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Round 5 Preview: Adelaide v Fremantle

Day/Time: Jul 5, 1.05pm AEST. Ground: Gold Coast


FB:Jake Kelly, Daniel Talia, Luke Brown
HB:Rory Laird, Brodie Smith, Tom Doedee
C:Ben Crocker, Chayce Jones, Tom T. Lynch
HF:Lachlan Murphy, Brad Crouch, Taylor Walker
FF:Billy Frampton, Shane McAdam, Ned McHenry
Fol:Reilly O'Brien, Rory Sloane, Ben Keays
Int:Matt Crouch, Myles Poholke,
Kyle Hartigan, Will Hamill
In:K. Hartigan, M. Crouch, A. McPherson
FB:Stephen Hill, Griffin Logue, Reece Conca
HB:Nathan Wilson, Luke Ryan, Ethan Hughes
C:Adam Cerra, Andrew Brayshaw, James Aish
HF:Travis Colyer, Matt Taberner, Brett Bewley
FF:Rory Lobb, Jesse Hogan, Michael Walters
Fol:Sean Darcy, David Mundy, Darcy Tucker
Int:Connor Blakely, Brandon Matera,
Caleb Serong, Hayden Young
In:C. Blakely, S. Darcy, T. Duman, B. Banfield
Out:N. Fyfe

Rory Sloane104101104
Rory Laird889488
Tom T. Lynch879587
Taylor Walker768176
Luke Brown747274
Brodie Smith737673
Matt Crouch726472
Brad Crouch716671
Ben Keays626662
Daniel Talia606660
Kyle Hartigan606060
Tom Doedee415041
Ben Crocker374637
Reilly O'Brien333333
Billy Frampton333333
Jake Kelly263526
Will Hamill000
Myles Poholke000
Ned McHenry000
Lachlan Murphy000
Shane McAdam000
Chayce Jones000
Michael Walters949094
David Mundy879787
Jesse Hogan868386
Stephen Hill839583
Brandon Matera746674
Travis Colyer707070
Ethan Hughes686668
Reece Conca686168
Nathan Wilson676867
Rory Lobb677367
Matt Taberner565956
James Aish544154
Connor Blakely494649
Darcy Tucker415041
Griffin Logue000
Hayden Young000
Caleb Serong000
Luke Ryan000
Andrew Brayshaw000
Adam Cerra000
Sean Darcy000
Brett Bewley000

Top 10 AD in Dream Team vs FR

Rory Sloane88.49+0 
Patrick Dangerfield88.312+5 
Matthew Wright88.06+19 
Scott Thompson87.423-3 
Rory Laird87.25+14 
Brad Crouch85.02+4 
Matt Crouch79.01+10 
Sam Jacobs74.98-7 
Taylor Walker74.110+7 
Brodie Smith73.97+7 

Top 5 AD Overperformers vs FR

Matthew Wright88.06+19 
Rory Laird87.25+14 
Matt Crouch79.01+10 
Luke Brown57.85+7 
Brodie Smith73.97+7 

Top 5 AD Underperformers vs FR

Rory Atkins18.01-31W
Jake Kelly30.01-17 
Josh Jenkins47.07-14 
James Podsiadly56.58-13 
Sam Kerridge41.73-9 

Top 10 FR in Dream Team vs AD

Michael Barlow107.310+8 
Nat Fyfe102.98+9 
Matthew Pavlich81.325-5 
Paul Duffield81.114+5 
David Mundy79.121-4 
Matthew de Boer77.48+13 
Stephen Hill77.013+7 
Clancee Pearce76.67+7 
Michael Johnson76.318+6 
Aaron Sandilands73.120-4 

Top 5 FR Overperformers vs AD

Matthew de Boer77.48+13 
Jonathon Griffin63.52+10 
Nat Fyfe102.98+9 
Hayden Crozier56.73+9 
Michael Barlow107.310+8 

Top 5 FR Underperformers vs AD

Matt Taberner17.02-29W
Jack Hannath16.52-22W
Lachie Neale58.76-18 
Cameron Sutcliffe41.25-17W
Zac Clarke56.28-9 

Avg = Average Dream Team score against this opponent.
Gm = Games played against this opponent.
Diff = Difference between the player's average Dream Team score against this opponent to his overall average.
B = Player's average against this opponent is his best.
W = Player's average against this opponent is his worst.