WXV Round 4: London eye Islanders

Started by Purple 77, April 01, 2024, 08:06:55 PM

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Purple 77

Thursday night PARTIAL LOCKOUT at 7.40pm AEDST


Friday night FULL LOCKOUT at 8.10pm AEDST

Round 4, AFL Round 4
Home Team                             Away Team                             Venue                                                                                 Head-to-Head
Cairo SandsRome GladiatorsBorg El Arab Stadium0  v  2
Mexico City SunsTokyo SamuraiFireball Stadium9  v  3
Buenos Aires ArmadillosDublin DestroyersEstadio de River6  v  7
Cape Town CobrasNew Delhi TigersNewlands Cricket Ground7  v  5
Pacific IslandersLondon RoyalsTuanaimato International Stadium9  v  3
Christchurch SaintsSeoul MagpiesAMI Stadium1  v  8
Beijing PandasToronto WolvesBeijing Olympic Park6  v  6
New York RevolutionPNL ReindeersMetLife Stadium4  v  8
Berlin BrewersRio de Janeiro JaguarsBerlin Olympic Stadium4  v  6

- green = new
- 4 emergencies are permitted.
- You don't have to name 4 emergencies, however, I won't be finding a replacement emergency for you. If you do name a full squad however, and make a mistake in your submission, I will continue to correct these using your list preferences as a guide.
- NO LOOPHOLING ALLOWED - please see this post. No more naming of tactical donuts. If your D4 is out of action after a partial lockout, and your next most preferred player at E1 has already played, tough luck. You name a new D4.
- Flood/Attacks now incur bonus/penalties as outlined here https://www.fanfooty.com.au/forum/index.php?topic=114712.msg2030368#msg2030368
- You are permitted to indicate whether you'll flood/attack and REST both before and AFTER the partial lockout.
    - You can no longer go 'Small'
- Players are eligible to be subbed out of a match if they take NO part of the 2nd half of an AFL match, or if they themselves are an AFL substitute (green vest) after HT only
    - i.e. if your player starts the game with a green vest and are subbed on or before HT, they will not be eligible to be WXV-subbed
- Players are ONLY subbed out of a match if they have an eligible replacement (listed either on the utilities or emergencies)
- If you were forced to name an OOP player in your XV, and that player then becomes eligible to be subbed, I will replace them with another OOP player.
- The way you TAG players has changed as outlined here https://www.fanfooty.com.au/forum/index.php?topic=114712.msg2030366#msg2030366
- You can name your 'train-on' players in their 'trained' position at 25% penalty rather than 50%. If they are required to cover a starting 13 position from the bench or emergencies, they will only do so if there are no other players from the bench or emergencies available.

Cairo Sands vs Rome Gladiators

Active Streak: Rome (2)

WXV Average (History): 1317
WXV Average (against Rome): 1314
Average Winning Margin (against Rome): N/A

WXV Average (History): 1457
WXV Average (against Cairo): 1639
Average Winning Margin (against Cairo): 326

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin

Mexico City Suns vs Tokyo Samurai

Active Streak: Tokyo (1)

Mexico City
WXV Average (History): 1424
WXV Average (against Tokyo): 1413
Average Winning Margin (against Tokyo): 144

WXV Average (History): 1323
WXV Average (against Mexico City): 1351
Average Winning Margin (against Mexico City): 184

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin
12012Mexico City1357Tokyo127087
22013Mexico City1389Tokyo134445
32014Mexico City1535Tokyo1196339
42015Tokyo1478Mexico City1323155
52016Mexico City1784Tokyo1409375
62017Mexico City1577Tokyo1364213
72018Mexico City1291Tokyo127120
82019Mexico City1364Tokyo128777
92020Mexico City1514Tokyo1376138
102021Tokyo1475Mexico City1350125
112022Mexico City1317Tokyo13143
122023Tokyo1429Mexico City1157272

Buenos Aires Armadillos vs Dublin Destroyers

Active Streak: Buenos Aires (2)

Buenos Aires
WXV Average (History): 1339
WXV Average (against Dublin): 1351
Average Winning Margin (against Dublin): 231

WXV Average (History): 1397
WXV Average (against Buenos Aires): 1387
Average Winning Margin (against Buenos Aires): 264

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin
12012Buenos Aires1454Dublin1135319
22013Buenos Aires1689Dublin1328361
32014Dublin1487Buenos Aires1368119
42014Dublin1690Buenos Aires1438252
52015Dublin1635Buenos Aires1108527
62016Dublin1659Buenos Aires1244415
72017Dublin1337Buenos Aires1094243
82018Buenos Aires1243Dublin118459
92019Buenos Aires1315Dublin13087
102020Dublin1585Buenos Aires1378207
112021Dublin1555Buenos Aires146788
122022Buenos Aires1363Dublin1068295
132023Buenos Aires1403Dublin1059344

Cape Town Cobras vs New Delhi Tigers

Active Streak: New Delhi (2)

Cape Town
WXV Average (History): 1353
WXV Average (against New Delhi): 1374
Average Winning Margin (against New Delhi): 191

New Delhi
WXV Average (History): 1318
WXV Average (against Cape Town): 1337
Average Winning Margin (against Cape Town): 179

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin
12012Cape Town1582New Delhi1142440
22013Cape Town1356New Delhi1180176
32014New Delhi1279Cape Town126415
42015Cape Town1522New Delhi1417105
52016Cape Town1298New Delhi125147
62017New Delhi1548Cape Town1184364
72018New Delhi1559Cape Town1283276
82019Cape Town1309New Delhi121594
92020Cape Town1671New Delhi1251420
102021Cape Town1410New Delhi135852
112022New Delhi1379Cape Town133247
122023New Delhi1464Cape Town1272192

Purple 77

Pacific Islanders vs London Royals

Active Streak: London (1)

WXV Average (History): 1370
WXV Average (against London): 1362
Average Winning Margin (against London): 207

WXV Average (History): 1296
WXV Average (against Pacific): 1243
Average Winning Margin (against Pacific): 143

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin

Christchurch Saints vs Seoul Magpies

Active Streak: Seoul (8)

WXV Average (History): 1287
WXV Average (against Seoul): 1279
Average Winning Margin (against Seoul): 127

WXV Average (History): 1403
WXV Average (against Christchurch): 1401
Average Winning Margin (against Christchurch): 154

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin

Beijing Pandas vs Toronto Wolves

Active Streak: Toronto (1)

WXV Average (History): 1364
WXV Average (against Toronto): 1324
Average Winning Margin (against Toronto): 148

WXV Average (History): 1390
WXV Average (against Beijing): 1338
Average Winning Margin (against Beijing): 174

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin

New York Revolution vs PNL Reindeers

Active Streak: PNL (4)

New York
WXV Average (History): 1319
WXV Average (against PNL): 1332
Average Winning Margin (against PNL): 70

WXV Average (History): 1366
WXV Average (against New York): 1439
Average Winning Margin (against New York): 196

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin
12012PNL1283New York122261
22013New York1437PNL140433
32014PNL1594New York1348246
42015PNL1628New York1370258
52016New York1401PNL136140
62017PNL1537New York1337200
72018New York1245PNL121233
82019New York1443PNL1269174
92020PNL1506New York1396110
102021PNL1603New York1283320
112022PNL1546New York1335211
122023PNL1329New York1164165

Berlin Brewers vs Rio de Janeiro Jaguars

Active Streak: Rio de Janeiro (4)

WXV Average (History): 1358
WXV Average (against Rio de Janeiro): 1338
Average Winning Margin (against Rio de Janeiro): 168

Rio de Janeiro
WXV Average (History): 1366
WXV Average (against Berlin): 1357
Average Winning Margin (against Berlin): 143

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin
12015Berlin1483Rio de Janeiro1374109
22016Rio de Janeiro1446Berlin140244
32017Berlin1520Rio de Janeiro1258262
42018Berlin1419Rio de Janeiro1124295
52019Rio de Janeiro1595Berlin1367228
62019Berlin1228Rio de Janeiro12235
72020Rio de Janeiro1471Berlin138586
82021Rio de Janeiro1351Berlin130150
92022Rio de Janeiro1340Berlin127367
102023Rio de Janeiro1385Berlin1005380

Purple 77

I reckon the winless London will fancy themselves over the loss-less Pacific, with their scoring hitting about the same mark.


Christchurch Saints

D: Callum Wilkie (vc), Mason Redman, Dylan Williams, Jase Burgoyne

M: James Rowbottom (c), George Hewett, Matthew Johnson, Ryley Sanders

R: Hayden McLean

F: Brent Daniels, Jesse Hogan, Jamie Elliott, Tom McDonald

U: Callum Ah Chee, Jade Gresham

E: Liam Stocker, Martin Frederick, Corey Durdin, Tylar Young

Resting: Ryan Byrnes


Toronto Wolves

Jordan Clark, Ryan Burton, Jack Buckley, Alex Witherden
Tim Kelly, Jai Newcombe, Tom Atkins, Lachlan Sholl
Rowan Marshall (VC)
Isaac Heeney (C), Zac Fisher, Josh Rachele, Connor MacDonald
Jackson Macrae, Marcus Windhager

Jackson Mead, James Borlase, Brandon Starcevich, Tom Emmett


Def: Jayden Short, Lachlan Ash, Jeremey Mcgovern, Zac Williams
Mid: Tom Green (CC), Caleb Serong (CC), Adam Cerra, Darcy Parish
Ruck: ROB
Fwd: Dustin Martin, Toby Greene, Mitchito Owens, Cameron Rayner
Int: JDG, Mathew Roberts

Emg: Jack Scrimshaw, Braedan Campbell, Logan Mcdonald, Will Hayward


D: Dan Houston (cc), Nick Blakey, Jason Johannisen, Miles Bergman
M: Connor Rozee, Errol Gulden (cc), Adam Treloar, Josh Kelly
R: Sam Draper
F: Dylan Moore (RB), Caleb Daniel, Joe Daniher, James Harmes
U: James Worpel, Jack Carroll

Emg: Cameron Zurhaar, Tom Hawkins, Todd Goldstein, Tom Brown

Resting: Nick Daicos
Jack Carroll tagging Jack Steele


Rio De Janeiro #Flaguars

Def: Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (CC), Brayden Maynard, Tom Barrass, Ryan Lester.
Mid: Tim Taranto (CC), Jack Viney, Karl Amon, Matt Kennedy.
Ruck: Tom De Koning.
Fwd: Todd Marshall, Jeremy Finlayson, Kyle Langford, Eric Hipwood (RB).
Util: James Jordon [Mid/Fwd], Oskar Baker [Mid].

Emerg: Nathan Broad [Def], Nick Larkey [Fwd], Jamarra Ugle-Hagan [Fwd], Kallan Dawson [Def].

In: Eric Hipwood.
Out: Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (Omit).

Feeling very light on numbers at the moment, only one or two names aren't featuring in the squad selection at all. Very grateful for Oskar Baker's appearance in the WBD side. Hipwood returns after being rested last week as the only change.

Might not get the cavalry back until SC finals, but need to qualify for them first...
Just your average footy nuffie.
Coach of WXV side Rio De Janeiro Jaguars
2023 SC: Rank 126


Mexico City Suns

DEF: James Sicily, Hayden Young, Nic Newman, Max Michalanney
MID: Christian Petracca (C), Luke Davies Uniacke, Sam Flanders (VC), Bailey Scott
RUCK: BJ Williams
FWD: Shai Bolton, Jeremy Cameron, Aaron Naughton, Harry McKay,
UTIL: Ben Ainsworth, James Aish

EMG: Steele Sidebottom, Jake Stringer, Tom Cole, Harry Barnett



D: Daniel Andrews, Hairy Cheezels (C), Mitch Duncan, Trent Rivers
M: Chadley Warner (VC), Scott Pendlebury, Beijing Acres, Tanner Bruhn
R: Toby Nankervis
F: Tom Papsmear, Lachie Schultz, Gryan Miers, Ollie Dempsey
U: Ivan Soldo, Luke McDonald

E: Isaac Quaynor, Judd McVee, Mabior Chol, Jaeger O'Meara


Beijing Pandas

D: Sam Taylor, Wil Powell, Kane Farrell, Josh Battle
M: Conor Nash (VC), Jy Simpkin, Brayden Fiorini, Brandon Ellis
R: Brodie Grundy (C)
F: Callum M. Brown, Milo, Mason Cox, Kade Chandler
U: Jack Henry, Dyson Heppell

E: Tyson Stengle, Alex Pearce, David Swallow, Josh Draper

IN: Dyson Heppell
OUT: David Swallow


New Delhi Tigers


D: Jack Sinclair, Jake Lloyd, Lachlan Bramble, Mitchell Hinge, Jordan Boyd
M: Jordan Dawson, Zak Butters, Noah Anderson, Ed Langdon
R: Oscar McInerney
F: Dayne Zorko, Alex Sexton, Ben Brown
U: Jason Horne-Francis, Ben Hobbs

E:  Dylan Stephens (M), Sam Switkowski (F), Robbie Fox (D), Darcy Fort

Resting: Ginbey


Quote from: fanTCfool on April 01, 2024, 08:37:12 PMToronto Wolves

Jordan Clark, Ryan Burton, Jack Buckley, Alex Witherden
Tim Kelly, Jai Newcombe, Tom Atkins, Lachlan Sholl
Rowan Marshall (VC)
Isaac Heeney (C), Zac Fisher, Josh Rachele, Connor MacDonald
Jackson Macrae, Jackson Mead

James Borlase, Brandon Starcevich, Miller Bergman, Tom Emmett


London Royals
Def: Adam Saad,  Darcy Wilmot, John Noble, Jamaine Jones
Mid: Touk Miller (CC) Willem Drew, Justin McInerney, Riley Bonner
Ruck: Tim English (CC)
Fwd: Marlion Pickett, Jamie Cripps, Jack Higgins, Sam Darcy
Util:  Maurice Rioli , Jhye Clark

Emer: Will Hoskin-Elliott, Kamdyn McIntosh. Bayley Fritsch, Darcy Gardiner



D: Luke Ryan, Darcy Moore, Charlie Ballard, Blake Howes
M: Zach Merrett (C), Matt Crouch (VC), Chayce Jones, Nat Fyfe
R: Darcy Cameron
F: Ben Keays, Jack Billings, Ben King, Caleb Windsor
U: Ned Reeves, Sam De Koning,

E: Paul Curtis, Rory Atkins, Will Brodie, Joel Amartey,