Chat Log: R11, Sydney 12.11.83 d West Coast 11.12.78

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OzMan: cmon Jones, Cox and Mattner
trub77: same as ozman + goodes
itsduff: Monty I think Jack is on Kerr
selwood: goals to nicoski, kerr!!!
triplegee: Go Eags!
alfy: Go Cox, Nicoski, Priddis, O'Keefe, Goodes and Barlow.
jessivw: need nicoski to score some points so i can finally get rid of him
OzMan: this must be Nicoski's highest score this season
jessivw: ill doubt we'll ever see nicoski at the top of the list again
forget08: cox, jones, houlihan and benched nicoski
jezg: i have nicoski on my bench this week with myers on instead
Turnofpwr: jones on rok
prince: Got Embly playing n Nicoski as emg for this match
Salisbury: Come on Capt Cox
KouDogg: Go away Selwood i need Goodes to have a massive one, same with Mattner and Cox
roddy27: nico's highest score is 97-- would you believe that??? OMG
deansherr: sydney are tagging three players? One of whom is a first year? No wonder they're losing!
forget08: free kick selwood in front of goal
V|PeR: goodes reported
OzMan: goodes reported, high contact
KouDogg: shower Goodes reported FK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
itsduff: Goodes reported
forget08: goodes is in the book
selwood: i got a goal!!!
cookiez: lol goodes wont go for that
Tonos: anything in it ozman??
forget08: prob wont get done though, maybe 1 week
Jeremick: Woot R Davis!
chadwick: goodes should get 3 weeks for that, but somehow he never gets suspended
g-train: what is the icon for kirk meant to be?
apg123: if Goodes gets none Cam Mooney will definetly get non
forget08: problem is they're not replaying it
daehoidar: lol selwood
m0nty: Umpy to get sent to the bush for daring to report Golden Boy Goodes! :P
OzMan: if they were consistent he would go for 2 but probably will get off
roddy27: goodes gets off everything--he could shoot a guy on the field and it wouldnt mattner... pardon the pun
KouDogg: Goodes please lift!!!!!!
chadwick: too true roddy27
cookiez: nah he barely touched him, it will be low impact unlike the other ones
tima14: KouDogg relax is like 5 mins in... geez
cookiez: and because its goodes
V|PeR: kerr was legged
mickey: come on the junkies!!
cody: that wasnt a pun
KouDogg: hahaha tima14....not having a good week, need big games from my players
Faruge: cookiez how are you going in your matchup v the ape
petros1977: mickey go and play in the traffic !
Melv: if goodes go for that, our game is in serious trouble
cookiez: killing it faruge...absolutely killing it
OzMan: wtf is nicoski doing?
Koutaaa: Melv -- footy is already in trouble...needs to be like the 80s and 90s again---not this pussy sport it's now become
mickey: oh sorry, did I tell the truth Petros?? you scumbag.
burak123: butler has lost a lot of weight
jezg: damn i should hav left nicoski on my field
g-train: anyone? wtf is the icon on priddis for kirk?
petros1977: The truth is u love the c#ck greatl#rd!
forget08: i wish i had had the trades to pick up butler
al_casdy: wilkes has had 4 possessions...where are his points??
Turnofpwr: footy isnt in trouble...its just as popular as it ever was
therhodie: still takes a man to play footy at afl level
Koutaaa: regardless of its popularity, the standard has declined
forget08: the symbol is a star trek symbol i think. for captain kirk
j0sh0: damn, craig bolton is my cappy
mickey: Petros has called for the stretcher and a marshmellow as well...idiot
BrwnBottle: c'mon g-train! captain kirk - star trek
MadHatter: Priddis 0 ??
Giants: yep captain kirk
V|PeR: good game so far
g-train: ok, never once seen star trek. cheers.
KouDogg: Mattner lift!
buddy: cmon jude bolten youre my bitrch
j0sh0: my turds r more interesting than this game
Turnofpwr: the standard hasnt declined...more skillful and quicker then ever before
trub77: did u have peas tonight josh0
mboettcher: get into star trek g-train even if it's just the original!
MadHatter: i miss the big pack marks and brawls
j0sh0: nah mate, corn
apg123: priddis u bloody poofta score
therhodie: with the speed of the game now, they just cant allow those hard bumps anymore, would cause too much damage
ablett11: cmon hunts
therhodie: the players are so much stronger and faster now, different game, go watch local footy if u like brawls
forget08: punda in front
TysOZ: Come on Goodes and Mattner, and Cox stay quiet, both opponents has you,but 1 has you as C so a quiet one would be good
Pommy: how bad is Goodesy's bump?
Turnofpwr: exactly sick of ppl complaining about it
forget08: and goals
selwood: can we get back on the topic, which is this game. ill start, west coast are dominating
Giants: goodes wont get any time off. max a week if he does
Pommy: lol @ M0nty for Nicoski comment.....give him a spud
MadHatter: i enjoy all levels of footy actually
ablett11: kirk get into the game
V|PeR: nice kick kerr
forget08: kerr goal
trub77: goodes if ur gonna miss next week , make up for it tonight with 110+ for me
Imziee: lol goodes wont get suspended
alfy: Great start from the Eagles.
joshgold5: will goodsey go for his head high bump?
jggeddes: whats masten b/e?
Imziee: no way
trub77: plus the afl love goodes, he won't miss a game
al_casdy: dwayne russell keeps calling davis as wilkes...freakin tool, made me think wilkes was killing it!
donsalami: Eagles showing at home they are no easy-beats
forget08: staker goal
spence37: bloody seaby as captain ahhhhhhhhh
fullbull: carn the mighty blue and gold!!!
cookiez: at worst goodes might get a reprimand with an early plea
priddyboy: al_casady...I thought he was. What a tool
al_casdy: davis is 45, wilkes is 42. both have poofy blond hair so easy mistake i guess
priddyboy: Davis is skinny though
donsalami: Good comeback from a slow start Priddis
Ausyid: masten...was going to trade him to ablett or s.thompson but decided to wait a week. REPAY THE FAITH
al_casdy: wilkes finishes the quarter better than davis anyway, so i am happy :)
Drew04: Poofy blonde hair? You tool
KouDogg: Good quarter Goodes, Mattner and Cox keep it up....want 300 from you guys
trub77: west coast making the pies look good, they should thump the dees by 160 pts!
Salisbury: Cox you gotta do better than 4 your my Capt
obimikel: salisbury ur an idiot never put captain against sydney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiger03: goodes will score over 100 from here on in he is a flowerin superstar
trub77: not bad so far, got jones, mattner, goodes & cox
micabre: with the two games tonight, makes adelaide look better
Jeremick: Capt Cox on 4 :D
cozmofo: ausyid ur full of shower
mboettcher: The pies make themselves look good!
dt19: should of kept cotchin on the field instead of masten =[
MaqAttaq: reminds me of the Crows game
prince: U should never have any player captain when thier versing sydney..its stupid it u do.
Drew04: Stop whingign its only quater time
obimikel: lol at nicoski!!!!!!!!!! 21 in the first quarter!!! thats got 2 b a mistake?!?!?!?!?!?!
trub77: damn right mboettcher!
darcy: wish i went to this game haha come on masten and wilkes
specialK: how is cox on 4???? clangers?
mboettcher: only quarter time I agree, too early to make judgments
KouDogg: obimikel are you micheal from last year??? u go for adelaide right?
spence37: Jared you gotta how me moore only on 2
Loyal_Lion: will goodes get off u reckon?
darcy: wilkes u legend
Imziee: this is the last time i will say it, GOODES AT WORST may get a week, but he wont
micabre: doesn't goodes always get off
Imziee: and monty, i think its time to fire up goodes, get over the report lol
Turnofpwr: dont be stupid goodes wont get off..from memory he has points leftover neway
darcy: MASTEN YEH damn i thought we were gonna get smadhed
abac3: chuck the spud on seaby
paramore: cmon cox.
the oaks: wtf ted richards
the oaks: does adam bentick get the spud?
Schammer: goodes gone 3-4
MaqAttaq: m0nty....i reckon Stenglein should have a TV for that bump on Goodes
itsduff: Cox free infront of the sticks
itsduff: and he misses
forget08: how did he miss that???
massa4: missed
KouDogg: shammer goodes will get off....
donsalami: Burton got two for a high reckless hit to the head. Goodes had minimal contact, it was incidental. One week if unlucky.
m0nty: Goodes' points from last year have expired, actually.
Turnofpwr: monty did goodes not get points earlier in the year?
crowscan: darcy said nothing in the goodes bump no games
selwood: m0nty, dont they last for 2 years?
m0nty: Goodes got off at the tribunal in R2. It's all listed on his FanFooty player profile.
m0nty: Points last for one AFL year (i.e. those points from R5 2007 expired on R5 2008)
selwood: were you meaning points hanging over, or like the 10
darcy: wat crowscan ?
Duffy132: crowscan!
joxstrap: Can we have a Mattner news icon, monty? :)
crack_fox: did kerr role his ankle
selwood: m0nty, were you meaning points hanging over, or like the 10% increase for each game thing?
darcy: holy crap malcheski
crowscan: sorry darcy i meant luke darcy ex-footballer said it
tima14: just not the same without kennedy :(
m0nty: selwood: Goodes has no loading and no carryover points.
coasters: worsfold shouldnt have bagged malceski...
forget08: yeah, kerr off w/ankle
paramore: malceski price hasnt dropped enough!! this is unfair!!
forget08: kerr on, sorry. must be ok
fullbull: it was sumich not worsfold
KouDogg: get a touch Goodes!!!
selwood: thanks for clearing it up mate
joxstrap: Legend, Monty
paramore: worsfold didnt bag malceski, it was one of the assistant coaches, i cant remember his name..
torres: peter sumich
flowerennel: sumich
samdaman: m0nty whats the idea about the kirk sign?
Turnofpwr: sumich or micale said it
paramore: sumich bagged malceski
pate_vn: sumich was the one who bagged malceski
crowscan: Goodes 60 by the end of the quater come on mate
pate_vn: peter sumich
coasters: anything an assistant says, represents the coach.... good enough 4 me!
paramore: cmon cox.
coasters: monty, can ya put the stats up against okeefe please
prince: still think the swans will win this.
coasters: samdaman: capt kirk star trek dude.... damn i must be the oldest here...!!!
forget08: seaby goal
Drew04: go you flowerin eagles
KouDogg: Goodes get a touch this quarter please!!!!
massa4: how does kirks symbol work
samdaman: yeah i dont watch star idea what your on about!
trub77: cmon goodes, get the friggin pill
paramore: wow cox, same score as seaby...
joxstrap: It's pretty irrelevant what Cox gets surely, unless he's your captain
samdaman: flower playfair get a touch...make me some money
coasters: cox is impoertant when he is ur oppo capt
deansherr: captain kirk (william shatner)
crazyman27: cox puts on the burners haha
crack_fox: bloody hell swans we should be with them but our dispoals are shockin
sainterman: lets go seaby and glass
mboettcher: I can't believe in a chat full of nerds, half of you don't get the star trek reference!
mboettcher: does kirk's symbol work, hilarious!
crazyman27: hey mboettcher, i'm here to meet ladies :)
coasters: unfortuantely the nerds r simply too young...
sainterman: mboettcher: ur a douch
brenton: is barlow playing?????? whats up with him ne1 watchin
mboettcher: good point crazy man! I forgot your side of things!
KouDogg: Mattner plays so much better when Kennelly and Malceski play
mboettcher: better to be a douch than a sainter!
forget08: he's been off a bit, brenton. but he's just not getting it
KouDogg: Wat A MARK HUNTER!!!!!
priddyboy: Hunnnntttaaa
DAL=Super*: craig bolton get a kick mate
forget08: hunter you beauty
alfy: Quiet quarter for Goodesy.
sainterman: lol- doesnt make sence- but whateva
crazyman27: mattner has put on the burners as well, give him the fireball !!!!
brenton: thats forget08....i think i betta stop persisting with him....put the spud symbol against him
coasters: if eagles keep oloughlin quite for rest of game, they go tthis in da bag
brenton: i meant to say thanx forget08
darcy: hunters mark was rediculous this will be a good game swans to come bak
crack_fox: jolly wats wrong u should be atleast 25
forget08: no probs brenton
Drew04: Hunter flowering screamer, go you good things
darcy: if wilkes gets 60 ilkl be so happy
thebest008: wooooooo i tippede wc!!!
adamhunter: coxy to get 80 points in the 2nd half
OzMan: Brett Jones you gun!
crazyman27: if you crack the ton priddis i'm having your babies
Medman: is that right...cox 18???
Squishface: you tipped wc, good tipping, you are the best!
Drew04: Oz man Jones always does this and then has a quiet second half
forget08: yeah, had to trade out either jones or king to get cornes back. glad i went w/king
Squishface: are you still able to have kids after all you've been through crazyman?
OzMan: he usually does it in one quarter, at least today it's been an entire half!
sainterman: can they keep it up after the break?
hirthy: wtf is happening with Cox
Squishface: could it be, or will the Swans win overall like their song?
crack_fox: dont right off swans yet if we are gd side we should come back
Matt Youd: keep it up west coast i tipped you!
Giants: dont write the swans off. only geelong would be bettrer than them in this situation
Aces High: gday fellas
Matt Youd: wtf cox SC?
darcy: franklin 7.2 not even 3 qtr time
Aces High: go franklin
sainterman: wrong match darcy
sainterman: why is everyone talking about lance
DAL=Super*: go easy on cox boys.
Squishface: crack_fox, is it really you, from the Mighty Boosh?
Squishface: don't give it away, I'm watching on delay darcy!
coasters: swans dont hav a chance to win this now... big bad bazza retrebution
darcy: sorry squish at least u can watch it perth hav eagles on both foxtel and normal tv
obimikel: go ROK u star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maximus: lmfao @ Giants.. what about Bulldogs??/
DAL=Super*: mattner embley b jones c fletcher and coxy want 450 between yous
nickj22: me 2 squishface.... shut up darcy
Squishface: no worries darcy! I know I lived in Perth for a while so I know how it's so Eagles obsessed!
darcy: haha cool cool man i hpe masten gets 100 in sc
DAL=Super*: barlow my SC captain get to 0 so my vice in ken mcgregor can come in.
greeny_100: wat a start by the eagles for the second half 2 in a minute. cahn kerr
mastermo84: barlow what a looooooser
crack_fox: yea im squishface
obimikel: lol dal=super ur set if that happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Squishface: lucky for me I have Mattner and my opponet in SC has Barlow as our Syd defenders
sainterman: barlow as captain?? lol
sainterman: glass- you pathetic
Squishface: crack_fox, do you wanna come in for some tea?
specialK: they said on radio tadhg could b injured????
crack_fox: u do kno about my diet
darcy: barlow lol bird should be in for him next week jack needs a rest coe on WILKES !
sainterman: yeah seaby and glass
Burgey: F you cox, F YOU
darcy: malceski goal ! goodes hasnt touched it for ages
prince: EMBLEY is s GUN..!!! not many ppl have him
darcy: y flower you cox hes the best dt ruckmen by a mile hes versing the best combination
KouDogg: Goodes has done nothing fast...lift!! same with you Cox!!!
darcy: wilkes get the ball son
malteaser: I do. Only problem with him is his injuries, but he is a bit like Lappin, worth having as they score really well in SC
darcy: embley wow hel be 400K !
alfy: Goodesy gone cold.
prince: Embley is risky but looks like his gotten over his injuries..a gun when in form.
Aces High: go capt malceski
sainterman: step it up seaby
hoazi: dean cox shocking game
paramore: malceski is gonna get his be... pfft.
coasters: weagles gotta stop oloughlin from firing up or they will get done
tuzmonk: Aces High, how many captains you got eh?
crazyman27: come on martina mattner get the fireball back
darcy: is wilkes even on ?
Koutaaa: great maiden song btw
Imziee: whos sydney got next week? im seriously considering upgrading goodes
essendon11: again mattner drops off :@:@:@:
Spazb0t: carn cox, c.bolton, okeefe....u suck barlow, why did harry taylor have to be out :(
Jeremick: Cmon Cox
darcy: malceski holy crap wilkes seriously make me some cash masten get 80
KouDogg: Cox lift FFS!!!!!
ablett11: shimmy
torres_9: lift cox and priddis
darcy: yeh taylor out was because of the roos outs
darcy: sydney have the saits if we win we can beat bombers then hav geelong !
deansherr: come on playfair!
Homeless: f*** u kirk u waste of trade and money
darcy: come on wilkes hasnt touched it for a half
nooka: COx is not enjoying having seaby in the team at all
prince: Swans r cumin..!!
darcy: goodes starting to get it houlihan would hav been better than wilkes :(
Koutaaa: someone get Cox some viagra
darcy: wilkes should hav got a free !
slider1978: time to trade the turlte!!!
essendon11: maasten wilkes LIFT PLZZ
darcy: kirk goal glass hurt
therhodie: what a story malceski is going to be if he plays like this
slider1978: kerr for SC!!!
darcy: i agree essendon all my rookies let me down
Aces High: whats the highest score in ff
paramore: Seaby is beating Cox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pascoe: cox is sexy said rob hay
prince: u know ur playing bad wen nicoski is 5 points behind u in dt scores lol
V|PeR: slow game for cox
crowboy: lol stenglein
pascoe: haha. think about what u just said mate. seaby is BEATING cox (cocks)
Drew04: Sydeny will win ffs
IRAQI MATE: yes cox!!!
spence37: anyone considerng picking up malceski in 2-3 weeks?
Aces High: grow up pascoe
Koutaaa: pascoe that has just confirmed yur braindead ways you little gimp
Drew04: you're a flowering idiot pascoe grow up you muppey
Aces High: i got malceski now as capt
Drew04: *muppet
obimikel: give ROK the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darcy: spence yes for ellis :0 wats his breakeven
Giants: spence if malceski doesnt get injured in 2 weeks hes in my team
Matt Youd: cox needs a blue pill
Donk: don't know why you're all ganging up on pascoe, just a joke ffs, had a little laugh at it myself. Lighten up people.
darcy: geoff u there come on wilkes 30 this qtr
prince: tipped sydney to win..they got sum momentum
blueboy8: goodes SC king
pascoe: haha, take a joke u flowerin tight ass gimps. it was quite humorous actually.
crack_fox: west coast scored
Squishface: don't let things get nasty in here guys
HotPies: comon cox and mattner!! lift cox
tima14: cmonnn west coast!!
Medman: cox 50 pts this quarter
pascoe: thanks donk, ur a good bloke
Koutaaa: thinking your own jokes are funny, yes, you are a douchebag pascoe
Giants: yeah im here darcy whats up?
KouDogg: Cox 50, Mattner 48, Goodes, 44 k thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pascoe: haha, lets see u make a better one. go, right now.............
Koutaaa: nah you're doing very well at making yourself look like a need for me to add to the humiliation
crack_fox: cox -3
V|PeR: great grab from kerr
darcy: wilkes your wrecking my night !!!!!!!1
pascoe: lol, avoid the question....its cause uve got no material buddy.....u just wish u had the skills that ive got
alfy: Go the Eagles.
Boris_90: 35311-43950 code for euro
darcy: nothing geoff guess who my captain was
cjbreban: Sydney are mentally disabled. They tag Priddis instead of Kerr??? they deserve to be losing.
Squishface: darcy, your whole team doesn't rest on Wilkes performance does it?
pascoe: kouta doesn't even play anymore u dumb flower. get a new name u gimp
crack_fox: common swans mcveigh scored
OzMan: good decision this week buddy captain instead of cox
Boris_90: umm whats with mattner he had 53 at half time
liam_mp1: go back to gladiators kouta.... u stooge
dylan123: come on tadhg at least 80+
V|PeR: about time staker did something good
crack_fox: seaby scored
Giants: franklin?
Matt Youd: cmon cox and ROK
the oaks: everone franklin got 192 in sc and 138 in dt
Drew04: stakerrrr
pascoe: haha, nice 1 liam
the oaks: who ever doesnt have franklin is and idiot
tima14: hold the lead west coast!
jazzalenko: wat r ya doin cox, get more points
crack_fox: flippin cheats umps
Aces High: ur all spuds
Jeremick: **** you Cox
essendon11: knock knock knock... fat lady coming in if haw kick next goal
Doodlerat: cmon kennelly go for 80 at least!!!
Turnofpwr: wrong game oaks
crack_fox: jack in the rooms
Donk: Guess I'm an idiot then. He was too inconsistent for me last year.
paramore: give cox the spud
the oaks: give kennely the clover
essendon11: i mean wce**
Turmoil: yeah great work swans, drop bird for barlow...
deansherr: will playfair go nuts and kick 10 in the last 15 minutes?
Aces High: shut up pascoe
the oaks: hawks vs dons game finished
pies22: yes u r donk
KouDogg: Goodes ok, Mattner pretty shower, Cox :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aces High: paramore shut up
Matt Youd: cmon wce hold on
hachoo: comon Wilkes. Take some marks pleasee!
crack_fox: bevan lining up again
V|PeR: WCE going to try and lose this
Aces High: shut up oaks
crack_fox: beaven scores
Donk: Meh, I'll take my 2160 last week without Franklin.
Giants: swans were always going to win
darcy: masten at least get 50 and wilkes 40
sarpac: WTF happened to Mattner??? FFS
the oaks: sydney at $1.01 bucks to win over the the 3/4 west cost team
paramore: give cox the spud
Aces High: shut up crack fox
ablett11: Brett kirk u star
Aces High: paramore u said that b4 shut up
prince: what a game...go the swanss...!!!
crack_fox: make me
Giants: why does everyone yell at goodes? he hasnt had a great game but will still get 90
Boris_90: massive disappoint mattner 53 at half time now only 65. kind of like johncock had 60 at half today and ended up with 74
alfy: ohmy west coast, what are you doing
therhodie: Bruce crack_fox...special
the oaks: not good money
Jeremick: COx 70 or my week is stuffed sorta :p
selwood: star for kerr thanks
Squishface: easy on the crack fox, he's has a hard life on the streets
MaqAttaq: come on....another draw
Turmoil: flower yes, lets go swans!
the oaks: i think goods needs the spud
Aces High: shut up crack fox
pies22: aces high, take ur on advice
spence37: anyone who thinks west coast will win this game is an idiot
Ironman: this is a low scorin week for many ppl i think
darcy: goodes will hav a massive sc score as will kerr
jp_dirty30: Dean sux cox's
Aces High: shut up pies22
mark_91: mattner... needed a ton from you... big league game this week... you let me down...
Koutaaa: monty you flowering little weasle. flower you. flower you, flower you. flower you, you rotund dont mother flowerer
crack_fox: like im goin to listen u
Ironman: no give graham the spud
the oaks: $1.01 bucks that wc will lose by less then 3 points
footy_wiz: can all u ppl who keep on repeating stuff just STFU
sappyDog: eagles and swans have yet another close game
selwood: why spence?
crack_fox: everrit hurt knee
darcy: spence there not idiots but it will be tough but lynch goals help s :)
Aces High: lol jp dirty but shut up
poptop: hell yeah, my #1 ruck is white - elim opponent has cox, suck poo
the oaks: banned koutaaa lol
V|PeR: nice one lynchy
jp_dirty30: flower cox
Imziee: this is not a low scoring week.... Ablett, Thompson, Franklin, one of them captain... its all over
coasters: cox has been gettin rovers stats every week all season.... giv the boy a break
deansherr: shower im gonna lose eliminator at this rate unless playfair starts kicking goals
cookiez: Davis looks like a good player
Koutaaa: flower you cockmuncher theoaks you douchebag flowerstick
the oaks: as if thats guna hapen
pies22: cox has been super all year, he has 15 disposals tonight
Aces High: shut up cookiez
V|PeR: kick it pls lynchy
darcy: lync again
ablett11: hunter u flowering dud
Aces High: shut up oaks
darcy: wilkes and masten seriously boys
jp_dirty30: if you have playfair in your side you deserve to lose, spudnik
DudePiston: well if i didnt put chappy as captain i was gonna put cox.. wow thats sux :(
Fury: Why has Cox gone limp?
Jeremick: The one week where my elim opponent doesn't have Cox though
cookiez: Are you a sydney fan aces?
Ironman: i did hav ablett captain...but apart from that ive only had deledio get 100
Aces High: shut up jp dirty
mark_91: lets go mattner... pick up some points!!
pies22: aces high is a 12 year old hero hiding behind a computer screen
Aces High: no tigers so shut up
jp_dirty30: aces high, no you shut up !!!!!!
ablett11: cox is a dud
darcy: swans goal !
Pickles: wtf is cox doing
crack_fox: common swans
Doodlerat: good u got the 80 tadgh now go for 90 ITS POSSIBLE!!!
jp_dirty30: Thats my best come back
Aces High: no im 8 with a 25 yr old brutha who will beat u up so shut up
Koutaaa: Monty a 40 year old hero behind a computer...possibly whacking off to Buddy as we speak
Aces High: shut up jp dirty
Faruge: Euro 2008 is on sbs at 2am AEST
cookiez: lol wow some quality discussion going on here
prince: not long to go in this 1..come on swans
the oaks: cmon cox i made the effort to say this so do it
Aces High: shut up doodlerat
Giants: kieren jack is as good as palmer. he just plays the tagging role so doesnt score as much DT points
mickey: come on the junkies
pies22: aces "HERO" high. what a wank#R
jp_dirty30: I'm 26, 6foot 3, 95 kg kick boxer you stupid little turd, go cry to your foggot little brother
Aces High: pies 22 shut up
Faruge: Cookiez the ape reckons he is gonna rip ya a new one
darcy: masten kick the winner
the oaks: does anyone have malkeski???
coasters: gud boy wilkes.... any extra points r handy for ya price...
Spazb0t: lol at aces, what a tool
pies22: Giants seriously - the worst call ever. Palmer is a gun
footy_wiz: finally mattner has scored again
nooka: Giants ur an idiot, Jack is not even in the same leage as Palmer
Aces High: lol jp dirty dont lie shut up
Aces High: shut up spazbot
Giants: OMG swans just love making me lose my fingernails!
selwood: flower shower flower shower flower shower flower
mijhaa: hate to be 26 years old and have nothing better to do on a sat night than pick efights with 8 year olds.
crack_fox: common swans
jp_dirty30: no your right i'm a 14 year old nerd
pies22: isn't it past your bedtime aces high?
KouDogg: wat a game
Ironman: yeh and i hav hasleby and brad dick too oaks
Turmoil: yeah jack can tackle and get his own ball
Giants: nooka he has out tagged so many good players. made dal santo look shower in round 1. tagged stanton out of the whole game
mickey: anyone here that keeps going on about euro2008 should flower off if where there peaheart, softons.
prince: 1 point..!
Aces High: lol jp dirty
Aces High: shut up pies 22
Matt Youd: ffs wce
the oaks: mm yer i got rhett biglands to his good value
alfy: ohmy
Turmoil: oh flower here we go again, another 1 point loss...
m0nty: concentrate on the footy boys, it's a cracking game
coasters: dont forget there is a game going on here gentleman
torres: giants is sydneys style of play dat makes him look good he isnt a good player in reality
darcy: hunter selfish
OzMan: is there a reason why Brett Jones can never play moe than a half of footy in a game?
the oaks: Siren!!!
dvda: shut up!
Donk: a ripper again by these two teams
KouDogg: its a freaking good game, 1 point with 2 mins 40 seconds left (actual game time)
the oaks: who cares we live in melbourne
Ironman: my old mans in my league and he got biglands lol
KouDogg: its not siren the oaks STFU!
TysOZ: m0nty ban these people who only come to talk crap, its about the footy.
lewis23: Cmon Sydney
Scratchy: why didnt they put this game on tv instead of 2nd vs least these 2 teams have rivalry
essendon11: 50
wally23: blow the siren
Aces High: yer oaks shut up
bubbles17: siren!!!
leungtl: 2 mins left!
Salisbury: Come Cox keep racking up those points up to 89 SC now
lewis23: LOL malceski
essendon11: itsss ooooovvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
KouDogg: lol Malceski
Giants: come on SWANS!
Scratchy: hope eagles get up...makes crows loss look better
jackson br: Swannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns
Spazb0t: I agree scratchy
Homeless: cmon sydney
the oaks: lol good oll fanfooty for ever they no how to bag a doosh bag
darcy: malceski just lost the game i rekon
essendon11: free kick sydney
lewis23: LOLOLOLOL free kick sydney!!
essendon11: itsss ooooovvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa syd win
Giants: come on bolton!
Pickles: ahahahahaha
flowerennel: hahahaha hunter you flowerwit hahahahahahaha
cons_kebab: sydney shot on goal
Giants: lets go your ripper swans!!!!!
cons_kebab: goal
Giants: swansssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
leungtl: 1:20 left
KouDogg: swans infont!!!!!!!!!!!!
Turmoil: judeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
the oaks: what happend Sirenn!!!!!!
Donk: go swannies
bubbles17: cmon swars. go goodes, houlihan cox
spence37: the win was never in doubt
alfy: ohmy ohmy
Scratchy: adelaide top 3 contested possies in the league according to channel 10...yet ppl say we're not a top 4 side
OzMan: nuce duck of the head there
jackson br: Barloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
the oaks: update the flowerin score
crazyman27: scratchy how does it feel to beat a top 8 team?
Giants: didnt i tell you swans would win?
OzMan: damn jones
Aces High: go swans
itsduff: Quality tanking from the Eagles :P
KouDogg: swans win!
flowerennel: west coast dockers hahaha
darcy: masten this is poor your opponent just won the game massive sc scors i rekon
Turnofpwr: scratchy its not all about contested possession
cons_kebab: Sydney win!!!!!! wow
pies22: flowerin swans
Giants: swans destined for top 4!
Aces High: who do u go 4 crazyman
essendon11: siren
bubbles17: siren!
crack_fox: go u swans ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maclurem: Bolton +47 in SC for that goal
IRAQI MATE: lol at eagles
kaiballa: umpire terrible decision cost eagles the game clearly ducked into that tackle
dylan123: swans r not top 4 top 8
al_casdy: ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhahahahhahahaha
prince: 4 outta 4 so far for my tipping..!!
mmasters: cox u flowering stooge
leungtl: @kaiballa: He got taken without the ball too, not just high
Scratchy: i dont make the drawn...only played 3..lost one by 3 points (dogs), lost to hawks at aurora, beat the roos
flowerennel: you dean cox.. cost me a good score.. was on 990 from 9 before this game
jackson br: Stick Ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
pies22: swans are not top 4 , top 8 side only
Giants: nah swans top 4. adelaide are useless
tima14: sydney have got to be the showertest team, the umpires decision gave them the win
joel899: scratchy, richmond are 2nd in cont. possies, are they a top 4 team?
kaiballa: scratchy never wouldve got taken out if he hadnt of ducked like that
Ironman: flowerennel is ur real name hamilton?
Scratchy: giants...when did swans last beat the crows...about 2003 was it?
flowerennel: nopes
darcy: masten wtf
Scratchy: joel899..yeah and hawks are only 6th so i'm not saying it should be the new AFL ladder
Scratchy: i'm just saying joel that crows get the hard ball, and have mainly lost due to accuracy
crowboy16: giants...u r useless if u think that
Mathew012: I hate the swans so much
Scratchy: anyway, happy with kennelly and davis...cox disappointing
OzMan: how about playing more than a quarter of footy Jones?
damoc85: goodes BOG and only scores 84 god
Luke: oh no tim houlihan was my capitano!
bubbles17: where u think pies 'll come?
ablett11: is that joely??
Donk: Why did people keep spouting shower that they selected dud captains?
Donk: *do
Drew04: damoc you idiot BOG isn't about DT hahahah
Burgey: If only Jude Bolton didn't choke in GF 06
Burgey: I'm also liking Bones' and Kennelly's scores
hurls: what does brett kirk's symbol stand for
damoc85: hey drew did i say that?
port42: haha weagles
mt.theo: hey
pedro_0952: loving it ROK