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Title: Money Shot 2022
Post by: Money Shot on January 26, 2022, 08:17:38 pm
First Attempt for 2022

Team Name: The Steam Team

DEF: Lloyd, Stewart, Ridley, Whitfield, Skinner, Gould (Bergman, Dean)
MID: Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Walsh, Neale, Horne-Franics, Daicos, Mead (Owies, Clark, Hamilton)
RUCK: Grundy, Preuss (Akuei)
FWD: Dunkley, Duncan, Gresham, Rayner, Coniglio, Hollands (Motlop, Nankervis)
CASH: $5,600

Obviously, this team is dependent on Preuss being named round one. He is way to much value to pass up at this stage so I am happy with him to tentatively be my R2.

Gresham, Rayner and Coniglio are all capable of going 90+ in my opinion which could very well make them keepers from F4-F6 and at worst will all make some quick cash. Plenty of others in this price range to watch as well with Brodie, Curnow and even McGovern in his new role all great value.

For premiums I have kept it simple and selected the guys I think will be top 4/5/1/2 in their respective positions.

Ridley will dominate this year with Kelly coming in and allowing him to play that intercept role and was one of my first picked.
Stewart is my favourite non-carlton player so I may be biased thinking he will be a top 4 defender.

Horne-Francis and Daicos both look like they will be worth the price tag at this early stage.

Now we just pray that Preuss and enough cheap rookies get up to make this team viable.

As always, I welcome any thoughts/feedback.