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Gold Coast Suns

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NameType#DOBAgeHeightWeightGmDraftSOORecruited from
Ben AinsworthFwd-Smal-Gen910 Feb, 199825 y 300 d179 cm77 kg1172016 Nat #4VICGippsland Power
Jed AndersonMid-Smal172 Feb, 199429 y 308 d179 cm81 kg982012 OthNTDarwin
Noah AndersonMid-Tall1517 Feb, 200122 y 293 d192 cm88 kg812019 Nat #2VICOakleigh Chargers
Mac AndrewDef-Tall-Gen314 Dec, 200320 y 3 d201 cm74 kg212021 Nat #5VICDandenong Stingrays
Rory AtkinsMid-Med212 Jul, 199429 y 148 d186 cm85 kg1352012 Nat #81VICCalder Cannons
Charlie BallardDef-Tall-Key1023 Jul, 199924 y 137 d196 cm95 kg1102017 Nat #42SASturt
Thomas BerryFwd-Med-Gen161 May, 200023 y 220 d185 cm81 kg2018 Nat #36VICGWV Rebels
Sandy BrockDef-Tall-Key4514 Dec, 200220 y 358 d198 cm86 kg2021 OthNTPeel Thunder
Connor BudarickDef-Smal-Gen356 Apr, 200122 y 245 d175 cm75 kg282019 Roo #16QLDGold Coast Academy
Chris BurgessFwd-Tall-Key2926 Nov, 199528 y 11 d191 cm94 kg362018 OthSAWest Adelaide
Levi CasboultFwd-Tall-Key3015 Mar, 199033 y 267 d199 cm104 kg1952021 Roo #3VICDandenong Stingrays
Mabior CholFwd-Tall-Key129 Jan, 199726 y 312 d200 cm96 kg632018 Roo #45QLDYeronga
Samuel CollinsDef-Tall-Key2515 Jun, 199429 y 175 d194 cm99 kg1042015 Nat #55VICDandenong Stingrays
Charlie ConstableMid-Tall3318 May, 199924 y 203 d192 cm86 kg162017 Nat #36VICSandringham Dragons
Alex DaviesMid-Tall518 Mar, 200221 y 264 d191 cm86 kg252020 OthQLDGold Coast Academy
Sam DayFwd-Tall-Key126 Sep, 199231 y 92 d197 cm99 kg1502010 Nat #3SASturt
Brandon EllisMid-Med43 Aug, 199330 y 126 d181 cm82 kg2472011 Nat #15VICCalder Cannons
Jy FarrarDef-Tall-Gen507 Dec, 199626 y 365 d191 cm77 kg342019 Nat #60WAScotch College
Oskar FaulkheadFwd-Med-Gen3711 Feb, 200320 y 299 d182 cm76 kg2022 Oth #7VICBendigo Pioneers
Brayden FioriniMid-Med822 Aug, 199726 y 107 d186 cm84 kg922015 Nat #20VICNorthern Knights
Sam FlandersFwd-Med-Gen324 Jul, 200122 y 136 d183 cm82 kg432019 Nat #11VICGippsland Power
Caleb GrahamDef-Tall-Key4612 Sep, 200023 y 86 d195 cm96 kg372018 Nat #71QLDGold Coast Academy
Elijah HollandsMid-Med3625 Apr, 200221 y 226 d189 cm86 kg142020 Nat #7VICMurray Bushrangers
Nick HolmanMid-Med729 May, 199528 y 192 d189 cm86 kg1102017 Roo #19QLDMurray Bushrangers
Bailey HumphreyFwd-Med-Gen1911 Sep, 200419 y 87 d186 cm83 kg192022 Nat #6VICGippsland Power
Joel JeffreyFwd-Tall-Key4012 Mar, 200221 y 270 d192 cm82 kg162020 OthNTNT Thunder
Ben KingFwd-Tall-Key347 Jul, 200023 y 153 d202 cm98 kg732018 Nat #6VICSandringham Dragons
Sean LemmensDef-Med-Gen232 Nov, 199429 y 35 d184 cm81 kg1452013 Nat #27SAPort Adelaide
Ben LongUtil-Med2221 Aug, 199726 y 108 d183 cm81 kg932016 Nat #25NTSt Marys
Jack LukosiusFwd-Tall-Gen139 Aug, 200023 y 120 d195 cm91 kg952018 Nat #2SAWoodville-West Torrens
Darcy MacPhersonMid-Smal4429 Oct, 199726 y 39 d174 cm79 kg952015 Roo #21VICFootscray VFL
Brodie McLaughlinFwd-Tall-Key4320 Nov, 199726 y 17 d193 cm87 kgN/AVICFrankston VFL
Touk MillerMid-Smal1122 Feb, 199627 y 288 d178 cm84 kg1732014 Nat #29VICCalder Cannons
Ned MoyleRuck-Tall4915 Feb, 200221 y 295 d205 cm96 kg22021 Oth #5VICOakleigh Chargers
Hewago Paul OeaFwd-Smal-Gen4713 Nov, 200122 y 24 d172 cm70 kg132020 OthINTGold Coast Academy
Wil PowellDef-Med-Gen2726 Aug, 199924 y 103 d185 cm81 kg872017 Nat #19WAClaremont
Malcolm RosasFwd-Smal-Gen4127 Jun, 200122 y 163 d175 cm70 kg372019 Roo #37NTNT Thunder
Matthew RowellMid-Med181 Jul, 200122 y 159 d180 cm80 kg622019 Nat #1VICOakleigh Chargers
Alex SextonFwd-Med-Gen63 Dec, 199330 y 4 d186 cm82 kg1632011 Zon #88QLDRedland
Jeremy SharpMid-Med2013 Aug, 200122 y 116 d189 cm81 kg232019 Nat #27WAEast Fremantle
David SwallowMid-Med2419 Nov, 199231 y 18 d185 cm87 kg2202010 Nat #1WAEast Fremantle
James TsitasMid-Med213 Mar, 199528 y 279 d181 cm84 kg52021 PreVICGeelong Falcons
Bodhi UwlandDef-Med-Gen3225 Jul, 200320 y 135 d185 cm84 kg32021 OthQLDBroadbeach
Lachlan WellerDef-Med-Gen1423 Feb, 199627 y 287 d181 cm83 kg1362014 Nat #13QLDBroadbeach
Jarrod WittsRuck-Tall2813 Sep, 199231 y 85 d209 cm111 kg1652011 Oth #67NSWSydney University
Rookie Connor BlakelyMid-Med262 Mar, 199627 y 280 d189 cm88 kg762022 Roo #7WASwan Districts
Rookie Lloyd JohnstonDef-Med-Gen3821 Sep, 200419 y 77 d183 cm80 kg22022 OthNT
Rookie Jake SteinDef-Tall-Key4217 Jan, 199429 y 324 d193 cm95 kg202022 Roo #23NSWPenrith

Average age of the senior list: 23 years and 296 day/s from 48 senior players.
Average age of the entire list including rookies: 25 years and 150 day/s from 48 players.
Gold Coast0-0-01

Last Game - Round 24
Aug 26, Hobart: North Melb. 20.12.132 defeated Gold Coast 14.13.97.
Fantasy scores

Fwd: Forward. Mid: Midfielder. Def: Defender. Smal: Small. Med: Medium. Gen: General.
Nat: National draft. Roo: Rookie draft. Pre: Preseason draft. Mid: Midseason draft. Oth: Other draft.
F/S: Father/son selection (in national draft).