Port Adelaide Power

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NameType#DOBAgeHeightWeightGmSOORecruited from
Aliir AliirDef-Tall-Key215 Sep, 199427 y 266 d195 cm97 kg95WAEast Fremantle
Karl AmonMid-Med1519 Aug, 199526 y 283 d181 cm71 kg115VICSandringham Dragons
Miles BergmanMid-Med1418 Oct, 200120 y 223 d186 cm75 kg24VICSandringham Dragons
Travis BoakMid-Med101 Aug, 198833 y 301 d183 cm85 kg319VICGeelong Falcons
Riley BonnerDef-Tall-Gen267 Mar, 199725 y 83 d190 cm85 kg74SAWest Adelaide
Jase BurgoyneUtil-Med15 Jul, 200318 y 318 d186 cm65 kgSAWoodville-West Torrens
Ryan BurtonDef-Tall-Gen331 Jan, 199725 y 118 d191 cm90 kg108SANorth Adelaide
Zak ButtersFwd-Smal-Gen188 Sep, 200021 y 263 d181 cm71 kg61VICWestern Jets
Darcy Byrne-JonesDef-Med-Gen3320 Sep, 199526 y 251 d181 cm75 kg142VICOakleigh Chargers
Tom ClureyDef-Tall-Key1723 Mar, 199428 y 67 d193 cm88 kg119VICMurray Bushrangers
Charlie DixonFwd-Tall-Key2223 Sep, 199031 y 248 d200 cm105 kg180QLDRedland
Willem DrewMid-Med281 Oct, 199823 y 240 d188 cm78 kg45VICNorth Ballarat Rebels
Xavier DuursmaUtil-Med77 Jul, 200021 y 326 d186 cm73 kg54VICGippsland Power
Orazio FantasiaFwd-Smal-Gen1314 Sep, 199526 y 257 d178 cm77 kg99SANorwood
Kane FarrellFwd-Med-Gen2417 Mar, 199923 y 73 d182 cm74 kg37VICBendigo Pioneers
Jeremy FinlaysonDef-Tall-Gen119 Feb, 199626 y 109 d196 cm93 kg76NSWSydney Hills Eagles
Martin FrederickDef-Smal-Gen4517 May, 200022 y 12 d178 cm74 kg11SAWoodville-West Torrens
Mitch GeorgiadesFwd-Tall-Key1928 Sep, 200120 y 243 d191 cm78 kg38WASubiaco
Robbie GrayUtil-Med930 Mar, 198834 y 60 d183 cm84 kg263VICOakleigh
Sam HayesUtil-Tall259 Jun, 199922 y 354 d203 cm93 kg6VICEastern Ranges
Dan HoustonUtil-Med512 May, 199725 y 17 d186 cm83 kg113VICOakleigh Chargers
Hugh JacksonMid-Med3 May, 200319 y 26 d182 cm72 kgSANorth Adelaide
Tom JonasDef-Med-Key19 Jan, 199131 y 140 d188 cm89 kg194SANorwood
Lachlan JonesDef-Med-Gen349 Apr, 200220 y 50 d186 cm89 kg14SAPort Adelaide Academy
Ollie LordFwd-Tall-Key302 Jan, 200220 y 147 d195 cm84 kgVICSandringham Dragons
Scott LycettRuck-Tall2926 Sep, 199229 y 245 d203 cm98 kg135SAPort Magpies
Todd MarshallFwd-Tall-Key48 Oct, 199823 y 233 d198 cm87 kg67NSWMurray Bushrangers
Trent McKenzieDef-Med-Gen123 Apr, 199230 y 56 d191 cm83 kg145VICWestern Jets
Jackson MeadMid-Med4430 Sep, 200120 y 241 d184 cm83 kg5SAWoodville-West Torrens
Steven MotlopFwd-Med-Gen612 Mar, 199131 y 78 d183 cm76 kg214NTWanderers
Sam Powell-PepperMid-Med28 Jan, 199824 y 141 d187 cm91 kg105WAEast Perth
Connor RozeeFwd-Med-Gen2022 Jan, 200022 y 127 d185 cm74 kg72SANorth Adelaide
Joshua SinnDef-Med-Gen87 Jan, 200319 y 142 d186 cm78 kg1VICSandringham Dragons
Sam SkinnerDef-Tall-Key3129 Jun, 199724 y 334 d198 cm100 kg5VICGippsland Power
Dante VisentiniUtil-Tall13 Feb, 200319 y 105 d201 cm88 kgVICSandringham Dragons
Dylan WilliamsFwd-Med-Gen231 Jul, 200120 y 332 d185 cm79 kg1VICOakleigh Chargers
Ollie WinesMid-Med167 Oct, 199427 y 234 d187 cm89 kg194VICBendigo Pioneers
Rookie Trent DumontMid-Med4330 Jun, 199526 y 333 d186 cm87 kg119SANorwood
Rookie Sam MayesMid-Med3220 May, 199428 y 9 d187 cm84 kg118SANorth Adelaide
Rookie Jed McEnteeFwd-Smal-Gen4115 Feb, 200121 y 103 d176 cm76 kg4SASturt
Rookie Jake PasiniDef-Tall-Key486 Feb, 200121 y 112 d192 cm81 kgWASwan Districts
Rookie Taj Schofield377 Sep, 200219 y 264 d178 cm72 kgSAWoodville-West Torrens

Average age of the senior list: 21 years and 317 day/s from 42 senior players.
Average age of the entire list including rookies: 24 years and 240 day/s from 42 players.
Alice Springs0-0-01

Last Game - Round 10
May 21, Kardinia: Geelong 11.16.82 defeated Pt Adelaide 7.5.47.
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Next Game - Round 11
4.40pm AEST May 29, Adelaide: at home to Essendon.
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