the important stuff is mentioned along with a few helpful hints.

Youth Competition (,100011.0.html): The youth league competition run by Spinking.
Senior Competition (,99632.0.html): A senior competition to be run by yours truly.
Museum of FF U19 Squads (,61426.0.html): The best Youth XI made up by players coming from FanFooty members.
FanFooty Best XI (,102289.0.html): The best XI players in FanFooty squads for Season 26.
FF FTP News: April 2015 (,102229.0.html): The latest stuff going on in the game, plus some other items.