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Round 9 Preview: Geelong v Western Bulldogs

Day/Time: May 18, 4.35pm AEST. Ground: Kardinia


FB:Jake Kolodjashnij, Jack Henry, Tom Stewart
HB:Mark Blicavs, Harry Taylor, Mark O'Connor
C:Tim Kelly, Patrick Dangerfield, Mitch Duncan
HF:Gary Rohan, Gryan Miers, Tom Hawkins
FF:Gary Ablett jnr, Luke Dahlhaus, Charlie Constable
Fol:Ryan Abbott, Cameron Guthrie, Joel Selwood
Int:Zach Tuohy, Jordan Clark,
Brandan Parfitt, Darcy Fort
In:J. Selwood, J. Parsons, R. Abbott, D. Fort
Out:T. Atkins
Western Bulldogs
FB:Jason Johannisen, Fletcher Roberts, Hayden Crozier
HB:Caleb Daniel, Zaine Cordy, Easton Wood
C:Lachie Hunter, Tom Liberatore, Ed Richards
HF:Billy Gowers, Aaron Naughton, Sam Lloyd
FF:Toby McLean, Marcus Bontempelli, Mitch Wallis
Fol:Jackson Trengove, Josh Dunkley, Jack Macrae
Int:Matt Suckling, Bailey Smith,
Will Hayes, Lachie Young
In:P. Lipinski, L. Young, R. West

Patrick Dangerfield114123114
Luke Dahlhaus9911099
Mitch Duncan9810198
Gary Ablett jnr9711097
Joel Selwood9510095
Mark Blicavs949294
Cameron Guthrie848284
Tom Hawkins697369
Harry Taylor667766
Zach Tuohy647764
Gary Rohan516051
Jake Kolodjashnij515751
Brandan Parfitt000
Darcy Fort000
Jordan Clark000
Gryan Miers000
Tom Stewart000
Jack Henry000
Mark O'Connor000
Tim Kelly000
Charlie Constable000
Ryan Abbott000
Western Bulldogs
Lachie Hunter103105103
Jack Macrae10295102
Marcus Bontempelli9511195
Mitch Wallis9410094
Tom Liberatore899789
Jason Johannisen859485
Matt Suckling818381
Toby McLean756875
Caleb Daniel746674
Sam Lloyd697973
Easton Wood687668
Jackson Trengove637863
Hayden Crozier585658
Josh Dunkley415041
Billy Gowers415041
Fletcher Roberts354735
Zaine Cordy283728
Lachie Young000
Will Hayes000
Aaron Naughton000
Ed Richards000
Bailey Smith000

Top 10 GE in Dream Team vs WB

Jimmy Bartel93.323-3 
Andrew Mackie88.417+12B
Joel Selwood86.114-12 
Corey Enright84.821+5 
Josh Caddy84.04+13B
Steve Johnson83.219-6 
Jordan Murdoch81.33+22 
Steven Motlop77.97+10 
Nathan Vardy77.01+21 
Hamish McIntosh76.311+2 

Top 5 GE Overperformers vs WB

Josh Walker66.52+23 
Jordan Murdoch81.33+22 
Nathan Vardy77.01+21 
Shane Kersten53.52+13 
Josh Caddy84.04+13B

Top 5 GE Underperformers vs WB

Sam Blease21.02-23W
Brad Hartman18.01-15 
Joel Selwood86.114-12 
Darcy Lang46.01-11 
Daniel Menzel46.03-11 

Top 10 WB in Dream Team vs GE

Marcus Bontempelli107.02+23 
Matthew Boyd82.422-10 
Lin Jong82.01+25 
Jason Johannisen80.52+18 
Tom Liberatore80.25-3 
Luke Dahlhaus77.45+0 
Tory Dickson73.24+9 
Robert Murphy73.021-1 
Mitch Wallis68.98-2 
Jake Stringer67.33+5 

Top 5 WB Overperformers vs GE

Lin Jong82.01+25 
Marcus Bontempelli107.02+23 
Jason Johannisen80.52+18 
Sam Darley66.01+15 
Tom Boyd58.52+13 

Top 5 WB Underperformers vs GE

Shane Biggs14.01-43W
Jack Macrae66.33-25W
Jarrad Grant40.25-20 
Easton Wood43.67-11 
Matthew Boyd82.422-10 

Avg = Average Dream Team score against this opponent.
Gm = Games played against this opponent.
Diff = Difference between the player's average Dream Team score against this opponent to his overall average.
B = Player's average against this opponent is his best.
W = Player's average against this opponent is his worst.