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Title: Americas Supercoach Hall Of Fame
Post by: SydneyRox on October 01, 2014, 04:32:51 pm

The Americas XVIII Hall of Fame is the hall of fame museum for the Americas SC competition, opened in Canton, Ohio on March 30th 2013, located at 2119 Wayne Carey Dr (also known as George Halas Dr).

The Hall of Fame is to commemorate officials, players and teams of the 12 current and 10 defunct Americas clubs:
Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Boston Terriers
Brooklyn Hawks
Carolina Panthers
Chicago Sharks
Colorado Avalanche
Houston Bombers
Las Vegas Sinners
Ottawa Otters
Quito Quetzals
San Francisco Grizzlies
Wisconsin Cockerels

Alberta Rockies
Detroit Giants
Miami Stars
Montreal Canadiens
New Jersey Devils
New York Wolves
Panama Tigers
Peruvian Panthers
Santiago Cockerels
Santiago Otters
Texas Jets
Title: Re: Americas Supercoach Hall Of Fame
Post by: SydneyRox on October 01, 2014, 04:34:21 pm
Team Success

Americas Bowl Champions
2014: Detroit Giants
2015: San Francisco Grizzlies
2016: Boston Terriers
2017: Carolina Panthers
2018: Wisconsin Cockerels
2019: Quito Quetzals
2020: Wisconsin Cockerels

Reserves Premiers
2017: Nevada Desert Coyotes
2018: Harlem Naggers

Premiers Plate
2014: Boston Terriers
2015: San Francisco Grizzlies
2016: Boston Terriers
2017: Carolina Panthers
2018: Wisconsin Cockerels
2019: Wisconsin Cockerels
2020: Wisconsin Cockerels

East vs West Champions
2014: East (3-0) (elephants, nrich102, powersuperkents)
2015: East (2-1) (memphistopholes, elephants, powersuperkents)

Other Tournament Champions
2013 George Washington Cup- Houston Bombers (FOOTBALL FACTORY)
Title: Re: Americas Supercoach Hall Of Fame
Post by: SydneyRox on October 01, 2014, 04:35:38 pm
Personal Success

Milo Medal for Most Valuable Player (2nd; 3rd; 4th; 5th)
2014: Joel Selwood (Chicago) (Gary Ablett Jr; Callan Ward; Dayne Beams, Scott Pendlebury, Todd Goldstein, Trent Cotchin)
2015: Todd Goldstein (Boston) (Nat Fyfe; Dan Hannebery; Heath Shaw; Robbie Gray)
2016: Patrick Dangerfield (Anaheim) (Max Gawn; Dustin Martin; Heath Shaw, Scott Pendlebury)
2017: Patrick Dangerfield (Anaheim) (Dustin Martin; Tom Mitchell; Matthew Kreuzer; Clayton Oliver, Matt Crouch)
2018: Brodie Grundy (Carolina) (Max Gawn; Tom Mitchell; Patrick Cripps; Rory Laird)
2020: Lachie Neale (Boston) (Max Gawn; Clayton Oliver; Jake Lloyd; Jordan Ridley, Brodie Grundy)

Americas Bowl MVP
2014: Jimmy Bartel
2015: Scott Pendlebury
2016: Scott Pendlebury
2017: Sam Docherty and Josh Kelly
2018: Max Gawn and Jarrad Waite
2019: Todd Goldstein
2020: Daniel Rich

Reserves Bowl MVP
2017: Lynden Dunn

Coaches Award (2nd; 3rd; 4th; 5th)
2015: Tom McDonald (Chicago) (Rory Laird; Dylan Roberton; Liam Shiels; Shaun Higgins, Jack Crisp)
2016: Zach Merrett (Anaheim) (Marcus Bontempelli; Stephen Coniglio, Dayne Zorko; Alex Rance)
2017: Patrick Ryder (Chicago) (Michael Hurley; Dylan Roberton; Brad Ebert, Jake Lloyd, Tom Papley)
2018: Jack Macrae (Wisconsin) (Devon Smith; Angus Brayshaw; Tom Phillips; Jake Lloyd)
2020: Jordan Ridley (Anaheim) (Jack Lukosius; Dan Butler; Andrew Brayshaw; Trent Dumont)

Rookie of the Year
2020: Caleb Serong (Quito)

Offensive Player of the Year
2020: Christian Petracca (Las Vegas)

Defensive Player of the Year
2020: Jake Lloyd (Las Vegas)

Coach of the Year
2015: Jukes
2016: nas
2017: nas
2018: powersuperkents
2020: fanTCfool

Coaches' Coaches Award
2020: Jukercoach

Premiership Players
2014: Hamish Hartlett (Captain), Chad Wingard (Vice-Captain), Brodie Smith, Shaun Burgoyne, Sean Dempster, Taylor Duryea, Jack Trengove, Andrew Swallow, Leigh Montagna, Jack Steven, Farren Ray, Shane Mumford, Justin Westhoff, Sam Dwyer, Nathan Wilson, Jack Hombsch, Oliver Wines, Rohan Bail, Tom Rockliff (LW), Bradley Hill (LW).
2015: Heath Shaw (Captain), Brett Deledio (Vice-Captain), Michael Hibberd, Kade Kolodjashnij, Scott D. Thompson, Brent Stanton, Kieren Jack, Leigh Montagna, Cameron Guthrie, Andrew Swallow, Stephen Coniglio, Stefan Martin, Eddie Betts, Allen Christensen, Jamie Elliott, Anthony Miles, Jack Viney, Richard Douglas, Jasper Pittard.
2016: Scott Pendlebury (Captain), Todd Goldstein (Vice-Captain), Rory Laird, Jeremy Howe, Daniel Rich, Shannon Hurn, Matt Priddis, Trent Cotchin, Lachie Neale, Robbie Gray, Seb Ross, Nick Riewoldt, Luke Dahlhaus, Mitch Robinson, Jack Watts, Nick Dal Santo, James Kelly, Matthew Wright, Ryan Bastinac.
2017: Dustin Martin (Captain), Josh Kelly (Vice-Captain), Sam Docherty, Dylan Roberton, Luke McDonald, Jake Kolodjashnij, Callan Ward, Dylan Shiel, Marcus Bontempelli, Scott Selwood, Dougal Howard, Joe Daniher, Jonathan Patton, Sam Reid, Daniel Rioli, Sam Menegola, Josh P. Kennedy, Ricky Henderson, Rory Atkins.
2018: Jack Macrae (Captain), Gary Ablett Jr. (Vice-Captain), Alex Witherden, Dane Rampe, Adam Saad, Steven May, Mitch Duncan, Lachie Whitfield, Jaeger O'Meara, Dayne Zorko, Max Gawn, Jack Billings, Charlie Curnow, Hayden Crozier, Jarrad Waite, Touk Miller, Caleb Daniel, Luke Shuey, Bayley Fritsch
2019: Josh Dunkley (Captain), Toby Greene (Vice-Captain), Daniel Rich, Dan Houston, Nick Haynes, Nick Vlastuin, Ed Curnow, Seb Ross, Shaun Higgins, Hugh McCluggage, David Swallow, Tom Phillips, Reilly O'Brien, James Worpel, Toby Greene, Tom J. Lynch, Matthew Suckling, Luke Breust, Callum Mills, Jack Bowes

Reserves Premiership Players
2017: Billy Stretch (Captain), James Harmes, Christian Petracca, Jade Gresham, Tim O'Brien, Jed Bews, Lynden Dunn, Darcy Moore, Harry Taylor

Finals Champions
Jarrad Waite (Boston Terriers, 2014 QF)
Ben Cunnington (New Jersey Devils, 2014 QF)
Stefan Martin (San Francisco Grizzlies, 2014 EF)
Mark Hutchings (Colorado Avalanche, 2014 EF)
Pearce Hanley (New Jersey Devils, 2014 SF)
Dayne Zorko (San Francisco Grizzlies, 2014 SF)
Tom Rockliff (Detroit Giants, 2014 PF)
Robbie Gray (New Jersey Devils, 2014 PF)
Dane Swan (Colorado Avalanche, 2015 EF)
Todd Goldstein (Boston Terriers, 2015 EF)
Leigh Montagna (San Francisco Grizzlies, 2015 QF)
Aaron Sandilands (Quito Quetzals, 2015 SF)
Mitch Robinson (Boston Terriers, 2015 SF)
Josh J Kennedy (Quito Quetzals, 2015 PF)
Steve Johnson (Carolina Panthers, 2016 EF)
Patrick Dangerfield/Dan Hannebery (Anaheim Mighty Ducks, 2016 EF)
Scott Pendlebury (Boston Terriers, 2016 QF)
Corey Enright (Anaheim Mighty Ducks, 2016 SF)
Cyril Rioli (Carolina Panthers, 2016 SF)
Marcus Bontempelli (Carolina Panthers, 2016 PF)
Andrew Swallow and Jeremy Howe (San Francisco Grizzlies and Boston Terriers, 2017 EF)
Taylor Adams (Houston Bombers, 2017 EF)
Dustin Martin (Carolina Panthers, 2017 QF)
Ryan Clarke (Rio Grande Valley Rockets, 2017 EF)
Shane Biggs (Suffolk Terriers, 2017 EF)
Jordan Murdoch (Harlem Naggers, 2017 QF)
Jack Macrae (Wisconsin Cockerels, 2017 SF)
Lachie Neale (Boston Terriers, 2017 SF)
Blake Acres (Harlem Naggers, 2017 SF)
Jordan De Goey (Nevada Desert Coyotes, 2017 SF)
Josh Kelly (Carolina Panthers, 2017 PF)
Kieren Jack (Stanford Cardinal, 2017 PF)

Number One Draft Picks
Gary Ablett Jr (Santiago Otters)
Jaeger O'Meara (Montreal Canadiens)
Jack Martin (Las Vegas Sinners)
Tom Rockliff (Las Vegas Sinners)
Christian Petracca (Las Vegas Sinners)
Danny Stanley (Las Vegas Sinners)
Adam Oxley (New Brooklyn Hawks)
Callum Mills (Quito Quetzals)
Brendan ah Chee (New Brooklyn Hawks)
Mathew Stokes (Anaheim Mighty Ducks)
Andrew McGrath (Las Vegas Sinners)
Jayden Hunt (Chicago Sharks)

East vs West Most Valuable Player
Josh P. Kennedy (2014)
Nat Fyfe (2015)

Tom Liberatore (2014)
Gary Ablett Jr (2014)
Jimmy Bartel (2014)
Nat Fyfe (2015)
Mark Blicavs (2015)
Nat Fyfe (2015)

Beasts of the East
Josh P. Kennedy (2014)
Josh P. Kennedy (2014)
Scott Pendlebury (2014)
Nic Naitanui (2015)
Todd Goldstein (2015)
Aaron Sandilands (2015)

Best in the West
Jobe Watson (2014)
Patrick Dangerfield (2014)
Travis Boak (2014)
Leigh Montagna (2015)
Brett Deledio (2015)
Tom Bell (2015)
Title: Re: Americas Supercoach Hall Of Fame
Post by: SydneyRox on October 01, 2014, 04:36:30 pm

Highest Scores
1. Quito Quetzals 16.12.108 lost to Boston Terriers 24.4.148
2. Boston Terriers 22.8.140 defeated Santiago Otters 15.19.109
2. Carolina Panthers 22.8.140 defeated Ottawa Otters 15.12.102
4. Quito Quetzals 22.7.139 defeated Colorado Avalanche 19.9.123
5. Boston Terriers 21.12.138 defeated Chicago Sharks 16.13.109
6. San Francisco Grizzlies 21.11.137 defeated Boston Terriers 20.7.127
6. Carolina Panthers 21.11.137 defeated San Francisco Grizzlies 17.13.115
8. Santiago Otters 20.16.136 defeated Peruvian Panthers 11.18.84
8. San Francisco Grizzlies 22.4.136 def Carolina Panthers 18.13.121
10. San Francisco Grizzlies 21.9.135 defeated Las Vegas Sinners 16.11.107
10. Santiago Cockerels 21.9.135 defeated Colorado Avalanche 20.11.131
10. Boston Terriers 21.9.135 defeated Quito Quetzals 18.10.118

Lowest Scores
1. Panama Tigers 10.10.70 lost to Houston Bombers 18.5.113
2. Alberta Rockies 10.12.72 lost to Las Vegas Sinners 11.14.80
3. Las Vegas Sinners 10.14.74 lost to New Jersey Devils 15.17.107
4. Las Vegas Sinners 11.14.80 defeated Alberta Rockies 10.12.72
4. Panama Tigers 10.20.80 lost to Miami Stars 18.7.115

Largest Victories
1. 52 points: Santiago Otters 20.16.136 defeated Peruvian Panthers 11.18.84
2. 43 points: Houston Bombers 18.5.113 defeated Panama Tigers 10.10.70
3. 40 points: Quito Quetzals 16.12.108 lost to Boston Terriers 24.4.148
4. 38 points: Carolina Panthers 22.8.140 defeated Ottawa Otters 15.12.102
5. 36 points: Colorado Avalanche 19.10.124 defeated New Brooklyn Hawks 12.16.88

Most Players Named in the Best (Score of 98 or more) (Note: 2015 onwards only)
1. 13: Boston Terriers (Round 2, 2015) - Goldstein, Barlow, Pavlich, Pendlebury, Murphy, Cotchin, Dahlhaus, Wallis, Neale, Priddis, Rich, LeCras, Laird
2. 12: Colorado Avalanche (Round 14, 2015), San Francisco Grizzlies (Semi-Final, 2015), San Francisco Grizzlies (Round 8, 2016)
3. 11: Peruvian Panthers (Round 1, 2015), San Francisco Grizzlies (Round 15, 2015), Boston Terriers (Round 9, 2016)
4. 10: Peruvian Panthers (Round 2, 2015), Peruvian Panthers (Round 6, 2015), Quito Quetzals (Round 8, 2015), Quito Quetzals (Round 10, 2015), San Francisco Grizzlies (Round 12, 2015), Colorado Avalanche (Round 13, 2015), Carolina Panthers (Round 2, 2017)

Drawn Games
Wisconsin Cockerels 17.12.114 drew with Houston Bombers 17.12.114

One-Point Wins
Chicago Sharks 17.9.111 defeated Las Vegas Sinners 17.8.110 (R1, 2015)
San Francisco Grizzlies 18.10 118 defeated New Jersey Devils 18.9 117 (R1, 2015)
Anaheim Mighty Ducks 18.4.112 lost to Houston Bombers 17.11.113 (R2, 2015)
Brooklyn Hawks 13.14.92 defeated New Jersey Devils 13.13.91 (R3, 2015)
Chicago Sharks 16.15.111 defeated Houston Bombers 16.14.110 (R5, 2015)
Houston Bombers 17.12.114 defeated Brooklyn Hawks 17.11.113 (R6, 2015)
San Francisco Grizzlies 20.5.125 defeated Boston Terriers 19.10.124 (R8, 2015)
Peruvian Panthers 16.14.110 lost to Chicago Sharks 16.15.111 (R13, 2015)
New Jersey Devils 14.10.94 lost to New Brooklyn Hawks 14.11.95 (R14, 2015)
Colorado Avalanche 16.14.110 defeated Chicago Sharks 16.13.109 (R15, 2015)
Colorado Avalanche 21.6.132 lost to Quito Quetzals 21.7.133 (Finals 1, 2015)
New Brooklyn Hawks 17.9.111 defeated Houston Bombers 17.8.110 (R3, 2016)
Colorado Avalanche 17.7.109 lost to Carolina Panthers 17.8.110 (R3, 2016)
Colorado Avalanche 17.11.113 lost to Houston Bombers 17.12.114 (R7, 2016)
Santiago Cockerels 15.15.105 lost to New Brooklyn Hawks 15.16.106 (R7, 2016)
San Francisco Grizzlies 18.9.117 defeated Boston Terriers 18.8.116 (R7, 2016)
Ottawa Otters 18.11.119 lost to New Brooklyn Hawks 18.12.120 (R9, 2016)
Houston Bombers 17.12.114 lost to Santiago Cockerels 17.13.115 (R11, 2016)
Anaheim Mighty Ducks 19.9.123 lost to Carolina Panthers 20.4.124 (R12, 2016)
Houston Bombers 19.10.124 lost to San Francisco Grizzlies 19.11.125 (R13, 2016)
Anaheim Mighty Ducks 17.14.116 defeated Colorado Avalanche 17.15.117 (R16, 2016)
Colorado Avalanche 16.14.110 defeated Quito Quetzals 16.13.109 (R3, 2017)
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So I've been waiting all season to do this because I figured this might happen...

F: Bayley Fritsch

E: Bayley Fritsch (F)

F: Bayley Fritsch

F: Bayley Fristch

F: Bayley Fritsch

E: Bayley Fritsch (F)

E: Bayley Fritsch (F)

E: Bayley Fritsch (F)

E: Bayley Fritsch (F)

F: Bayley Fritsch

F: Bayley Fritsch

F: Bayley Fritsch

F: Bayley Fritsch

F: Bayley Fritsch

F: Bayley Fritsch


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