Dayne Zorko
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Format14 Gm14 Avg13 Gm13 Avg
Basic (DT/AF)2187.92273.8
Exotic (SC)2199.02282.9
AFL FantasyFWD CTR$498,00091.9
Dream TeamFWD CTR$496,20091.5
SupercoachFWD CTR$531,90098.4

AFL Status
Position: Forward/Midfielder
Team: Brisbane
Number: 15
Birthdate: 9 Feb 1989
Height: 175cm
Weight: 76kg
Recruited: Broadbeach
State: QLD
Debut: 2012, R7 vs CO
Games: 65
Goals: 66
List: senior
Selection: In In
Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC FR Y! GS FanFooty
201422magnet FremantleGabba1321201091641505.2.32
201421star CollingwoodMCG130162107991482.3.15
201420Sore AdelaideGabba7810470911035.0.30
201419news MelbourneDocklands57564437635.2.32

YearRndOpponentDT avgDiffFanFooty avgDiff
20142home to Geelong99.3 (3)+160 (3)+0
20143away to Gold Coast72.3 (7)-110 (7)+0
20144away to Pt Adelaide90.0 (3)+70 (3)+0
20145home to Richmond84.5 (4)+20 (4)+0
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FanFooty1939926245019241 28242114321532347193330 
DT931305980101122687314 11476714390741051365778130132 
SC121161468299113599312 1311108147128999415956104162120 
Y!561673776125113909715 14553934611952137173379199164 
FR739751648588535311 885857326765811054470107109 
GS1071337790117123767515 118867251968711414563103148150 
FanFooty = FanFooty private leagues. DT = Dream Team, & SC = Supercoach.
Y! = Yahoo!7. FR = Footy Rocks. GS = Goalsneak (Footy Challenge).
CAREER FANTASY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away)
2012BL16151194.41602100.1155096.81.1 : 14.2 : 153%1
2013BL22162473.8182482.9172478.31.3 : 15.8 : 149%1.2
2014BL21184687.9207798.9198594.51 : 17.8 : 152%1.5
Career59498184.4550393.2525989.11.1 : 15.8 : 151%1.2
CAREER FANFOOTY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away)
YearTeamGmsAnnual TotalAvgAccPosnsMarksGoalsHOutsTckls
You're right LooseSaint. This guy generally stinks it up against the minows and dominates against the best sides. if he can get rid of his sub 60 scores he's a lock - Sh00ter - 1 months ago
how does this guy score 121 and 161 against the hawks and geelong and spuds it up for the easier teams>!>! - LooseSaint - 7 months ago
Harsh! - ReggieOz1 - 8 months ago
Fools gold. Spud. - Disco DB - 8 months ago
He got fricken smashed and battled on, settle down. Fairly confident he can make his 57 SC breakeven points this week lol - slats11 - 9 months ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA @ all the people who bought him in this week - Holzman - 9 months ago
A mainstay of the Big V Superstars for many years to come - BigVic - 23 months ago
will be a gun of the game if not already will be in my team next year! - mufc - 30 months ago
For a player in just his 8th AFL game this guys workrate is phenomenal. Wins the ball both inside & out. Also a textbook tackling machine. - HappyDEZ - 30 months ago
Feel sorry for Gold Coast not taking the Zorko! The guy is an absolute jet. His disposal efficiency and creativity is solid. Against the dogs he did a beautiful one hand pick up. Zorko has all the skills needed. Congrats to the lions for giving him a chance - dtownsend - 31 months ago
The Guru has Zorko scoring 33 points this round wtf? - Sh00ter - 31 months ago
thanks zorko, i am making zorko dolls this week. i'll cut you in 20% Keep it up. - GJayBee - 31 months ago
We bow down to you Captain Zorko!! - fivestarmd - 31 months ago
best rookie this year - coondambo - 31 months ago
Go the pies - Guddaboy - 31 months ago
Perfect timing! Just as Magner gets ripe! - Schminja - 32 months ago
Downgrade target about round 6 I would think - fivestarmd - 35 months ago
FFreako tweets.."Word is that Zorko is out for one month with a hip injury. Cruel blow". Its the Mzungu drama from this time last year all over again! - mcwarne - 35 months ago
Has killed it in the QAFL over the last couple years (always wins B&F), plays with a never say die attitude. Probably trying to get picked as a defensive fwd. - Maverick8 - 36 months ago
any body know much about this kid - muzza3465 - 36 months ago