Chat Log: R17, Geelong 12.16.88 d Hawthorn 11.11.77

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mattmiss: whats wrong with milburn monty?
WOODYG: virus/sick, big loss, go cats
mattmiss: weak, poor effort
mattmiss: i was hoping for a full squad this week :(
m0nty: Plenty of blokes not 100% fit tonight: Mitchell, Lewis, Mackie...
vegieplus: m0nty how come you aren't at the game?
m0nty: I'll wait for the finals I think
OzMan: Ladson, Birchall, Franklin, Gamble and Bartel, big scores please! cheers
Homeless: dammit as if my backline wasnt already raped now ive lost millburn
vegieplus: darn made Cox cpt instead of Bartel
essendon11: Milburn :(
stman: bartel has 10 point big deal
seanmorr: ffs milburn wona who else aaaahhhh
m0nty: 2 FA to Buddy already
OzMan: damn franklin already given away 2 frees, overrated turd
adamchild: this is why Calvin from DT Talk hats buddy!
essendon11: lonergan my emergency for milburn lol
antsnest3: what wrong with milburn, does anyone know?
adamchild: hey chook...
Xie54: Damn, Osborne -3
OzMan: buddy the poofter better kick this
MightyQuin: Why do you say darn Vegie... taht is a good move.... it is only 5 mins in mate settle down :)
sappyDog: buddyman
Xie54: I wish banme.Iamaflog had a live streaming of this game
Isotopes: virus
Ropes: Buddy the poofter kicks it. :)
djch00k: hey adamchild
Juddgy: buddy goal
lazyupton: take a risk, put gamble on franklin a a a a a ha
antsnest3: thanks isotopes
Xie54: Has Osborne given away two frees? He was -3 then 0 now -3 again
vegieplus: MQ I was worried about the injury rumours, but Bartel is killing at the moment
djch00k: couldn't decide between jimmy and joel for captain... went with joel... early days
LeFtBehinD: Ladson tagging Bartel!? flower yes! Bartel 150+
OzMan: Ladson better get the ball himself
msd_lp91: wtf osbourne
Xie54: Birchall!
OzMan: d.ickhead birchall
adamchild: i'm sick of stevie j being unselfish..
The Rowse: hey monty can you fix up the richmond team sheets. you have richo as not playing.
Juddgy: johnson goal
adamchild: as he kicks a goal! haha
OzMan: jordan lewis, what a retard
djch00k: i know, adamchild, i'm surprised stevie didn't pick that up and handball to someone instead of soccering it through
Titans: flower off bartel, costing me finals atm
Jeremick: Cmon Corey:)
Drew04: Lol what asuprise. Changed to Bartel as capt last week and Corey scores more. hange TO bartel this week and he is chopin
vegieplus: Go Ellis
richskee: Osborne?
Xie54: Corey to Mackie to Chappy... perfect
adamchild: joel corey = handball happy
Xie54: chappy!!
adamchild: chhhappppyyy!
djch00k: not as much chat as usual... guess everyone is at the game!
supastar93: come on osborne!!!
Esoteric: or don't want to know the score so they can watch it later
vegieplus: Get a wriggle on Taylor
Jeremick: Cmon Birchall, more marks buddy
Xie54: Go for goal, Birch... stuff setting up Buddy
ROMANO: best foward for sc is brennan brown bradshaw pavlixh okeef jb
LeFtBehinD: flower I wish I had mackie, my backline fails every week.
plumo10: cmon chap
sappyDog: i hope osborne gets a zero
adamchild: mooney = pdt.. good boy!
Xie54: FFS what is osborne smoking
richskee: OSBORING! ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
OzMan: get the fu.cking ball ladson
ROMANO: what does pdt mean
Xie54: YAY Osborne got a kick
GO PIES: i was gonna bring in Mackie 4 chad but went Drummond so nxt week i can do Palmer 2 Swan,mayb i was wrong
chadwick: why is milburn out? Right for next week?
supastar93: hello michael osborne???
shazza: wheres taylor?
Xie54: Put em through chappy
Xie54: Chappy deserves a hot sun, monty python
vegieplus: The Cats look unbeatable - so much depth
plumo10: i love u chapman
Xie54: Good man
mads magic: come on Osborne & roughhead damn you both
Findisona: Ofcourse I changed my captain from Bartel this week
ROMANO: bartel 150 dt watch
vegieplus: Taylor on fire now
djch00k: pdt = premium dream team
mads magic: Bartel is a star ! could he get 150+ dt pts ?
Xie54: "Hunted down well by Osborne" They better give him a tackle then
stman: this is the first game of the round no use cryin till your other players have played GO PIES
machomann2: stevie goal
OzMan: steve johnson, alcoholic hero somone knock the c.unt out
Juddgy: geelong teasing hawks now
Xie54: Mackie goes to Chappy... pushed in the back... put it through chappy
OzMan: ladson you fu.ckwit
Keza41: let's go chapman and johnson gotta make up for milburn... lift williams and Ladson!!
mads magic: Surely the only way is up for Osborne & Roughie after 1/4 time.
GO PIES: wat a boring game,stil betta than watching betta homes & gardens bloody channel 7
mads magic: OzMan thats twice you've sworne. wish you could report people
Hammer: All this without Ablett too...
Esoteric: haha its more than twice
lionspro: what was wrong with Milburn guys?
ROMANO: every single player in gellong can reach 25 by quarter time execept for rooke
mads magic: Hawks aint as good as they are saying. What a dip in form the last 4 weeks
Tiger03: hawks should win this
ROMANO: yeah tv boring now
tigermania: milburn has a cold soft cock
GO PIES: u mean all this without ablett,ling,wojcinski and milburn (and egan but he hasnt played this yr so doesnt really count)
lazyupton: guerra set for a big one, first time in hes scored over 10 in a qtr for 8 qtrs
mads magic: Bartel, Corey & Franklin are doing well for me, just want Roughie & Osborne to improve. confident they will.
porkyhq: hey yoks, told ya the pussy cats would belt-em!
Juddgy: Gee long are a bunch of freaks
mads magic: whats the free kick count ? it does seem the top team always gets looked after by the umps
essendon11: wood love to get 400 out of hunt lonergan franklin and osbourne =)
mads magic: Porky - winning by 3 goals isnt exactly belting them. now if its by 6 at 1/2 time then it could be that
donners4: 10-4 Geelong Free kicks
mads magic: just want osborne to get 50+ He needs a decent 2nd quarter
vegieplus: Gilham meet Rooke, negativity speed dating
Juddgy: fat chance essendon
tommyg: Heyyy
djch00k: have bartel, corey, mitchell and ellis... pretty much guarenteed one of my blokes will win centre clearance
porkyhq: top team is usually first to the ball
Xie54: Osborne got another kick, amazing!
tommyg: Any crow fans???
Xie54: Wow, awesome start by Corey this qtr
Juddgy: stevie just went from 44 to 28 in supercoach
mads magic: I have Osborne, Franklin, Roughie, Corey & Bartel in the DT. 400-500 between em and i be greatfull
Bull8: happy chapy ;0)
porkyhq: mads magic- we all know what these cats get up to in their second halves? these pussys are good!
tommyg: Hi samm
Xie54: Chappy is the first to fifty!
mads magic: roughie !
Juddgy: buddy lining up
Duffy132: power of tommyg
Esoteric: better be one of buddys accurate days
Esoteric: damn
machomann2: buddy shokker, supd
Juddgy: dont think it will be esoteric
Xie54: Corey pinned for holding the ball... boo
mads magic: franklin will never be accurate, his kicking style is very average. His run out to the left will always stuff him up.
tommyg: goooo buddy
vegieplus: Franklin might pull off a good DT game tonight
Robger: yea coz mads magic u no everything dont u! i love to see the day wen buddy gets an accurate kick to power u off
Bull8: Bateman and Franklin good WA boys , way to go eagles!!!
amobema: corey 2 FA?? wtf
Xie54: that free kick was apparentally against bartel, not corey... why did corey lose three pts? they had better fix it up at
GO PIES: Xie54, they did fix the corey free up coz he got a handball but just got +5 so he got the 3 points back 4 the free kick
Xie54: yeah, probably
Xie54: Jimmy's lightin' up the 'G
vegieplus: I feel sick with my cpt choice......I should've stuck with Jimmy
Chronorox: Beaudy! Bartel and Corey travelling nicely
mads magic: if bartel isnt on 75 dt pts by 1/2 time i'll eat my hat live on youtube
Ropes: Gamble limping off
GO PIES: god i shoulda stuck wit corey instead of rooey
amobema: joel corey, 3rd +5 in the last 3 updates :):):D
richskee: Whats up wit Cats abusing umps? hahaha
Quadcore: Franklin goals yay
Juddgy: buddy goal
Chronorox: Sup, my ANZ boys.
Quadcore: Corey + 6 :) good captain choices
mads magic: if ROughie can some how get to 40 dt pts by 1/2 time then he'd have a great 2nd term
Jeremick: cmon Birdshower
plumo10: jimmy capt, corey and chap i love u boys, f.uck i love u
Xie54: I refuse to put Birchall in my team next year... I've had him in each of his three seasons, but he hasn't improved
Keza41: ladson you hero!
Xie54: Just as I say that, Birchall starts scoring
Xie54: corey!!! oh my
amobema: joel corey on fiiiiiiiyyyyaaaa
richskee: Finnaly Osbore awakes from the dead! +6
Ropes: Bugger ya Chappy
Esoteric: donno why i was scared of having too many geelong players. the more the merrier
jmeery: is gamble gone for the game?
Xie54: Yes, Mitchell back to 50
Tiger03: cmon hodgy wtf is this
Xavier: Is Bartel on the ground?
amobema: COREY omg
Ropes: Nah I'd say he'd be back on the second half.
vegieplus: Tip for tomorrow Summer Daze in Sydney Race 5
mads magic: damn forgot I also have Ellis from hawks lol
Bull8: Bartel on 66 got your hat ready??? hahaa
vegieplus: Ellis good stuff
r00b0y18: i've got corey.. yeoww.. but i have hodge too.. boooooo
GO PIES: go ellis finally doin sumthin
hunty999: where's X's fire ball....hes goin well!!!
Bull8: oh 69
Ropes: Gamble has marked, so he is back on. LOL
Xie54: Chappy out for the game? :(
Chronorox: Gamble kicks it into the man on the mark from point blank XD
port42: chappy hammy
Tiger03: omg chapman
Chronorox: Chappy off with a hammy!
Ropes: chappy is gone
supastar93: no chappy, no!!
Keza41: will chappy be right after half time?
Esoteric: my radio station sucks. they havent even picked it up yet
hunty999: jimmy hat eating!! lol
r00b0y18: whats everybody's take on who is going to win?
mads magic: if you go up the race with a happy your night is over !
Ropes: gamble goal this time!!!!!
Bull8: oh no cant beleave the injuries in my team jonhcock and bergie dont help !!!!!
Esoteric: reminds me of chappy v richmond last year, but it was 70 points in a quarter
mads magic: yes hunty. i was gettng ready with my had
turts111: see ya chappy u DT retard
richskee: chapman!!!! hamstring!!!grrrr
tigermania: red cross for chappy, hes f.ucked
vegieplus: Chapman you tosser
GO PIES: i love u ellis
Tiger03: thank god im playing a terrible person in league
Tiger03: chapman could be back u beauty
Chronorox: Bartel just makes 75...I was looking forward to that hat eating!
Bull8: Chapy is Mr perfect every week good score
Ropes: Chappy could be back on!!!
mads magic: me 2 tiger. only cos i have roughie & osborne. all the rest in tonight are going well
lazyupton: chapman stretching n getting rubbed, still a chance
hunty999: DT retard....hes on 70 b4 half time u idiot!!! ppl do get injuerd!!!
vegieplus: Ellis two thumbs up
Bull8: SC only 57 eat 1/2 a hat hhaa ha
krajit06: flowering osbourne -3
Esoteric: hope hawks lift so that they are forced to play chappy. otherwise he wont be risked
GO PIES: will u marry me ellis???
Keza41: from 9 to 48 Ladson you gun... hope chappy can come bak even though i'm vs. some1 sh*t
mads magic: any chance Hodge's partner is in labour as we speak ?
vegieplus: Ellis is a confirmed bachelor
Bull8: no he only go 4 guys!!
K-Train29: i have chapman, have fingers crossed
Matty88: haha Rooke on -9 in SC, sucks to be him
Athomas: Hmmm should gone Bartel capt. Hope chappy comes back. Good work Cyril, Franklin, Guerra!
turts111: he's old... i was saying whoever has got him are DT retard's
Athomas: LOL lucky i didn't trade Cornes for Osbourne ;)
tigermania: corey 52 points that qtr
K-Train29: i have mitchell, ladson, bartel, mackie, chapman and steve johnson in this game.
atw0001: yer rooke is the biggest spud ever
Ropes: Doc says Chappy could come back, COULD*
turts111: do u want a medal k-train??
lazyupton: chapmans only like 26 lol, just coz he has no hair
Bull8: old chapy hahah 70 in a 1/2 young osbourne -3 hahah I take chapy fool
tigermania: chapman does a hammy once or twice every season, you pick him up thats the risk you take
K-Train29: nar mate.
vegieplus: Rooke is either a prime Pontiac or Sebago potato...makes Mr Potato Head look elite
tommo: runescape
tommo: zezima and yogosun
turts111: good, stop telling us all your whole team... we dont care
tommo: yu-gi-oh
mads magic: bull - osborne has 28. can you not read ?
Juddgy: stevie j got -17 that qtr
K-Train29: that time of the month turts?
turts111: chappy is not good... i went 4 delidio instead, that
dizzydog: rioli not to get 50 ??
Bull8: I take chappys 1600 pts this year old bugger he is
turts111: proves why i'm one of the best going around
Bull8: sry SC is -3
K-Train29: do u want a medal turts?
Zeratul: btw, i have franklin, bartell, ellis and chapman... go go go... wheres croad? dead? oh noes, rooke! my week is ruined, i
vegieplus: Turts self praise is no recommendation
lazyupton: chapmans only 26! need guerra plugs
ImSoHood: sorry lads just logged in, is the chap man out for the nite?
Homeless: is there anywhere to watch the game live on the net??????????
lazyupton: channel 7 r douchbags not showin live, the afl shud axe their contract n give back to 9
turts111: did u all see crows hitler this week?? google crows downfall and watch youtube - its classic
lazyupton: david schwarz and tim watson r soo draining, all the ever say is, "well he was bit stiff there"
TFLUA-Tige: im watching it live
TFLUA-Tige: move to tassie
seanmorr: any more news on chapman
turts111: nah, i dont root my sister tige
apg123: go geelong, win by 12 points plz
Xie54: I'm headed for 726/7 if my players repeat their first half... ill take that
coleman: lonergan struggling again, hardly seen him all night
apg123: is Milburn Playin or not
apg123: max rooke, great SC score and Osborne SC score yea
turts111: can u see his name apg?? work it out mate
atw0001: 622/5 xie54
Xie54: chappy starting on the bench, but hasnt got his hamstring strapped... not sure about that
apg123: ok
Xie54: nice atw... does that include ur captain
coleman: chappy out for game, possibly a few wks accordin to rick olerenshaw
seanmorr: yes he is playing apg he has got so much of it they cant fit his name on the screen
jack1992: hot dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!1!!
Ropes: Chappy is done Red Cross time
Xie54: I'm not getting hamstring next year... I refuse
atw0001: nah got lenny... im talkin sc but.. u dt or sc
jack1992: hot daayyyyuuuuummmm!!!!!!
turts111: chappy is a DT retard.. always injured... get rid of him
vegieplus: They need to send Chappie to germany to see Dr Calfsbloodfixineverything
apg123: geez wouldnt u b happy wid 70 points some playas will neva get that much
Xie54: That's a boy, Ossy
coleman: chappy doing warmups on the boundray could come back!
Xie54: Not when you pay $426,000 for them, apg
Ropes: Really coleman? Probably not.
apg123: hodge was only just likly to play
apg123: well thats true
Xie54: You sure that's not Andy Lee, Coleman? I think he's doing push-ups on the bench
dizzydog: ellis no more than 80
coleman: yes thats what rick olerenshaw said 2mins ago, he is stretching/warmups on the boundray
Xie54: *Kiss and hugs for Osborne*
seanmorr: ricky knows sweet fa
Ropes: Brian Taylor MMM just said Chappy warming up
deepfroat: lift your game rioli!!!
Chronorox: triple M reckons chappy is doing warm ups too
Xie54: chappy hasnt givenn up indeed... liam pickering said he is trying to get back on
adamchild: plenty of shots on tv of him warming up
Isotopes: id rather him not go back on... rest that hammy and play for my dt finals
vegieplus: Lift Ellis
deepfroat: who would everyone prefer.. lenny hayes or sam mitchell?????????????
Isotopes: toss a coin deepfroat
massa4: lenny hayes
Xie54: Consdering I traded Hayes for Mitchell, Hayes... I like them both tho
Xie54: I traded Hayes for Sammy when he did his hammy... should have prob kept him
Go DoNZ: Any further news on Chappy..?
deepfroat: Xie54 if you traded hayes for mitchell you must be mentally retarded
massa4: too many frees against otto n stevie
porkyhq: andrew mcqualter before either!
deepfroat: ohfair enuf XIe54 sorry about my previous comment
Keza41: keep it up williams and ladson.. lift johnson...come bak on Chappy
Grovesy: any further news on chappy?
massa4: doesnt seem like chappy will be back
essendon11: cood i have harry taylor sc score plz someone?
apg123: y did they call Lance Franklin (Buddy) i just wanna find out
massa4: taylor 46
Mickazor: Glad i took jimmy off captain last minute (N)
Ropes: Harry is 54 SC
sg2612: his old man was called buddy
massa4: sorry 54
jack1992: chappy can go home for all i care
Xie54: Corey another FA! FFS
essendon11: ok kool thanks massa4 and ropes
Xie54: OH MAN, now osborne is injured
massa4: gee if ur complaining about corey FA ive had stevie give away 4
Rilian: Where the hell is Mooney?
daehoidar: gosh bartel is a god among men
Jeremick: cmon frankshower
samdaman: ffs do something buddy and SJ...
Go DoNZ: Fire up ffs Guerra..!!!
sg2612: osbourne is ok, his nads will drop back down soon
Greenman: My old man is John and I'm not!
apg123: y is Lance Franklins nickname Buddy
Xie54: Osborne has scored fifty since qtr time
Pendlebury: Any chance of Chappy coming back?
sg2612: I told you apg! dont you read... it was his dad name!
apg123: oh sorry i didnt see it and thanks
Ropes: Chappy wont be back.
apg123: sg, how did u find out that
Xie54: They call him Buddy Franklin because he is a buddy bad kick at goal
ImSoHood: flowerin hating rooke rite now
Greenman: Strange family the Franklins.
Isotopes: The nickname Buddy was given to him by his family as a way to distinguish between himself and his father when being call
Chronorox: Hahah don't you love BT - "OH BOY, WOW WEE!"
vegieplus: Franklin may well cost Hawks a flag instead of winning one with his crappy kicking
Sunday2810: franklin!
Xie54: That was a buddy good goal by franklin
Walshie: Sup, Chrono?
Ropes: BUddy!!!!!! A BANANANANANA@!!!!!
Jeremick: birdshower cmon
Xie54: will be interesting if chappy comes back on if the game is up for grabs with ten to go
daehoidar: why can't buddy aim?
massa4: flower hell 4 FA both from johnson and ottens
Chronorox: Walshie my man, s'kickin?
Loonerty2: chrono and walshie wtfomgbbq
Xie54: man, if chappy wasnt injured id be killing it
SpikeFX: Walshie, Chrono, *tips hat*
dizzydog: good game so far
Quadcore: Corey, Bartel, Mackie, Franklin, Osbourne. Not bad this game ;)
Walshie: Nothing much, yourself?
Homeless: i was gonna go corey captain but instead i put cox :(
Chronorox: Loondog! Fancy seeing you around these parts. This is an awesome game right about now
Walshie: G'day, Spike and Loon
Xavier: Wow where did Birchall come from
Loonerty2: SPIKE AS WELL!! Awesome
Marmaduke: hey f*ckers
Marmaduke: wow wee
Xie54: Davenport in Tasmania
dizzydog: dew in stands so far 11 pies and 5 hotdogs looking to bulk up for finals
t0mm0: is anyone else devo they kept cox as captain and didn't change it to bartel? or is it just me?
apg123: xavier Birchall came from his mum
r00b0y18: whos oging ot win, hawkers or the cats?
Loonerty2: BTW Chrono, thanks for helping me with that trading plan. It's all worked out nicely
apg123: homeless i done exactly the same thing
Chronorox: *ANZ party* I'm heading out the door, will be taking phone radio/headphones. Hit me up with some end of game sms updates
adamchild: devonport xie.. haha.. get it right!!
Xie54: RIOLI mark of the year and fifty to cyrill... hawks to hit the front
coleman: birchall came from my town, i used to play underage sport against him
deepfroat: im having a masturbate right now
Juddgy: cryrillllll
hawk8889: who was the clown who said franklin may cost em a grand final?He may get them there as well idiot
amobema: flower you corey
Marmaduke: i was gonna go Cox captain but then went Corey. rain over in perth, bad luck homeless, youll get your newspaper wet too
Loonerty2: dont know you no. chrones, but im sure spike does
longaz: franklin, ellis, bartel, corey, mackie. not to bad at all
Xie54: Devonport hey... ill take ur word for it then
seanmorr: it wont be raining tomorrow marmaduke
Marmaduke: im powerd, captain choice outta corey and bartel and i went corey! rookie error
t0mm0: haha if it rains they're be 100 ballups and coxy should get fifty hitouts haha i hope
Xie54: deepfroat, how many pts do u get for doing that?
deepfroat: i hatge it when you dont have any tissues and you have to go to the toilet to get some paper
Keza41: trade rioli out this week and he finally performs like he used to at the start of the season
Loonerty2: *ANZ Party* I can relax this week. I'm playing WO >_>
Juddgy: got franklin, cyril and stevie j want 300
krajit06: come on huge last quater osbourne
dizzydog: good birch in sc
Homeless: cmon stevie j ure letting the team down
vegieplus: deepfroat got -3 for holding the ball
Walshie: You're playing me next week, Loon. Get ready :P
supastar93: osborne i hate you,(supercoach)
pascoe: i got corey, franklin and cyril!!!!
stoney23: got bartel, corey, franklin, mitchell, and brown :) over the moon. lmao
Juddgy: stevie has got -16 since qtr time
deepfroat: one point for each time i touch my behind
Marmaduke: i hate it when you dont have any toilet paper and you have to go to your drawers to get hankies
djch00k: funny call, vegieplus
Findisona: Franklin, Rioli, Birchall, Bartel. Should average 100
Loonerty2: I'm bringing in my guns this week Walshie. It's gonna be awesomely epic.
turts111: nothing makes me smile more than chappy going "twang"...
GO PIES: crap,i choose playfair over rioli in SC...crap crap crap
Xie54: LOL Vegieplus... pay that... you're a dirty bastard, deepfroat
deepfroat: haha vegieplus.
adamchild: chappy might be back here...
Walshie: As am I, Loon.
ryz.: got mitchell, franklin, ellis, birch, bartel, corey and chap daddy :( / :)
Xie54: Marmaduke is a comedian
djch00k: hope so, adamchild
Loonerty2: FFS Walshie >_>
ryz.: haha go pies, who was it that told you cyril wont even see the ball....haha fail from him
cptFantasy: I'd love turts to go "twang"
samdaman: supastar93- ur team just isnt good enough!!
Xie54: HAWKERS in front, beauty!
Quadcore: Williams goals
djch00k: home game tomorrow, adamchild?
Xie54: yay he's back on the ground
Handsome D: Here cum the hawks, buddy in everything
yobbo21: why hasn't selwood got a sun???
daehoidar: give bartel the snowflake
Xie54: now he's back off again :(
Quadcore: Osbourne limping off o god :(
jordan: rags u rekon u'll get up?
buddy: i love having franklin and stokes on my team
Handsome D: The Campbell Brown move was genius
ryz.: mate, flippin hope so! imagine that! what a win babay
m(-)nty: Buddy = most overated player of all time... reason: most innacurate player ever... id prefer max rooke shooting 4 goal!!
Keza41: opponent's captain bartel =[ also got mitchell
vegieplus: Bartel you str
Quadcore: Bartel from 55m GOOOOOOAL
t0mm0: is cameron stokes byron pickett's son?
adamchild: yeah djch00k... cant wait to see you rack up 150 DT pts.... gentlemen - djch00k is the best DTer in my footy team!
phenom: Get back on the ground Chapman!
buddy: no! lol byrons not that old bro
adamchild: like that chookie?!
Jeremick: Cmon Birdshower + Mackshower
Xie54: I just won the sen name a game dvd competition... yay
CampbellP: flower - got Milburn in this week.. anyone know what hes out with?
Keza41: used my last trade on rioli and now chappy's injured =[
t0mm0: its a joke buddy, he's a spitting image tho
m(-)nty: milburn has the flue
Special_K: Milburn had a virus.
djch00k: cheers, adamchild, but i reckon i'll be more mark blake than dean cox tomorrow
Isotopes: virus
turts111: milburn's got HIV
sg2612: milburn has blue balls
massa4: no give varcoe the spud, croad smashed mooney
buddy: keza for u to get rioli meens ur quite bad- but dw i traded porpaz for o'keefe now corns injured eeep
Tiger03: the gentlmen james bartell is going to go back to back, as are geelong
CampbellP: Ah thanks - got Urqy to come in anyway.. got Bartel (c), Corey, Stokes, Selwood, Osbourne and Buddy.
CampbellP: Ah thanks - got Urqy to come in anyway.. got Bartel (c), Corey, Stokes, Selwood, Osbourne and Buddy
m(-)nty: Milburn has an STD, (stuffed the DREAMY)
Jeremick: cmon Corshower
Loonerty2: gogogo Rioli Birchall and Buddy
seanmorr: who said chappy came back on
Keza41: i spend my money on my backs midfields and rucks not my forwards... anyone can score in the foward line buddy.
phenom: get back on the field chapman
Juddgy: whos gunna win the brownlow boys
machomann2: if hawks win this ther lucky
m(-)nty: If ablett dont win the brownlow... the system is FLOWER!
t0mm0: m0nty, my friend tried to make an account two weeks ago and still hasn't received a activation email....whats the deal?
Jeremick: Where' Corey?
Xie54: Mitchell'
Xie54: Mitchell's back in town baby
Loonerty2: Ablett for Brownlow, IMO
ablett11: flower shower cow bitch whore
machomann2: gee-strinbg goal :D
Quadcore: Geelong slowing taking control they will kick away now...
massa4: bartel brownlow easy
Bomberdan: go corey! 25 more! keep goin kelly, bateman, rioli n osborne!!!!!
DT ELITE: Will osborne return?
Jeremick: Cmon Birchall
tunit: cow
mads magic: Bomberdan - Osborne is injured. not coming back on
lazyupton: chapman finally iced
phenom: get the flower back on the field CHAPMAN!
Bomberdan: really?
Jeremick: pretty please corey:(
Bomberdan: went with corey for captain, oppenent has bartel
tunit: cow flowerer
seanmorr: must have been spasms prob will play next week
Bomberdan: plzzzzz corey! 135!
Xie54: Corey should go +7
massa4: chapman is gone my god, get over it
djch00k: tacklefest rightnow
Jeremick: cmon frankshower
Loonerty2: I went out on a limb, and put S. Fisher on as Captain
djch00k: *right now
buddy: classic stoaks if u ask me!!! gotta love a gr8 roockie like him aye! m stokes that is
Titans: flowering bartel is killing me
josh 17: any diagnosis on chappy? i do have tippet as reserve but really no comparison
GuNs_matt: i could of chose bartel or corey as captain. Went with Cox. I hope he does well
t0mm0: keep going ellis
djch00k: ellis hasn't had a 100 this year... would be nice to see
Xie54: Cox is injured
vegieplus: GuNs I did the same thing
Xie54: Why would u choose cox when he injured himself in the 4th qtr last week
Mickazor: spud for rooke surely
pascoe: yer but cox is playing right?
GuNs_matt: when did cox get injured?
mads magic: when chapman has had hammies he's had them bad but he's iced up. Might miss a week is my thought
ianovich: cox has been injured all season - hasnt stopped him hitting mega scores..
seanmorr: xie your the idiot son
CampbellP: He only scored 6 in the last quarter Guns Matt..
Special_K: Cox is playing, Xie54 is talking crap.
GuNs_matt: Cox is a gun and will score 100+ injured or not
mads magic: did u all know 1 tac game couple seasons ago lions Leunberger got 61 hitouts ? Imagine if that was a dreamteam game lol
Xie54: sure sean... you'll see
Xie54: obviously he's playing... but why would u name him captain
Xie54: why do u think they brought in seaby? just for fun?
GuNs_matt: because he is a gun
Keza41: gr8 last qtr stevey johnson!!!
Ropes: Xie54, Cox has score 150 two weeks in a row. Stupid stupid question tbh.
pascoe: imagine if it was a draw tonight!
t0mm0: we named him captain coz u kiss boys Xie
mads magic: Cox can still score big when injured, he doesnt care. sometimes he plays better
GuNs_matt: cox was scoring 100's last year with Seaby in the team. Get ur facts right
massa4: cox is playig, any1 who belive rubbish like that, shoot ur self
samdaman: SK very big last term!!! :)
GO PIES: crap i put rioli on bench and playfair on field in SC
Jeremick: birdshower
Xie54: thanks ropes, wasnt aware of that ... u idiot
Special_K: Seaby got a game because the Saints are playing Gardiner and King.
Xie54: why did cox only score 11 pts in the last term last week then?
kaiballa: big sc points coming up hopefully for my players
samdaman: sj**
Keza41: go wiliams crack the ton!!! =]
Homeless: stevie j goal
t0mm0: because u kiss boys
Tiger03: hodge is a ripper for dt
m(-)nty: how long chapman out 4? 2 weeks?
Esoteric: the only way to tell if cox was a good choice or not is to wait until he plays
samdaman: how long left?
Tiger03: hodge massive last qtr u ripper
juppi22: they took cox off cos they were 50+ points down and he had already put record numbers out, u r seriously an ididot Xie
Keza41: stevie j u legend!!!! u and willams crack the ton and maybe even ladson!!
massa4: yer probz one to two m(-)nty
pascoe: CMON, 3 more points between cyril, franklin and Corey and i averaged 100 between them
mads magic: Xie - you are an idiot. Cox plays injured and has done so most of the season. Stop talking the poo
Jeremick: birdshower!!!!
machomann2: geelong won.
jazza3: xie bcoz they were down by bout 50m points and it ment shower all to get a touch
Juddgy: cmon cyril crack the ton
m(-)nty: thnx keza
t0mm0: xie you kiss boys
GuNs_matt: Cox usually plays 75 % of the game. Seaby will take care of the other 25% instead of lynch
Xie54: Chapman to selwood? wtf?
CampbellP: Jazza3 - you think that players dont want the ball when they are losing?
mads magic: champman out for 1 then facing fitness test in week 2
Xie54: I swear anthony hudson just said "chapman to selwood"
tunit: we are GEELONG the greatest team of all!!!
buddy: its all hodges fault we lost
massa4: 55 seconds left
jazza3: no im saying in a game like that he aint gna bust his ass like the 1st qtr
juppi22: david johnson to selwood, seriously Xie get off the site u have no clue
Wardy: yeh i heard that Xie
Xie54: Mackie!!
machomann2: siren>
Juddgy: siren
Xie54: juppi, anthony hudson said it, not me... clearly you should be telling him that he sees it but doesnt believe it
juppi22: bartel star, corey gun
Homeless: done and dusted
_Freo_: game over joffa
t0mm0: oooooooooooo ellis so close
pascoe: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 105 average for 3 players tonight
Keza41: Those 4 FA on Johnson r killin me
juppi22: well its just common sense, chapman cant walk
stoney23: bartel (c) franklin, campbell brown, corey and mitchell, top game.
djch00k: ellis 1 short of ton... still, can't complain... corey (c), bartel, stevie j, chapman (grr), mitchell, rioli and ellis
atw0001: hodge junkin it up big time
daft_play: looks like cox is out this weekend
t0mm0: xie clearly u spend too much time kissing boys
Xie54: tommo, stop being a hero
GEEason88: damn... i got corey and bartel...and birchall...too bad he wont get the ton.. but happy with 71 xD
juppi22: tommo knows his stuff haha
mads magic: daft_play - stop touching yourself
t0mm0: xie stop being a queer
hapy_eagle: batman is a hero. who has seen the dark knight
Thunder: xie knows more than all u guys put together
pascoe: daft, cox is playing
Keza41: good game for me, willams, johnson and Ladson all so close too the ton and chapman should've got it
djch00k: mitchell had nothing in the last...
juppi22: he knows more, but its all wrong
Thunder: so i'd suggest cutting out the garbage and start writing some decent facts
GuNs_matt: 463 from four!!!
Thunder: not wrong at al...I went Cox capt and it was a ridiculous decision, should have stuck with Bartel
GEEason88: franklin is so s.h.i.t .... 4 goals 5 points... wtf ... his the reason hawks are gonna lose. end of story
hapy_eagle: cutting out all the garbage ? There would be nothing left thudner
Thunder: but what he says about Cox is spot on
fevinator: why woudnt cox be playing?
Esoteric: pfft thunder. ur regret is all about bartels score. has nothing to do with cox
Thunder: comne on guys, ur messin with some high players here so chill out and get back to the research
GO PIES: 415 from 4 in dt n 571 from 5 in sc
Thunder: not at all esoteric cox didnt score 11 for nothing
t0mm0: but what i said about him being queer was more so correct
Thunder: anywyas good night in hgeneral
mads magic: you all have fallen asleep ?
Thunder: grow up tommo
turts111: cox is a junk player who gets cheap poss... every game he gets over 130, wce lose by 10 goals... he's a selfish retard
Thunder: 571/5 tonight
Juddgy: 317 from 3 in supercoach
Xie54: tommo, im not the one with two boobies in my name
Esoteric: ur the retard turts
mads magic: Cox is playing. my money is on Xie's opponent having Cox as captain & Xie missing out on finals cos of him selling Cox
turts111: junk trash cox... get a hard ball, break your foot again. he sux, so selfish
fevinator: Cox will play and dominate again
Xie54: Nice thunder... we've been thunderstruck!
hapy_eagle: im paying money, the girls happy, she has no money, i got my rocks off, oh how good is this
rowshow: nudge loves to nibble on scrotums
Xie54: mads magic... how can i miss the finals if im three games clear of second? and cox was my captain last week. im a judge
Titans: big scoring game form the cats and hawks, disappointed hawks didnt win, hate the caters
pascoe: turts, cox is the best ruckman in the league, u r an idiot
Thunder: anyways guys good luck 2moro
fevinator: Cox is selfish? He cant do the job of 21 other players turts.
turts111: if cox goes big, his team loses big.. what does that say about the guy?? retard with aids i think
hapy_eagle: this is dizzy stuff folks
felix: 841 after one game, no captain. (had bartel originally)
mads magic: Xie - Simple, Cox is playing & will start ruck and ruck most of the game on 1 foot. He's been playing injured
t0mm0: m0nty, my friend tried to make an account two weeks ago and still hasn't received a activation email....whats the deal?
hapy_eagle: hehe turts obviously you dont watch football. Cox is the reason we were so sucessfull in 05 and 06
hapy_eagle: m0tny dosnt like your friend :)
fevinator: It says if cox was playing there would be 22 shower players playing for the eagles and they would lose by more
mads magic: Cox will score 125+ mark my words young tacker
hapy_eagle: give him "one right up the bracket"
pascoe: its not cox's fault, west coast are just young and re-building
mads magic: this is great, chatting on here during the game
hapy_eagle: dont tell me the score. The game is starting on 7 now in perth
rowshow: nudge loves to nibble on scrotums
hapy_eagle: Geelong 12 16 88 Def Hawthorn 11 11 77 (LORD NELSON (i think))
hapy_eagle: gee bit quiet in here
hapy_eagle: and he does 3 in a row. disapointing really. Where is everyone. In Bed ?
hapy_eagle: looks like its just me and m0nty. I know you are reading this
hapy_eagle: you see kids the way to stay awake, is a mix of fanfooty, cofee and jason mraz
hapy_eagle: yay footy starts on channel 7. 3 hours after it finishes
hapy_eagle: hehe so m0nty closes the chat
hapy_eagle: oh wait no he dosnt, my computer is just bloody slow
hapy_eagle: give me the trash can i reckon. Joel bowdens got nothing on this
hapy_eagle: il be an unhappy eagle if i get a ban for this. Just making general chit chat
hapy_eagle: but no one wants to chat
tigermania: hey eagle
hapy_eagle: i dont know whether to watch the footy, or wafl on
hapy_eagle: wow hang on, we have compnay. come in guys, have a rest
porkyhq: keep it down eagle, trying to sleep
hapy_eagle: sorry my bad. are you sleeping alone ?
hapy_eagle: if not tell mrs porkyhq happy says hi
hapy_eagle: oh and also hi to mrs m0nty
porkyhq: she just grunted, farted & rolled over. No love tonight i guess
hapy_eagle: are you sure thats a mrs and not a mr
porkyhq: If you heard the snoring you'd swear it was a Mr
hapy_eagle: what ever floats your boat i guess
porkyhq: I'm done, go those sainters tomorow! later.
hapy_eagle: ok leave then
hapy_eagle: what time does this place close m0nty
hapy_eagle: man this place is going off
hapy_eagle: i reckon i could get a page of me
hapy_eagle: ah wait i just realised that porkyhq said go saints. bloody asshole
cptFantasy: I'm sensing from your gobbledy gook that you're out of trades happy eagle
hapy_eagle: yeh i am. quite sad really. Playing with 3 backmen this week
Ausyid: milburn killed me. corey (c), bartel, taylor were good. chapman is frustrating.
hapy_eagle: just checking if he has closed off the chat
hapy_eagle: ah he did close the chat down
cptFantasy: sad eagle :/
triplegee: 3 backmen! ha!
felix: *sirenz* can i get a woop woop ??? holla !!
Chirpin: Must be pretty bored ey Hapy eagle?
Scratchy: yeessssss mitchell mackie franklin
Paul Nixon: Is 642 from my 6 players in this game a good return?
SM007: Great game, well done cats still the one to beat.
petchy92: plow