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Elliot Yeo, West Coast Midfielder
Cold Elliot Yeo vs Hawthorn, GF of 2015 by m0ntySat 3/10, 2:30PM
NEWS: Playing midfield but not much footy early... 5 touches and 2 tackles plus 1.0... gave away 4 FA ANALYSIS:
Charlie Cameron, Brisbane Forward
Cold Charlie Cameron vs Hawthorn, SF of 2015 by m0ntyFri 18/9, 7:50PM
NEWS: Lack of supply to the forward line meant he was irrelevant... 0.1 from 5 touches and 6 tackles ANALYSIS:
Eddie Betts, Adelaide Forward
Cold Eddie Betts vs Hawthorn, SF of 2015 by m0ntyFri 18/9, 7:50PM
NEWS: Starting forward... held scoreless... 9 disposals and 5 tackles... aided by 3FF ANALYSIS:
Nick Dal Santo, North Melbourne Midfielder
Cold Nick Dal Santo vs Richmond, QF of 2015 by m0ntySun 13/9, 3:20PM
NEWS: Anonymous in the first half... 15 possessions and 2 marks plus 3 tackles ANALYSIS:
Shane Edwards, Richmond Midfielder
Cold Shane Edwards vs North Melb., QF of 2015 by m0ntySun 13/9, 3:20PM
NEWS: Playing small forward... did not touch the footy in Q1... 1.0 from 8 touches and 3 marks plus 3 tackles... gave away 3 FA ANALYSIS:
Gary Rohan, Geelong Forward
Cold Gary Rohan vs Fremantle, QF of 2015 by m0ntySat 12/9, 3:20PM
NEWS: Donuts in Q1... starting at half forward... 8 touches and 5 marks plus 3 tackles... 0.1 as well ANALYSIS:
Nick Suban, Fremantle Midfielder
Cold Nick Suban vs Sydney, QF of 2015 by m0ntySat 12/9, 3:20PM
NEWS: A single handball to HT... 4 possessions. Subbed off in Q4 for Clancee Pearce. ANALYSIS:
Garrick Ibbotson, Fremantle Back
Cold Garrick Ibbotson vs Pt Adelaide, R23 of 2015 by m0ntySat 5/9, 3:50PM
NEWS: Starting at half forward which is poor for his fantasy output... 9 possessions and 5 marks plus 0.1 ANALYSIS:
Josh Bruce, St Kilda Forward
Cold Josh Bruce vs Sydney, R22 of 2015 by m0ntySun 30/8, 3:20PM
NEWS: Largely opposed by Rampe... No touches in the first term... 6 possessions and 2 tackles ANALYSIS: Bruce also had 0.1 on the scoreboard.
Josh J. Kennedy, West Coast Forward
Cold Josh J. Kennedy vs Adelaide, R22 of 2015 by m0ntySun 30/8, 1:10PM
NEWS: Talia on him... 1.1 from 11 touches and 2 tackles ANALYSIS:
Callum Sinclair, Sydney Ruck
Cold Callum Sinclair vs Adelaide, R22 of 2015 by m0ntySun 30/8, 1:10PM
NEWS: Donuts in Q1... starting forward on Lever and interchanging with Naitanui in ruck... 11 hit outs... also 7 disposals and 3 marks... and scored 1.1 ANALYSIS: Sinclair also had 2 tackles.
Tory Dickson, Western Bulldogs Forward
Cold Tory Dickson vs North Melb., R22 of 2015 by m0ntySat 29/8, 4:35PM
NEWS: Wright responsible for him... No stats in Q1... 2.0 from 8 touches and 2 marks ANALYSIS:
Stephen Coniglio, Greater Western Sydney Midfielder
Cold Stephen Coniglio vs Carlton, R22 of 2015 by m0ntySat 29/8, 1:45PM
NEWS: 14 touches and 3 tackles plus 0.1 ANALYSIS: Coniglio also had 2 taps.
Troy Menzel, Adelaide Forward
Cold Troy Menzel vs Melbourne, R21 of 2015 by m0ntySun 23/8, 3:20PM
NEWS: No touches in the opening term... 7 possessions with 6 by foot... also 2 marks. Minor AC joint injury in the first term. ANALYSIS:
Alex Fasolo, Carlton Forward
Cold Alex Fasolo vs Richmond, R21 of 2015 by m0ntySat 22/8, 1:45PM
NEWS: Morris on him... was completely ineffectual... 4 possessions. Subbed off at HT for De Goey. ANALYSIS: