Round 10 Preview: Geelong v Port Adelaide

Day/Time: May 25, 7.20pm AEST. Ground: Kardinia


FB:Tom Stewart, Lachie Henderson, Jed Bews
HB:Zach Tuohy, Andrew Mackie, Jake Kolodjashnij
C:Mark Blicavs, Joel Selwood, Cameron Guthrie
HF:Sam Menegola, Harry Taylor, James Parsons
FF:Daniel Menzel, Tom Hawkins, Darcy Lang
Fol:Zac Smith, Patrick Dangerfield, Mitch Duncan
Int:(from) Scott Selwood, Jordan Murdoch,
Jordan Cunico, Steven Motlop,
Rhys Stanley, Tom Ruggles, Mark O'Connor
In:R. Stanley, C. Guthrie, D. Lang, J. Cunico, T. Ruggles
Out:T. Lonergan, N. Cockatoo
Port Adelaide
FB:Darcy Byrne-Jones, Tom Clurey, Jack Hombsch
HB:Matthew Broadbent, Tom Jonas, Jasper Pittard
C:Brad Ebert, Ollie Wines, Jared Polec
HF:Jarman Impey, Justin Westhoff, Brendon Ah Chee
FF:Sam Gray, Charlie Dixon, Jackson Trengove
Fol:Patrick Ryder, Robbie Gray, Travis Boak
Int:(from) Sam Powell-Pepper, Hamish Hartlett,
Aaron Young, Karl Amon,
Jimmy Toumpas, Aidyn Johnson, Dan Houston
In:A. Young, J. Toumpas, A. Johnson, D. Houston
Out:C. Wingard

Patrick Dangerfield114123114
Mitch Duncan9810198
Joel Selwood9510095
Mark Blicavs949294
Steven Motlop899989
Daniel Menzel878987
Cameron Guthrie848284
Andrew Mackie757075
Scott Selwood726672
Darcy Lang726572
Tom Hawkins697369
Lachie Henderson667166
Harry Taylor667766
Zach Tuohy647764
Zac Smith618061
Jordan Murdoch575757
Jed Bews535753
Jake Kolodjashnij515751
James Parsons415041
Jordan Cunico415041
Sam Menegola374637
Tom Stewart000
Port Adelaide
Ollie Wines103102103
Hamish Hartlett10198101
Brad Ebert919391
Robbie Gray9010390
Travis Boak869786
Justin Westhoff838683
Jared Polec837683
Matthew Broadbent788778
Jasper Pittard788378
Patrick Ryder758375
Sam Gray707171
Brendon Ah Chee686868
Charlie Dixon668266
Aaron Young648464
Jackson Trengove637863
Darcy Byrne-Jones587458
Jarman Impey536153
Karl Amon525152
Tom Jonas496349
Jack Hombsch476247
Tom Clurey476049
Sam Powell-Pepper000

Top 10 GE in Dream Team vs PA

Jimmy Bartel93.421-2 
Steve Johnson90.616+1 
Joel Selwood86.715-12 
Jordan Murdoch85.73+26B
Billie Smedts83.01+36B
Josh Caddy81.03+10 
Mitch Clark81.05+12 
Mitch Duncan80.77+0 
James Kelly79.618-1 
Corey Enright79.421+0 

Top 5 GE Overperformers vs PA

Billie Smedts83.01+36B
Jordan Murdoch85.73+26B
Cameron Delaney62.01+18 
Darcy Lang73.01+16 
Daniel Menzel72.01+15 

Top 5 GE Underperformers vs PA

Joel Selwood86.715-12 
Hamish McIntosh64.611-9W
Andrew Mackie67.616-9 
Shane Kersten32.01-8 
Sam Blease37.56-7 

Top 10 PA in Dream Team vs GE

Matthew Lobbe106.45+30B
Kane Cornes91.021+3 
Brad Ebert90.711+5 
Chad Wingard82.26+8 
Jack Hombsch82.02+25B
Patrick Ryder79.77+9 
Andrew Moore77.04+24 
Travis Boak74.613-13W
Hamish Hartlett73.67-9 
Jared Polec73.02+8 

Top 5 PA Overperformers vs GE

Matthew Lobbe106.45+30B
Jack Hombsch82.02+25B
Andrew Moore77.04+24 
Jarrad Redden73.01+21 
Patrick Ryder79.77+9 

Top 5 PA Underperformers vs GE

Sam Gray38.52-28 
Tom Clurey18.01-22W
Jarman Impey28.52-19 
Kane Mitchell39.52-19 
Ollie Wines66.85-16 

Avg = Average Dream Team score against this opponent.
Gm = Games played against this opponent.
Diff = Difference between the player's average Dream Team score against this opponent to his overall average.
B = Player's average against this opponent is his best.
W = Player's average against this opponent is his worst.