Collingwood Magpies

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NameType#DOBAgeHeightWeightGmSOORecruited from
Taylor AdamsMid-Med1320 Sep, 199328 y 251 d181 cm83 kg174VICGeelong Falcons
Trent BiancoUtil-Med820 Jan, 200121 y 129 d178 cm70 kg14VICOakleigh Chargers
Callum BrownMid-Smal1727 Apr, 199824 y 32 d178 cm77 kg68VICEastern Ranges
Tyler BrownMid-Med69 Dec, 199922 y 171 d188 cm77 kg22VICEastern Ranges
Darcy CameronUtil-Tall1418 Jul, 199526 y 315 d205 cm103 kg38WAClaremont
Mason CoxFwd-Tall-Key4614 Mar, 199131 y 76 d211 cm105 kg78N/AOklahoma State
Jack CrispMid-Tall252 Oct, 199328 y 239 d190 cm90 kg185VICMurray Bushrangers
Josh DaicosFwd-Smal-Gen726 Nov, 199823 y 184 d178 cm76 kg62VICOakleigh Chargers
Nick DaicosMid-Med353 Jan, 200319 y 146 d182 cm73 kg10VICOakleigh Chargers
Jordan De GoeyFwd-Med-Gen215 Mar, 199626 y 75 d188 cm92 kg127VICOakleigh Chargers
Arlo DraperUtil-Med30 Jan, 200319 y 119 d186 cm75 kgSASouth Adelaide
Jamie ElliottFwd-Smal-Gen521 Aug, 199229 y 281 d178 cm81 kg141VICMurray Bushrangers
Brodie GrundyRuck-Tall415 Apr, 199428 y 44 d203 cm100 kg177SASturt
Harvey HarrisonFwd-Med-Gen3611 Oct, 200318 y 230 d182 cm76 kgSANorth Adelaide
Oliver HenryFwd-Med-Gen1629 Jul, 200219 y 304 d186 cm72 kg17VICGeelong Falcons
Will Hoskin-ElliottFwd-Tall-Gen322 Sep, 199328 y 269 d186 cm82 kg166VICWestern Jets
Jeremy HoweDef-Tall-Key3829 Jun, 199031 y 334 d190 cm86 kg205TASHobart
Will KellyDef-Tall-Key2016 Aug, 200021 y 286 d194 cm84 kg3VICOakleigh Chargers
Nathan KreugerFwd-Tall-Key1525 Jun, 199922 y 338 d196 cm88 kg5SASouth Adelaide
Patrick LipinskiFwd-Med-Gen117 Jul, 199823 y 316 d187 cm84 kg66VICNorthern Knights
Finlay MacraeMid-Med1813 Mar, 200220 y 77 d186 cm78 kg10VICOakleigh Chargers
Jack MadgenDef-Tall-Key4425 Apr, 199329 y 34 d192 cm98 kg48SABarossa District
Brayden MaynardDef-Med-Gen3720 Sep, 199625 y 251 d189 cm90 kg146VICSandringham Dragons
Beau McCreeryFwd-Med-Gen3119 Apr, 200121 y 40 d186 cm80 kg18SASouth Adelaide
Reef McInnesMid-Tall2612 Dec, 200219 y 168 d193 cm86 kg5VICOakleigh Chargers
Brody MihocekFwd-Tall-Key414 Feb, 199329 y 114 d192 cm97 kg88TASBurnie
Darcy MooreDef-Tall-Key3025 Jan, 199626 y 124 d203 cm100 kg112VICOakleigh Chargers
Cooper MurleyMid-Smal10 Jun, 200318 y 353 d178 cm67 kgSANorwood
Nathan MurphyUtil-Med2815 Dec, 199922 y 165 d190 cm85 kg16VICSandringham Dragons
Scott PendleburyMid-Tall107 Jan, 198834 y 142 d191 cm90 kg342VICGippsland Power
Caleb PoulterMid-Tall2712 Oct, 200219 y 229 d192 cm79 kg12SAWoodville-West Torrens
Isaac QuaynorDef-Smal-Gen315 Jan, 200022 y 134 d180 cm83 kg44VICOakleigh Chargers
Jordan RougheadDef-Tall-Key233 Nov, 199031 y 207 d200 cm101 kg200VICNorth Ballarat Rebels
Trey RuscoeDef-Tall-Key213 Nov, 200120 y 207 d190 cm90 kg13WAEast Fremantle
Steele SidebottomMid-Med222 Jan, 199131 y 147 d184 cm85 kg273VICMurray Bushrangers
Rookie Aiden BeggRuck-Tall398 Oct, 200219 y 233 d197 cm87 kg3VICEastern Ranges
Rookie Isaac ChuggUtil-Med3426 Feb, 200220 y 92 d180 cm81 kgTASLaunceston
Rookie Charlie DeanDef-Tall-Key19 Jun, 200120 y 344 d195 cm86 kgVICWilliamstown
Rookie Jack GinnivanFwd-Med-Gen339 Dec, 200219 y 171 d183 cm77 kg13VICBendigo Pioneers
Rookie Ash JohnsonFwd-Tall-Key406 Oct, 199724 y 235 d193 cm85 kgSASturt
Rookie Mark KeaneFwd-Tall-Key1117 Mar, 200022 y 73 d194 cm92 kg5N/ACounty Cork
Rookie John NobleDef-Med-Gen925 Mar, 199725 y 65 d180 cm72 kg54SAWest Adelaide
Rookie Tom WilsonUtil-Tall1224 Jun, 199724 y 339 d187 cm68 kg7VICSydney Kings

Average age of the senior list: 20 years and 83 day/s from 43 senior players.
Average age of the entire list including rookies: 24 years and 128 day/s from 43 players.
Victoria Park0-0-04
Gold Coast0-0-01
Princes Park0-0-01

Last Game - Round 10
May 22, Perth: Collingwood 12.8.80 defeated Fremantle 6.8.44.
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Next Game - Round 11
3.20pm AEST May 29, MCG: at home to Carlton.
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