Chat Log: R16, Kangaroos 17.12.114 d Collingwood 14.12.96

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AliSTAR: Cmon Medhurst and Brown get me off to a good start!
OzMan: carn H.Shaw and the Roos
dizzydog: cmon,swan and pies by 15.5
V|PeR: glad wellingham is getting a less zero this week (maybe)
hapy_eagle: internet is capped, so cant listen to stream of match. carn swan, shaw, didak
adam10: Go Anthony and Swanny 200 please.
Keza41: c'mon the pies... never thought i'd ever be saying that
Loyal_Lion: Pfft as if you would get 0's in your team
adam10: cmon fulham lest salvage a point
Grovesy: So far only my emergencie (Wood) has scored, that's never good
NQLCOWBOYS: comon didak and h shaw
Booth: anyone know why leon didn't play?
Loyal_Lion: flowering elmo flowerers
TigerGlory: Cmon Lachie Hansen, Paul Medhurst, Heath Shaw!!
juddy08: lets go heathy and ryhcey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
adam10: godd stuff anthony
footycool: got no 1 in this game
crowsman23: c mon medhurst!!
juddy08: nice work rhyceyy
adam10: JOHNNNY ANTHONY i started with u and ur proving a gun keep going
TigerGlory: Heath Shaw playing on Grant, looks like hes being entirely defensive. Not a good sign. :'(
bluma: me either Footycool. Let's go to the pub.
Greenman: There saying that Ablett is out for the rest of the season. Breaking news.
Salisbury: Dont really have a lot in this game - Shaw and Hansen on the bench opp has Shaw Firrto an Pendlebury
footycool: lol blumba im 13
crowsman23: c mon thomas, medhurst, heath shaw!!!!!!!!
bluma: Oh. Maybe not then.
crowsman23: ur a liar greenman!!!!!!!
avanrogers: Costa said Ablett isn't out for the season and that the rumours are a crock of bullsh*t
adam10: he was jking footycool
casha: ffs c jones
nathbigz: what about jake king?any news?
adam10: casha hows ur name grren:O
footycool: i know
crowsman23: casha who r u????
footycool: m0nty get rid of bells icon on the bottom hes retired
bluma: Who won sc last year?
Greenman: Herald sun stating it about ablett.
ocat1979: monty can you plz put why cashas name is green down with the icon explinations, so sick of ppl asking that!!
casha: ross goin ok
Titans: wtf whose casha?
Keza41: i'm versing a guy who looks like he barracks for port adelaide (12 players on his side are P.A) and tredrea captain
Bomberdan: y efootycool! LOL
crowsman23: casha ur stupid, montys better then u !!!!! go away!!!!!!!!!!
footycool: m0nty must b the earliest cash cow logo ever
Athomas: OMG I have Ross... on bench..
cr36: casha u won SC last yr didnt u?
adam10: kez41 i say he goes for adelaide?
casha: casha is casha :)
Preditors: who is casha???
footycool: gabriel!!!!!
footycool: dan hoo did u tip
nathbigz: anyone know about jake king?he's had a great year
skemer: oo go cloke!
hapy_eagle: geez who cares if his name is in green. He did win the comp last year
adam10: casha u win sc:O
Sunday2810: ffs cloke!!!!
cr36: lol
Preditors: i traded birdman for cloke wot a mistake
beaup: very glad i picked up cloke this afternoon
crowsman23: i was going to get travis cloke for brett burton!!! lucky i didnt!!!
casha: jake king has ongoing hammy problem
Salisbury: I'm liking that Pendlebury is doing nothing
Keza41: nice one adam10.. but seriously who would have treadrea captain???
ocat1979: I'M SPARTICUS! errr i mean casha!
juddy08: looks like another shi.t game from heater
MightyQuin: Happ with Wellingham aye Rickety :)
MightyQuin: Happy*
Athomas: why would Malthouse give shaw a defensive position :(
bluma: lol beaup
Bomberdan: collingwood
adam10: well he goes for port he doesnt have a brain..
Booth: hey whatz the ff mean?
Athomas: OMG SHAW holding the ball.
cr36: casha won SC last yr if im not wrong
pedro_0952: heater in for a shocker :(
Tiges08: anyone reckon shaw will get over 40 tonight??
Juddgy: y does heater run like a cowboy
casha: sparticus ? wtf
juddy08: i swear i will crap myself if heater duznt hit 85
ocat1979: free kick for
nathbigz: cheers,i thought your opinion do you think he'll come good?
Keza41: yeah true adam10.
Preditors: lift thomas,cloke,grant and L.thomas
footycool: same dan grant a scored 1 goal and missed 1
fatheads69: omg forgot to trade ablett
Keza41: c'mon medhurst boot another 5 goals
adam10: cmon daney swan
skemer: what the flower is with the kicking?
Booth: what can't be ocat1979, grant n anthony haven't had 6 frees for?
crowsman23: monty wats with that stupid casha, hes a nobody!!!!!!!!
jamzee123: took a risk on harvey as captain, also Wellingham in :P
casha: i treded him fwiw
leungtl: Shaw moved up to the wing
ocat1979: ha ah casha, have'nt you seen the movie saprticus? i'm sparticus, no i'm sparticus, no i am sparticus!
ocat1979: oh you mean fan footy scoring
Athomas: HARVEY CAPT LOL james/
Elephant: casha is tai tran
Bomberdan: ye, who u got in this game?
casha: why am i stupid crowhack ? imean howsman
juddy08: CMON put the goldstein jew as captain CMON
nooka: where the hell is Dane Bloody SWAN
MitchBeacs: wtf is rong with pendelbury
crowsman23: cause ur just like any other footy fan, what have u done!!!! u no nothing about footy!!!
casha: lol eleph who you got this week ?
jamzee123: i know shudve went bartel but i forgot about him
jamzee123: hud u go alex
Booth: yeh, do ya know? ... anyone?
Elephant: that was a complete guess...u saying im right?
casha: fair to say crowshack my pockets are fuller than yours
Athomas: Cox SC, Bartel DT.
ocat1979: crowsman shutup, jealousy is pathetic
adam10: casha coz ur names green doesnt mean ur better then us u stand out as a poof
crowsman23: they probly are considering u work 24\7 cleaning tiolets!!!
nathbigz: any good defenders you can recomend
jamzee123: ahhh gl with those athomas, btw hows trades goin ;)
time2shine: lol greg norman leadin in the golf
juddy08: agreedLOL adam10
ocat1979: booth - FF stands for Fan Footy, it's a different scoring system
crowsman23: yer i agree with adam!!! casha u poof!!!!!!!
Athomas: bloody didak.
casha: can't remeber saying i was better than anyone ?
jamzee123: wellingham luvs goin good on my 22, last time hes got 100+ and 70 odd :P
juddy08: casha go clean the toilets ya doosh
ajwilliams: good to see heater keeping up his consistent form ;)
crowsman23: yer but u think u are with that great little green name!!!
jamzee123: ill take 32 from harvs keep it up mate
Stuart: Eat a big dick Shaw, not only are you not touching it, you are getting raped by Alco Grant!
casha: fricken H shaw
Tiger03: didak u flowerin ripper burton out for u this week
Athomas: DT - 3. SC- 24, 18, 1. lol meh.
NQLCOWBOYS: go Didak and lift H Shaw
jamzee123: i mean for qtr time
coasters: crowsman, don't wreck this site for everyone, grow up dude
cr36: give casha a breack wat'd he do 2 u's
jamzee123: heaters so damn consistent
Grovesy: Last time Heath had 3 at quarter time I think he eneded on 30 or something
Booth: yeh i figured it standed for fanfooty n it was a different scoring thing.... but whatz it scoring?
Elephant: casha built the website so don't pay him out...
coasters: hshaw is so frustrating. very skilled footy player, and red hot when having a good one... but so bad when bad
crowsman23: alright coasters fare enough!
jamzee123: stop baggin casha hes an sc/dt legend
casha: hmmm grant smashing shaw thats a worry shaw drops the lip fast lets hope he get a few touches fast
Faruge: How many points will the Spudgun (Hhaw) get tonight? I'll go 41pts
avanrogers: heater on track for his usual 12 points
juddy08: easiest job in the afl to tag heater, i rekon my granny hoos got a leg problem could tag that dud
OzMan: mathouse the dick should put a hack like maxwell on grant for flowers sake
ocat1979: booth scrol down to legend, it will tell you there
casha: interesting week for captain choices guys cmon out withem who'd yas pick in SC,DT?
crowsman23: lol juddy08
Vinnoddy: hey casha where are you ranked in supercoach and dreamteam this year
maclurem: couldnt go past Pav Casha
DudePiston: big cox all the way!!!
cr36: i chose cooney
Bomberdan: go grant!
Bomberdan: went with corey in DT, coz gazza is out
chadwick: DT Cox, SC Goodes (cant believe Goodes SC scores)
therealmkd: priddis c
Tiger03: h shaw at half foreward u beutyy malthouse
maclurem: obviously Chornes is a showdown specialist, but if Pav can kick straight against the Dee's this time, should score well!
Elephant: I picked Chapman as Captain, Goodwin as vice ... very tough tho:Pav, Mitchell, Cox, Corey were all contenders
dizzydog: cox in sc thompson dt
Juddgy: 37 faruge
Booth: thankz mate
coasters: gone for cox this week as captain... cox has good record at bris, and even better with lions down a ruckman
ocat1979: i went for j brown as my sc captain, should tear the weagles a new a-hole
BigJim: i kno he is out of form but i chose chadley cornes 4 captain simply because he always fires up againts the crows
casha: LOT of wet weather around !!
cheez79: when gaz is out, you have to go cox..
dizzydog: heath looking at 12
cheez79: plus cox is playing in brissie so it should be dry
casha: garlend could hurt pav this week IMO
crowsman23: comon heater big quater!!!!!!!!!
coasters: cox luvs it in the wet... and should get 30 plus effective hit outs easily i reckon against crap lions rucks...
alexhiller: went with bartel captain... he loves the wet/cold conditions..
dizzydog: $ out early
cheez79: carn swanny, and go G.Norman!
Salisbury: Meh Heater blows so not getting him next year
jamzee123: is this match at td or mcg?
adam10: y wod man united want berbatov?
avanrogers: knew i should have grabbed mackie instead of dud shaw
ocat1979: give greg norman the heart monty!
alexhiller: here comes swan
casha: alot of peeps would have traded burton to cloke this week hmmm painful so far
palmer#10: LIFT swanny
coasters: burton to reiwoldt was the choice trade I feel... thats wot i did anyway... hopefully roo pays off
liamsgun: carn s grant make up 4 last week
Elephant: I had the opportunity to get Didak a few weeks back but got Murphy instead... :(
footycool: prat injured
ocat1979: i thought buddy would of been a good pick up for birdman, buddy cheap as chips ATM
liamsgun: i dont ave any trade lef 4 porps and burton so yea
Keza41: c'mon medhurst and power
dizzydog: anyone else think shannon grant looks like a monkey????
coasters: will freo cut soloman for good u rekon gentleman? I think they shoulf for good of club, his is passed it
leungtl: Hands up if you hate Heath Shaw!
ocat1979: shark pars 13th
casha: agree totally ocat buddy to chop up saints this week as well IMO
Salisbury: Pratt limping off ground .
JBHIFI23: no offence, who in there right mind woulda got cloke
NQLCOWBOYS: go Didak, do what didak is doing h shaw
liamsgun: pendelbury betta have a crap nite
avanrogers: lol billy brownless says he could run better than pratt is at the moment
Stuart: *raises hand*
Salisbury: I hate Shaw - Overrrrated as much as Stanton is/was
Athomas: FFS Shaw play on from kick ins...!
ocat1979: shannon grant definately has a bit of cro-magnon about him
dizzydog: i hate heath atm and soli is gone
casha: if freo are to rebuild why would you have solomon at your club ?
avanrogers: i'm lucky so many people have heath shaw... if i was the only one with this spud in my dt i would be very unhappy
coasters: roo has very good record against hawks, he might just suprise... i think saints might cause an upset... must win
vb22: shaw you fail and swan your captain and making me cry on the inside
alias: yay for Heath Shaw...
jamzee123: pratt good player always injured
Tiger03: shaw will fire up stop crying
DudePiston: when heath shaw gets a tag, malthouse should just put him on the ball or up forward or something!
tintacar16: Heath Shaw would crack the showers in a game of tiggy, he just cant handle being tagged
liamsgun: solomon the essendon reject we got rid of him because of his suspensions (he has been suspendid 32 time in his carrer
Athomas: WOOO Shaw kick + Wellingham goal.
theuncle: Soly was recruited for toughness - they have a lot of downhill skiers
darren123: casha the same reason why they picked up mark johnson
leungtl: @casha: Because we need some veterans (who already know the system) to show the youngsters the ropes
crunk: tha sultan
cheez79: i swapped stanton for corey last week. and right on cue the wonka gets 175
pavspride: heath shaw you get the choppp!!!!!!!!!1 (again)
Salisbury: I reckon Shaw has to be a in contention for the "I was sold a Lemon" Award
Turnofpwr: dont bag shaw..bag the oppo coaches...its impossible for a defender to beat a tag
dizzydog: please spud maxwell i hate him big time
liamsgun: grant has stopped
m0nty: geez look at that British Open leaderboard, Norman looking great
avanrogers: spud travis cloke haha
dizzydog: grant gone to bench for a beer
pavspride: yeah maxwell the spud at 3Q time m0nty
casha: leung: i think Pav,Grover,Haze ect would have that covered m8
Bomberdan: lift grant! u had a freak first quater, follow it up!
Bomberdan: monty, where is grant?
bunce1: i chose corey enright 2 weeks ago>>>and scored 142 and 155 >>he has plussd 75K
liamsgun: i traded r shaw 4 goodin stupid me
V|PeR: go wellingham you little gun
Tiges08: m0nty unlike you i havent got foxtel :(
jamzee123: cmon boomer
timhoeboer: What do you guys think of my trade this week: Corey Jones in for Warren Tredrea?
Athomas: Shaw + 6... getting better.
avanrogers: heater mark and kick yay
coasters: soly was a fab player at dons in his first few years, but died off quickly when his pace dropped away
Gun Bomber: oh heater great to see that you'reback to your old tricks....
liamsgun: monty can i have the gun symbol since u r so good
vb22: swan wtf!!!
leungtl: @casha: We need it in the midfield though. Agree with Haze, but McManus, Carr, Black etc. will all probably be cut
quiminal: anthony looks promising...
jamzee123: cmon heath more of those
dizzydog: 23 between 2 great start to weekend
hapy_eagle: m0nty, i havnt heard the podcast yet this week, but i see i make a mention. Slow DT news week ?
casha: Mont give me your thoughts on Heater plz
liamsgun: carn grant
pavspride: timhoeboer that is the most useless trade ive heard of..even worse than my chad cornes for jake king trade
coasters: freo should appoint bell as midfield coach... not that i think he would accept
V|PeR: please let swan fail this game
Teddler: didak captain looking good atm
damoc85: m0nty give didak the gun
m0nty: heh, yep HE, you get a fair old workout!! :P
Bomberdan: lift grant! 45+ at half time!
jamzee123: kangas appear to have stopped
m0nty: thoughts on Heater: MM has his fantasy value grasped in his claws... if he's given a role then he's nothing
Doodlerat: didak and heater in this game loving didak and heath has gotta be on trak for 20+ thats gotta be a new record with a tag
footycool: lol gabriel grant hasnt scored this qtr
ablett11: cashhaaaa
footycool: hehe i got no 1 in this game
ablett11: why is medhurst on 14, shutdown by gibson?
liamsgun: bloody grant is so crap he gets suspendid by the roos and then stiops in the second quater and ive got no more trades
skemer: come on roos
jamzee123: + 10 boomer :P
ocat1979: shark pars 14th
Bomberdan: yesss go grant!
mjbt: If you have heater don't drop him. If you don't have him don't get him.
hapy_eagle: when i get internet back m0nty i will listen to it you know. I better not be slagged off or you may have lost a fan :)
Athomas: James, you have no idea if you aint watching it. theyre still in it.
casha: ablett11 eeeerrrnnnn1111 ?
CampbellP: how can you have no more trades?
banana_bus: Heath isnt being tagged... and he did a great job on Okeefe last week and scored OK as well
footycool: hoos got travis cloke
m0nty: well HE, we do have some slight criticisms of 4 or 5 of your trades... :)
bunce1: biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
HAH1: why are you in green casha?
Athomas: reaches 20... lol
Greenman: Give some roos the fire Monty.
DudePiston: *hot tip* dont ever get travis cloke in your dream team.. promises so much, delivers nothing..
Bomberdan: footycool, jonesy is on like, 99 off 5 now, including swan as captain, and pendelbry,heath shaw and cloke, to 33 off 1!
ocat1979: yeah heath did a great job on o'keefe last week, even tho swans were playing the hawks!
troy: my opponent has trav cloke
liamsgun: come on grant bloody hell
hapy_eagle: as did i. all i can say in my defense is that, not everyone practises what they preach :)
casha: cause im unwell HAH1
Keza41: bunce
DKerr4: i heard ableett is out 4 the season
Doodlerat: lol banana_bus i didnt know heater played for hawks
pavspride: medhurst + 6
jamzee123: wat not alex?
liamsgun: same ere troy
Keza41: olly look over here i'm on too
HAH1: yer sure u r why are you actually?
Athomas: Shaw - 27. so far 24 this quarter.
Skooks: Pipe down Casha you retard..
hunty999: i heard thats crap!!!!!!!!!
maclurem: Swan suffering from lack of TOG m0nty? Or just not finding it?
banana_bus: ocat, that was 2 weeks ago. my bad
Doodlerat: casha won supercoach last year
banana_bus: Monty can I get a banana next to my name?
Keza41: biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
atw0001: hahaha shut up u spud
casha: lol my m8 is back
ocat1979: skooks is back with his spud! hahahahahahaha!
jamzee123: lol at skooks alling some1 a retard
Hird.Magic: why has Skooks got a spud lol
Jeremick: Anyone notice that whenever Swan touches it, Didak is next
liamsgun: wat time does melb get the footy on free 2 air tv
clojo: shaw having a good quarter
Greenman: Give some roos the fire Monty.
the oaks: how did u get a spud
footycool: hehe skooks spud
Keza41: bunce
avanrogers: ROFL who do you have to root to get a spud next to your name????
coasters: heater slowly warming up, should get back up to 80+ by games end
hunty999: coz hes a spud!!!
Doodlerat: give me the tombstone it fits considering i did my ACL 3 weeks ago. out for life probs. lol
ocat1979: 8:30 the footy is on FTA here, channel 7 are a joke
Affinity8: didak on cloke is my matchup for tonights game. im feeling sick (i have cloke)
liamsgun: skooks is a spud u tool
CampbellP: avanrogers: Heater
Bomberdan: u STILL got the spud skooks? u had it last week!
Juddgy: shaw 3 point sc qtr so far
liamsgun: poor doodlerat
Juddgy: the heater is starting to use some electricity now!!!
CampbellP: Doodlerat: Not a good attitude mate - be patient.
footycool: dan i saw skookes spud
footycool: skooks were r u
jamzee123: r u serz juddgy :@ HEATER!
liamsgun: cheers ocat1979 its here at 8 30 as weel and i h8 ch7 the grand final is gonna b great with ch7
Judd@Blues: harris is the spud
kuraban: Oh yeah? Not on until 10:55 up here in QLD.
Bomberdan: kick a goal from a free for 4 holding the ball Grant!
avanrogers: lol
Bomberdan: lol
casha: hmm woods could be good next year
Juddgy: i mean 30 it was a typo
liamsgun: not great i mean shower with ch7 (the grand final)
footycool: u wish gabriel
Doodlerat: man its not like im depressed as a result of it campbell just cant move. only fanfooty to keep me company. lol
HAH1: well you love the pen15 dont you kuraban?
banana_bus: Why would you still have Shannon Grant?
Wardy: show us ur spud SKOOK
GEEason88: omg medhurst and shaw are unbelievably ... wait... thats not unbelievable
footycool: m0nty give grant the spud
jamzee123: harvey gr8 finish again mate two + 10S :P
CampbellP: Lol - i did it 2 years ago and ive played the first half of this season. At midseason break ATM. Head up thouhg mate
Bomberdan: give goldstein the clover!
Scratchy: banana_bus, why trade him out when he's at the price he is
liamsgun: grant has stopped
cemon1: good boy didak
DudePiston: boomer has got to be one of the most consistent players of the last decade. do we agree?
footycool: gabriel hes jewish not irish
cemon1: ?
jamzee123: phew u scared me juddgy
theuncle: I love Boomer - all class
jamzee123: 69 sc that my boy harvey !!!!!!!!!!
Bomberdan: lol
liamsgun: yea give grant the spud
freakycats: go didak he's my captain
Doodlerat: do u reckon didak could do something soon? maybe? that would help me and my team.
footycool: thank you liamsgun see d.g he agress 2 give grant the spud
Elephant: all my players (swan, shaw, thomas, urqy) have good 1/4 time scores ... shame its half time
casha: hmmm swan wtf is goin on there
footycool: give maxwell the spud
Bomberdan: carmon grant! 105+ by full time! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
CampbellP: Swan gets f all TOG
footycool: u wish m0nty gibe bomberdan the spud
footycool: m0nty give bomberdan the spud
DudePiston: cloke supercoach score! haha!
footycool: lol dan
fatheads69: lol @ cloke
jamzee123: athomas check out harvey doin alrite :P
GEEason88: omg, i saw my opponent had ablett captain, and then i realised his vice is didak... lucky i got cox capt
ocat1979: shark pars 15th
Elephant: m0nty can i have an elephant logo?
Bomberdan: lol
footycool: m0nty can i have a footycool logo plzz
GEEason88: htf would u get an elephant logo in 10 x 10 pixels?
Elephant: m0nty got a porpoise and spider in 10 x 10 so why not an elephant?
Fred: resize to 10x10 u doosh
kaiballa: what the flower swan
liamsgun: my oppenet in dream team has cloke didak and pendelbury
pavspride: m0nty how about larger icons to the players names
sg2612: Monty change Tredreas symbol to a head with a dick on it!
m0nty: You guys get no special logos, please stop asking about them.
spiff: tredrea's symbol should be a steaming pile of sh*t
the eagle: hey all
Doma_12: wtf swan and shaw
cr36: sg2612 i agree
casha: spiff ?
the oaks: can i get an oak tree? or a tre
footycool: have a cry m0nty
cr36: even i go for the power i still cant agree more
Gritty: prib?
Gritty: ok ok i'll leave now pansy. pendlesnoot how good, didak how pn, finn brothers how good.
vegieplus: Can I get like a carrot, I like carrots
sg2612: See even port fans agree...
Bomberdan: can u at least give footycool a spud? pretty plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
millsy123: shut up everyoone let monty do what he wants
Preditors: flower lift cloke L.Thomas D.thomas and Grant
cr36: lol thats cus he lost his tread long ago
cr36: and hes ugly from a chicks point of view
HAH1: why dont i get to be in green too i won the first year of afl dream team?
sg2612: Are you monty's biggest fan millsy?
casha: in 1998 HAH1?
Kyn1: Hey monty can I have the clover, because I'm Irish
Keza41: r u on bunce1???
crunk: what prizes did ya get HAH1?
footycool: hehe bomberdan hoo has 0 trades left and hoo got 1,200 last week
vegieplus: If you can't give me the carrot, can I have the brussel sprout?
sg2612: can i have like a sheriffs badge?
footycool: casha i won bomberland comp last year
Elephant: i think m0nty is discrimating against animals ... elephants have rights too
HAH1: 1 grand
vegieplus: flower the animals what about the vegos
cr36: yea pigs are much cuter that ling
casha: 1 grand piano ?
crunk: oh yeah, not too bad i guess
GEEason88: elephants have the right to shut the fu*k up
Kyn1: Potatos, potatos, potatos
cr36: *than
HAH1: nah just 1 grand there were only 5000 players that year
tbeilbs: who is monty
Scratchy: HAHAHA you got told elephant
crunk: can i have a diamond encrusted goblet?
Doodlerat: i know who should have a permanent spud next to his name. Matthew Suckling hes gotta be the worst player on an AFL list
cr36: tbeilbs: r u sers?
adam10: carn liverpool
Elephant: don't worry i will be going soon...28 minutes before i leave
Preditors: HAH1 wot did you do wif the money
HAH1: spent it
casha: anyways lets move on to disscuss what our goals are for the last 7 weeks eg league win overall win or overall finish ?
Preditors: on wot???
apg123: hi
HAH1: what year did you win casha?
spiff: my goal for the next seven weeks is to plan my team for next year.... this year for me is OVERRRR
Scratchy: casha - top 500 i'm hoping. along with league win in both my leagues naturally.
GEEason88: trying to finish top of my league. xD and with 3 games againt bottom 3 teams, should be easy.
Elephant: i finally got to #1 in my league last week ... hoping to win premiership
ocat1979: shark 2 in front!!
apg123: every1 heard the news bout the Brownlow Bets all stopping because of Gazza Abletts injury is worse
Skooks: Shut up Casha..
casha: That would be a nice finish scratchy IMO
Titans: just hoping to make top eight to keep some respect
footycool: hehe skooks
Keza41: let's go medhurst and power big quarters for you two here!
Preditors: flower skooks is on :(
DT ELITE: Dane Swan is my captain, Why did I not make it Joel Corey!?!?!
Doma_12: carn swan n shaw get me 80 each at least u heros
ocat1979: bets are open again apg, rumours are FALSE
spiff: haha that spud makes me laugh
ari18: 9th on my ladder and finding form. I want to be the person that comes from nowhere to steal the premiership
sg2612: Ha ha skooks the spud!! ha ha
Keza41: try and win the league premiership and beat a guy who's ranked in the top 500
idsme: give maxwell the skooks
apg123: oh thats good
HAH1: oi casha wat year did you win??? and wat was your prize?
cr36: lol same spiff
Elephant: Corey might also do crap because Ablett is out, therefore harder tag
casha: J Corey in the wet may have a shocker swan could be your better option!!
liamsgun: carn grant ig last half
spiff: too many stars in the geelong midfield.. can't tag them all even with ablett out
millsy123: brent harvey is GUN!
casha: !@hah1 sc $25,000
GEEason88: anyone reckon if corey enright will have another big game or back to his normal self ?
spiff: harris omg so bad
footycool: plz collingwood
footycool: casha stop talking
hunty999: lift pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAH1: is that why ur in green casha?
dizzydog: spud nick maxwell massive dud!!
ocat1979: pendles corky!!!
spiff: ROFL commentator just called firrito "spud firrito"
liamsgun: is there anything rong with maxwell
sg2612: your a pimp casha
spiff: made me laugh
millsy123: casha are u the maker of this with monty or just a mate or what?
casha: ffs maxwell
liamsgun: yes pendelbury ingured
coasters: the wet doesnt simply dtop players from performing casha... they train in it... they play in it...
footycool: cmon collingwood i tipped u
ocat1979: roos in front
cr36: he won SC last yr millsy
coughs2ric: cahsa = edt'er (won sc)
adam10: norman crashed?
casha: i work for monty on on the third floor SC department ok millsy
Bomberdan: lift grant and collingwood!\
Stuart: thats his nickname, you spud spiff
Jeremick: Lets go Didak!
coughs2ric: :S heater ....?
ocat1979: shark 2 in front, pars 16th
Teddler: norman 4 bad shots in a row on the 17th expect him to drop 2
HAH1: what does monty work as?
millsy123: he won SC.. WHAT A flowerN SUPERSTAR!! U flowerN GUN!!
footycool: cmon collingwood now u shop offs
casha: coasters corey is not known for his wet weather skill as jimmy or ablett is ok
apg123: y did Spooks have a spud near his name
sg2612: give cloke the SPUD!!!
jamzee123: lol if norman wins it wat a disgrace that wud b
Skooks: Is anyone else really enjoying Dane Swan's game?
millsy123: cahsa how u scoring this year??
sg2612: So CASHA after you won SC did you clean up with the chicks?
apg123: wat is wrong with Nick Maxwell
ocat1979: why would that be a disgrace jamzee? i love the shark, one of my boyhood idols!
footycool: hehe skooks!
PicklesPA: hahah skooks is a spud!!!!
casha: solid millsy
Keza41: c'mon medhurst kick a point i don't care so long as you touch it...
Teddler: skooks im really enjoying swans game
jamzee123: wow go kangas :P
spiff: jimmy was obviously a kid that jumped in puddles wearing gumboots as a kid... he loves the wet
hapy_eagle: phew, the week i get rid of cloke
Hird.Magic: LOL sg2612
NQLCOWBOYS: what is the shark on in the golf?
casha: who is on swan ?
PicklesPA: so jimmy was 2 kids?
cr36: haha yea sg2612 cause most chicks even noe about SC or DT
footycool: ys collingwood
Teddler: shark putting for bogey made it so even par leading by 1 with 1 to play
Skooks: I think the bench is Casha...
ocat1979: shark leading by 2 at -1 but in trouble on 17th
coasters: petrie nearly 100SC already
jamzee123: hes pretty old :p isnt he
hapy_eagle: is the shark playing in the open ?
Bomberdan: carmon grant! another goal!
PicklesPA: stop shouting at swan, it will make him play better....:(
mjbt: I am loving Swans game. My eliminator opponent has him as captain
casha: skooks captain this week ?
adam10: go kangas i tippes yas
Doma_12: cmon swan
sg2612: Im sure there are some chicks? Casha didnt answer me.....
Cruiseon: Medhuuurrst!!!
ari18: which one of u wrote the dream team guide in the record ealier this year? Casha or skooks?
Elephant: cya later guys, goodluck with your dream teams
bluesystem: hey
jamzee123: swan u hack
ocat1979: shark is LEADING the open hapy eagle
therealmkd: me and my opponent has swan but my opp. has him as 'c' good to see
cr36: yea there r sum chick eg me but not alot others
Teddler: any chance of didak touching it after half time
PicklesPA: how many times do the kangaroos have to show people that leaving harvey free is a bad thing?
uggugg: stop putting shower on swan, he'll hit 100 before you know it
Skooks: I went Coxy
pavspride: ahah imhoeboer why did you trade out jones
coasters: my wife definitely knows wot Sc and DT are.... especially on Friday nights when I dont let her touch the computer!
hapy_eagle: far out, cant beleive i didnt know. Been folowing the tour. GO CADEL
jamzee123: cmo boomer
PicklesPA: ok poll ime, best kangaoos player?
cemon1: good girl Skooks
casha: sg26 no m8 no chicks but fair to say wifey was my egyption bitch for months lol
sg2612: Its a shame there arent many other chicks involved with SC and DT
tigermania: a big cheer from everybody when heath shaw gets his first touch this qtr
pavspride: give pratt and pendas the heart
Athomas: FFS Swan + 11.
Jeremick: swan is on like 50 odd now :|
m0nty: Swan with some cheapies
Athomas: + 17 * omg
footycool: cmon maggies
apg123: my captain this week is still Steve Johnson
jamzee123: brent harvey :P
sg2612: I knew you were a PIMP CASHA!
coasters: best player since what year pickles?
m0nty: this is why Swan is a fantasy superstar, so bloody cheap
cr36: yea true
PicklesPA: its all your fault casha......
darren123: jimmy bartel cap ftw (:
casha: hmm cox skooks on his record only ?
therealmkd: that is right
jamzee123: swan = freak :O
PicklesPA: uhhh, i dunno 98?
Doma_12: swan is awesome only people who abg him are the ones who cannot afford.
cemon1: whos on shaw?
sg2612: Monty seriously CLoke must get the spud right?
hapy_eagle: thats it m0nty, give swan the heart
Skooks: I have a multitude of indicators Casha
ocat1979: Camilo Villegas shot 65 today at the open, that is called golfing your ball!
Doma_12: lol! 60
kaiballa: SWAN WOW!!!! keep going buddy
footycool: hehe swan
PicklesPA: shaw's on himself, ad hes loosing
apg123: some1 say wat is happenin to Nick Maxwell plz
footy_wiz: Doma_12 I picked Pendlebury over swan becoz he's better and he's my fav player
leungtl: Swan =|
footycool: hehe swan goal
Athomas: omg swan goals too... geeeeeez
therescav: swan!!
cdrobert: thanks for firing up swan fellas
Elephant: Swan has always been a "burst" player...just not so noticeable as 2night
Cruiseon: Geez the Kangaroos are a boring team with the exception of Boomer
jamzee123: cmon wellingham
therealmkd: monty with the fire up for swanny
kaiballa: LOL swan about 40 points in the last 5 minutes
Doma_12: LOL!!! this is the best 1/4 by swan i've got a boner
hapy_eagle: hahahaha OMFG lol swan
Ropes: Swanny!!!
sg2612: My mate went to school with Swan... he says he was a real dick.
casha: lol swan you dirty cheap lil sl*t
uggugg: LOL Swan told yas
pavspride: holy s^^^ swan you absolute gun
jamzee123: swan still sucks :P
coasters: thats one of the highest scoring 10 mins i hav seen for a player for a while = swan
maclurem: Hahaha loving it Swanny you DT Gun!
PicklesPA: ffs........seriously........its all asha's fault he started it
cr36: lol footycool wats with the ' hehe' lol
liamsgun: give swan the fireball and give me the gun plz
jamzee123: DANE HITS TOP :O crzy
PicklesPA: thats gotta be a new record, 15 fanfooty places on the leaderboard in 5 mins
cemon1: flower off swan
sg2612: man where the f.uck is Heater??????
hapy_eagle: time for shaw to follow suit
apg123: noo Dane Swan wat the heck, i cant believe it
Keza41: this has got to be my worst night ever... medhurst and power =[
ajwilliams: go heater, get to 30 you superstar!
Cruiseon: Lets rev up Shaw
jamzee123: boomer :(
PicklesPA: shaw u showerhead do something!
tigermania: shaw saving himself for junk time in the 4th qtr
liamsgun: come on grant
hapy_eagle: come on shaw, show us why you should be AA
PicklesPA: everyone get behind shaw by giving him sh*t
Cruiseon: Here comes Shaw, following in Swan's footsteps
freakycats: here comes the rise of shaw
gibbo69: can we get a dog sign for swan ... he has just proven he is a GREAT DANE! what a burst of points WOW
cr36: how old r most of u guys or girls if thre are any
Bomberdan: ye footycool! hehe
jamzee123: heater u girl my sister cud tag u to 5 possies
footy_wiz: c'mon pendles
hapy_eagle: shaw, the kangaroos killed your cat
casha: 32
Doma_12: gibbo that was the g ayest comment ever.
sg2612: im old
skemer: coem on roos
coasters: 31 year old bloke cr36...
jamzee123: cmon harvey 70 plz by 3 wtr time
Titans: lol theres only 7 people in without blurbs between both teams
PicklesPA: HAHAH hapy_eagle!!!!!!!
footycool: i gabriel lol at grant
GEEason88: any chance of 150 between hshaw and medhurst?
apg123: im a guy and im 15
cr36: i think im the youngest
liamsgun: casha give me the gun please m8
sg2612: 29 (not so old now)
footycool: goldstein scored
footy_wiz: 15
banana_bus: What the flower happened!?!? I turn away for 20 mins and Swan is +50!! flower off!
Cruiseon: I'm 82, but I'm a young 82, most of my friends think I'm 76
footycool: cmon collingwood
liamsgun: h shaw dont fire up
footy_wiz: how old are you cr36?
cr36: and maybe the only girl aswell
casha: i new this would happen i bet the pies loose ffs
liamsgun: flower
hapy_eagle: im 3
kuraban: LOL - if you're 15 then you're not a guy, you're a kid. :)
beaup: i need the gun between my eyes with the scores of cloke and daisy
cr36: in 15 in aug
sg2612: your one of the boys cr36
coasters: petrie 131SC... boys on fire since mcintosh died
Athomas: shaw sux...
cr36: whoops **im
kaiballa: ur all young and dumb
GEEason88: ya mums a girl. .... :S
OzMan: = monkey
darren123: oh yea im 3 months old
Cruiseon: My wife is 17 though
footy_wiz: older than me by just a month
footycool: cmon collingwood
liamsgun: come on grant for flower sake
Teddler: norman jst putted 10 metres past the whole on the 18th will take bogey
millsy123: drew petrie 131 SC before 3 QTR time.. this is a miracle
clojo: ahahaha my comp shut down for 10 mins, swan from 38 to 74!!!!
jamzee123: lol cruiseon 17 yr old wife makes alot a sense :P
damoc85: why does didak always stop!
hapy_eagle: hey heath, your uncles a dud
cr36: yea pretty much sg2612 lol but still can b a girl if i wanna
darren123: ben ross wont be making much money on 27..
GEEason88: shaw, dont go backward you re>tard
dylan123: bloody heath shaw as useless as a bucket of shower
Bomberdan: kick a goal grant!
Skooks: Im ropeable
coasters: cr36: u realise u r goin to be stalked by lots of drooling hormone frenzied 15 year olds now...
apg123: scott mcmahon u legend
sg2612: What is wrong with HEATER! He was such a gun last year!!!!! FFS!!!!!
footycool: u still with me bomberdan grant is a spud
cr36: lol thats nice 2 noe
jamzee123: lets hopr heater can maintain his score
coughs2ric: lol @ skooks
casha: why skooks ?
troy: lol coasters
footycool: cmon pies
sg2612: Skooks seriously get rid of that spud next to your name.. its beyond a joke now..
Teddler: i was wrong norman made the putt so finishes even with a one shot lead
spiff: rofl @ brownless commentary... he's commentating more on the golf than the footy
footy_wiz: finally pendles scores again
GEEason88: i think the $ can be taken off ben ross.... i mean... his been on 27 for ages now.
Skooks: Dane f**ing Swan... WTF is this 50 points in 10 minutes sh**
Bomberdan: nah, he isnt
m0nty: Fair putt by Sharky there.
the dud: didaks a gun
liamsgun: where has grant gone ????????? 2 the bar
footycool: cmon plz pies and collingwood
Preditors: cmon cloke lift god dam it
DT ELITE: Skooks i can't complain he's my captain, LOL!
T-Roy53: add me on msn
Jacko69: Casha are the new superguy? why are green who are u
ocat1979: sg2612, i don't think it's skooks choice to have a spud, monty is the all powerful around here
spiff: GEEason88 just as you said that ross kicked a goal...
jamzee123: cmon harvey and kangas, big last qtrs :P
footycool: plz collingwood need this tip
ocat1979: give shark the heart monty
millsy123: casha what is your prediction of franklin and mcleods game?
GEEason88: yeah.. i should say something about shaw....
damoc85: pies better win this
sg2612: Monty can you right a little blurb about why Casha is green so that everyone knows for future reference?
millsy123: sasha.. what is your expert prediction on mcleaod and franklins games this week?
spiff: haha :P
Bomberdan: plzzzz pies and grant!
jamzee123: lol at ross owning now u bag him, only 1 who cant lift is shaw, we need every1 to start bagggin him
DT ELITE: casha is green cause he looks like the incredible hulk
OzMan: f.uck the pies, filthy club
sg2612: ocat - poor guy must feel like a dick with it next to his name... unless he likes it?
coasters: ross goal... defo cash cow this week
liamsgun: yea who the flower is casha
jamzee123: ong long wtr
damoc85: long qtr.
jamzee123: y does spooks have the spud anyway?
Skooks: Skooks Is God.
clojo: isnt casha a girls name?
hunty999: lift urquhart, brown, shaw n medhurst!!!!!!!!! n u 2 pies!!!!!!!!!
ocat1979: skooks deserves the spud, no question
footycool: cmon colling wood win by 19 plz
GEEason88: isnt heath shaw a girls name?
m0nty: Aww Skooks, I was about to take the spud off you but after that I don't think so.
jamzee123: big last qtr from harvey went up 4 in sc :(
damoc85: lol @ cloke for SC
AliSTAR: massive sc score for cloke
uggugg: skooks is a palindrome
torResz: wtf shaw
skemer: stop telling players to lift you duds
ocat1979: haha monty, show no spud mercy!
damoc85: m0nty what did swan get that qtr?
GEEason88: pretty sure paul medhurst is also a girls name...
DT ELITE: m0nty leave the spud, skooks needs the attention
casha: @millsy; don't think mcleod will play m8 but buddy will kick 6 or more IMO i also whacked $50 on hawks at $13top score
Skooks: Yes, Skook is a palindrome.. Finally somebody with some form of Grey cells
makingme: what was swan on at half time??
apg123: woah cloke 1
DT ELITE: Swan 51 damoc
Bullwinkle: mcleod is a certainty
Doma_12: can swan hit 120 maybe?
damoc85: thanks DT.
HAH1: just because montys a homeless old man he wants to eat that spud thats next to you skooks
sg2612: what are the players lifting?
tribey: Skooks was drafted from Glenelg. Rise to vote sir.
clojo: mcleod will play
footycool: This is skooks mum m0nty plz take that potato off my sons name or ill kill u
uggugg: lol tribey
adamchild: why does heath hate me...
m0nty: Heath Shaw on the bench for Q4. >:(
damoc85: is brownless commentating on MMM?
coasters: hey monty, u should start up a facebook page for fanfooty so we can see how ugly everyone really is here...
ocat1979: very risky casha considering saints can put on the super flood
millsy123: i hope your right casha because mcleod still on me bench.. i didnt get home to swap him for jake edwards.. and buddy is
jamzee123: lol he is 2 rofl skooks a paindrome and a spud wat a resume
Fury: Oh Sh!t
DT ELITE: flower
OzMan: can swan hit a target maybe? piece of nothing player
millsy123: my captain
sg2612: I am skooks dad... my son deserves the Spud Monty
ocat1979: great idea coaster!
coasters: yep i agree clojo... mcleod will play.... a certainty for the derby
HAH1: nah your the only ugly one coasters
Stuart: So sick of Shaw
footy_wiz: brownless is on sen
footycool: hi
damoc85: ta
millsy123: yer monty.. myspace page.. good idea
footycool: plz pies lets win
footy_wiz: coasters mcloed will play in the showdown
Skooks: Skooks is actually a Stud, monty made an error in my icon. Get your Sh** together monty you retard..
casha: saints won't flood this week spart
DT ELITE: "paindrome" LOL! this kid has not done grade 5 yet?
damoc85: anthony dropped a sitter.
coasters: hah1: im still 200% better looking than your mother
footycool: yes
DT ELITE: coasters its not a crummy derby like in the west its a showdown
HAH1: skooks finally some1 who knows monty a huge piece of sh*t
damoc85: goalski anthony
sg2612: Heater should just go home... seriously this is a joke...
apg123: who here is goin to the Showdown cause i am
GEEason88: wow.. medhurst IS alive =\
footycool: cmon collingwood
Skooks: I doubt ud learn what a Palindrome is in grade 5. Idiot.
HAH1: ill see you there apg123
dylan123: im with skooks on that 1
hapy_eagle: you will be the only one there apg123
HAH1: monty loves the dic k
sg2612: Hey CASHA are you on facebook?
Skooks: Ive heard he actually does...
Jacko69: H.Shaw, Swan, Didak and Medhurst lift
pavspride: m0nty nice to see an icon next to nearly each player this week keep up the good work
ocat1979: goodbye hah1, have fun been banned
adamchild: they teach palindromes in grade 5
apg123: yeah sweeet happy y u say that
HAH1: its because monty has no life
casha: sort of sg26
hapy_eagle: lol at the facebook thread on bigfooty
peter_ford: heater is d icks
Jacko69: THe Living Ends new Album is coming out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fatheads69: haha spud on skooks
HAH1: ocat1979 i dont give a shower ive been banned 4 times i have 18 acounts
jamzee123: hah1 is so bannes
coasters: i skipped grade 5... straight from 4 to 6... saved time and money for mum
Juddgy: lol only 6 peple dont have an icon
casha: 90% of peeps have heater so unless you have him as captain why stress ?
HAH1: ocat1979 i dont give a sh*t ive been banned 4 times i have 18 acounts
ocat1979: woopdee flowering doo jacko!
fatheads69: omg if collingwood lose im going to blow my top
pavspride: is petrie listed as a ruck on DT?
footycool: cmon collingwood u heros
damoc85: flowerin roos - pratt goal
peter_ford: urquhart is d icks as well
time2shine: Jacko69 its leaked already so u fail
jamzee123: cmon roo boys!
uggugg: go rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos
damoc85: petrie star
footycool: cmon pie boys
juddy08: monty and casha are irish pgis that have no life and all they do is flower there grannys and talk shower about footy!!
hapy_eagle: im going till the end of the match. hopefully swan, didak, shaw rip it up
kaiballa: lift swan u hack
GEEason88: so hope collingwood dont get top 4 ... and get knocked out in 1st week of finals against brisbane :]
fatheads69: kangaroos are the wierdest side...lose to freo and saints yet beat hawthorn and collingwood (maybe)
schulza: roos are overated
HAH1: you guys are all so hero especially you monty you hobo no life peice of sh*t
damoc85: goal jones.
brent-83: collingwood you stupid flowers you better win
ocat1979: game OVER
footycool: u can still do it
coasters: petrie 160SC
peter_ford: doggies 4 the FLAG!!
Ropes: H Shaw is overrated. Crab.
juddy08: shiza ya
casha: cheers juddy :)
jamzee123: i can pick kangas for some reason, but i cant pick carlton or essendon at all
GEEason88: not this year peter_ford
dizzydog: collingwood heros
tribey: tipped north by 21. if i'd put money on it pies fans would be gearing up to sing the song, no doubt
ocat1979: roos own the pies and hawks
damoc85: petrie star m0nty
sg2612: I wanna slap Heater with Dean Cox!
dizzydog: heath flowerwit shaw
jamzee123: cmon kangas hold strong plz
Fury: Me too
peter_ford: well GEE, it will be a dogs/cats final i think
coasters: petrie gun, pratt heart, swan star for scoring over 40 pts in qtr ?????????
footycool: cmon collingwood
dylan123: who would have thought collingwood would have lost
pavspride: cmon garbage time!
schulza: u's get waaaay to into ur dreamteams
damoc85: wellingham goal.
footycool: cmon pies
jamzee123: cats/hawks def :)
schulza: brisbane/geelong
jamzee123: cmon ROOS dont slip
pavspride: eff off....swan gun...petrie leave as star...nathan bown or maxwell spud....pratt heart
nooka: SCHULZA gotta love hte grammar: 'u's' hahaha
skemer: tipped roos by 15
Toby B: stuff u Urquhart, stuff u Heater, Stuff u Didak, Stuff u Pies!!
Booth: hold on kangaz!!
makingme: terrible qtr for collingwood
cr36: whos going 4 who in the PORT vs CROWS game?
sg2612: Monty Cloke the Spud?
peter_ford: i've thought about hawks but they don't have preliminary or grand final experience with that group, pies a roughie4sure
schulza: i try
sg2612: Crows
Jacko69: GIbson for Spud
jamzee123: crows but shaky bout it
pavspride: cr36 is that a question? adelaide - 100% even without fwrds
damoc85: grant goal
jamzee123: pies or hawks to play geelong, imagin if geelong didnt make it that wud be coool
GEEason88: why would anyone go for port... they are rebuilding... spelt.. T-A-N-K-I-N-G
casha: cats n dogs tips plz ?
cr36: i wont port 2 win but i noe they wont there season and probally nxt yr aswell r over
jamzee123: CMON boomer garbage it up now m8
sg2612: cats
pies08: dogs
cr36: the doggiesss
tribey: tanking? we're just shower
ocat1979: petrie 165 sc, wow
KouDogg: dogs :)
coasters: dogs by 7pts
cr36: only cause my brian lake is my uncles nefew
damoc85: swan +4
troy: cats pretty easy
jamzee123: cats but i reckon cud go either way easily
jamzee123: dont bet on that game casha
Keza41: CATS - with ablett and ling gone they still have players to back them up and with kelly bak they should def win.
Ropes: Dogs Casha. Cross to go nuts.
mt.theo: come on wellingham!!
damoc85: medders goal!!
pavspride: swan will finish with 107
casha: i went cats but now thnk dogs will win
footycool: cmon pies
schulza: treadrea has got to be the worst player in the afl
GEEason88: cats by 11
Toby B: wat a crap dream team game...
spiff: dogs are better than the hawks... hawks too reliant on too few players
cr36: yea doggies all da way 4 that game hopefully
sg2612: Im not gonna say this again... KEPLER BRADLEY is the F.U.C.K.I.N.G. worst
sg2612: Im not gonna say this again... KEPLER BRADLEY is the F.U.C.K.I.N.G. worst!
pavspride: nah worst player in the afl.....skill wise is byron schammer
schulza: treadres a hero
Hazz29: couldnt block me monty you fat sh*t
Ropes: Swan Wood and friggin Heater in this game.
coasters: doggies will win - gotta prove to the afl world they are the real deal
cr36: don worrie treaders come pretty close 2 it
tribey: tredrea is far from the worst. avid footy classified viewer i see
casha: dissagree spiff
jamzee123: cant wait til finals wen doggies start howling cuz there out 2nd week
Hazz29: monty has a 3 inch di ck
Keza41: go medders!!!!! lift a bit sam power
schulza: i thought u werent gonna say it again
Hazz29: you cu nt!
cr36: okay im off catch yas l8r
Sunday2810: where has r shaw gone??
t0mm0: lift hansen
liamsgun: how much time left in the match
mt.theo: kepler bradley isnt that bad, laycock is the worst!
kaiballa: didak has scored 20 this 2nd half very dissapointing
jamzee123: r roos safe yet?
GEEason88: haha go medhurst,,, almost doubled ur own score this quarter
t0mm0: shaw is a hack btw, also cannot believe flowerin pies sooo shower
jamzee123: harvey hits sc hundred
damoc85: yep - only 3mins left or something.
coasters: yep i agree wit laycock... he is the biggest dud playing... bombers gota shoot him for sure...
footycool: cmon collingwood
damoc85: anthony mark 25 out.
jamzee123: harvey u better get an sc ton :(
schulza: i love the uncos
t0mm0: worst player in the league is easily toby thurstons
schulza: very funny to watch
PicklesPA: glad i didnt get cloke....ot glad the kangaroos are winning and that shaw is a dud
Ropes: Harvey back down to 99 SC. LOL
damoc85: 2 goals in 2 mins.
Titans: comon thomas few late goals good for the dt stats and the tipping
pavspride: nah...laycock looks like hes bad...hes alright...but not good
jamzee123: dont scare me kangas better win
Doma_12: the worst player is starts with Mc and ends with Ass
Toby B: worst player is James Gwilt
damoc85: swan gun
Titans: is it over?
jamzee123: i cant watch lol
Keza41: lol my opponent has toby thurstons
troy: monty didn't molly say last week that cloke could become a premium forward lol
damoc85: all over
Willis: what the flower didak. done nothing in the 2nd half you jerk
PicklesPA: na worst player ever starts with b and ends with rett peake
pies08: how much time lefT?
t0mm0: is ur opponents team called 'the hacks'
damoc85: harvey lining up
casha: cmon swan
Fury: You're breaking my balls, Heater.
Keza41: c'mon medders kick 3 quick ones
damoc85: goal boomer
jamzee123: join in the chorus, lol im not a roos fan but this is realy good for tippin LP
DAZZLER: Go Boomer
ajwilliams: worst player ever was troy cook
jamzee123: u guys said it was over?
t0mm0: does anyone else have heath shaw?
jamzee123: lol fury
pavspride: picklesPA nice point brett peake is the worst player in the AFL (and probaly WAFL)
spunyata: I'm a freo supporter and i 2nd Brett Peake!
Skooks: power off Swan
Judd@Blues: how long left anyone no
Doma_12: lol flower off pratt gets the heart. swan deserves the heart
Skooks: God Boomer is a gun.
DAZZLER: Any collingwood loss is good
skemer: its game over
pavspride: harvey wil jump up a showerload of points to 100 atleast
damoc85: about 40seconds
itsduff: do something didak!!!!!!!!
stk4prem: 1 min 40 when boomer scored
schulza: any remeber wen dale kickett went crazy and punched like 40 guys
Titans: tommo:does anyone else have heath shaw<< if you dont have heath shaw youve got a horrible team
tribey: need the channel 10 five-minute warning... POW!
pavspride: harvey wil score a descent 100 just wait and look
jamzee123: harvey captain sc :p
OzMan: heath shaw deserves to be executed
damoc85: siren
Judd@Blues: thanx stk4prem
jamzee123: hansen dissapointin in sc :(
spiff: haha i had 20 bucks on collingwood winning at half time and roos winning @ $9.50 for a cool 190 bucks :)
Bullwinkle: only about 80,000 of us tommo
Keza41: petrie 173 sc
t0mm0: Do u have him Titans?
Toby B: Monty, give heath shaw the gun.... and shoot him with it!!!
liamsgun: cloke diapointing in super coach
Willis: EVERYONE has heath shaw....
t0mm0: good bullwinkle i thought it was just me...he gives me the showers every second week
pavspride: m0nty hurry up and update boomer
DT ELITE: liamsgun u funny lil nerd do u have have him?
millsy123: brent harvey GUN!
Bullwinkle: so trade him then
damoc85: m0nty the new prices are wrong
tribey: every time i've gone to get heater i hold back and he has a game like this
t0mm0: heath shaw is like a tampon: 1 week in(form) 3 weeks out (of form)
liamsgun: ahahahahaha toby b
DAZZLER: Huh, Carna Kangas !!!!
spiff: lol tommo so true
oddsok: lol 90 from 2 players, awful night
cemon1: lol who gives a flower what Heater scores, everyone has him
jamzee123: 350 from 5 in sc not too bad considering
millsy123: boomer for gun!!
liamsgun: no wo wants heath shaw hes shower
Ropes: 204 = Wood, Swan and Heater. However 2 down in backs so 204/5
liamsgun: who ever has heath shaw has a shower dream team or supa coach
t0mm0: gday pazzzzzzz
jamzee123: wth is harvey sposed to get more pts or something? and hu cares bout the gun
Ropes: Liam you N00B, most gun SC'ers and Elite DTers have him. Stupid silly comment.
jamzee123: doesnt imporve his score
t0mm0: lol at liamsgun i thought u had cloke
liamsgun: Join in the corus and sing it 1 an all join in the courus and sing it 1 and all
Jaco23: 158 from 2 brent harvey and heath shaw
jamzee123: liam if u dont have him ur more likely to have a shyt team cuz hes a staple
atw0001: dont have shaw n im top 4500 in sc
millsy123: boomer gun!
t0mm0: Ropes, liam is a n00b but it is spelled thusly
millsy123: im 879th in australia in SC and i wont go near H SHAW
t0mm0: m0nty howcome Lachie Hansen doesn't have the $ sign?
Ropes: Cheers t0mm0 :)
Ropes: 1700 SC I have Heater.
tribey: define 'elite DT/SCer'... what are we talking? top 2000?
Ropes: You would think Tribey top 500
casha: 38,31,31,45,28,68 in the past 12 weeks in SC ! fair to say he is not doing it for us this year
millsy123: oh im not elite.. i thought elite was top 1000
millsy123: thanks casha!! stay away from shaw! he inconsistent
Ropes: Correct weight Casha. Will watch him next year, see if he can shake a tag.
millsy123: ciao boys.. got two footy matches this weekend so need to hit the bed!!
crowsman23: its hit the sack millsy u stupid boy!!! and no one cares about ur under 10s football match
tribey: I do crowsman, I traded porps for millsy123 and need a big game from the lil fella