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« on: November 18, 2011, 11:50:26 pm »

Belgian Bashers 2017 Best 15

Jake Lloyd, Elliott Yeo, Jarrad McVeigh, Hamish Hartlett

Patrick Dangerfield, Bryce Gibbs, Matt Crouch, Jarryd Lyons

Jarrod Witts, Jack Redden

Sam Jacobs

Lance Franklin, Luke Dahlhaus, Josh J Kennedy, Michael Walters

Reserves 2017

Def - J.Ramsay, E.Hughes, B.Williams, T.Sheridan, N.Broad, T.Barrass

Mid - C.Masten, C.Bird, G.Horlin-Smith, J.Toumpas, N.O'Kearny

Ruck - R.Lobb, R.O'Brien, D.Currie

Fwd - E.Langdon, O.Florent, J.Thomas, T.Broomhead, M.LeCras, L.Thomas, P.McCartin, C.Brown
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- Coaching Panel Strengthened as Basher's Begin Pre-Season (26th of November 2011)
It has today been announced that Roo Boys, McRooster and Marcz have joined the Belgian Bashers coaching panel as senior assistants ahead of the highly anticipated 2012 season. Stand-in Captain Michael Barlow had this to say when questioned on the inclusions to what is now seen as arguably the strongest coaching panel in the competition.

"Yeah, it's absolutely fantastic to have such an amazing coaching panel behind us every step of the way. To have guys of the capabilities of Roo Boys, the wisdom of McRooster and the general good blokedness of Marcz really creates a great mood amongst the players. Now that we have such a coaching panel it is up to us, the players, to really perform and do them justice."

- Umicore Signs as Major Sponsor Until 2016 (30th of November 2011)

It was announced yesterday that the Belgian Bashers had agreed to a deal with Belgian technological giants Umicore. The deal rumoured to be worth in the region of ten million per year is seen as a major stepping stone in the path to becoming a European superpower according to Bashers Chairman Mr Elephants.

"All major sporting teams have fantastic sponsors that continually fund their facilities. In Umicore I am under no illusion that we have secured a financial partner that will be with us every step of the way."

This view was shared by Umiden CEO Marc Grynberg.

"We are very happy to have been able to partner with Mr Elephants in what we anticipate will be a mutually beneficial journey to success."

When questioned about his at times 'less than private' private life Mr Elephants simply replied with "No comment" before briskly leaving the press conference.

- Trade Period Begins as Connors, Morton Make Moves (3rd of January 2012)

The news broke early this morning that a deal has been agreed on between the Vatican Valkyries and the Belgian Bashers. Daniel Connors had packed his bag and is heading out of the Belgian capital in exchange for impressive young midfielder Cale Morton.

The departure of the much maligned Connors will draw a mixed reactiong from Bashers supporters. On the one hand there were those who saw great potential in the young backmen whilst there were others who saw Connors as a burden on the development coaches and conditioning staff alike. Connors had run-ins with the law during his time at the Bashers so the risk vs reward was calculated and Connors found himself surplus to requirements.

"Obviously we hate to see good young players leave our great club, certainly those with the ability of Daniel." stated Bashers CEO Mr Elephants. "When we saw that Cale Morton was up for grabs though, we immediately made a move. We see fantastic potenital in Cale predominantly as a 4th midfielder/uitlity player but we expect with more experience he can push for higher positions. Of course we wish Daniel all the best for the future."

Although it was not directly expressed many media sources claim it was blatantly obvious that Mr Elephants feels as though he has secured a very very good player.

Morton's off-field antics have seen him traded for star Fremantle utility Clancee Pearce.

- Lewis Signs on as Roughead is Left in the Rough (7th of January 2012)

Another early morning transfer involving the Euro 15s hot favourites the Belgian Bashers took place this morning. Initially, the transfer caused unrest and anger amongst supporters as fan favourite Jarryd Roughead was traded to the Belarus Bison in exchange for hard young midfielder/forward Jordan Lewis. Lewis, surprising to many due to his often grizzly looking facial hair is a mere 24 years of age and this saw an enormous amount of value heaped onto the already established recruit. Roughead departed the Bashers following a horrific achilles tendon injury sustained last year. His witty sense of humour and at times heroic on-field antics have seen him quickly become the pin-up boy of the Bashers.

Basher's CEO Mr. Elephants had this to say on the transfer.
"While we a upset to see such a versatile young player go in "Roughy" but we are overjoyed that we have secured the services of Jordan. After such a serious injury we understand the rehabilitation is a long one and we believe it is in the best interest of both players involved that a move was made. It is indeed true that there were a number of clubs after Jordan and this makes the transfer even more special as we were chosen above other teams in our league. I will be keeping in touch with my good friend Jarryd outside of football"
Roughead was briefly interviewed at the airport in Brussels.

"Yeah mate, I was quite shocked. I had a lot of good mates around the Bashers and the feeling around the club was exceptional. I think the coaching staff and the playing group had an unbreakable bond. I one day hope to have the opportunity to play under Mr. Elephants as he was not only one of the best coaches in the world but also a fantastic bloke, someone that was very easy to approach and talk to."

Lewis was also caught for an interview having arrived in Brussels.
"It is both an honour and a priviledge to play under such a fantastic coaching panel with such a great bunch of guys. I think we have a real finals chance this year with the squad that we have developed."

Jordan Lewis has recently been upgraded to Collingwood superstar Dale Thomas.

- Early Form and a Mounting Injury List a Concern for Bashers (26th April 2013)

The Belgian Bashers have gone into this season as one of the more fancied team to clinch the premiership. Sitting winless in the bottom half of the table two games into the season however, is not how many in and around the club would have envisioned their start. In their defence, several key players have been missing and both losses were of very narrow margins. Bashers chairman Mr Elephants had this to say when questioned.

"Yeah this kind of start isn't what we planned for. It is impossible to plan for injuries to key players but I feel that boys like Nico (Dan Nicholson), Terl (Dean Terlich), Lobba (Matthew Lobbe), Birdy (Craig Bird) and Knighta (Chris Knghts) have stood up in the absence of many of our seasoned champions who have come into the season with various niggles. We have welcomed back Stanners (Danny Stanley) and Birdy this week though and Daisy (Dale Thomas) is starting to hit his straps now. We are also led to believe that Pav (Matthew Pavlich) and Hmac (Hamish McIntosh) aren't too far away."
He went on to say;
"Its a credit to our assistant coaches (Rick O'Shay and Theo FARK) because they handle a lot of the drafting and trading. To bring in such quality youth to add to our depth is outstanding and it puts us in great stead for the future."

In short, it seems as of the Bashers are quietly confident that given they make the finals, they are comfortable in the belief that they can perform at the business end of the season.
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Senior Coach
      -Mr E. Elephants

Senior Assistant Coaches

      -The F.A.R.K

Leadership Group
       -Parick Dangerfield (Captain)
           -Matt Priddis (VC)
           -Bryce Gibbs (DVC)

Home Ground

      -Koning Boudewijn Stadion (Capacity of 50,024)

Head of Bashers Fan Club

      -Bryan Strauchan

The Bashers are proud to announce their new home kit for the 2012 season! The guernsey is designed by senior assistant The FARK. The guernsey is said to represent the heritage of both the indigenous Australians as well as the Belgian people. The clever design of the hammers demonstrate how all opposition will be "bashed" by this squadron of elite athletes. The elephants logo in the top right hand corner is a funny play on words as the CEO's surname is indeed "elephants".
Sponsored by Nike this guernsey will undoubtedly be one of the hottest presents out this festive season!!
Thanks always to FARK for the Home Kit and c4 for the Away kit and logo... UP THE BASHERS!!!



2012 Logo

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« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2011, 11:54:41 pm »

The Bashers Players of our Debut Season!

Main European Draft
Pick 1 - Andrew Swallow
Pick 2 - Matthew Leuenberger
Pick 3 - Michael Barlow
Pick 4 - Brodie Smith
Pick 5 - Bachar Houli
Pick 6 - Mitch Robinson
Pick 7 - Robin Nahas
Pick 8 - Dale Thomas
Pick 9 - Patrick Dangerfield
Pick 10 - Shaun Grigg
Pick 11 - Josh J Kennedy
Pick 12 - Matt Rosa
Pick 13 - Brent Renouf
Pick 14 - Nick Suban
Pick 15 - Rhys Palmer
Pick 16 - Clancee Pearce
Pick 17 - Brad Symes
Pick 18 - Mitch Morton
Pick 19 - Tom Lynch
Pick 20 - Reece Conca
Pick 21 - Leroy Jetta
Pick 22 - Rhyce Shaw
Pick 23 - James Podsiadly
Pick 24 - Luke Tapscott
Pick 25 - Travis Colyer

European National Draft
Pick 1 - Josh Caddy
Pick 2 - Taylor Adams
Pick 3 - Bradley Hill
Pick 4 - Nicholas O'Brien
Pick 5 - Jimmy Webster

European Pre-Season Draft
Pick 1 - Kyal Horsely
Pick 2 - Dan Nicholson
Pick 3 - Mitchell Banner
Pick 4 - Ben Darrou
Pick 5 - Lincoln Mcarthy

The Bashers Games Records

Bachar Houli - 33 games
Andrew Swallow - 31 games
Mitch Robinson - 28 games
Michael Barlow & Patrick Dangerfield & Dale Thomas & Matt Rosa - 18 games
Joel Selwood & Shaun Grigg & Brodie Smith & Reece Conca - 16 games
Clancee Pearce & Marc Murphy - 15 games
Nathan Fyfe & Matt Priddis & Danny Stanley - 14 games
Matt Lobbe - 13 games
Josh Caddy & Craig Bird & Robin Nahas & James Podsiadly - 12 games
Tom T Lynch - 11 games
Dean Terlich & Dan Nicholson & Sam Gibson - 10 games
Grant Birchall & Rhyce Shaw & Cyril Rioli - 9 games
Brent Renouf - 8 games
Kyal Horsley & Brent Reilly - 7 games
Rhys Palmer - 6 games
Matthew Pavlich & Josh Kennedy & Cam Gurthie & Leroy Jetta - 5 games
Nick Suban & Taylor Adams & Andrew Carrazzo - 4 games
Matthew Leuenberger & Chris Knights - 3 games
Luke Tapscott & Matt Jones - 2 games
Tom J Lynch & Jack Hanntath - 1 game

Mitch Morton, Brad Hill, Brad Symes, Travis Colyer, Mitchell Banner, Lincoln Mcarthy, Ben Darrou, Nicholas O'Brien, Josh Prudden, Jed Bews, Tom Jonas, Nathan Stark, Corey Gault, Jack Crisp, Jared Petrenko - Did not debut.
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Inaugural Awards Night

The Best & Fairest player is chosen by the players and coaching staff over the course of the season and is one of the most prized individual awards at the club.

Best And Fairest Count 2012

1st  place - Andrew Swallow (15 votes)
2nd place - Mitch Robinson (14 votes)
3rd place - Shaun Grigg (9 votes)
4th place - Clancee Pearce (8 votes)
5th place - Patrick Dangerfield (7 votes)
6th place - Michael Barlow & Dale Thomas (5 votes)
7th place - Reece Conca & Matt Rosa (3 votes)
8th place - Bachar Houli (2 votes)
9th place - James Podsiadly & Kyal Horsley (1 vote)

Best And Fairest Count 2012

1st  place - Joel Selwood (21 votes)
2nd place - Andrew Swallow & Bachar Houli (10 votes)
3rd place - Matt Priddis & Nat Fyfe (8 votes)
4th place - Marc Murphy (6 votes)
5th place - Grant Birchall & Tom Lynch & Mitch Robinson & Craig Bird (5 votes)
6th place - Matthew Lobbe (4 votes)
7th place - Dean Terlich (3 votes)
8th place - Dan Nicholson & Dale Thomas (2 votes)
9th place - Sam Gibson (1 vote)

Most Consistent Player

This award is given to the player which, week in week out, performs at an elite level irrespective of the opposition and the club's position on the ladder.

2012 winner: Michael Barlow
2013 winner: Bachar Houli

Coaches Award

This award is given to the player who the coaches deem as the best clubman. In other words, a player that consistently puts the club before themselves.

2012 winner: Kyal Horsley
2013 winner: Andrew Swallow

Most Improved

Obviously given to the player who shows the most improvement over the season, the Bashers pride themselves on improving players and developing superstars.

2012 winner: Clancee Pearce
2013 winner: Matthew Lobbe

Best Young Player

Given to the player under 23 years of age that performs at a consistently high level, this award is always extremely exciting in setting up the future of the club.

2012 winner: Brodie Smith
2013 winner: Nathan Fyfe

Best Rookie Elevation

This is given to the player who no-one really saw bursting onto the scene quite yet. The winner often shows maturity and determination beyond their years.

2012 winner: Dan Nicholson
2013 winner: Dan Nicholson

Best First Year Player

The National Draft is always an extremely exciting time and this award goes to the first year player that performs at the highest level for an extended period of time.

2012 winner: Taylor Adams
2013 winner: Dean Terlich

The Bashers are undefeated against their rivals, the Spanish Stallions.

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« Reply #5 on: November 19, 2011, 12:24:49 am »

2014 Off-Season Trade Wrap

Bashers give: N.Gordon + C.Knights
Bashers get: A.Fasolo + B.Grundy

Bashers give: J.Jenkins + R11
Bashers get: C.Hooker

Bashers give: R25 + N55
Bashers get: S.Wellingham + J.Blair

Bashers give: A.Fasolo + B.Grundy + N11 + N23
Bashers get: S.Jacobs + P.Duffield + N36

Bashers give: N41
Bashers get: D.Petrie
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« Reply #6 on: November 19, 2011, 05:47:26 pm »

The Bashers are proud to announce that Vincent Kompany and Brian Straughn have signed on as number 1 ticket holder and development coach respectively.
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« Reply #7 on: November 20, 2011, 12:06:28 am »

The Bashers Best & Fairest Count was run in a small low-key event following the Bashers shattering preliminary finals loss to the Serbian Eagles.



Franklin was acquired in last seasons trade period from the Spanish Stallions and has completed the first season for his 9-year 10-million dollar contract. Despite the hefty price, Franklin was a worthwhile investment as show by his b&f winning form.

Cheers y'all!
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« Reply #8 on: November 20, 2011, 12:15:05 am »

nice :P
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« Reply #9 on: November 20, 2011, 12:24:16 am »

Cheers. Found it tough to change some words but hey :P
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« Reply #10 on: November 20, 2011, 05:57:54 pm »

Welcome to the Bashers Mitch Robinson and Bachar Houli!
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« Reply #11 on: November 21, 2011, 03:02:58 pm »

Congratulations Robin Nahas on your successful transfer from the Richmond Tigers to the Belgian Bashers.
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« Reply #12 on: November 21, 2011, 04:06:35 pm »

Nahas: Stubbornly avoiding playing in a top 8 team since 2009.
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« Reply #13 on: November 21, 2011, 04:18:31 pm »

Haha well that'll change now that he's joined the Bashers ;)
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« Reply #14 on: November 24, 2011, 11:29:52 am »

Welcome to the Bashers Patty Dangerfield, Dan Hannebery and Ben Mcglynn.
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