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Title: My first round side.
Post by: anchorman on January 17, 2019, 06:57:47 pm
A long way out from bounce down, but I had a look at what I thought would be a pretty easy task of selecting the first side of the season.Wrong. It is a night mare really.
I came up with my side, but I know it wont be what we see for the first game.A couple I left out because I don't think they will be ready,Stephen Hill and Jesse Hogan.
Of those selected from the draft and trade periods, I can see only Lobb being a walk up start, though I have given Bewley the nod in the opener.
My side from the back line.
Wilson, Hamlin, Langdon
Duman, Pearce, Ryan.
Brayshaw, Blakely, B Hill
Switkowski, Taberner, Cerra
Ballantyne Lobb Walters
Sandilands, Fyfe , Bewley.
Logus, Mundy, Banfield McCarthy.
Duman and Switkowski will play after their last games last year.Cox will have to come in through Peel if he is to be a back man.Bennell may get a chance later, but not first round.
Darcy becomes a problem. If Sandilands goes down, he is the automatic replacement. But I am not sure that Darcy, Lobb and Taberner, along with Sandilands can play in the same side.
There will be plenty of challengers for spots in the side, not just at Fremantle, but also at Peel.I believe that for the first time basically ever, we will  have a great number of players fighting for spots.This would have to be the strongest squad we have ever had.
Feel free to pick my side to pieces.
Title: Re: My first round side.
Post by: GoLions on January 17, 2019, 07:35:59 pm
I find it hard to believe that Conca would sign with Freo after getting limited opportunity with the Tigs, to not be a walk-up start for R1 (barring injury).

Duman and Logue gonna be guns.

Langdon in the back pocket?
Title: Re: My first round side.
Post by: anchorman on January 18, 2019, 12:21:20 pm
If Conca was going to fit into the side, it would be at the expense of either Switkowski or Banfield.Banfield earned the right for selection in the first round with his performances last season.Switkowski, played very well in his two game.He was exceptional against Collingwood.So maybe it would be Switkowski who is left out.
Langdon must play, not sure where. Maybe swap him with Ryan. He can play the sweeper role from there.
Only my team. Have a crack and let me know your side.