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Title: Dust-fyfe
Post by: GCSkiwi on July 30, 2021, 12:23:06 pm
Well. What a season its been.

I now find myself in the awkward position of essentially having to field a non-premo to end the season.
I have Dusty and Fyfe, plus Madden still hanging in at F6. And, only 3 trades left, with 67k in the bank.

Slight silver lining is that I have Bramble and Sharp on my mids bench. both of whom are scoring decent numbers.

Downgrade Fyfe to Durham, Dusty to Zorko, next week Madden to ? ($560k budget)

Would make my final team this:
Laid, Mills, Stewart, Ridley, Lloyd, Whitfield
Steele, Walsh, Macrae, Bont, Oliver,Lyons, Guthrie, Sharp/Bramble
Grundy, Gawn
Dunk, Danger, Ziebell, Zorko, Dale, ? (Tomahawk maybe)

Anyone got a better idea?