Chat Log: R19, Geelong 24.13.157 d Melbourne 5.11.41

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noffle: No changes?
Ed_D: Jeff White!
Ed_D: Jeff White? You're kidding me...
noffle: Bah, big Jeff.
noffle: The irony.
OzMan: Ablet Jnr to be rested in the forward pocket will be good
Ed_D: I hate Dean Bailey
OzMan: Bartel (c) and Gamble, massive scores will be good
SpikeFX: Thank you Dean Bailey! Yay Jeff White!
noffle: Bang a gong, we are on.
darcy: Steve Johnson and Shane Valenti hoping for 110 and 80 :) Need big scores with 2 zeroes !
captainw: swooped on white 1 minute out from PDT lockout
darcy: Bruce on Johnson is bad he got smashed last time Ablett will be mine in 2 weeks time !
Luke: for all qld,nsw,act people is your fox sports coverage working?
Luke: good start jim!
darcy: Hope Corey does shower every has him captain COME ON SJ
jumse: jeff white wat a hero
dillon: Cmon ablett i made u captain istead of bartel
trumbers9: whelan on fire
TheBic: Dunn tagging Corey
amobema: Up with corey :) bruce and morton stay the flower down ITS FINAAALLLLSSS
RooBeauty: go wonas
torres: lynden dunn tagging corey
Salisbury: anyone else sc not showing the other team players
joffa: dillon, i did the same, not sure if a good idea
vegieplus: Luke nothing atm in the ACT on Fox
Luke: my dt live scores isn't working, is everyone elses?
amobema: goal ling
dids: dreamteam league page, i'm getting an error, anyone else
OzMan: yeh Salisbury, SC site sucks
tima14: yeh i cant get on
joffa: salisbury, my h2h is not working
malteaser: yeah me to
joel899: yeah my live scores has some error
Ed_D: prob coz you're not playing a league game... it's finals
m0nty: VirtualSports are having trouble today, yep.
amobema: me too
vegieplus: Luke - fox working now
TheBic: Jimmy 21 SC
Luke: great, tv coverage isn't working and neither is live scores, f*ck life is so unreliable
jmeery: monty is the function to autoload in your opponents team working for finals?
Salisbury: darn i wanted to see who they made capt
m0nty: not unless VirtualSports fix their pages, jmeery :(
OzMan: cmon Gamble send it home
Drew04: You idiot Ed_D it is still a league game hahahah
GOGOS: damn 2 zeroes
joffa: cmon Ablett
The Big Y: yer, it doesnt work for me either
DAZZLER: I wanted to see who they bought in for in change of Didak,Porpy and shaw
krajit06: i was holding on to white but sold him today :(
Salisbury: how come no tv coverage Luke? working fine in Melbourne =P
malz18: how bad have the backs been this year! im taking 4 zeros this week haha
dillon: wtf ablett cmon
OzMan: Whelan tearing it up
dids: line 34 & 132, get it fixed virtual sports!!
matt_29: full house at the g
DAZZLER: Must be foxtel is it ?? My Prime tv is fine in country Vic
dids: live scores now fixed
Interista: i figured that geelong would ease him back in.....!!!!
adam10: just as i think virtual sports didnt have any problems fromk 4-5 weeks:@
Ed_D: Drew04: Not a scheduled one
GOGOS: can any1 else look @ there game?
jezg: come on corey!
TheBic: melbourne are a joke club... ship them off somewhere out of VIC
jezg: what a crowd! blockbuster game
torResz: cmon SJ
malz18: dreamteam should bring back the old system of picking premiums and non premiums
GOGOS: can any1 see there dt live game i cant?!
Salisbury: I still not getting opponent team in SC
SM007: Heh fair to say opening ceremony and a rainy night made for a fairly average crowd.
OzMan: What quarter will Melbourne register their first point? I reckon the third
tima14: mackiiiiie!
SpikeFX: Mackie!!
GOGOS: i need bartel 2 go crap bloody stokesy lift mate
seanmorr: i was about to say bartel doesnt look to interested tonight but he came to life
Jeremick: cmon corey, i love you
jezg: come on corey get the pill
lynchy2_29: nah very late in the second
dizzydog: my dt live is fine
The Big Y: no gogos, the live scores on DT is stuffed up, i wanna find out what trades my opponent has done!!!
GOGOS: bartel i hate!
Wardy: tucker bagsit / tom ... u watchin ;)
Greenman: Ablett...what a move.
dizzydog: me too gogos lets start the power off bartel club
malz18: live scores is working now
quelt: game over already....
amobema: LIFT COREY LIFT LIFT, keep bruce on 5 points johnson
Ed_D: Mackie!
quelt: mackie is gonna have a huge one.
GOGOS: mackie goal fd will be happy
The Big Y: MAN, mackie is just tearing it apart, i chose to get sam fisher instead of him, NOOO
SM007: This could get quite embarressing... upwards of 100 you'd think.
ocat1979: ablett, bartel and corey tagged. do melbourne actually want to score in this match?!?
Kenny_01: ffs someone get on mackie!
seanmorr: iwas going to get mackie but got bowden instead doh
darcy: This is funny as Geelong are smashing them SJ LIFT MATE WTF
OzMan: Melbourne are saving themselves for their massive bottomof the table clash against west coast
snagadelic: lets go whelan you little ripper
TheBattler: Joel corey u fkin smelly towelhead
dids: imagine if it wasn't raining, cats would win by 200pts
darcy: I can't see anything below 120 points tonight the Demons can't string 2 passes together
TheBattler: quelt are u a downer? melbourne carnt loose lyks of dunn, and wonaemirri carry the side
SM007: Mackie on track for 200 lol.
m0nty: guess who spent his last SC trade on Chad to Mackie
dizzydog: any chance of melbourne scoring?
Jeremick: cmon corey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darcy: Bartel missed damn he's my SC captain ! mOnty well done I bought McLeod was all I could afford
The Big Y: m0nty, why dont you have the live SC scores???
Bryce08: mackie you star!
Quadcore: Who has Mackie I DO
Brock5: Colin Sylvia has been in good form, hopefully will push up the ground and take some grabs
SM007: Was it you monty by any chance?
Kenny Boy: smelly towelhead? r u serious?
Jeremick: flowering shower, you are a shower cow corey. do something
TheBic: melbourne 1 inside 50
darcy: Lonergan lining up for their 7th seriously this is sad ...... how much better is it live :)
Isotopes: I tradec Cornes to Mackie this week in DT... woooooooo
spence37: flowering dunn, u dunn nothing ur my flowerin captain!!!!!
fullbull: yep i got mackie...i love him right now :-)
TheBattler: SM007 u hav ADD
m0nty: <----- this guy
Quadcore: jimmy captain :D
darcy: Jeremick are you serious I would die for Corey chose Kornes over him ages ago hope it's the right choice :)
ocat1979: corey 25 sc points, dt scoring is shiza
Kenny Boy: Matthew Hill are u watching???
lynchy2_29: come on corey
GOGOS: isotopes your so funny
darcy: First ever tagg for Corey ? Johnson get amongst it far out
amobema: corey often gets tagged
darcy: Bartel SC ?
darcy: Corey never gets tagged this hard it's more a head to head
The Big Y: virtualsports is working again
OzMan: darcy: 46
darcy: Prismall goal LOL
Ed_D: Hahaha! 53-0
GOGOS: goal 2 prismall again
sikmoe: any1 know bartals sc??
stk4prem: game is beyond a joke atm, at least DT & SC keeps it interesting
ocat1979: how the hell are the melbourne mids gonna get the ball when they are to busy tagging, it ain't working bailey
TheBic: Melbourne players are jus acting as witches hats...
quelt: imagine if it was a dry night.....
GOGOS: haha 53 zip what a close 1
The Big Y: bartel SC = 46
darcy: Bartel get 200 SC please ! Corey and Ablett under 100 too would be great
Jeremick: Please Corey, please!!!!!
amobema: oh ok, im not watching the game. Had the choice about 7 weeks ago to choose bartel at 398 or corey at 391..chose corey
bunburykid: Gablett should finish with 150 dt points aye
bubbles17: wtf ablett
darcy: Just make the Cats hot mOnty seriously amobema I chose Kornes the worst of the 3
buddy: ok y the hell did i make gablet my captain 1st week back
darcy: mOnty why can't you do live SC ?
Aldo03: far out ablett
OzMan: Gamble, join the party
rifkib: omg captain corey YOU POO!!!
darcy: Anyone else have 2 zeroes i'm top 8000 you reckon I need around 1900 to keep that
DAZZLER: No H2H working on S/C still WTF ??????
Isotopes: cmon stevey J please dont stuff me up
darcy: steve johnson wtf your last month has sucked
Aldo03: Bartrams holding ablett in all the stopages why arent the umpires paying it??
Jeremick: STEVIE J, Corey please :(
darcy: power off Bruce siren that was domination
The Big Y: what is up with mooney always kicking off his left boot
bunburykid: ahaha 53-0 at quarter time
GOGOS: great 1st Q stokes hes got a hard tag
stk4prem: my only cats in DT are bartel (capt) and mackie, cmon keep it up
GOGOS: kelly 200
dids: cmon sj get involved, i just picked him up this week for didak
OzMan: cmon Bartel get 200+ in SC
Luke: i love you bartel
Salisbury: gald i didnt make ablett capt
al 6: record number of fireballs for 1 team??
jumse: stokes doesnt fire up until garbage time
adam10: Omg channel seven interview sylvia wtf?
darcy: 12 hot players is that a record Johnson need a massive qtr mate
snagadelic: lets go whelan bartel, anyone else here still in eliminator?
amobema: if someone told me 10 geelong players wer on fire and joel corey and gablett werent any of em, id smak them in the face
dids: good to see harry get up in the forward line late in that qtr
Kenny Boy: kelly will not get 200
m0nty: dang, Taylor on my bench
tbanger: Hahaha it's got to be al 6. That's half the team!
Luke: i don't have ablett captain but i still need him to massively get a move on
Athomas: CMON ABLETT (SC CAPT LOL). Good work Bartel, White, Valenti!
lynchy2_29: captain corey!?$!?#
darcy: Stokes no good in the wet
Salisbury: ch7 not interviewing anyone at mo its ads
vish: come on corey and johnson- bloody lift!
Go0s3: sooo, who thinks the demons could get worse?
OzMan: Ablett nice and cheap come Prelim final time :)
vegieplus: Corey doesn't deserve the flame only 23 @ 1/4 time
dids: taylor in for milburn
cracker: hey snag, me, but you know that :)
Aldo03: ablett is hopeless u rekon he might still be injured?
s0ck: they are raping them, in every hole. Lucky i have bartel captain haha. gablett and corey better lift soon.
tme9101: ablett is so shower
snagadelic: whats your team cracker?
GOGOS: im putting $50 for dees 2 cum back and win ill be a millionare if it happens haha
Luke: jimmy i really need a 150 as (c) mate i'm playing 20 and my opponent has 22
ComonWazza: hey do u think bartel will go brownlow back to back
grpeter: damn it, i finally traded white and now he plays!!!!
dillon: Cmon ablett i made u captain istead of bartel
therealmkd: had money on geel handicap, quite pleased -55.5
m0nty: that Mackie SC score is sexual
GOGOS: im losing as badly as the dees 115-4
cracker: ziggys band, ur tanks alot right?
Go0s3: rofl... make ablett, the injured player captain over bartel, whose scored huge last 3 weeks
Gun Bomber: final score of 200 to 0 anyone??
tommo: im so happy i traded captaincy from corey to bartel :) and i put in mackie this week:)
darcy: OzMan that's my plan hopefully he's under 400K befoe Round 21 :)
OzMan: no ablett had the brownload wrapped up at round 14
Macca9: Come on stevie J, just picked you up, get a stat!
Salisbury: Well that was foolish dillion considering weather, they playing melbourne, and gablett first game back
TheBic: I got bartell in SC as (c), but in DT my opponnt has him (c) eep!
Aldo03: is that the first side this year to goal pointsless?????????????
ComonWazza: how good has mackie been playing in the last month All australian ?
coughs2ric: this is embarassing for melb, god jimmy got $ on u for brownlow
tommyg: yea
darcy: If Bartel is BOG and Ablett doesn't poll I reckon it's equal ! Macca I agree SJ 6th best DT forward but never explodes
snagadelic: yep , you looking for 2400 again zig?
tommyg: go gellong
GOGOS: yep with ya there
cherries08: You blokes begging for points power me off. Have some pride
cracker: haha something like that mate, ill be happy to get into the eight i rekn
darcy: Get Johnson off Bruce far out ! Valenti you star
GOGOS: stokesy i demand more mate
Keza41: c'mon ablett beat corey.. you're doing well corey! =] and just lift s johnson for more points
Aldo03: ok ablett isnt injured lol
OzMan: cmon Gamble dont pass it this time
darcy: Gamble for goal too bad everybody swapped him ages ago
ComonWazza: gamble poster
Kenny Boy: very intelligent comment darcy. i agree with that brownlow comment
snagadelic: i'll be very lucky to get into the eight i was lucky to get the seventh ranked team
OzMan: damn Gamble
cracker: anyways snag, gl this week, im off to enrich my social life - or something like that ;)
darcy: I wonder if every Cat can get above 50 DT points ? Bartel LOL loving him and hating him at same time
DAZZLER: Not me Darcy..
Go0s3: methinks cats score avg will be 85
snagadelic: seeya mate
spence37: flowering dunn, u dunn nothing ur my flowerin captain!!!!!
coasters: i kept gamble from round 1... no reason not too?
DAZZLER: Maybe by 1/2 time EVERY Cat can have a "fireball" ???
bunburykid: damn why did i make wonaemirri captain :(
joffa: will the Dees ever score?
ComonWazza: Finally the umpires are wearing their white out fit tinight
Aldo03: i want ablett 40-50 points end of this quarter
Keza41: they might this game darcy because Varcoe isn't playing
DALZIELL!!: good bartel what an el capitano valenti's travelling nicely as well but i need corey to LIFT
ComonWazza: lonergon goal
GOGOS: wow ablett's killing it haha
Aldo03: shutup bunbury u so didnt make him captian
Go0s3: and i want a pony
coasters: varcoe wont get back into this side for finals
liamsgun: hi
DALZIELL!!: im versing bunbury in the finals and he ACTUALLY DOES!
tommo: love the name go bradd
Aldo03: dont take ablett off
coasters: give gablett a chance... the kids been out for 3... cant expect miracles... will need a week or 2 to get bak to prime
joffa: Go ablett +4 whoo
spence37: flowering dunn, u dunn nothing ur my flowerin captain!!!!!
The MC: lol @ all the
GOGOS: i made my captain dalziell since i doubt my chances this week
The MC: 4 W's on top for Melbourne.
liamsgun: johnson goddammit!
DALZIELL!!: good boy GOGOS ill make sure i put in a big 1 4 u
Aldo03: damn stupid hunt
quelt: booooooooo melbourne scored...
Go0s3: victory>>> a point
OzMan: lol Hunt didnt even want to rush that through
ComonWazza: noooooooo melbourne scored off a rushed behind
ocat1979: cats going for the record, most points scored without the other team scroing, the record is 70, damn thats done now
seanmorr: jimmy on bench?
Keza41: Melbourne scored!!!! lol
Kenny Boy: surely dunn is not ur captain???!
GOGOS: lonergan goal
bunburykid: well in melboune first score and it was a rushed behind lol hahaha
adam10: at least there going to get some percentage:D
Go0s3: hunt is the best... love the chunkster
joffa: take hunt off
snagadelic: thanks for the whelan tip monty
bunburykid: i think thye should have gone to the gold coast or tasmania
Macca9: johnson is playing like a spud.
sikmoe: here cumz ablett!!!!!!!1
m0nty: no problemo snagadelic
The MC: As a Geelong supporter; please give Byrnes the spud.
Elephant: Have Valenti on field this week because of Didak suspension...nice to see Ablett back
Aldo03: i keep thinking ablett is gonna get touches and its stupid harly
GOGOS: hey dalziell whats your beep test?
banana_bus: Give Valenti a run you cockface Bailey
coasters: elephant: y hav u not traded didak yet... such a waste of money to hav on bench???
m0nty: Mackie has leather poisoning
TFLUA-Tige: Addam Maric getting a run for me, and doing pretty well so far.
trumbers9: did you hear about josh hunt's dad, mike?
The MC: Watch Mackie go up...
tommyg: Im related to Valenti go me
seanmorr: monty im spewin picked up bowden instead of mackie
sainterman: is 1 behind thel lowest score ever by half time?
Elephant: Cause I traded Heath Shaw instead and that was my last trade :( didn't count on pies suspending their best 2 players
ComonWazza: bartel +3
tommyg: did u hear about goodes, nathan thompson and mcleod getting death threats???
GOGOS: dees should try keepings off
ComonWazza: chance for melbourne goal
OzMan: mackie is killin me someone stop him
Aldo03: bad call umpire
chaps40: Keep going Mack daddy I need 170!!
Keza41: lol my opponent had didak and heath shaw and had no trades left! lol
DALZIELL!!: any1 else trade heater for a.welsh like i did
cherries08: Gazza getting busy
juddy35: hey guys im eating red rooster and im working later. just letting you know because i type everything i think. go gazza!
ComonWazza: whose mackies oppenent
ocat1979: corey 2 quick kicks!
DaBomb74: cmonn corey and ablett, need 100's from both of you
OzMan: soft 50, damn bartel
Go0s3: nooo bartel -15
cherries08: Welsh in. Huge score this week I reckon
quelt: mackie..... gun.
Kenny Boy: is a 50 worth minus 3
farms: loving mackie right about now
chaps40: got welshy last week dalziell - 100 - nice.
WuTangClan: mackie seriously fk off
Go0s3: no a 50 is nothing in dt... but its -15 in sc
millsy123: why - 15?
Aldo03: scarlett is playing well wooo i fogot i had him
coasters: whi did every1 trade heater for... i went guerra
sikmoe: y bartel -15?
seanmorr: -15 what you talking about
Go0s3: ...cause of the 50 against bartel lol
Kenny Boy: thanks goos
quelt: shaw for welsh.
amobema: corey shooting up the list
shefx: Im loving it i brought in mackie this week for shaw may of been a blessing !!
DALZIELL!!: u had to go for welsh on his recent form and at the price hes at 287000 odd hes irresistable
cherries08: Settle down Harry Taylor, not what I need
snagadelic: steve johnson 12 ha ha
liamsgun: stokes!!!
snagadelic: i went for gram
sikmoe: it isnt -15 for a 50 meter penaly.
Isotopes: 14
GOGOS: go stokes +15
OzMan: man up on Mackie for flowers sake
Go0s3: well newman or birchall are decent value atm... if ur like me and already got welsh
quelt: anyone know what the lowest score ever is?
GOGOS: make 50 by half time mate plz
darcy: Johnson if you can't crack 80 something wrong come on ! WHERE THE flower DID COREY COME FROM
liamsgun: miss
sainterman: so close
Go0s3: sure it isna
coasters: htaylor is going to be such a gun backman... if cats can teach him to run more and be a bock, the kids gonna be a gun
petchy92: lol i traded out shaw for mackie :D
darcy: Milburn and Chapman out for me lost 250 points ....... Demons won't score a goal
triplegee: let's hope Mackie does a Staker and struggles in the 2nd half!
Nickelass: it is not -15 in SC. Classed as a clanger -8 plus the free kick against if you give that away first
DaBomb74: goooo corey you gun
Aldo03: 11 more points ablett
hawks15: 0.1.1 lowest score by saints 100 years back iirc
sainterman: yes
darcy: coasters for sure ....... JOHNSON COME ON ! Corey please don't crack 100 Demons goal
liamsgun: bout time
mankers1: wonaaaaaaaaaaaa
ocat1979: wona!!!! finally
quelt: wooo, go dees!
OzMan: Wonaemirrri!!!!!!!!!!!! What a gun!
Saint KFC: 250 between Milburn and Chapman is a bit generous Darcy.
Bryce08: do something bartel!
Go0s3: give bartel the cold symbol
moorey21: Loving Master Bates game
snagadelic: whelan 71 unbelievable
ocat1979: the -15 for bartel would of been a scoring correction
alex123711: do something Mackie!!
ComonWazza: i think bartel got pinrd for the 59 metre penalty
Aldo03: ablett
Athomas: Please kick the goal Ablett!
Rilian: Dees a chance!
chaps40: i love u lingy, keep rackin em up!!
OzMan: flower off ablett
cherries08: YAAAbletttt, go son!!
darcy: Saint KFC 200 then but seriously ...... SJ my favourtie player hurting me Ablett goal this is sad
GOGOS: gazza goals
Athomas: yay ablett goals :D
stivenh92: gazza
ocat1979: but you don't lose points for clangers in dt, only sc
DreDre69: get flowered ablett
darcy: Corey massive quarter you think the Cats could crack 500 touches ?
Aldo03: ablett gonna get 120
TomRulz: ablett
quelt: mate mackie has 89.. i don't think he needs to do much more..
lynchy2_29: yeah corey, what a comeback
ComonWazza: half of geelomgs teams on fire
Macca9: stevie j is really upsetting me...
alex123711: wonamuzza goals again!!!!!!
DreDre69: bartel how about u touch the flowering footy
ROMANO: ABlett u champ
stivenh92: cats will break dt point record
ROMANO: NO he doesnt
GOGOS: i cant help but think back 2 tigers cats match
Kenny Boy: ummm jim?
OzMan: shower quarter bartel
ocat1979: alex, huh what are you on about?
joffa: ablett better get 120
darcy: 10 players under 50 so every player over 500 is going to be close Valenti and SJ for me worst night ever
vish: i love u corey, but johnson please lift
alex123711: lol joke, wonamuzza is the man tho
GOGOS: stevie j ure having a shocker
coughs2ric: dredre stupid stpid comment
Aldo03: DAMN i have ablett captian in SC not DT
darcy: Bartel 150 SC needed mate and Corey please die
palmer#10: andrew mackie will single handedly get me into the prelim
coughs2ric: you guys say the dumbest things ive ever heard
joffa: ablett SC score is shower
Aldo03: BYRNES give him the SPUD
TomRulz: opponent has mackie damn it
OzMan: die mackie
darcy: Mackie will be too much SJ 81 this half come on mate you can do it
dids: sj, my new inclusion for the week - nice start u
supastar93: oh no, ablett sc score :(
sikmoe: dt number 17 for geelong isnt haveing a good game like last week:P
Macca9: my opponent has mackie as well, and i've got wona, valenti and s johnson, its 89 - 80 and i'm losing. !!!!!!
quiminal: anyone else not able to see their opponent's team in SC? something's wrong with the site
juddy35: coughs2ric is a douche - nothing dumb about that
OzMan: supercoach is still flowered
shwarmas: lift steve johnson!
apg123: wow, u got playas to come though geez, only first game
DreDre69: shower ur pretty cool coughs2ric
cherries08: quimal - same
Judd@Blues: can you see ur opponents team during finals
OzMan: dean bailey sounds like a really nice man
Faruge: Evening Soap Dodgers
DreDre69: ive got lloyd so im pretyy much through
rusty15: ablett
Salisbury: its same for everyone
budgie63: Put the pig on Whelan, he's killing me!!
Tiger03: NICE flower QTR corey
rusty15: dont be mean to ling
cherries08: Bruce the best tagger goin around when he wants to
Safa: hey m0nty, i heard from a mate that richo's out for the season.... can you please clarify if this is true!?/????!!!!!!!
budgie63: I'm not being mean to him, I respect his talent and I'd like 2c him use it on Whelan
Tiger03: steve j good keep ur score under 30 plz
supastar93: dam you ablett, what do u call that sc score
angman: dw bout taggin bruce...get it urself!
moorey21: nothing wrong with Richo
GOGOS: safa heard the same thing supposedly did acl at training
rusty15: come on stevie
quelt: richo better not be out.....
darcy: SJ isn't cold he's flowering dead
GOGOS: but i thought they just did a light training on friday so dunno?
apg123: come on harley lift, i traded u cause of wat Heath Shaw done
OzMan: ablett <60 in SC at full time will be sweet!
cherries08: Richo would need a leg amputation to be out
dids: bartel & sj better do something this quarter!!
darcy: I have 5 mids in 1 game tomorrow Crazzo, Murphy, Stevens, kornes (captain) and Burgoyne haha
quelt: There is a rumour going around that BUDDY won't play due to a leadership group imposed suspension...
Safa: lol fair call cherries08, but yeh i got toldhe tore his hamstring off the bone!!!! just what i got told.
Drew04: Lol don't listne to anyone talking shower on here they are all clowns Richo is fine
1kenny: Cmon Stevey Johnson flower u no goals
cherries08: As long as
angman: cats players are lining up to kick a goal from hb line
rusty15: who wants to pick a fight with me
Aldo03: as is you have carrazzo i go 4 carlton and i hate him soo much he should be dropped for bentick
darcy: And Browne haha on ht pine
thehouse: Whelan 86, Bartel 62, Selwood 65, Lonergan 52 & Taylor 40...couldn't have asked for better value than that!!!
apg123: my score is 323-322, and last time we met, i bet him by 3 points, another close one i reckon
OzMan: carazzo is only second to that hack dane swan as clanger king
Kenny Boy: u serious rusty?
bunce1: scarlett, kelly, corey, enright, valenti....cats players rookk they pay off
jbomber: Why waste Cam Bruce on SJ? Let him loose Bailey!
darcy: Carrazzo is good for DT though but I would have prefrerd Ablett :( he was 4K less
Aldo03: i ahte carrazzo he is slow and turns it overa ll the time thanks for the stat ozman lol i like it
ComonWazza: apg123 what score did u get last round
darcy: OK new aims 80 for SJ 60 for Valenti and hopefully SJ gets a bin
stivenh92: johnson u alcho cmon u jew this is finals no flowern around now
Monah: die aldo
quelt: Quick Q for people, who is the worst player in your playing team?
apg123: uhh let me see
Ddazzler: Fevalenko...u beauty!
apg123: i scored 1953
Judd@Blues: stivenh92 u racist bastard
Bryce08: Jericho
cherries08: Jake King, Uruqhart
Affinity8: ban stivenh92 he is a racist c***. SJ isnt even jewish
dids: sj atm quelt - my new recruit
m0nty: Oscar Brownless looking a likely prospect in the Auskick
stivenh92: judd u arab
ComonWazza: last round i came 19th in AUs with 2306
rusty15: ablett push to a hundred this quarter
quelt: valenti for me
banana_bus: bruce off stevie
ComonWazza: bartel as captain
cody: calling someone a jew isnt racist you morons
stivenh92: 19 at ht in finals thats pathetic
apg123: who wanted to know my score and why
darcy: Johnson will explode you watch you can't keep guns quiet for the whole game
quelt: cody - the way it was used b4 was, but you are correct it isn't always..
Drew04: No one cares about Oscar Brownless
The MC: Jimmy!!!!!!!! Goal.
darcy: BRUCE OFF SJ ! Give Bate a spud
ComonWazza: bartel goal
m0nty: Nice goal Jimmy
Monah: shutup drew04 u jerk mOnty is allowed his say
quelt: Boys would be nice if ppl would refrain from using jew arab etc for comments, really not requiered.
GOGOS: any1 seen the mvie its so awesome
darcy: Bartel far out basically won me SC and lost me DT oh well semi's bring it knew this week would suck
vegieplus: Give Oscar Brownless the spud
dids: jimmmmmy!!
footy_wiz: my sc capt jimmy vs opponent capt gablett!
Jeremick: flower MAN, I picked up SJ this week
darcy: Bartel will smash Mackie
Luke: just a quick question - hungry jacks or mcdonalds?
GOGOS: i ratedbyrnes better don't have him b ut thought he was better
jbomber: Need Jimmy to shut up shop and Joel Corey to go bananas.
darcy: power off Corey
footy_wiz: hungry jacks with coupons!!!!! LOL
nleverin: same situation 4 me footy_wiz
quelt: mooney, complete passenger in the geelong team...
Monah: oi dids, wheres dids now u jerk?
m0nty: HJs without question
Isotopes: HJs
Snuffy: valenti hasnt sniffed it since quarter time....flower
darcy: Mooney sets up the whole forward line how can you say that
banana_bus: Dunn tagging Mackie now
darcy: Only team with passengers is the Pies (walks off stage)
Bryce08: Cmon Jones!!
nleverin: HJ Young Guns value meal 2.50
Luke: i just had a cheese whopper from HJs, it was slightly disappointing... i think i can trust maccas more with food quality
Aldo03: arrrg bartram is my new mortal enemy im relying to gablett this week
darcy: Corey go away grrrrrr SJ here we go mate time to shine
jbomber: Can you put a spud next to Melbourne Demons. Poor buggers are just way out of their league against the Cats
Snuffy: oi kenny boy u still there? jimmy is lifting for us
mitchc6: do u rekon geelong could hav the highest eva team score tonite
Kenny Boy: haha yes mate
rusty15: come on stokes stevey ablett bartel
Aldo03: good one darcy good to see u watch the footy show idiot
Kenny Boy: he's a king
darcy: mitch for sure Bartel SC ?
adam10: imagine having the whole geelong team in ur team this week:O
banana_bus: Dean Bailey is a joke. Get Valenti on the park!
darcy: Aldo haha damn it :)
RooBeauty: mooooney u hack just kick the goal u f""""""""in clown
quelt: what is valenti doing....???
darcy: Geelong by 150 will be close it's like when they used to smash Richmond
snagadelic: man i was gonna bench whelan for armfield
ComonWazza: geelong aalready at 290 posessions
dids: sj when your ready
darcy: Geelong 500 posessions would be crazy they have changed football
Kenny Boy: what would PC do if he was coaching against melbourne??? I'm backing us in!
quelt: my opponent has whelan, kelly, corey, mackie..... there goes my finals... valenti is killing me
Snuffy: valenti is single handedly costing me victorey!!! yaaaabbbbbeletttttttttt
darcy: dids yeh I reckon SJ could you get perhaps 10/500 touches COREY AHHHHHH DAMN
Kenny Boy: visser says hi snuffy!
GOGOS: 99-10
dids: kick the friggin goal yourself sj!
shwarmas: wtf steve johnson? i picked u up for didak this week, what is wrong with you? LOOK AT WHO YOU ARE PLAYING!!!!
Monah: thats coz ur a jerk quelt why wouldnt u have any of them are u dumb mate?
alias: who are melbourne's forwards...??? this team is a mess.
darcy: johnson yesssssssssssssssss
Snuffy: PC would pull somethin out of his big bag of tricks....dont ever doubt the supercoach
justinman: come on valentie
quelt: selwood is a gun, he is gonna be so good...
KouDogg: Valenti alive!
Luke: go jimmy and gaz!
supastar93: go garry, please beat jimmy b
Bryce08: boy selwood is a STAR
Jeremick: Please Stevie!!!!
darcy: Seriously he has to stop assisting them off him and Mooney have like a little comp going
rusty15: ablett
GOGOS: 105-10
rusty15: mooney
Bourky23: come on gaz
rusty15: good goal
Monah: thanks for that comment quelt nobody knew that
ROMANO: ermmmm....this game is kinda one sided
quelt: calm down monah, i have corey as captain im mereley pointing out that having all of them tongiht they are kikcing ass...
darcy: Why oh why did Chapman have to miss them game COME ON VALENTI Cats play Swans what a contrast
Snuffy: ah old mate viss, pass on my regards....are we seeing history being made here on footy's 150th birthday?
Aldo03: caroll worst player in the afl wouldnt get a game at eny other club not even geelongs reserves
darcy: Mark Blake on 61 basically some up the night
quelt: SJ getting kicks in defense???
Bourky23: dean bailey you jerk. put valenti on
Luke: haha this is the first and last time you'll see mark blake with a fire ball!
quelt: makcie bench
darcy: SJ beating Stokes is your new goal :)
GOGOS: stokes 60 by 3Qt
Monah: ill calm down when u smarten up jerk if u are relyin on valenti 2 win u games, better luck next year
therealmkd: trash can already out hahaha
Bryce08: BETS people, will mackie get 100?
Bourky23: its mackie not makcie quelt you jerk
shwarmas: cmon jimmy, 100 by 3 quater time please
dubberz: is chappy back next week?
dubberz: no didak, no shaw and no chapman and only 1 trade left :(
darcy: Corey please don't crack 110 ! yes Chappy back next week
lucas91: ahaha garbage time already
Snuffy: the pink pig strikes again
Luke: i love it when jim and gaz go up at the same time!
GOGOS: wona injured
Kenny Boy: corey is a freak!
Keza41: course mackie will score 100
Aldo03: qhy didnt notting play last week was he dropped please some1 tell me !!!!!!!!!
Monah: quelt has severe thrush
Tiger03: just give bartell the back to back charlie now
seanmorr: wona hurt
darcy: Bryce ummmm yeh I think so mate Johnson 50 by the siren come on
Isotopes: mackie just got 100
darcy: mOnty every player needs a bin tonight
banana_bus: Mackie ton
slinks: there's mackie's 100
darcy: Lade gives me another zero god I hate Mark Williams you reckon Ward is a chance at late replacement
lucas91: bartel! bring on the capt points, corey go go go, and valenti go go go
Bourky23: who else has mackie? if you don't you're a fruitcake
Jeremick: cmon johnson. junk time!!!!
Kenny Boy: if they added the colour yellow to the melbourne guernsey this might be half enjoyable to watch!
chaps40: Tiger ill bet u 1k bartel doesnt win charlie, no chance
darcy: Come on Valenti 60 mate ! SJ starting to get into it an hour late
Monah: bourky23 only smart guy here
Snuffy: cmon snooze get off the grass
jumse: ive got mackie ling and bartel
darcy: Mackie was never cheap this year and I wasted $ on Cornes before he did :(
jordan: gablett sc score?
darcy: chaps him and Ablett are bloody close
RooBeauty: valenti goal
adam10: if we dont have mackie your a fruitcake wtf? his unique its like me saying if you dont have wheatley your a fruitcake
supastar93: come on gablett
chaps40: ive got mackie, corey and ling
quiminal: bartel very quiet
darcy: Blake is NEARLY beating my Valenti and SJ combined WTF
Monah: shutup adam10 u jerk
shefx: ive got makie corey and bartel luckly so far
GOGOS: my 2nd team has mackie milburn gablett corey bartel taylor haha true
Snuffy: u little ronny coot valenti!!!!!!!!!!
Bourky23: mackie dominates every week adam10 you jerk.. its criminal to not to have him.. wheatley LOL you can't be serious
darcy: Valenti you star
Aldo03: u shut up monash idiot
slinks: jimmy's wasting away in forward line!
adam10: your tuff monah.. i better shut up:O pfft go suck your mums tit
dizzydog: go whelan only good thing in this game for me
Rilian: Blake is off injured..
Monah: aldo03......take a breather mate
ajwilliams: i'd say black is closer to ablett than bartel for charlie
adam10: nothing wrong with having Wheatley. Serverd me beautifully!
dubberz: gaz play a captains game for me!
slinks: Rilian: just blake in ruck
Rilian: ..Not anymore though!
darcy: Wheatly has nearly same average and not many have 380K spare for backlines mate alwilliams are you on crack
Bourky23: leave monah alone aldo you jerk
jumse: who the flip is number 85?
banana_bus: Haha who is no 85?
m0nty: back on the footy guys
dubberz: 85 wtf
m0nty: Taylor is #85
darcy: sj come on kick a goal
seanmorr: who the hell is guernsey no 85 for cats
buddy: come on captain gablet
The MC: Harry Tylor is 85 lol!!!!!~!~~!
slinks: love taylor's no 85! highest seen in AFL for a long time!
adam10: were does it say number 85?
trumbers9: taylor
Aldo03: Taylor is 85
ComonWazza: harry taylor
GOGOS: taylor
darcy: sj a late goal would put you on 50 come on
adam10: were are use getting this number 85 from?
CARN_CROWS: Cats for a 150 point win in celebration of the AFL
Monah: ur quick arent u Aldo
berkna: only limited number of jumpers and talyor had blood on his usual jumper, hence 85
TomRulz: go me
adam10: y does he have the number 85?
darcy: Number 85 are you serious !!!!! Valenti come on mate
supastar93: cmon gablett.....LIFT!!!!!!!!
The MC: TV. some people actually watch the games rather than sit on the comp.
GOGOS: stokes u hack cmon
TigerGlory: Joel Corey 75 SC. On track for a 100+ game, which is good, hes my captain!!
slinks: give mackie a star or gun or somethin!
darcy: HAHAHA TAYLOR JUST SAW HIM ! Prismall easiest job in AFL just runs around racking them up
DaBomb74: pushh onn gablett need a big ton from you mate
Bourky23: how hot is josh hunt.. lovely rig on him
adam10: na havent been watching 2nd half
rusty15: ablett lift same with u stokesand stevey
GOGOS: i watch and look on my laptop
alex123711: lol giv every player a trash can, this game was over b4 it started..
Aldo03: ablett injured?
therealmkd: garbage can n.jones, bald twit
adam10: wtf monty garbage can for lonergan?? he kicked 3 in the first quater ?
GOGOS: darcy he makes it look easy not extremely asy
berkna: lonergan had fireball at half time, doesn't deserve trash can
slinks: ablett copped a boot on his arm - trodden on
dubberz: gaz fine
TomRulz: lift valenti u spud
The MC: Ablett stood on but is fine.
Monah: give Aldo a trash can
m0nty: Mackie is just going and going
TomRulz: give bate the spud
Bourky23: haha give monah the gun
snagadelic: whelan ton 3/4 time
GOGOS: the bin shows hes fit
TomRulz: siren
shefx: do u think makiw would be scoring as well with milburn in the side ?
rusty15: give byrnes the spud hes playin a shocker
Bourky23: and give josh hunt the hot symbol ;)
The MC: Only Mackie in this game, imagine my projected lol.
Aldo03: hahahahah good 1 monah soo funny i cant stop laughing
shefx: makie that is
therealmkd: as you said monty, mackie best B
alex123711: all of geelong hav the chapman/ gablett haircut, i think its a tactic..
dids: sj doubled his score that quarter, hopefully he does it again this quarter
coughs2ric: go longergan keep it up son, i love u
Monah: carn monty give me the gun
Macca9: someone put a bullet in mackie's head, please...
m0nty: that's a good point shefx
The MC: Projected score: 3710, would settle for that.
TFLUA-Tige: maric loves the last bit of each quarter
seanmorr: bit early for the star monty
Spazb0t: Cmon SJ, 40+ more points for Q4
Monah: get over it aldo it wasnt that funny
slinks: hope jimmy gets thrown back into the middle for last qtr - loves his rubbish time
adam10: No , Monty has it all wrong. The garbage bag definition is did it when the pressure was off? He kicked 4 goals in the1st
TomRulz: bourky23 ur a dikhed
Luke: maric is a gun
darcy: SJ 80 Valenti 60 would be alrite way to start the weekend ! Bartel SC ?
Dinham10: how could geelong possibly play people like rooke, gamble, stokes, hunt over pismall he is awesome
GOGOS: well stokes has been a dissapointment atleast i got whelan mackie and corey
msd_lp91: gogogo gablett, selwood and wona!
darcy: SJ do what you did 2 fiday nights ago son
Aldo03: yeah no shower
Bourky23: how big are josh hunts arms
Safa: monty, news on richo? or was it all a false alarm??
dids: bartel, finish off like how u started, another 45 this quarter
TheBattler: was gonna get mackie this week, but went for kepler bradley at the last second. a tactical decision really
tommo: i have bartel (c) mackie and corey :)
lynchy2_29: yew corey
rusty15: can u give ablett plus 20
The MC: Different game style players, Dinham.
Luke: jimmy 120+ gaz 100+ please
rusty15: and stevey and stokes
mitchc6: byrnes is the only spud from geelongs lit
MuscatFC: kepler? nice one :S
Bourky23: TomRulz haha more like TomSux... jerk
darcy: Dinham different roles Wojinsci takes his spot no point in thinking about overall scores Geelong make them higher than t
m0nty: Richo is Richo. He'll soldier on.
TomRulz: aldo u cant talk
jumse: stokes to have a big last quater, he is the ultimate garbage man
GOGOS: any1 else got whelan
J-Ro: need valenti to lift. going to be a tough task though vs geelong
darcy: they seem :) BRB to watch SJ kick 4 late in the final term
rusty15: bourky23 ur a dike
banana_bus: Byrnes is a spud full stop. Dont know why hes in the team.
oddsok: dammittttttttttt!!!!! opponent has joel corey captain
therealmkd: watch stokes junk time specialist
Harvey_29: hope prismall gets traded then i will get him in dreamteam cause he will be a certain starter
Safa: yeh but is he acutally injured?
GOGOS: probably just bad teams haha
torResz: ysofat
msd_lp91: corey slow down son! i have you but you are my opponents cpt!
rusty15: monty answer my question
Aldo03: any1 here get huge supercoach scores last week?
bunce1: corey 130, scarlett 110, kelly 100, enright 95? valent 60 odd>>>ntb
Sam23: Shoulda been 2 tackles for Mackie then - instead - none. LOL what a joke.
buddy: please saint garry life to at leest 100 as my captain
hawks15: go jimmy get 50 points like u did last qtr last week!
Dinham10: yes i guess but i couldnt leave him out of my team he just has so much class
Monah: rusty 15 cant handle my firey biscuits....jerk
TomRulz: i feel sorry 4 prismal
coasters: who didnt get a huge SC last week Aldo03... it was a very easy week for SC
TomRulz: hawks15 i know where u live
slinks: bartel back in the guts!
paste: 45
rusty15: monah u f.a.g.o.t
TomRulz: monah do u want 2 go me biatch
Aldo03: wat did u get coaster?
paste: Monah is from egypt
TomRulz: monty pleez ban monty hes being very mean 2 my bro
adam10: monty can u kick heros off that just fight recking the game!
Monah: mate if ur gonna say biatch uve got ur own problems
DALZIELL!!: bartel better beat corey's score
Interista: how's Ablett ??????
banana_bus: Byrnes such a spud
adam10: Monty, For everyones pleasure kick Monah off.
DaBomb74: big qtr ablett plzzz
Rilian: Byrnes deserves a spud (from a Geelong supporter)!
banana_bus: Ablett playing forward
KouDogg: Yes agree Dalziell cmon Jimmy!!
coasters: 2290SC 2150DT Aldo03
Bourky23: adam10 you're being the jerk, not monah
hoazi: f.u.c.k u monah
GuNs_matt: hassan
tommo: good goal johnson
Monah: hah sweet goal
RIBBONALDO: wow wee what a goal
trumbers9: out comes the gun
tommo: thats been done so many times this year
paste: Hey Monah, what's it like living in a pyramid
Bryce08: do something jimmy!!!
dubberz: GARY lift
jumse: stokesy here he comes
therealmkd: as i said stokes trash can man
adam10: How am i being the jerk? I aint startn little pussy fights on the INTERNET like he is. Go suck his plow
Monah: cmon jimbob
The MC: Here comes Stokesy the junk-time king!
GuNs_matt: far out captain jimmy!!
J-Ro: cmon stop bickering and get back to talking about footy
GOGOS: go stokesy boy
Jeremick: you can do it stevy
adam10: Exaclty 100 points(Y)
Homeless: cmon jimmy and stevie J
buddy: gablet get the flower up
Bourky23: i want josh hunts plow
adam10: Cmon HWeatley need u to his the ton
coasters: I dont reckon gablett will play the game out... prob rest him for last 10 mins?
adam10: Wheatley*
Monah: gimme some sweet hunt plow im licking my lips
adam10: Geelong tanking?
RIBBONALDO: fair call coasters
The MC: Stokes again, I told you, junk-time master!
Bryce08: bartel come ON!!
therealmkd: yes boring but i demand the trash can stokesy
GOGOS: go stokesy u superstar
adam10: Monty, Please kick Monah and Bourky23 off!
Homeless: cmon ablett just 20 points
Mickazor: why would u garbage lonergan? he kicked a few in the first...
buddy: gablet gone?
Monah: why even waste ur time and say that adam10 not even funny
cherries08: Give Ablett the moth balls!!!!
KouDogg: Cmon Bartel!!!
GOGOS: 29pts in 4;17 seconds unbelievable
Kenny Boy: surely taylor gets the spud for wearing 85 haha what a laugh!
adam10: You think im trying to be funny. Just watch the game man
RIBBONALDO: ablett is still out there
Bryce08: Monty: trash can is unnecessary because Geelong are too good, what do you want their players to do, stop running?
J-Ro: cmon bartel u girl
seanmorr: bartel on bench i reckon
banana_bus: this is a shower DT quarter
Luke: it's now so depressing with jim and gaz that i don't want to watch the game
Snuffy: silly comment kenny boy, very immature
tommo: stokes again lol
Kenny Boy: whats Jim doing for us?
banana_bus: such a shower DT quarter unless u have stokes flower
jumse: and this is why i love stokesy
atw0001: stokes the garbage man
The MC: Junk-time lord now!!!!
Harvey_29: whos the guy that picked this junk time from stokes
bunce1: stokes again!!!!
RIBBONALDO: bartel will come on and go BANG
lfctorres9: hey banana_bus what do you make of your players performance's so far?
sikmoe: most deserved tash can to stokes, WELL DONE MONTY!!
GOGOS: i love stokes
dids: cmon jimmy
The MC: *cough*
csajjj: suck on that ablett
T-Roy53: wheres jimmy gone?
Bourky23: lift gaz
csajjj: hahaha
Keza41: ah ablett
RIBBONALDO: he is on the bench, but he will be back on shortly u would think
Luke: jb was on like 75 at the start of the second quarter, this is apalling
Monah: lift adam10
Harvey_29: jimmy got all his pts in 1st and 3rd quarters
J-Ro: jimmy is $hit this quarter where is he??
Isotopes: ablett on track to drop 40K
J-Ro: jimmy is s.hit this quarter where is he??
TFLUA-Tige: Maric make 90, bartel 100 at least
Homeless: cmon jimmy 20-30 points
jumse: bartel is playing up forward
Cruiseon: Just heard Symmonds is out for Richmond
slinks: jimmy's on the bench! get him back on NOW!
Harvey_29: good work bailey, ur plan clearly worked trying to tag ablett bartel and corey u hero
vegieplus: Bartel you tosser ....lift
sethalbert: all you flowering idiots saying cmon jimmy more points where have you gone, why would you risk him your up by over 100
Bryce08: bartel sighting!!
GOGOS: is simmonds out?
adam10: Is Simmonds seriously out?
sethalbert: points get a clue fcuk bags
Keza41: everyone in geelong going to score over 50???
slinks: whoops! just saw him up forward
chaps40: leave bartel on the bench!! ha ha muppets
RIBBONALDO: i saw him
seanmorr: jimmys busting them now
Cruiseon: yep, there was doubt but he's officially out
Jimmy Z: valenti!!
shea1987: simmonds isnt out lol
Bryce08: freaking valenti get lost
Monah: ohh my god adam10 how dumb are u he didnt even spell it right for starters
Imziee: yeh guys its true, simmonds is out this week and possibly out for the season
hirdyisgod: has ablett come back on?
maras.dogs: there is cum all over my screen, mackie traded in, corey capt. +ablett
jamezz: mackie green legends mooney not so much
adam10: Monah wtf? It doesnt matter about the spelling mate, I heard he wasnt going to play or was a 50/50 chance
KouDogg: Valenti!!!!!
chaps40: same maras dogs, mackie, corey capt and ling for me
jbomber: Stevie J a couple of junk time goals PLEASE...
dizzydog: your a sad man maras.dogs just pay for a hooker
shwarmas: bartel!! lift!! please!!
Interista: MONTY !!!!! can you start banning people for making false stories about outs ????
vegieplus: Bartel you flog
Chronorox: theres gotta be 2 tackles to bartel in that
adam10: Lmao Dizzydog great call!
jbomber: or whack off to porn... not DT scores.
maras.dogs: yeah mackie and corey are my hookers, just like internet porn..dont tell me you dont slap the monkey mate
KouDogg: Bartel -1 for the quarter wtf
Monah: ur not crying are u adam?
buddy: monty give garry a heart!
apg123: wats with bartel
Harvey_29: giv byrnes the spud
Anbu: Wtf bartel, touch the freaking ball
ComonWazza: bartels probleming is that he is just losing his feet
Jay Neeson: why give garry the heart, not even hurt, gees some of you are gg.ay obsessing over your icons
DreDre69: bartel lining up
csajjj: go bartel
The MC: Jimmy free kick 30m out.
Jeremick: cmon JOHNSON. Get more somehow, some how
itsduff: yay jimmy
RIBBONALDO: jb jimmy bartel, its jimmy
adam10: Monah give me your msn. Ill add you we'll talk there, Organise a place to meet. Just enjoy the game. Whats your msn?
Spazb0t: Hate when DT players are 'rested' in forward line
Isotopes: there now all stuck F.UCKING winging
apg123: 1 geelong player less then 50
seanmorr: thank god for that jimmy
Bryce08: jimmy!!
J-Ro: ffs this quarter from jimmy looks like the end of my whole season
The MC: Check out the depth in Geelong's SC scores =O
apg123: no one now less then 50
shwarmas: m0nty, do u have archives of every game? because i think joel corey has got the gun symbol the most out of anyone...
dillon: Omg Ablett was so crap
KouDogg: hit 100 jimmy!!!!
raisedfist: oi neeson, tell muff to EAT IT!!!!!
snagadelic: gibbs twice as good as selwood stupid commentators love him
dylan123: so what did everyone think of jeff whites game? will he stay in the team???
adam10: Yer Monah thort you were to scared to give me your msn. You pussy you keep blappin on fanfooty pussy.
Bourky23: ban adam10 monty, he's a jerk
Jay Neeson: muff isnt here, but is eating it, MACKIE forever
footycool: bomberda you there
Cruiseon: Snagadelic is blind, Selwood worthe 3 Gibbs & I dont even suport Geelong
Monah: ill stomp u into the ground mate
footycool: wow geelong lowest score is 51 wow
strauchy: selwood is the best young player in the afl.. much better than gibbs and palmer! by along way! they dont compare
Kenny Boy: come on ladies lets just enjoy the wonderful world of fantasy footy :)
Anbu: Opponet has corey selwood and ablett, im screwed!
raisedfist: I LOVE POINTS! ...and obviously so do mackie and corey....
RIBBONALDO: he is hopeless dylan123
Chronorox: How the **** was that 50m? Thats digusting
Bryce08: 50 metre penalty is a JOKE these days
Cruiseon: My grandma passed away but its ok, it was 14 years ago!
paste: why don't u take a dick up your a#@! Keeny boy
coasters: cats forwards all had a quiet game... johnson, mooney, lonergan, gamble... shows their goal kicking depth
Jeremick: flowering hell sj. do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
snagadelic: lot easier to play at geelong gibbs will be the best player in the afl
KouDogg: Jimmy 1 more mate cmon!!
Snuffy: pipe down kenny flowered off by jimmys effort!
Homeless: damit stevie J
GuNs_matt: byrnes for spud!! or carroll
csajjj: f off ablet you cheap biatch
lynchy2_29: joel corey is the biggest gun ever
Bourky23: do a barrel roll
The MC: Abett made 100.
Keza41: everyone in geelong over 50 points
sikmoe: ablett!!
tommo: stevie!!
Jimmy Z: stevie J!!!
Keza41: stevie J!!
Isotopes: stevvviieeeeee
Kenny Boy: ur name is paste and u cant spell
thedaveyb: good game for me corey (c), green, ablett, maric
shwarmas: that is serious junk time stats from ablett
The MC: Geelong most ever disposals in AFL/VFL history.
Jeremick: What'd SJ do?
cookiez: how many?
yogibbear: my barrel is bigger than corey's
bunce1: bartells been srap just 20 disposals
Jeremick: I see, Coolio. SJ!!!!!
Jimmy Z: he kicked a goal
raisedfist: go the cattas!!!!
Homeless: damn u bomber thompson
tommo: damn no 100 for jimmy
Homeless: damn it bartell finished on 99
GOGOS: they didnt count stokeses tackle
Spazb0t: Freaking thompson putting bartel in the forward line for over a quarter...
Athomas: Damb Ablett Capt in SC. Good work in DT Though.
Jeremick: damn I hate Valenti
shwarmas: dissapointing finish jimmy...
bunce1: another 100 for my star player enright
Isotopes: is the SIMMONDS rumour true????
Monah: cya adam love u xx
cherries08: You guys are so fickle. Valenti has saved your alpss the last fortnight
slinks: jimmy only scored 54 for three qtrs
malteaser: hate it when you have abblett in one team and not in the other and opp has him
freakycats: if bartel didnt get a free at the start of the quarter he would be on 100 + all his marks he droppped
Bourky23: take ur jumper off josh hunt.. i want to see that rig
jamezz: thank god for mackie and green
Mathew012: Where did people read about the Simmonds rumour? I can't find anything about it.
apg123: in 2-3 years, Joel Selwood is gonna win a Brownlow
RIBBONALDO: simmonds is fine
Jaco23: wtf mackie doesnt deserve stat selwood does. did u watch the game monty
Jaco23: star*
footy_wiz: who's 85 for geelong?
snagadelic: what is the simmonds rumour is he not playing?
Cruiseon: simmonds is out with a knee, maybe season but thats not confirmed
freakycats: last comment
freakycats: harry taylor is *85 for geelong wooooo last comment
snagadelic: selwood was rnning arond on his own all night
Jay Neeson: mackie was the star, dominated at start when it mattered
Sam23: Selwood def. BOG not mackie.
rinski: track
darcy: Selwood 3 votes for sure !
xztatik: Mackie=star. Sick of Champion data rippin me off of tackles, first Stanton 2weeks ago now Bartel 2nite.
footy_wiz: lol blake got more than ablett in sc
dids: getting selwood next year is a must
Macca9: give selwood the star... super game.
footy_wiz: who want's the last comment
footy_wiz: *wants
dids: harry taylor will be a gun
mitchc6: getting jack watts next year is a must
Jay Neeson: nani= star
raisedfist: if only wojac was playing that game, he would have dominated for sure. im talkin 100+ oooh yeah!
dids: chapman would of made 150 points if he played
raisedfist: nani!!! what a coost
lhayes07: last comment
dids: hey hey hey
raisedfist: chops says that the cyborg twins from super international cricket would have owned! same with G. Allen
The Big Y: prsmall is finally getting the game time, what a gun!
ocat1979: joel selwood bog on triple m
xztatik: last comment?
dids: damn valenti & sj, gone down, the games over, wtf
ocat1979: triple m worst was jeff white, and that was by the loin chop!
xztatik: wojo=shower, champion data=flowerin shower
dids: pickle onions rock
xztatik: what the valenti -3?
msd_lp91: yeh i would have given selwood the star for sure, he was better than mackie imo
dids: sj -2 as well,
export: harry i love you
coughs2ric: last comment
vanlo: shouldn't the entire cats team have trash cans next to them? junk time started in the 2nd quarter!
Jay Neeson: nani= star
msd_lp91: SELWOOD FOR THE STAR, he got the hard ball, mackie was great but he got so many cheap mark-kicks
louie_loc: what a gamee
louie_loc: nah mackie star defss
jamezz: mackie :)
stivenh92: corey!
cr36: hi
Faruge: M0nty wtf is going on with lethal league?
Faruge: m0nty that lethal league is on the blink again
bartel_3: shouldn't the enitre geelong team have guns and stars next to them ?? they r unstoppable