Geelong Cats

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NameType#DOBAgeHeightWeightGmSOORecruited from
Jed BewsDef-Med-Gen2414 Dec, 199327 y 120 d186 cm88 kg108VICGeelong U18
Mark BlicavsMid-Tall4628 Mar, 199130 y 16 d198 cm100 kg183VICAIS
Jeremy CameronFwd-Tall-Key51 Apr, 199328 y 12 d196 cm96 kg172VICNorth Ballarat
Jordan ClarkDef-Med-Gen616 Oct, 200020 y 179 d185 cm78 kg25WAClaremont
Charlie ConstableMid-Tall1818 May, 199921 y 330 d191 cm86 kg12VICSandringham Dragons
Luke DahlhausMid-Smal4021 Aug, 199228 y 235 d179 cm77 kg199VICGeelong Falcons
Patrick DangerfieldMid-Med355 Apr, 199031 y 8 d189 cm92 kg271VICGeelong Falcons
Sam De KoningDef-Tall-Key1626 Feb, 200120 y 46 d200 cm85 kgVICDandenong Stingrays
Mitch DuncanMid-Med2210 Jun, 199129 y 307 d188 cm88 kg224WAEast Perth
Francis EvansFwd-Med-Gen3123 Aug, 200119 y 233 d182 cm78 kg2VICCalder Cannons
Darcy FortRuck-Tall286 Aug, 199327 y 250 d204 cm99 kg8SACentral District
Cameron GuthrieMid-Med2919 Aug, 199228 y 237 d187 cm86 kg186VICCalder Cannons
Tom HawkinsFwd-Tall-Key2621 Jul, 198832 y 266 d198 cm103 kg282VICMelbourne Grammar
Jack HenryFwd-Tall-Gen3829 Aug, 199822 y 227 d191 cm92 kg71VICGeelong Falcons
Shaun HigginsFwd-Med-Gen44 Mar, 198833 y 40 d184 cm89 kg240VICGeelong Falcons
Max HolmesMid-Med929 Aug, 200218 y 227 d189 cm74 kg2VICSandringham Dragons
Ben JarvisFwd-Med-Gen1027 Jul, 200020 y 260 d189 cm65 kg1SANorwood
Josh JenkinsFwd-Tall-Key118 Feb, 198932 y 64 d200 cm108 kg149VICLake Boga
Jake KolodjashnijDef-Tall-Gen89 Aug, 199525 y 247 d193 cm94 kg115TASLaunceston
Nathan KreugerFwd-Tall-Key1525 Jun, 199921 y 292 d196 cm88 kgSASouth Adelaide
Sam MenegolaMid-Med277 Mar, 199229 y 37 d189 cm89 kg89WAEast Fremantle
Gryan MiersFwd-Smal-Gen3230 Mar, 199922 y 14 d178 cm78 kg52VICGeelong Falcons
Quinton NarkleFwd-Med-Gen193 Dec, 199723 y 131 d181 cm80 kg18WAPerth
Shannon NealeRuck-Tall3325 Jul, 200218 y 262 d202 cm91 kgWASouth Fremantle
Mark O'ConnorMid-Med4217 Jan, 199724 y 86 d191 cm87 kg57N/ACounty Kerry (Ireland)
Brandan ParfittMid-Smal327 Apr, 199822 y 351 d180 cm79 kg77SANorth Adelaide
Esava RatugoleaFwd-Tall-Key1724 Jul, 199822 y 263 d197 cm102 kg40VICMurray Bushrangers
Gary RohanFwd-Med-Gen237 Jun, 199129 y 310 d189 cm92 kg146VICGeelong Falcons
Joel SelwoodMid-Med1426 May, 198832 y 322 d183 cm84 kg314VICBendigo
Isaac SmithMid-Med730 Dec, 198832 y 104 d188 cm83 kg213VICNorth Ballarat
Rhys StanleyUtil-Tall11 Dec, 199030 y 133 d200 cm102 kg149SAWest Adelaide
Cooper StephensMid-Med1217 Jan, 200120 y 86 d188 cm83 kgVICGeelong Falcons
Nick StevensDef-Tall-Gen2123 Mar, 200219 y 21 d192 cm84 kgVICGWV Rebels
Tom StewartDef-Tall-Key4415 Mar, 199328 y 29 d190 cm88 kg92VICGeelong VFL
Cameron TahenyMid-Med413 Aug, 200119 y 253 d186 cm79 kgSANorwood
Zach TuohyDef-Med-Gen210 Dec, 198931 y 124 d187 cm93 kg210N/ALaois, Ireland
Rookie Tom AtkinsMid-Med3018 Sep, 199525 y 207 d180 cm86 kg41VICGeelong VFL
Rookie Oscar BrownlessFwd-Med-Gen2016 Feb, 200021 y 56 d186 cm75 kgVICGeelong Falcons
Rookie Bradley CloseFwd-Smal-Gen4530 Jul, 199822 y 257 d178 cm70 kg9SAGlenelg
Rookie Zach GuthrieDef-Med-Gen3930 Jun, 199822 y 287 d187 cm76 kg23VICCalder Cannons
Rookie Lachie HendersonDef-Tall-Key2514 Dec, 198931 y 120 d196 cm98 kg190VICGeelong Falcons
Rookie Stefan OkunborDef-Tall-Key4312 Aug, 199822 y 244 d190 cm87 kgN/ACounty Kerry
Rookie Sam SimpsonMid-Smal3714 Jun, 199822 y 303 d180 cm74 kg15VICGeelong Falcons
Rookie Paul TsapatolisRuck-Tall3620 Jun, 200218 y 297 d202 cm100 kgVICVic Metro basketball

Average age of the senior list: 21 years and 31 day/s from 44 senior players.
Average age of the entire list including rookies: 25 years and 129 day/s from 44 players.

Last Game - Round 4
Apr 11, MCG: Melbourne 12.13.85 defeated Geelong 9.6.60.
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Next Game - Round 5
4.40pm AEST Apr 18, Kardinia: at home to North Melb..
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