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Title: 2021 Round Four Thread
Post by: Jukes on April 05, 2021, 11:48:29 pm
Colorado Avalanche vs San Francisco Grizzlies
Boston Terriers vs Carolina Panthers
Chicago Sharks vs Wisconsin Cockerels
New Brooklyn Hawks vs Las Vegas Sinners
Anaheim Mighty Ducks vs Quito Quetzals
Ottawa Otters vs Houston Bombers

tba (cbf)

Daily rolling lockouts - all of a day's matches are locked out at the commencement of the first match of the day. Please make team updates post the first rolling lockout in a new post rather than editing, and remember - if you try to "loophole" to get a second chance at a captain/emg you'll get sacked and crucified (I know where you all live).

Team Submission
D: A. Player, B. Player, C. Player, D. Player
M: E. Player (c) or (cc), F. Player (vc) or (cc), G. Player, H. Player, I. Player, J. Player
R: K. Player
F: L. Player (evc), M. Player, N. Player, O. Player
U: P. Player, Q. Player, R. Player
Emg: S. Player, T. Player, U. Player, V. Player (sub)
Title: Re: 2021 Round Four Thread
Post by: Jukes on April 12, 2021, 11:54:28 am
Colorado Avalanche 15.14.104 lost to San Francisco Grizzlies 15.15.105
(Real: 1565 vs 1574)

Add up the scores yourself guys, I'm not cheating here. A 9-SC-point thriller, with an obvious difference maker being Pick 1 Campbell (51) as opposed to Pick 3 Powell (101), or to pick on a random player...ex-Grizzly Brayden Maynard only managing 49!

Colorado: Cerra, Hickey, Schoenberg
San Francisco: Viney, Stewart, Lambert, Powell

Boston Terriers 18.12.120 defeated Carolina Panthers 16.11.107
(Real: 1796 vs 1612)

Carolina had three tons out of four in the backline, plus a 92...but a forward line with a top score of 56 will always make it hard to compete, as well as Grundy not exactly doing Grundy things. Boston were very good, and would've been better if they didn't need Zurhaar's 5.

Boston: Smith, Wingard, McInerney, Keays, Walker, Laird, Selwood, Langdon, Goldstein
Carolina: Short, Bontempelli, Naughton, Docherty, Aliir

Chicago Sharks 16.11.107 lost to Wisconsin Cockerels 19.7.121
(Real: 1611 vs 1810)

Now this was a weird game, as both teams had essentially two donuts in their XVIII (Hurn 6 and Jordan OOP 24 vs Daniel 19 and May 7, and hell could even lump showerty Fantasia and Robertson in there too) but also busted out some huge CC scoring, with Wisconsin unfortunately having the better firepower needed to get the W.

Chicago: Parker, Oliver, Andrews, Bowes, Guthrie
Wisconsin: Macrae, Gawn, Miller, Darcy, Bililngs, Impey, Ziebell

New Brooklyn Hawks 20.7.127 defeated Las Vegas Sinners 20.6.126
(Real: 1897 vs 1895)

Surely one of the best matches in ASC history? Steele puts the team on his back with a spirited 150 as captain (with help from 120+ scores from AA-lock Membrey and the best GC young player), as Vegas goes down for "only" having a 113 and 107 as CC, as the switch to Petracca or Fyfe would've been matchwinning - how foolish to pick CCs as players only averaging 110+!

Brooklyn: Steele, Membrey, Anderson, Bolton, Lever
Las Vegas: Petracca, English, Fyfe, Lyons, Naitanui, Mitchell

Anaheim Mighty Ducks 15.16.106 lost to Quito Quetzals 18.14.122
(Real: 1590 vs 1830)

Borderline whack that Quito managed to put up a 122 with a 44 at D2, two 50s in the midfield, a 24 and a 46 up forward, and no sub or HGA, but they managed it because just about every other player tonned up to get them a comfortable victory over an Anaheim team also with their stars and their duds, with their inexperienced utilities barely combining for 100 between them, but they can boast the best SC player in the competition (so far this season) in GOAT Ridley.

Anaheim: Hardwick, Ridley, Mundy, Merrett, Kennedy
Quito: Greenwood, O'Brien, Curnow, Greene, Swallow, Dunkley, Houston, Hopper, McCluggage

Ottawa Otters 16.11.107 lost to Houston Bombers 17.8.110
(Real: 1607 vs 1652)

Another close(ish) game to end the round, as Houston get the W on the strength of, in part, actually having a sub. Not much else to say about this one tbh.

Ottawa: Treloar, Jiath, McGovern
Houston: Doedee, Saad, Clark, Wines, Pittonet
Title: Re: 2021 Round Four Thread
Post by: Urbaninfinnity on April 12, 2021, 12:51:29 pm
Wisconsin Cockerels

D: Harry Morrison, Dane Rampe, Alex Witherden, Jordan Clark
M: Jackson Macrae (CC), Touk Miller, Jack Billings, Mitch Duncan, Darcy Parish, Shane Edwards
R: Max Gawn (CC)
F: Dayne Zorko (EVC), Michael Walters, Jordan De Goey, Jack Ziebell
U: Jarman Impey (F), Sean Darcy (R), Dylan Moore (F)

E: Jarrod Brander (M/F), Marc Murphy (M), Charlie Cameron (F), Bayley Fritsch (F - SUB)

IN: Bayley Fritsch (SUB), Jordan Clark, Alex Witherden
OUT: Steven May (Inj), Caleb Daniel (Susp), Deven Robertson (Omit)