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Title: EXV Drafts
Post by: Holz on October 23, 2020, 04:16:51 pm
National DraftRookie Draft
Round 1Round 1
1Macdeonian Wolves1Macdeonian Wolves
2English Lions2English Lions
3Croatian Crushers3Croatian Crushers
4Iceland Polar Bears4Iceland Polar Bears
5Hungarian Hulks5Hungarian Hulks
6Svalvard Valkyries6Svalvard Valkyries
7Belarus Bison7Belarus Bison
8Russian Roulettes8Russian Roulettes
9Swiss Storm9Swiss Storm
10Hungarian Hulks10Belgian Bashers
11Spanish Stallions11Spanish Stallions
12Greek Titans12Greek Titans
13Macdeonian Wolves
14English Lions
Round 2Round 2
15Macdeonian Wolves13Macdeonian Wolves
16English Lions14English Lions
17Croatian Crushers15Croatian Crushers
18Iceland Polar Bears16Iceland Polar Bears
19Hungarian Hulks17Hungarian Hulks
20Svalvard Valkyries18Svalvard Valkyries
21Belarus Bison19Belarus Bison
22Russian Roulettes20Russian Roulettes
23Swiss Storm21Swiss Storm
24Hungarian Hulks22Belgian Bashers
25Spanish Stallions23Spanish Stallions
26Greek Titans24Greek Titans
Round 3Round 3
27Macdeonian Wolves25Macdeonian Wolves
28English Lions26English Lions
29Croatian Crushers27Croatian Crushers
30Iceland Polar Bears28Iceland Polar Bears
31Hungarian Hulks29Macdeonian Wolves
32Svalvard Valkyries30Svalvard Valkyries
33Belarus Bison31Belarus Bison
34Russian Roulettes32Russian Roulettes
35Swiss Storm33Swiss Storm
36Belgian Bashers34Belgian Bashers
37Spanish Stallions35Spanish Stallions
38Greek Titans36Greek Titans
Round 4Round 4
39Macdeonian Wolves37Hungarian Hulks
40English Lions38English Lions
41Croatian Crushers39Croatian Crushers
42Iceland Polar Bears40Iceland Polar Bears
43Hungarian Hulks41Hungarian Hulks
44Svalvard Valkyries42Svalvard Valkyries
45Belarus Bison43Belarus Bison
46Russian Roulettes44Russian Roulettes
47Swiss Storm45Swiss Storm
48Belgian Bashers46Belgian Bashers
49Spanish Stallions47Spanish Stallions
50Greek Titans48Greek Titans
Title: Re: EXV Drafts
Post by: Scrads on February 07, 2021, 04:38:12 pm
Rookie Draft happening soon?
Title: Re: EXV Drafts
Post by: Holz on February 08, 2021, 03:35:59 pm
Rookie Draft happening soon?

yep about to put up the notice for delisting

Rookie to start 18th of Feb which is exactly 1 month before the season starts.