Chat Log: R10, Port Adelaide 16.7.103 d Fremantle 10.15.75

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NANX: kane!
Drew04: Chadwick Von Wilson
lfrancou: give pav the star
Realist: 1745 with Chad, Pav and Palmer to go. 2000 on the cards again.
NANX: ranked 450th overall and will be luckily to make 1600... shocking week. I've been eliminated.
cracker: 1687 with kornes, chornes, pav, palmer and ibbo... looking good so far!
Booth: go kane!!!!!!!!
Deeman: Carn Chad and ibbo
Khoa: who has crowley and kane gone to?
emojdog: go chad, kane, palmer and ibbotson !! need at least 351 from you's =]
pavspride: nooooo cassisi
Teddler: pav and chad going head to head
nitewolf: cmon kane palmer and ibbo!!!!
the dud: 1850 with kane chad palmer and pav
oddsok: dam 150 behind with Kane(c) pav and burgoyne opponent has palmer and kane
porps_me: go pav palm and kane id like about 250 from u's
Jeremick: Palmer :( Cornes :(
budgie63: Chad's off
oddsok: chad injured
emojdog: chad off with blood rule.. lol..
The MC: Chad off being looked at
MaqAttaq: chad's off
Buck Naked: chad off with phsio NO!!!
captainw: Lets go Palmer, Chad, Salopek, Burgoyne and Pavlich. Most of all, Port!
Drew04: Apparently chad off
nitewolf: go ibbo u beauty!!!
Deeman: No Chad!
budgie63: Look's like Chad's getting reoairs to a cut head/ear
mt.theo: go bradley and pav
amobema: whats chads BE?
The MC: Lol at the Rage on here about Chadwick
porfavor: salopek -3?? oh boy
emojdog: dont worry, they'll stop the bleeding and he'll come back and get a quick 100
Tanski: Did you guys hear that Chad is off
MaqAttaq: i think its about 135
Deeman: just a blood rule?
Jeremick: Haven't seen Palmer, where is he?
easton_rox: jeff farmer please die!!
emojdog: his just got a cut on the right side of the face... nothing serious
Zeratul: chad score 0!!! myers can come in with 82
easton_rox: if farmer gets more than 30 a i lose :(
bomberman7: cmon lade n palmer
mt.theo: palmer is on the bench
Deeman: palmer on bench
nickj22: lol i love it when a player everyone else has gets injured
Frenchy08: whos crowley tagging?
Deeman: Cornes back on
The MC: Tredrea is dick in a cake
hendo88: 154 is chad's BE in DT 175 in SC
Ropes: Cornes has taken the field so your emerg doesnt count.
cj353: chad back
Drew04: Chads fine, jst had a cut to his head
Daveo: Chad score about 20 or so
Axel Foley: chad you rok!!!saved the day!!!!!burst ya head open if ya want!
dhanvee86: pav watt amark!!!
Jeremick: Hope Palmer can get 70 at least
oddsok: pav!
The MC: Pavlova lining up
Axel Foley: stupid chad
BossyX22: palmer cmon mate..... lets go...
Deeman: want chad 25 at qtr time
hoazi: chad cornes get nothing my opnent has u as captain
Brads Boys: 2109 with palmer left in SC
porfavor: give pav the star he will get 150 the way he is playing
Luke: yeah who is tagging who?
oddsok: pav goal
emojdog: palmer on
fuzz nutz: good start dt wise for freo. 3 players already round 25
cozzie: good question frenchy
Ropes: Pav scores because its not the 4th qtr!!LOL
krajit06: wat about all the icons
darcy: come on pav ibbotson and lade go port
torres: who the hell is carr, crowley and kane tagging
Auldy: the leagues two big 'choker' teams... Lets see who wins the official 08 choking trophy
samdaman: is pav playing forward or midfield?
daehoidar: lol Ropes that's harsh
rhys19: who is tagging
Tiges08: cornes dont play otherwise if peter burgoyne gewts 97 i lose
nitewolf: get palmer on!!!
Deeman: want palmer to get atleast 0
fuzz nutz: sitting bout 2000 with palmer, cc, pav and ibbotson to play
The MC: C'mon Sal!
oddsok: come on kane need a big day from you mate
darcy: pavvvvvv
cj353: palmer on
The MC: Palmer, yay
hoazi: palmer and kane cornes needs a good score
astro: go pav get 73 more then westoff
joel899: choker tag will be defined at the end of the year dumass
Eskiman_9: damn you salopek
Turnofpwr: looks like mcmanus is running with kornes
darcy: is cornes ok
pete82: pav should move down the road to west coast
farms: chad touch it u hack
porps_me: im on 1891 with pav palmer and kane
Tanski: Ohh dear. I have Salopek and Chad and i'm 50pts behind my eliminator and they have Carlile and Bradley NOOOO
mt.theo: mark tredders
mark_91: is chad on?
Buck Naked: wtf is going on with chad?? anyone know?
The MC: Cornes + Salopek sittin on -3 lol
fuzz nutz: sandilands already 50 in sc
LeFtBehinD: Sitting on 2100 with Pav, Palmer and Chad! Cmon boys!
darcy: lade need 120 to make up for simmonds
Jeremick: I'd be happy with 70 from Cornes
ryza: i need chaplin to beat sandilands by 3
ryz.: GOOOO BOAKY AND KORNES!!!! i need some massive scores from both of you
The MC: Salopek just got +4
Elephant: Please slow down Sandlilands, Lift schammer, mcpharlin
obimikel: is that u loz?
easton_rox: come on palmer, ibbotson and pavlicchh, die jeff farmer
darcy: cornes going down money wise
Buck Naked: chad is back on :)
emojdog: kornes running with palmer
The MC: Lol, Chad looks like a gimp with that bandage.
Deeman: Come on Chad!
The MC: FFS, Palmer off again!
pete82: pretty sad for dockers fans that your second best player has only played 6 8 games
Sunday2810: palmer and kane cornes on each other
The MC: Yay Chaddy!
bomberman7: pump up plamer
Sunday2810: kane cornes and palmer tagging each other!
darcy: boak and tredrea verse pav ibbotson and lade with 100 points behiund cann i do it
doggies_5: who has the Ryan Crowley and Josh Carr icons
PeterLim: cmon Palmer!!!
porfavor: salopek playing the heath shaw role he will get crap dt pts
hunty999: need palmer n peter B 2 have good games 2 make me safe in DT!!
krajit06: peter b is not playing
Willis: Chad you star!
blues13: peter bell isn't playing
cj353: kane tagging palmer
The MC: Why would Choco take Pek out of the middle? He's a dick.
Auldy: Shaun McManus = 2nd ugliest dude to play AFL, C Ling is the 1st
The MC: Chornes = -3
Deeman: chad dont give away frees
Teddler: crowley is now going with chad
Frenchy08: it looks like crowley on chad and kane cornes on pearce
darcy: chill out sandilands
Xavier: needing primus to have a day out
fuzz nutz: hes talking bout perter burgoyne
Frenchy08: i mean carr on pearce
Jeremick: can PA just play kick to kick for the whole match? Would be much appreciated
Esoteric: he meant burgoyne not bell
krajit06: shower chad
dhanvee86: matthew bate is ugli too
The MC: Kane Cornes on Pearce? That's a tad odd.
OzMan: cmon salopek and chad, need u to outscore ibbotson by 81
Auldy: lol, primus
darcy: need 150 pav come on son
darren123: kane on pearce... are you retarded?
Tiges08: if peter burgoyne gets 112 i will lose by 1 points
The MC: Lol, all good.
m0nty: The matchups change at every contest at the moment.
budgie63: Crowley looking pretty effective too.
darren123: whops sorry didnt read the correction whose kane cornes taggin?
apple_meat: m0nty give Mundy a spud symbol
Jeremick: I need 105 from each of Pavlich, Cornes, Kornes, Burgoyne and Palmer :p
ryz.: eljay connors is an ugly bloke too, rookie list for stkilda...ouch
darcy: come on garrick pav and lade !
fuzz nutz: lrt and goldsack are the ugliest players
cozmofo: cnt believe cassisi is out and not cornes!!!!!!!!!
The MC: m0nty, band-aid for Tarrant, knock to the head.
sntran23: where is robbie gray at?
rhys19: y the flower is this not live on ch 7 in perth for flower sake
cozmofo: jeremick whats the difference between cornes and kornes? :)
daehoidar: hey monty, do you have a wife, and does she only get taken out weekday nights?
The MC: Pav is all over em
Jeremick: FU Burgoyne
Teddler: no one is tagging atm
ryz.: sandilands...wowee
Jeremick: One's Chad and one's Kane
dhanvee86: whos irt
makingme: need burger to beat ibbotson by 20 points to win.. oh god
fuzz nutz: sandliand will be oushing for bout 80 sc at qtr time
cozzie: if schammer wasnt the late replacement and he was already named in the team he should have the spud
The MC: Sandi is running rampant
ImSoHood: sandilands on target for a gun lol
darren123: whose burger?
cats2007: i thought cornes, pav and palmer were all injured?? i dont get it
makingme: BURGoyne
Jeremick: Palmer 3 tackles so far
cj353: chadddd good hard ball get
The MC: Lol awesome, Palmer handball to Chad =
The MC: Lol awesome, Palmer handball to Chad =D
darcy: sandilands wtf go pav
malz18: our scores are level and have ibbotson and chad cornes vs kane cornes, p burgoyne and tredrea. can i win?
darren123: oh okay btw where is shawn burgoyne?
PeterLim: Pav, Lift now.u r my captain.
samdaman: sandy u star
donners4: sandi...71 Sc already
ImSoHood: BAD by pav eeeek
BossyX22: sandi oh sandi your the one that i want woo hoo hoo lol
Saint KFC: Ibbo is a gun.
darcy: ibbotson u star
cozmofo: no u cant malz18
montecarlo: my mate was flowering around on my dt and put sandilands at (c)....wat a turnaround
Khoa: comon kane and Tredrea! I need you to outscore pav and salopek by 50, slim chance but
ad4eva: sandi gonna get 200, cmon chadwick
The MC: Lift? He's on 33 you muppet.
cj353: no malz18
oddsok: kepler needs a fireball
darcy: 2030 in sc with burgyone and pav
darcy: port wtf come on
rhys19: please do something of relevance salo
Go Nodders: 2200 in sc with palmer to go... chad will be a very tasty pickup in 1 to 2 weeks time:D
Brads Boys: darcy, u from CJ?
AliSTAR: kick the ball palmer
MaqAttaq: junk time
Tiges08: ive had chad from the start
darcy: aussie and iraq 0-0
frankles: ...
fullbull: i need pavlich to outscore k cornes, c cornes and mundy to win....dont like my chances
Teddler: tippet out bradley in love it
Elephant: Slow down Sandilands, lift schammer and mcpharlin
Gun Bomber: Ibbotson is a flowering DT legend! Pitty I missed that boat....
Brads Boys: palmer with 0 kicks and 5 handballs
ImSoHood: KICK it palmer .... omg .... and get on the end of some marks boy
daehoidar: chad is such a champion. give him the love herat
Auldy: Chad +6 woo
Paul Nixon: come on sally
cozmofo: ni niall :d
darcy: thats better lade
Jeremick: rather poor quarter from my 5 players
frankles: Someone stop pavlich!!! He has a big nose!
ad4eva: i hate it how pav goes missing for large chunks
OzMan: damn it salopek lift for flowers sake
porfavor: choco williams has salopek on the last line of defence...hence why port are down and why he is doing shower
Gun Bomber: Don't tell me bradley is actually going to keep up the decent form
KouDogg: Wtf is wrong with Salopek?? get into the game!!!
ImSoHood: just hit the lead by 3 points at qtr time of the late game .... relax now haha
Xavier: i knew making grover captain would be a good move
joxstrap: Chad, Salo, Ibbo, Palmer, Pav come on boys
dilshan9: pavlich conres kornes ibbo and palmer need 400 b/t you 5!!
PeterLim: Burgoyne has been cold. Pls lift now.
darcy: everyone is getting massive scores but me this round :(
ryz.: comon kaneo, need you to go nuts today pleaaaase!
Ropes: +3 for Salopek lOL
Cartman121: Good Kane!!!! 82 and less and i can get you!!!
PeterLim: is there any problem Burgoyne?
fozza: salopek is poo koudog thats wat ya get!
m0nty: The Iraqi keeper needs a spud icon.
ImSoHood: is there a bigger spud than brogan? and a bigger garbage time player than chad?
darren123: does anyone here besides me have andrew embly?
The MC: Choco sucks a fat one, having Pek in defence.
Tariq: lmao u said it monty, pathetic tactics, so lame, breaking down our momentum, having said that, we should be 1-0 down
Snivellus: have sandilands, ibbo, palmer, kornes (c) and burgoyne, rather happy but need kane to lift
ad4eva: want 100 each from pav palmer ibo and chad to get mid 2000
darcy: haha i agree monty aussies havent conceded under our new coach
Jeremick: nashat akram is a gun
darren123: lol m0nty whats the score?
Stuart: I have Embley, darren. From the start too
easton_rox: darren123 ive had embley since the start of the season bout time he is doing somethin
Tariq: you guys should really take a break from dt and watch the socceroos, need alot of support
ImSoHood: if this game is tight at 3qtr time .... valium will come out of the rooms lol
cj353: give carney the gun, hes killing it
XmenEmpire: Go Pammer, Lade and Tredrea. Need a big qtr. Need Pavlich to smack his head on goal post!
Robger: wats the soccer score?
Jeremick: what do you guys think is a n average score to keep my place in the top 50?
XmenEmpire: Hi Drollo! Making my come back...
emojdog: need 270 to get to 2000 wit 4 players
Tariq: Godd wilkshire is a dud... score is 0-0
Robger: 1920
joxstrap: 2250
Brads Boys: 0-0 i think
darren123: easton rox & stuart i picked him up when he was at 300k his a very good player love the loose man in def
cj353: 0-0 in soccer 15 mins in
joeycrack: jeremick - 2050
Reesy82: u'd probably have 2 get 2000 2 stay in the top 50 this round in DT jeremick
darcy: need pav 100 and ibbotson lade 90 for 1800
KouDogg: Massive collision!
shanboi: anyone here in the premium DT? I only have michael johnson left playing, on target for close to 2k
MaqAttaq: that gotta hurt
cj353: mayne knocked out
KouDogg: Wayne getting stretchered off!!!
darcy: wat everyone think average premium dt score is im on 1200
Robger: need 275 more with palmer and pav... thats do-able
joxstrap: Salopek, Mayne just had a huge clash
darcy: 1500*
ImSoHood: poor kid
Jeremick: oh well, a least i've definitely won my eliminator mach
essendon33: i need pav to get -80 does anyone think this will happen
ad4eva: danggg what was maynes breakeven really wanted him to do well today
MaqAttaq: the only thing is he'll be off for 20 mins
darcy: mayne gona off on the stretcher
Robger: do u have to pay for dt premium?
cody13: Cmon Palmer need 80 from you for 1800
simma14: essendon no i hope he gets 40 or sumfin gum on palmer and ibboston
shanboi: yeah premium DT was $12
darcy: yeh 12 bucks too late now mate lol
XmenEmpire: drooollllllooooo!!!!!
ImSoHood: yea pav might get -80 thats his average isnt it lol
Keza41: Go Chaplin and palmer
oddsok: kane stop the handballs and strt kicking it
darcy: how many left in eliminator after this round
simn: maynes b/e is -3
Turnofpwr: 2k in premium is on 1738...looking at a 600pts+ win hahaha
Saint KFC: One question - what is koosbane?
nitewolf: yes robger
shanboi: any of you in premium? whats your scores like this first round
mijhaa: how does one turn of chat?
Robger: lol u noobs payed money for DT lol id rather buy twix and try and get free bars
XmenEmpire: drollo!!
cody13: how much is sandilands
KouDogg: Salopek, Chad, P.Burg, Palmer and Pav CMON!!!!!!!!!!!
donners4: add &delay=1 to the URL
supercoach: Cmon Pavlich
XmenEmpire: What does Shower mean in chat???
Tanski: free bears
Robger: is palmer getting tagged?
darcy: robger its 12 bucks cool game i screwed my draft thanks to the net tho
mijhaa: cheers
supercoach: portproudWA will hate this
Deeman: chad looks like he just jogs around the field.. needs to give it more carn mate
Robger: so darcy u wasted ur money...
PeterLim: Yes, Pavlich lift. U have on 30 for quite a while.
darcy: wats wid kepler bradley
cody13: mijhaa add &delay=1
jnash196: Give Kepler the star
Keza41: Stay off chad for the rest of the game
darcy: ibbotson just put one on the full
dilshan9: pav, ibbo, palmer, corens, kkornes LIFT!!!!!!!
adamchild: Kepplar is in my PDT... haha!! GUN!
oddsok: give kepler the fireball!!!
Robger: now y would u give kepler the star....
footy_wiz: shower means s.h.i.t
darcy: sandilands for goasl going for 200 sc
XmenEmpire: Are u winning Drollo?
supercoach: if you had the muberplates PORT 07 what would do with them?
Ausyid: cmon kane skipper. get me a giant score this week. p burger, chad, plamer and pav doing well could help too.
Realist: adamchild: mine too leading me towards an unlikely 2000 at this stage :)
darcy: motlop sweet goal
Teddler: i second that j nash
TysOZ: Need P.Burgoyne and 170 to outscore Pav and Palmer and Ibbotson to win Eliminator.
Brads Boys: lol, gray -4 in SC
adamchild: where is the creepy crowley??!!
loffie: cmon pav!!!
uggugg: who is this imposter playing under Kepler Bradley's name?
haza1234: sandilands gun
darcy: lade u champ
XmenEmpire: Go Lade go, might be your best game for the owe me.
adamchild: nice work realist... my pdt is stinky as!!! hating it... haha... oh well! its all about the real DT
cody13: where is Rhys Palmer
supercoach: Should I keep Fev in next week?
Teddler: for christs sake flower off sandilands your going to cost me my game you plow
Saint KFC: Kpler Bradley must have the best physique in the AFL.
Droll Mac: Fathead!!!! Sandilands is single handedly beating Ben haha
Jeremick: What's with Palmer today?
Booth: flower off lade, i just traded u!!!!
cody13: yeh were is 'Creepy Crowley' m0nty
darcy: carlton play port fev could kick 5 but hes not a dter get riewodlt or sumfin even cloke is better
haza1234: weres pav
Tanski: Typical the 2 blokes who have bandages on their head are in my DT team. Salopek/CCornes. I'm going to lose my eliminator
Droll Mac: You winning XMEN?
darcy: ibbotaon on fire come on port put chad in the midle
supercoach: Ive got reiwoldt in already i need to also pick up a high quality ruckmen think sandilands might be the one
Ausyid: cmon kane skip, chad, peter burg, pav and palmer
KouDogg: yeh same Tanski lol, makes it easier to spot them on the TV :P
XmenEmpire: I knew Droll Mac was watching... wohoo now we are sad!!!
darcy: lade again wat a champ
PeterLim: What's wrong with Pav and Palmer?
Tiges08: u cant expect a rookiw to get 100 points every game palmer is just having a slow start
easton_rox: if farmer gets 7 more points i lose :( DIE FARMER
XmenEmpire: Yeah should SC and DT unless Pavlich goes off his tree
The MC: Salopek starting to sex it up.
porfavor: salopek back in the midfield finally
supercoach: cmon pav I need you to fire to ensure I get past 2000
montecarlo: i need sand and chad to outscore burgroin by 60 from here on...chance?>?
Jeremick: Palmer and Cornes died :(
cody13: LIFT Palmer
PeterLim: I need palmer to get at least 75+
emojdog: freo planning on starting their fadeout early?
samdaman: chad if u could please touch it...
Droll Mac: Ha Ha i wasn't it's a fluke first time logging in just now. Can't watch it live TV taken.
darcy: pav wat a mark
Ausyid: lift palmer and chad
XmenEmpire: Should score close to 2000
brendan023: chad is shizen 2day
KouDogg: Salopek on fire!!
The MC: salopek you gun
Ausyid: LIFT palmer, chad, pav, burgoyne and most importantly kane....i want 2200
montecarlo: chad will have mass 2nd half guarantee it
darcy: tredrea got it wow
dilshan9: palmer conres letting me down...
Dijon: someone needs to have another head clash with Chad so he can bugger off
PeterLim: Keep it up, Pav. U r my captain
deansherr: keep going salopek, just need you to stay within 50 points of pavlich and i win eliminator again!
KouDogg: Salopek GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
captainw: salopek goal!!!!
therealmkd: go sals u gun
porfavor: goalski slapokski
andy_clo: salopek goal
prOphase: salopek goal ;)
Dijon: Its ok, Tredders will do his usual massive first half score, then won't touch it 2nd half at all
Ausyid: kane 60 by HT please
supercoach: flower off port power
The MC: Uuuuuuuu crank that Salopek.
montecarlo: chad jst got reported aarggh
darcy: wow alot of ppl wid salopek come on pav 150
malz18: lets all say salopek goal again
Ausyid: deansherr what are you scoring this week?
Droll Mac: Hmmm should get 1900+ in fave dreamteam. Might be able to get 2nd spot.
Axel Foley: ok we get it solopek scored
KouDogg: Salopek again!!! he is on fire
KouDogg: on 40 now
darcy: salopek on fie lade again :)
Brads Boys: palmer still hasnt kicked the ball =[=[=[
The MC: Chad still working hard. Good to see, lookout for a big 2nd half
deansherr: hey m0nty how about a goalpost for sandilands?
Ausyid: way to be shower palmer
cj353: chad coming alive
benyavuz: how bad is mayne? will he come back on
Ironman: monty whos playin on crowley and carr?
farms: is it just me or does it look like chad just jogs round half pace a doesnt seem to try
KouDogg: he got a handball brad boys
darcy: gray for goal port on top now :)
hoangatang: jezzzzzzzzzzzalinkooooooooooo you beauty
DudePiston: i dont understand why salopek never gets tagged
dilshan9: palmer srsly...u and Chadwick need 90+ each kane pav and ibbo get over 50 at HT
MaqAttaq: I think a tree icon is better for Sandilands
XmenEmpire: Can anyone explain mobile phone icon = Tredrea???
The MC: Palmerr finally
Brads Boys: hes got 6 of them
darcy: dont stop lade i dont have cox so im already 150 behind
Wardy: benyavuz: he has been back on
ad4eva: cmon palmer, ibbo, pav and chadwick
(name): lade stop!
The MC: Pek again
joffa: Walkie Talkie = Warren Tredrea
dilshan9: kane lift!!!
Dijon: what about a deflated balloon icon for players who should be scoring awesome but play crap like Heath Shaw this week
deansherr: oh yes salopek I'm home, he's down by 70 points so unless salopek literally dies and pavlich goes I win all 4
The MC: Chad Cornes, bloody hell. Rackin em up with one hand and one ear
BossyX22: need 40 from palmer and sandi to win my eliminator... am i safe???
Crows4Flag: Tredrea put a phone up too his ear as a goal celebration
deansherr: pavlich goes nuts is what i meant to say.
Davey36: salopek is a gun, i have had him since the start of the season :)
loopy_cam: m0nty - You really need to explain the symbols more down the bottom. Especially the player specific ones.
benyavuz: thanks wardy.. aaron>
benyavuz: thanks wardy.. aaron?
The MC: Pavlich! easiest goal disallowed
darcy: pav plus like 20 omg what not paid bullshower
Chirpin: In the 2004 GF. Treadrea made a phone signal when he kicked a goal
malz18: well done kepler bradley u clown
doggies_5: wow palmer is alive
Droll Mac: Haha eat that PAVLICH!!!!
coach_k: Pav handball, then goal!!!! funniest thing ive seen in a while!
XmenEmpire: Thanks Crows4flag
Wardy: nup ... sry
oddsok: bullshower disallowed goal
Dijon: i'm 150 points up and my opponent has Kornes as captain and Mundy in this game... I've only got Carlile
deansherr: it's not funny if you have to explain it to everyone. The tredrea one is obvious if you don't live under a rock
Robger: i should be safe i got palmer and pav vs. ibbo?
buddy: the challenge pavlich and ibbotson vs carlile cornes sandilands mcpharlin and farmer-will i win and its chad cornes :)
Jeremick: frustrating by Palmer. Oh well, at least I won't feel guilty about trading him out this week
The MC: Motlop makes me sick, so freakis and inconsistent.
Ausyid: 60 by HT kane
darcy: here comes chad
buddy: oh and im 120 points down
the dud: why is warren tredreas special icon a mobile phone
Robger: dijon u lost
nathbigz: what is tredrea's icon anyone?
The MC: Chad and Salopek, forgive me for ever doubting you
Ropes: A freaking MOBILE PHONE!! doesnt anyone actually watch and remember that phine signal he m,ade!!
shanboi: bloody michael johnson... get into the game! Im devastated mooney was a late witdrawal
hirdyisgod: c cornes not playing forward still is he?
Auldy: cmon palmer, c cornes
cj353: yeah chad!
The MC: Chad +9
malz18: chad on 48
Isotopes: so whats the mobile phone mean?? haha joke
Jeremick: Tredrea is a gun
covo: type in tredrea phone into google images
Droll Mac: Tredrea's icon is from the 2004 grandfinal when he knocked out lynch!!!
Narkee: tredders!!!
cody: chad will end up with the heart!
benyavuz: hahaha ropes... there is some stupid fks in here aye
coach_k: Tredrea Goal again!
The MC: .. and Freo choking early, waste of a tip.
the dud: thx ropes. a bit angry tho
essendon33: im up by 90 now, i hav ibbotson and mundy, he has k. cornes, sandilands, and mcpharlin, will i still win?
therealmkd: go treddas
Ausyid: lol was there like one giant headclash in qtr 1?
XmenEmpire: Ropes looks like you have anger issues... do you want to talk about it???
darcy: go pav anyone watch jesse dart on thursday
emojdog: need another 50 each from cornes, kornes, palmer and ibbotson... =]
benyavuz: XmenEmpire lick my scrotum
KouDogg: Salopek freaking huge quarter!
The MC: Lol, yes darcy. He's a champ
andy_clo: salopek u gun, go son +9
deansherr: hey judd (ausyid) how are you going this week? gonna lose yet?
oddsok: yes, he is such a well spoken kid
buddy: i just realised-every time ive needed mcpharlin and farmer to step up 2 the streets they fail me please save me chad
ad4eva: chad massive term
Brads Boys: palmer finally got a kick
darcy: tredrea again hes gone up like 100k this yr
The MC: Tredea you girl, power off
Ausyid: no way dean...ont rack for 2100+
XmenEmpire: Did know you had one...where is it??
Jeremick: Cmon Palmer, the only one letting me down so far
oddsok: cmon kane 50 by HT
Droll Mac: benyavuz i'll lick it clean!!!
darcy: goal port smashing them now 6 in a row
lewis23: Whats the pt of Carr = car icon... its so useless! Whats next corn kernels for the cornes brothers?
The MC: FFS Salopek, have my babies now!
benyavuz: u did know?? learn how to spell fkwit
krajit06: ibbo gone cold
cody13: tredders loks kinda crazy in that photo
donners4: ibbo...why
torres: ur a good man salo
apple_meat: give chad a heart m0nty
Paul Nixon: tharts the way sally
The MC: no lewis, feet corns for the cornes boys
buddy: yay all i need is pav and ibbotson to sumhow get injured and ill win
KouDogg: Give Salopek the gun!
Isotopes: lewis dont give him ideas for more ridiculous icons
Auldy: cmon freo!
deansherr: didn't think so, I'm still only on one loss though beat Presti XXII. I'm pretty consistently getting 1900's atm
Nicoli: Salopek is a star!
darcy: high scoring game chad is gonna get 130 u can feel it
The MC: Chad rackin em up yet again
Ausyid: cmon kane get some grabgae time first half points
bizarro j: wheres the spider for crowley
DudePiston: yeah the car icon is lame.. and whats with freo getting 3 different icon things anyway?!
t0mmy_t0p: palmer :(
XmenEmpire: GO Tredrea...back to his old self!!
Jeremick: bullshower push in the back
KouDogg: Dam chad FA.!!
darcy: i agree applemeat
benyavuz: Droll Mac you can lick my scrots any day... and u would be good at it
buddy: someone tell me if i will win please say yes!
captainw: McAnus dives forward and mils a free. Rubbish!
ad4eva: ryan creepy crowley is the worst one IMO
Ironman: at least theres no drum for drum
cody13: yeah palmer :)
Willis: Buddy you FAIL at the internet.
Jeremick: Pav, Kornes, Burgoyne, Cornes 100 and Palmer 70 sounds good hopefulyl :p
deansherr: lol buddy are you an idiot? that link goes to the league page, which is different for every person
ImSoHood: huge qtr from tredders
Stuart: u idiot buddy
ad4eva: another icon = dale daisy thomas
(name): come on ibbo
the oaks: maybe u should get a rat for rodan
cody13: plamer garbage time 1st half lol
jamzee123: I want Sandialands so much!
turts111: port are back in premiership form again... wait for the 2nd half of the year... the sleeping giant has awoken
cody13: m0nty you HAVE to get a daisy for dale thomas
Saint KFC: Ibbo 11 SC hahah
Drew04: Ibbotson just got a mark and kick before the break how is it not counted?
the oaks: get the spider going monty
lukebonz: palmer lift
swest: ibbo 7 now
Saint KFC: Turts - I think that Brisbane Lions are back in premiership form more than the power.
darcy: heath shaw aside all the suns have performed this week
Droll Mac: benyavuz can you remind your mother and sister to take the morning after pill?? I blew in both their cows last night!!!
m0nty: if someone can tell me who Crowley is playing on I'd be happy to oblige... I can't work it out
Dijon: turts111, u are kidding me aren't you... It will be a miracle if they even make the finals
nooka: Salopek - my hero
buddy: turts may i say port have as much chance of a premiership win as the lions (port-duds lions-gods!)
Tanski: Can you remind your Dad to take Viagra next time.
ricke hil: make a new symbol for someone being tagged my kane.... a cob of corn:)
ImSoHood: last two weeks tredders has faded out like a pink floyd outro
mickey: turst11 you are a dreamer, they are pathetic.
dilshan9: just put crowley on all teh port players..
juz1978: Ibbo 7 now! WTF?!?!
ryza: make a new symbol for cooney, make it cheese
shwarmas: salopek is amazing!!! but he has to keep too chad and pav
oddsok: been said ricke thats just unoriginal
Drew04: rickie hill that is the stupidest thing I've evr heard
the oaks: crowley is playing on salopek
DudePiston: heres some lame icons for ya = a swan for dane swan, a piece of cheese for cooney?
darcy: the sc are wrong
ImSoHood: love to agree with u turst, but piling on the goals against freo is what 15 teams in the league are capable of ;)
the oaks: what about pavlova icon for pavlich
benyavuz: Droll Mac i dont have a mum or sister.. my dad, bro, and my dog share yours
Dijon: i made the bad mistake of having H.Shaw as my captain and Franklin as vice, I wish it was the other way around
deansherr: seriously gary ablett needs a symbol, he's just too good
jbfanclub: cmon ibboo!
OzMan: salopek rip em apart this half need you to outscore ibbotson by a fair bit this half mate!
the oaks: i think tarrant should get a poo
nathbigz: does nyone know what tredreas icon is?
hunty999: i agree!!
ImSoHood: need a w@nking symbol for farmer .... i wont rest til it happens haha
XmenEmpire: Benyavus please kiss me... I love those butterfly kisses
the oaks: ablett should start with a gun b4 the match
oddsok: a drum for marcus drum a palm for rhys palmer
zarzar: ozman he cant hear u
Elephant: GAblett can't have a symbol as you cant represent God in 10by10 pixel size
The MC: Give Gary a holy cross for God
buddy: oh no pavlich and ibbotsen have desided to quit the match (then i wake up)
porfavor: Need odds....i need 148 from ibbo,palmer,pav and salpoek to win elimantor any chance...
DudePiston: maybe the golden arches for james mcdonald??
darcy: gary ablett should get a jesus icon or sumfin
Jmend: Saint KFC Hwrya??
Isotopes: give josh carr a cane stick symbol hehehe
Snivellus: projected to get 1977, need Captain Kane to have an extra special half to get to 2000
zarzar: gablett no where near god as yet
Teddler: ablett should have jesus as his symbol
darcy: sandilands the star gun and everything
cody13: aarrgh im 40 up i have palmer-he has sandilands and tredrea
m0nty: Very good point Elephant.
jbfanclub: up by 100 with ibbotson, opponent has kornes (c) pburgz, plamer and tredderz, ne chance or am i f8cked
ImSoHood: little guitar for westhoff.. rockstarrrr
benyavuz: how bout u shut the fk up and power off before u really do get my scrots in ur mouth?
josh 17: brogan should get a guy with steam coming out of his ears cause he's hot headed
Ropes: Ben has a stalker in then? I agree with GAblett having a Jesus symbol
the oaks: make rodan a rat now
Jmend: Josh Lancman
deansherr: Thats what I said last week Teddler/darcy! Someone said no.
Luke: your f*cked
The MC: Give Westhoff a pic of Napoleon Dynamite, seperated at birth
indy500: brendon lade should have someone getting
ImSoHood: cody ud feel robbed, but sandi and the T man are KINGS of playing good halves, not matches
Bullwinkle: your flowered jbfanclub
the oaks: hey monty do u have a DT or SC team? if so are u like a gun?
Hird.Magic: Pav + palmer + 50 vs Pav + chad Cornes, whos will win?
XmenEmpire: Yummy.... be careful with that abuse and anger you could get banned
Turnofpwr: ablett has had half a god type dt year...hardly worthy of a jesus symbol
turts111: ablett is overrated
zarzar: how about a bick dik for COX haha
Jmend: Pav- Knee ANY1 CONFIRM?
jbfanclub: thought so bullwinkle
benyavuz: thats what your mum said last night too, however i shat in her mouth too
millsy123: indy500 very lame joke.. inmature
Deeman: cady13, ur in for a close finish
jbfanclub: opponents my cuzin aswell, so devs
deansherr: how about it m0nty, Gary Ablett deserves the Jesus symbol - son of the man known as God, and he walks on water!
nooka: hIRD mAGIC i think ull win, coz chad isnt up to his best
Davey36: hird.magic, you dont need t mention pavlich twice... they canel each other out. you will win
Teddler: abletts a gun but the jesus symbol isn't about how good he is its about him being god's(g. ablett snr) son
turts111: he's had half as good a year as jimmy had last year
indy500: how about a ballsack made of gold for tyson goldsack ?
nathbigz: so what is treadrea"s?
ImSoHood: little burger symbol for whoever tags one of the great brothers? :D
deansherr: ablett has been the best player in the league without a doubt for the past one & half years, he's still gettin better!
zarzar: no jesus for gablett he doesnt deserve it wait to judd is 100 percent atleast he haves the initials of JC jesus christ
the oaks: _____________________Ablett+Ablett+Ablett = super Ablett
Snivellus: Davey36 you go to melbourne saints today?
damoc85: u need chad to score 50 more then palmer
Jmend: chad cornes taken to hospital
wardleduck: i am 120 points down with Boak, C.Cornes, McPharlin v. Mi.Johnson... what you think my chances are?
Kristian: monty, each week give the orange cap, similar to the ipl for leading points scorer overall
zarzar: cj is our jc
deansherr: As Judd called it at the beginning of the year, Ablett hasn't reached his peak yet.
indy500: how about a drum for marcus drum ?
indy500: how about a pile of sand for sandilands
the oaks: sweet teh simpsons
turts111: dont believe the hype... ablett is junk
itchymuma: kane has been struggling this year
XmenEmpire: I love your mum...I would never do that. She uses a straw with my s h it
deansherr: and as Teddler said, Ablett's jesus thing isn't cos he's good, it's because he's the son of God(Gary Ablett Sr)
itsduff: Sandi, Tredrea + 85 vs Pav, Ibbo, Salopek and Chad?
swest: nub turts, ablett is a champion
planb: whats with the low sc scores ? is it a sloppy game ?
Davey36: Snivellus, why would i want to go that? Davey isn't even playing :(
dubberz: How about a big plow for cox?
ImSoHood: a carrot for who is on roughead hahaha or a dunces hat for the poor defender on buddy...
nitewolf: turts u bte b tokin abt luke ablett...coz gablett is awesome!!!
deansherr: if you actually watch him play you'll see just how good he is, can dodge any opponent, is quick and great disposal
samdavey: monty leave the signs as they are if theres too many it loses its significance
jbfanclub: jonathan brown needs an icon, he is the best player in the afl by far
beaup: how about we have the icons the way they were 3 weeks ago, simple and effective
Hird.Magic: good one samdavey
turts111: yep, agreed j brown is the superstar, not g ablett....
Hird.Magic: kepler bradley should get a special olympics icon
deansherr: yeah but most of them are stupid, I like Tredrea, Ling, Johnson and Bell but the rest are just puns. Ablett's wud b gr8
Ropes: Bring back Ben.
dilshan9: james hird legend:p
ImSoHood: how about monty allow me to comment on each players performance during the game ... all sarcasm haha
The MC: lol at Ibbo's SC
wardleduck: why does Brown need an icon?
ImSoHood: the goal gablett kicked against port in rd 21 last year that nearly won the game was one of the best ever
Sam23: agree its like monty uses the icons just for the sake of using them.
deansherr: nup brown doesn't even make my top 3 - ablett, buddy and cox
nathbigz: still don't get warren tredreas?
Turnofpwr: y is everyone talking about it? fanfooty is a dictatorship not based on our opinions or ideas
wardleduck: its obvious who would line up on him every weekend anyway... unlike midfielders
Hird.Magic: what about a big plow for cox?
swest: ibbo ftl
m0nty: Steady on turnofpwr, I do listen to you blokes! :D
turts111: when dangerfield finally plays 4 crows, he shoud have icon as worst draft selection ever
GOGOS: the hand of god 4 cox
Lingy: just remind me why the phone for tredrea
hoazi: kane cornes lift . chad cornes drop
ImSoHood: phone for tredders surely from last year's prelim?
Turnofpwr: haha ok monty, should just talk about the game
budgiejk: You shouldn't listen to many people here monty, they talk absolute gibberish
`Essendon: whats wrong with dangerfield didnt he kick 8
Jeremick: kewell
Xavier: someone take monty to court over the symbols :o
deansherr: yeah m0nty is the best and fairest fantasty football scores site admin on the web!
Ropes: With Robertson going down I would assume Valenti will be elevated to the senior list. Cash Cow baby
pate_vn: balls
nitewolf: so basically we want monty to make icons for all the players.....cant u give him a break
Deeman: Come on Chad! want 80-90 by end of game.
Davey36: y doesn't big cox have a big...... hot dog?
mastermo84: double balls
KouDogg: Robbo confirmed gone for the season
pate_vn: triple balls
KouDogg: 2nd half is underway!!!
crow87: Come on Peter Burger, 16 more points to get me over the line!
The MC: m0nty 4 brownlow
farms: wats soccer score?
Brads Boys: alot of u guys forget the fact that this is a free service
joeycrack: promotion for valenti?
cj353: pav in the middle
oddsok: yeah a majority of talk on here is verbal diaorrhoea
dilshan9: brendan laid shoudla have two people....
Lingy: why the phone for tredrea
kaiL0r: 80-90? want 110+
turts111: yeah he's living in victoria, and they could've got ebert... home grown 200gamer
timhoeboer: 1-0 Australia... Header from Kewell
Axel Foley: i dont get the mobile for warren tredrea and kirks golden arrow
mollyfud: Anyone have a soccer score?
m0nty: Australia 1-0 over Iraq.
porfavor: robbo does that mean the dees chances for a top 8 are shattered?
kels: wot did valenti get?
MitchBeacs: who scored monty?
tintacar16: kewell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The MC: Go Aussies
essendon33: go australia
Lingy: kirks is a reference to star trek, captain kirk a character
KouDogg: porfavor they were shattered round 1
Brads Boys: kewell with a header
crow87: I'll bet Peter goes to sleep for the rest of the match, going by my close unlucky losses this season its guaranteed
therealmkd: tredrea did the phone call signal after a goal one game, fa cup night before and alpsnal player scored forgot which one
darcy: woho scored monty
HotPies: comon palmer!!
Axel Foley: porfavor, the dees chanses of getting in the top 8 were there first disposal for the year.
oddsok: lets go pav kane and burgs BIG second half boys
KouDogg: Pavlich playing midfield
millsy123: monty can u give me some news on palmer!!?
Brads Boys: palmer starting to get the ball
The MC: Need Burgoyne to have a -35 SC second half for a win. Any chance? =P
AliSTAR: 2 away from the 2000
dilshan9: lol that last bunch got me +28 points lol
Brads Boys: The mc, look like ur going to lose
darcy: yes pav where is lade
crow87: :( Everyone scoring but Peter, I bet I'm going to lose this I can feel it!
Axel Foley: yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!i had brogan as captain, POINTS GALORE!!!!ifeel a record coming on 200 points for me!!!
Jeremick: Cmon Burgoyne, letting the team down
stuey_g18: 2000!
The MC: Hehe, well it's a loss to the top side so not much of a dissapointmen
rhys: st.mikkies your so fine your so fine you blow my mind
Eskiman_9: salopek your a star westoff your a bum
Cartman121: P.Burgoyne you are so ___kn shower! get a bloody touch!
The MC: Palmer getting into it, don't stress guys
joeycrack: people are still making *insert lowest scoring players name* is my captain jokes?
oddsok: the pav on fiiiiiiiire
Teddler: pav and cornes vs sandilands, burgoyne and palmer... any chance?
Teddler: scores level at half time btw
millsy123: plamer news?
The MC: Salopek gettin on the points again
shay: steven salopek is a superstar most underated player in the competition from narre warren just reads the play well
TFLUA-Tige: brilliant start to the quarter.
Axel Foley: yo!!yo!!yo!!yo!!yo!!yo!!yo!!yo!!yo!!yo!!yo!!yo!!yo!! actually i have brogan as captain!!!!yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!
Snivellus: palmer racking them up...keep going son!
The MC: Palmer still working hard guys, finding it a bit too.
AliSTAR: palmer u star!
crow87: Is Burger on the bench, this is ridiculous
Axel Foley: ohhhhhhhh he went up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oddsok: oh my gosh kane you gun!
Jeremick: Burgoyne not really playung loose anymore
KouDogg: m0nty ban Axel Foley please
Brads Boys: yay live SC
dilshan9: last like 6 refreshes at least one of my players have got it lol awesome!
crow87: Teddler u have a chance, Burger has gone underground :(
Pommy: seriously Axel Foley - you actually have no friends
darcy: pavlich going crazy
millsy123: give me palmer news plz
PeterLim: Purgoyne lift. Get a touch
miggs: mmm
MitchBeacs: where the flower is mundy
Teddler: these supercoach scores will be wrong
Axel Foley: and u do?
crow87: Currently down 1934 to 1949 bu i have Burger still playing (plus a few more we both have). Will I win guys?
Jeremick: bloody hell Burgoyne
atw0001: so monty how come u cant alway hav the supercoach scores up
millsy123: monty!
dilshan9: wouldant it SUCK to get like a score of 1800 this week cos u think ude did well lol
donners4: theyre right teddler...straight off GDL
courts: cmon scham scham
deansherr: hey guys i was on bigfooty for a bit what happened with the ablett argument? Is he a chance of getting an icon m0nty?
stuey_g18: burgoyne its the red thing! touch it, u'll feel better
HotPies: i need pettigrew n palmer to lift!!
sainterman: I need Palmer and Chaplin
Eskiman_9: thats it westoff CMON BABY
mr gor: cmon salopek keep it up buddy!
Brads Boys: cause champ stats hates him oing that
joeycrack: m0nty, do you pay to connect to the database that displays all these stats?
mortizy: ami the only person not going to score more than 2000 here, no target for bout 1950
KouDogg: DOnt worry Burger can rack it up very quickly
mortizy: give crowly his creppy sign
The MC: Mort, I'm on track for 2000 - 2100
fullbull: im barely gonna get 1800 this round...not good
oddsok: no i wont score 2000 =D im a hack
miggs: is wonna for mcleod a decent trade?
Ironman: Pav and Palmer vs Burgoyne and Bradley
Ironman: cant believe hes got kepler of all people
deansherr: mcleod is inconsistent in dt. I'd look elsewhere if i were you
Eskiman_9: yea i'm looking at around 1750-1800 not good not good at all
Saint KFC: You will win Ironman
donners4: crowley doesnt get the bug...his opponent does
Luke: i'm on track for 2300 if ibbo,pav,palmer,burgoyne keep going well
miggs: upgrading rioli for a premium fwd brown a good choice?
porfavor: need 80 from pav,ibo,palmer and salpoek...common fellas
daehoidar: macca's scores will go down for at least another week
cody13: keep coming palmer
sainterman: lets go Palmer- step it up
miggs: arent all the backs inconsisent this year tho
Ironman: yeh i was 47 down at HT but now im just 5 down :)
KouDogg: Palmer is handballing like crazy
TysOZ: Purgoyne and 39 points has to outscore Pavlich and Palmer and Ibbotson from here to win eliminator.
jamzee123: Mcloed is shyt dont get him, i advise against any trade to him
Reflector: mundy you nuffy! get the ball!
emojdog: need 130 to crack 2000 for the first time
glenr: comeon Mundy. Why do I persist with you...
dilshan9: backs are so flower shower....and INJURY LIKE A TRUCK LOAD!
oddsok: miggs: yes but you missed the boat a little brown has gone up about 80k last 2 weeks
Ropes: Carn Cornes lift that broken hand of yours son.
Dijon: what's going on??? Tredrea is still alive and its the 3rd quarter... he's normally asleep in a pocket somewhere by now
darcy: need 150 pav
coach_k: lol same darcy!
miggs: ok thanks guys
Brads Boys: keep going palmer!
Jeremick: Chad and Berger letting the team down
Reflector: here comes KORNES!! 140 here we come!
cody13: 25 more from palmer for 1800
deansherr: yeah backs have been so shower this year cos the game's getting more attacking.
TysOZ: Lift Purgoyne!
timhoeboer: needing at least another 60 from Chadwick and Tredders combined to win
BossyX22: whats a good score guys????
PeterLim: Pls get some1 2 stop Kane.
buddy: mcphly i meen mcdonalds i meen mcpharlaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eskiman_9: cmon salopek hit 85 before the break
essendon33: unbeleiveable i was 300 up heading into this match, now down by 2
dilshan9: need another 100+ b/t palmer ibbo pav kornes and cornes good chance ide say.....................
The MC: Good score this week is like 2000+
Isotopes: plz burgoyne what r u doing
Booth: yeh ok peterlim i'll get someone to stop kane 4 ya mate
Axel Foley: Go cornesy
dilshan9: ibbo just faded away...LIFT!
Saint KFC: What is with the slow updates?
Axel Foley: nearly another for harry
buddy: 70 points down got 5 players in it cmon boys u can do it
miggs: essendon33 are you brookland bombers?
deansherr: 1800 is the standard decent score. 2000 is a good week.
BossyX22: thx MC cheers
darcy: 56 behind with pav ibb and lade he has tredrea and boak ?
dilshan9: deansherr not tis wekkk....i think a stadnard score this week is like 2000 lol
deansherr: come on salopek get 150 and let me get 2000 this week!
Gareth29: yeh but this week everyones killed it, should be 1900 is a decent score
cj353: come on chad get to 80
shanboi: What do we think will be the top premium DT score this week
crow87: Heck yes Peter you just halved my deposit! Do that one more time and get a handball please! Man this is tense lol
Ed_D: Do a hammy mcManus
Jeremick: where's COrnes?
buddy: pavlich and ibbotsen please freezer up and dont play anymore
deansherr: yeah if gamble hadn't been rested i wouldve got 2000 easy.
The MC: Someone without Heath Shaw could score 2400ish I reckon, Coxy capt.
shanboi: 2400 in the premium DT?? highly doubt it lol... seeing as not everyone can have all the guns
Doodlerat: cmon pav. 85-90 b4 3qtr time and at least 60 for palmer!
darcy: come on pav go crazy pleaseeeeeeee
Eskiman_9: shaw carrazzo and king screwed me this week
darren123: do you guys think i can make 1900? 1800 atm with pav,tred,c.cornes,ibbotson?
crow87: MC so not having Shaw is worth 300-400 points?!
Bombay: mcanus get off purgoyne
Sniff: Reckon i can get 2000 on 19210 with lade and palmer
dilshan9: yer darren good chnace of that
The MC: Ohhh Premium, my bad. Thought you meant premium score lol, soz
shanboi: mooney being a late withdrawal killed me in premium :(
Elephant: Yay: Schammer is not failing! Good work, keep it up buddy. Lift McPharlin, gj Pav.
benie8: need ibo and palmer to outscore kornes from here to win eliminator
andy_clo: bloody hell chad cmon...terrible quater
Nicoli: im on 2086 currently. anyone got better than that?
The MC: No, the difference between a good score and an awesome score is 300 points
Athomas: Guess what guys. My eliminator match is currently a draw. he has palmer and ibboston. i have Kornes.
Sniff: 1910*
crow87: Can Peter Burger score 8 more points guys? YES/NO? Opininos plz
darcy: come on pav 1 more goal this qtr
shanboi: nicoli - is that premium or regular?
Axel Foley: im on 2144
shwarmas: im on 2010 with pav, salopek, and chad still going
The MC: But what I'm getting at is the team with a decent squad -Shaw could get a big one
deansherr: my backline was so crap, mcphee was my best. other than that everyone except simmonds and playfair got at least 80.
Reflector: no!
Ironman: Athomas - your probably gonna lose sorry
crow87: Athomas you'll need a slice of luck I'm afraid!
wardleduck: i am 100 points down with Mcpharlin, boak and c.cornes v mi johnson.. how you rekon ill go?
Athomas: I know you are first Kornes, but please, KEEP GOING!
Sam23: Anotehr 10 points pls Kornes
dilshan9: @Athomas lol rkn ull win?
fuzz nutz: im on 1506 not including the 6 players in this game (cc, palmer, ibbo, kc, pav and burga)
Ropes: Cornes on the field lads?
cody13: at least freo are fighting back
Eskiman_9: salopek has to beat ibbotson by at least 9 for me to win what do yas reckon?
Nicoli: regular. i have salopek palmer pav and chad left
benie8: hey athomas i think im playing u... im legendary
allmodcon: how is everyone's premium dt going? it'd be interesting to see the scores, hard to predict really
cj353: creepy goal
The MC: Freo are actually playing decent right now. Shall be an interesting last quarter
PeterLim: cmon Pav
shanboi: Premium im on about 1950 with michael johnson the only one still going. got a zero for mooney
Tanski: Time to chuck CCornes in the middle Mark Williams!
Reflector: lift kornes!
oddsok: cmon kane pav and burgs
Axel Foley: i still got pav,palmer,k.cornes as cap and chaplin
MitchBeacs: do u have to pay for premium dt becuase when i try and register it always comes up with a bill
darcy: come on lade lift
wardleduck: i am 100 points down with Mcpharlin, boak and c.cornes v mi johnson.. how you rekon ill go?
miggs: need a freo win , got them in a hd to hd accumulator
donners4: kick a goal now pav
Reflector: mundy +4... about time!
Nicoli: 2092! Go Salopek Chad Pav and Palmer!
cj353: chad and pav head to head in the middle
BossyX22: pav, palmer, and sandi 1933 atm
lukebonz: cornes palmer n pav need 130 for me to break the 2k
Ironman: Elim: Pav and Palmer vs PBurg and Kepler + 12
Jeremick: Dissapointing secodn part to the half fo rme
Doodlerat: need a late goal this qtr from either rhysie palmer or Pav!!!!!.....if im gonna make the big 2000
The MC: Pav +7
shanboi: MitchBeacs: yes.. it costs $12 but its too late to join
sammyson1: i got over 2100 this week
MitchBeacs: k thanx mate
PeterLim: Keep up, Purgoyne
crowboy: wtf tredrea!
tupps95: chad ibbo palmer sandilands and pavlova..1999 ATM in DT hoping for 2100plus
hachoo: what is the mobile phone icon next to grover lol?
crow87: Surely a tackle to Burger!
donners4: hope this game can stay close
lukebonz: did anyone captain johnson (gee)??
Elephant: I wish i had Stewart as an emergancy for Valenti....
Axel Foley: premium suks
Athomas: 2 points down. Lift Kane! Stop Palmer and ibbotson.
darcy: put it to the pav zone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
essendon33: boo sandilands go ibbotson and mundy
crowboy: freo will win, the only teams that have won this week are the teams that have had poor kicking at goal
crow87: What are you doing Peter, get some junk stats like u usually do. Whats going on?!!!!!!
Nicoli: Yeah baby! Just broke 2100. come on guys. get me over 2200 in the last quarter!
The MC: Siren
oddsok: its not junk time yet crow
darcy: can freo do it
stevo5656: u cant get junk stats in a close game
The MC: Freo up at 3/4 again =o
swest: plenty of time left for purger, he will get over 90 IMO
porps_me: im on 2105 with one quarter to go with pav palmer and kornes
deansherr: of salopek's 76, about 60 of them were in the second quarter.
donners4: its not junk time yet...give peter time
mitchc6: lol darcy
cody13: stop playing in bursts plamer
Gun Bomber: looks like burgoyne was a bad swap for symes a few weeks back...
Booth: does anyone even care what players people have playing??????? ..... i know i don't give a flower who yaz have playing
T-Roy53: its the PAV/TAZ Zone i though Darty said
Jeremick: 2134 for me with Berger, Palmer, Kornes, Cornes and Pav
deansherr: yes freo are in front at 3/4 time, now they just need to lose and I laugh.
hunty999: pls lift peter burg!!! n palmer!!!
Wattsy92: i am losing by 26 and ive got C. cornes, G. Ibbotson and A. Carlile and he has Palmer
emojdog: 25 more from each of corner. kornes, ibbotson and palmer to get 2000 .. =]
darcy: lade a bin
Tanski: Booth. I;ve got Salopke, Pavlich and C.Cornes. Just thought you might want to know.
Davey36: good point Booth
PeterLim: Purgoyne,, Don't stop scoring. Get a few more touches.
The MC: Nice jeremick, very nice
crow87: As long as he scores 8 more points swest I dont care!
oddsok: 10 behind with kane, burg and pav v palmer
Nicoli: Jeremick for the win. you have me beaten :P
jlim007: do something cornes!!!!
Gun Bomber: Nice work Jeremick!
atw0001: true that gun bomber i did the same thing
KahunaBF: 41 between Pav, Palmer, Ccornes to crack 2k
darcy: pav 110 lade 90 ibbo 75 would be gold
Gun Bomber: I was looking good before today
timhoeboer: Cmon Chad and Tredders... 48 from you two this term and I win
miggs: come on freo dont choke again, i got $800 riding on this quarter
Reesy82: very true Booth. i couldnt care less how many points ur on and who u have playing in this game
The MC: Soccer update anyone?
Brads Boys: freo leading at 3qtr time!!!! guess we all know who will win
ad4eva: i want another 100 in the last term between ibbo, pav, chad and palmer
Gun Bomber: had a combination of huge and disgradeful efforts... :$
darren123: lol dean that is so ture but hopefully then win so melbourne can be rock bottom secure no 1 draft
m0nty: Australia still 1-0 over Iraq with 80 minutes gone.
crow87: Wait, make that 7 points :P Do you guys think I will win?
crow87: Maybe Burger can rack some up at 3/4 time?
Athomas: Kornes for a massive last quarter.
The MC: Thanks m0nt
OzMan: need salopek and cornes to outscore ibbotson by 2 points this final quarter, god damn just do it
Booth: haha thanks tanski
cody13: me too Gun Bomber
GO PIES: i need pearce n boak 2 outscore mundy n pavlich by 5 points 2 win
Jeremick: oooh that was close
Brads Boys: hey m0nty, thought CD would be pised off if u had live SC
BossyX22: big 1/4 by sandi i predict and hope lol
coasters: who scored aussie soccer goal?
porps_me: iv got 8 blokes over a 100 with 4 in the 90's plus pav and kornes
crow87: Yeah, Iraq almost scored though monty, wow that was close
mboettcher: thanks for that update m0nty! looking good
damoc85: kewell
tunit: are most ppl looking at over 2k this week?
haza1234: sandi 120 pav 130 be good
andreioz: super harry kewell
coasters: hey monty, start up fancricket and give ponting a gun!
Greenie01: Need 83 to win eliminator from the last quarter from pav, burgoyne and palmer - any chance???
Jeremick: Schwartzer!
Koutaaa: porps_me who gives a shi t
Brads Boys: kewell with a header
Cartman121: ive got two over 100...absolute crap week for me =(
TysOZ: Kewell scored with a nice header Coasters
haza1234: kwell
miggs: kewell header iraq pressing for a equliser
m0nty: Kewell header was the goal.
PeterLim: Purgoyne & palmer have been performing belwo avg. Need Them to fire up in the last qrt
The MC: Nachos are an underrated snack, they are awesome!
rhys: need a 3 goal quarter from pav had money on him
mitchc6: did he score again
TysOZ: On 1807 with Purgoyne still going and H.Shaw as captain, so happy with the week, may still be in elimnator.
crowboy: yay! chaddley in the middle
m0nty: I'd give Katich the spud!
deansherr: not unless salopek gets 91 in the last quarter for me to get 2000
KouDogg: Chad on Pavlich.....:P
Brads Boys: hey m0nty, thought CD would be pised off if u had live SC
darren123: greenie i seriously doubt it but anythin is possible
Gun Bomber: need an average of 24 for the 1/4 from Kornes, Cornes, Burgoyne and Palmer to get 2000
coasters: who the best money tip for the brownlow gentleman? big cox got good odds apparently
the oaks: emerton cross to kewel kewel goals
erytnicm: sitting on 1987 with pav, ibbo, palmer and c cornes playing - looking for a big last quater fellas!
crow87: Katitch IS a spud Monty
Jeremick: Damn Pav -3
swest: wow
KouDogg: Motlop GOAL OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MaqAttaq: wadda goal
The MC: OMFG Motlop
millsie69: R u kidding Monty?! If any1 deserves a spud its Jacques!
coasters: rite on monty bout katich... we lack 2 openeers now haydos body giving up on him
BossyX22: cmon freo lol you win i've tipped 8 cost me twice already lol
m0nty: Motlop is hilarious.
cody13: was anyone else in the in/out convo earlier today that was so funny
miggs: haha streaker just pushed a soccer player
PeterLim: Need 103 to win from pav, burgoyne and palmer. Look unlikely with burgoyne stat. Almost gone now.
supercoach: with supercoach how much extra is vice captain worth?
Athomas: NOOO PALMER. Down by 1 now.
Jeremick: far out I hate Ibbo
The MC: Ibbo with the quick answer +9
swest: ibbo u spastic, don't fire up now
KouDogg: Ibbo GOAL!
Gareth29: ibbo goal
porfavor: ibbbbbbbbbbbbbo
crow87: Everyone but Burger continue to rack up the stats :( ARGH!
cozmofo: whats my name he yellos what a hero
mitchc6: no hes not monty hes costing me a tip
Ausyid: i think peter burgoyne has scored 8 since half way through second qtr
antsdees: just cracked the 2200 in SC
shwarmas: dont stop salopek!!
Hird.Magic: c'mon Rhys your my key to victory
Ironman: unlucky athomas
The MC: lol yes cody (OUT: Cornes IN: C. Norris)
buddy: ok ibbo no more touches 4 u please and pavlich i think u shood take a rest
IfYouSaySo: come on mundy ffs
deansherr: come on salopek fire up for the final term!
Gareth29: lol cozmofo, i saw that, the c0cky bastard with his hands out *whats my name*
Gun Bomber: com on palmer get up there son!
crow87: Burger is killing me!
PeterLim: Let Palmer or Pav scores
The MC: Purger -3
Elephant: McPharlin, Pav, Schammer lift please
Jeremick: far out Burgoyne
KouDogg: omfg P.Burg FA!!!!
cody13: 17 more from palmer cmon
oddsok: omg none of my players have scored yet this qtr was only down by 10 but palmer is owning
erytnicm: thanks ibbo - just pushed me over 2000!
porfavor: ibo +8
GO PIES: i agree buddy i need pav 2 rest 4 the game now up only 3 points up
Gareth29: ibbo +8
ad4eva: need pav to put some scoreboard pressure on here
swest: spud icon for mcpharlin?
cody13: haha yer i said that wattabout OUT:sandilands IN: yao ming LOLOLOLOL
OzMan: damn it ibbotson you son of a bitch
PeterLim: Purgoyne will b gone from my DT list if he don't clock 75+
Gun Bomber: you flowering shower Purger!!
The MC: Carn Stefan Salopek, repeat your 2nd quarter :o
miggs: motlop is a wan ker thinnks he is great but he not
Ausyid: burger is almost oging backwards
Jeremick: crappy start
coasters: big sandi having a blinder... mite be time to get rid of mcintosh b4 finals
Gun Bomber: why can't you dominate like you did for the dream team??
jlim007: c'mon cornes, palmer, pavlich, mundy. LIFT!!!
buddy: lol cody u funny c u nt
Hird.Magic: give the spud to kepler
The MC: Lol, I lol'd at the Yao one
TFLUA-Tige: good Ibbo, keep lifting
supercoach: this game will be a draw
spence37: well peterlim u are an idiot
swest: burgoyne gone
The MC: Purger limping off
OzMan: cmon chad and salopek LIFT
KouDogg: P.Burg INJURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chirpin: P Burgoyne hurt
Jeremick: **** Burgoyne injured now
stakerz: pburger injured and off yayayayayayy
nitewolf: cmon palmer!!!
Sam23: burgoyne flowered.
TysOZ: Purgoyne you need to score at least 20 this quarter. LIFT!!!
PeterLim: shower Purgoyne. Don't reduce your score.
Drew04: P Burgoyne limps off
crow87: Burger is off, no joke I am the unluckiest with leagues in the whole Dream Team comp
emojdog: 70 to crack 2000... keep going ibbotson =]
Athomas: Good Kornes. 16 down.
erytnicm: I'm loving this P burger hate - my opponent has him.. I'm loving his lack of scoring :-)
Jeremick: would be happy with 2200 now
TysOZ: no! not injured. eliminator gone!
Gun Bomber: oh for flower sake!!!!!!!!!!!
Booth: burgoyne off, might not come bak on
The MC: OMG Freo might los in the last, what a surprise! [/sarcasm]
donners4: no clangers
hachoo: wtf purgoyne! i just got you in and you have 50 points!
jlim007: play some football chad!
mitchc6: wots the australian score in soccer
shanboi: cmooooooooon johnson
coasters: rove has finally done motlop in...
editor: It's all up to you Kane...
PeterLim: Pav, whereb have u been. Get some more touches or score more goals
essendon33: go ibbo and mundy
Gun Bomber: come on the chad! earn a heart!!
OzMan: you deserve to die ibbotosn you dog
swest: 1-0 89th minute
essendon33: boo sandlands and mcpharlin
mboettcher: 1-0 still
miggs: 1-0 1 min left
joeycrack: c'mon pav and palmer, score another 13pts so i can get back to work knowing i've scored 2000!
tupps95: 1-0 with 1.5 mins to go
coasters: chad cornes is very dissapointing... glad i havent picked him back up yet
haza1234: lift pav
Hird.Magic: need 1500 more to crack 2000 c'mon Gray
hachoo: just hit the 2k! thankyouuu
Sam23: The MC that was terrible. absoloutley shocking.
Brads Boys: yer, soccer update?
TysOZ: Up by 43 with my opp having Pav Palmer and Ibbo left.
erytnicm: how unusual - tredrea stops at half time again. would be a star if the game went for 2 quarters only
foxy_dal: hey monty any reason why you have the sc scores on live?
Chirpin: Iraqi fans ran onto the field and pushed Culina Lol
crow87: Burger looks like he MIGHT come back on
Tanski: 1-0 guys. In case you didn't hear
oddsok: cmon kane make 100 and pav get into it
Gun Bomber: I can't believe how many good players have let me down!
andreioz: p burgoyne, gone for ages or just the match?
Booth: tredrea off
jbfanclub: cmon ibbo need 100 pls! very important, and kcornes stop now!
buddy: i cant believe how many crap players hav let me down lol
miggs: game over aussies win
Nebula1971: who scored in the soccer?
Hird.Magic: Aussie win 1-0 you beauty
tupps95: socceroos won 1-0
stewy.23: will burgoyne come back on?
Boris_90: chelsea pride world wide
the eagle: burgoyne will be back on
DaVe86: pav should have his shot on goal soon where he hits the post....thats pretty standard for the last qtr isnt it?
jamzee123: Gun bomber same here i have 6 hundreds atm with pav left and this is sc
Jeremick: this has been a shocking game for me
crow87: Burger doing some training for the tour de france, prob to come back on. COME ON PETER!
TysOZ: andreioz your a tool
OzMan: someone knock that dog ibbotson's teeth out, cost me my game that dog
the oaks: cmon salopek kick after the siren 55 out 30 points there
Athomas: Kornes needs at least 102, and thats without Palmer/Ibbo scoring lol.
lukebonz: pav n palmer kick it to each other!!!
AliSTAR: hope no one picked up robbie gray after his one massive score
PeterLim: Pav, get more touches
coasters: does any1 know chadwicks BE... will he drop in price this week?
BossyX22: earth to pav GET GOALS GOALS GOALS!!!!
coasters: gray sad score... thought he actually played alrite
dilshan9: cornes need to get 22 points more than pubogyne..
oddsok: give it to pav
john003: chads BE is 144
jamzee123: Holy Sandilands!
hoazi: cmon palmer and kane cornes 170 together
ad4eva: burgoyne back on
editor: PETER back on!
Booth: burgoyne bak on
GO PIES: yes boak keep gettin kicks...same wit u pearce...NO POINTS PAV PLZ!!!!!
lukebonz: eeryone in fre got a point except pav
Gun Bomber: yeah he will drop massively
big_slick: schammer is the spud, only game all year he has scored something decent
swest: shammer is a snuff.
beck0098: powwwwwwahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
assmoles: pav is a spud
alfy: Pleasing games from Crowley, Pavlich and Ibbotson.
bobaco: y is tredrea a fone?? (on grover)
Elephant: Yay: Schammer! Good work, keep it up buddy. Lift McPharlin, Pav.
jp_dirty30: Pavlich is the worst last quater player, chock again !!!!!
The MC: Just clocked over the 2000
coasters: freo should relocate to the gold coast... a seachange mite be wot they need
mboettcher: socceroos win!
deansherr: keep going salopek!!!
swest: choke, not chock.
the oaks: cmon chadley
alfy: Australia wins soccer, 1-0.
supercoach: port power are a bunch of spuds
jamzee123: wtf pav get the flower ball i need 100 atleast u tool, lol
dilshan9: pavlich palmer ibbo cornes kornes LIFT!!! ned another 50 b/t you!!
emojdog: chad, get the ball or tackle people
JustinI: Pettigrews gettin his a** traded this week! Lift man!!
coasters: The gold coast dockers......
erytnicm: Monty - think the sun has set on Pav - hasn't done much for a while :-)
pies22: give taz the spud. seriously
emojdog: need 50 to get 2000 =]
OzMan: cmon Salopek need some big contested possessions now mate
jp_dirty30: pavlich the choker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oddsok: omg palmer you are killing meeeeeee
swest: pav to kick the match winner and get a massive SC boost :)
editor: Good Kane, good!
beck0098: captainw????????
millsie69: Pettigrew n Mundy deserve spuds
the oaks: i pick my nose
lukebonz: pav must have disapeared...
Gun Bomber: has it bean McManus's flowering tag or has P.Burger just been flowering shower??
jp_dirty30: Plavlich to captain to gold coast chokers !!!!!
The MC: Wait for Pavlich to kick the match winner.
jamzee123: y pavlich y, 10 mins of crap all y
crow87: My luck this year in league is a total joke. Burger injured :( FLOWER
ad4eva: palmer getting plenty of it but not hurting DT points
JustinI: Tarrant's a spud
OzMan: cmon Chad do something
mitchc6: ibbo get it to palmer then palmer put it in the pav zone for pav to take a contested mark and then kik a goal
gta007: dogg
ablett11: flower cow plow shower
Athomas: Palmer is killing me too.
coasters: im really stupid, y does grover have the mobile phone?
ablett11: sheiser
crow87: ablett11 thats hilarious :D rofl
supercoach: spud it up spuddie
Athomas: Need Kornes to mark, kick, goal.... twice ;)
ad4eva: what mitch said
pies22: give palmer the heart . he is the only player from freo with any ticker
Gun Bomber: because grover is on tredrea
Matt Youd: cmon purger chad and rys need you to get me to 2300
cody13: 8 more from palmer
ad4eva: rodan goal
The MC: Freo choking again
crow87: Peter back on sensational!
coasters: any kruezer fans, he is being rested for a week or 2 apparently to stop burn out! source foxsports
beck0098: powaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
lukebonz: someone get a big pole n poke pav!! wake up!!
ablett11: tnx i try
jbfanclub: cmon ibbo u useless fcuk
Gun Bomber: we need adversity for the ticker, hhmmmmm well I guess playing for freo counts...
cody13: gray should get the spud
Athomas: Elim match is over. Good while it lasted.
supercoach: beck0098 flower off
millsie69: McManus deserves a rotten spud cos hes a old c*nt
coasters: y is tredrea a mobile phone?
The MC: Was gonna happen sooner or later, coasters.
coasters: does he like txting!?!?!
Gareth29: hes being dropped cos hes crap, not cos of burnout. they just dont want to say that about their no1 pick!
miggs: fuching chokers costing me
mollyfud: Just broke 2k but a lot of my guys have stopped including Pav!
pies22: coassters , that would be burnout from being overated
mollyfud: Need some Captains goals from Pav!
rhys: luke bonz no1 likes you
musterd: go kane
ryza: matt youd are you talking about dreamteam or fantasy?
malteaser: 16 points behind come on cornes
supercoach: coasters is a dumb plow
deansherr: omg how many people can ask why tredrea is a mobile phone. FFS CLIMB OUT OF THE ROCK AND READ THE NEWSPAPER!
editor: My players need goals. Only way I could win now.
ryza: or supercoach*
Athomas: 16 down. not long left now. I can't see Kornes winning it for me, hes done enough.
lukebonz: rhys is great
The MC: Freo gone, never wasting a tip on these choking pretenders again
montecarlo: the sand man got me over the line it was him vs burgroin
Gareth29: need 42 from pav, kane, ibbo and chad to get 2k
ad4eva: its overrrrr
oddsok: need kane burgs and pav to outscore palmer by 8 to win jeez gonna be close
mattmiss: Aussies beat iraq :)
jlim007: go and save some face chad!
fjm9: rhys actually aint that good
supercoach: power will choke
Chirpin: Pav in the centre
stakerz: palmer is better then judd
coasters: i live in the middle of no where... aka 1 hr drive to nearest town, so dont get a $%^&* newspaper!!!!
rhys: actaully is
jp_dirty30: pavlich is poooo
deansherr: lol@ people who tipped freo. They're possibly the worst team in the comp!
edward123: cmon Lade 5 goals from u
deansherr: well then use your computer to search 'tredrea phone'
crow87: :O I'm tied now, come on Peter!!!
ad4eva: freos either got no1 to kick to or the disposal is terrible going forward
cody13: palmer get +8 for gods sake
Gun Bomber: flowering shower im not gonna make 2000! thanks heaps heater, hayes, king, burger and simmonds
coasters: freo r better than bombers.... and im a bombers man!
supercoach: freo need to move to the bush if they lose
jamzee123: W T F PAV! u r hopeless superstar my ass
Athomas: 10 mins left.... :'( 16 down in Elim.
mortizy: palmer 69 lol
Gareth29: lol did somone say palmer wasnt good?
dilshan9: 16 more from pav ibbo palmer cornes and kornes COME ON FFS none of u ahve touched it in ages...
swest: sif palmer is better than judd. ur a fool stakerz
Athomas: 21 down... ovaaa.
ad4eva: pav free kick in goalsquare
Jay Neeson: if you watched the game you may know whats going on...
Chirpin: Pav lining up for goal!!
cody13: need 3 from palmer cmoon
OzMan: cmon pav send it through
KouDogg: Pav lining up for goal
Athomas: I will now forever hate Palmer... :P
The MC: jamzee, lining up now.
mollyfud: Pretty easy week of footy tipping. Would have had 8 if I hadn't gone with the heart and picked the hawks
montecarlo: u blokes cant rely on palmer soo much if u are ur team is strugling hees played 10 games in his life
editor: :(
Gareth29: pav lining up
deansherr: yeah true - bottom 4 this year will b melbourne, essendon, freo and west coast
Koutaaa: 6 Minutes left Pav hits the post
ad4eva: pav hit the post
Chirpin: PAv a post AGAIN!!!! LOL
Kentacula: hahahahahaahahahahahahahah
Gareth29: omg, hits the post
crow87: Pav poster!
swest: rofl pav hit post in last qtr. WTF!!!!!!!!
Gun Bomber: who you got athmos and has your opponent got any1 in this game?
supercoach: Palich you GUN
The MC: LMAO Pavlich another poster
deansherr: pavlich poster again!!!
(name): stop rhys palmer!
edster: pav chocked once again!
oddsok: OMGGGGGGGGGG pav posttttttttt
Snivellus: need 52 from 5 players to break 2k
BossyX22: 15 more from pav, sandi, and palmer to crack 2k
supercoach: Pav you freaking LEMON
cody13: yeahhhh 1800
KouDogg: omg need about 20 with chad, p.burg, salopek, pav and palmer to get 2000, only 5 minutes left!!!!!
hunty999: pav=shower!!! loves hitting tha post wen his team really needs him!!!
jamzee123: flower hell pav u dud
DaVe86: hahahah i called it about 10 mins ago that pav was due for a last quarter poster
Athomas: yeh it's over now Gun Bomber, Palmer and Ibboston vs Kornes for the last q. they won.
The MC: m0nty give Pavlich a noose icon, choking 3rd week in a row
mollyfud: Survived another week in the Eliminator
crow87: Palmer still scored 74 so far, pretty good for a 10 gamer
the oaks: how far out
jp_dirty30: pavlich, do a joe korp after the game you hack
swest: o==("q)
mortizy: Dave86 lol u did call it
Koutaaa: Pav chokes but can't blame - 80% of his teammates are shower
j-bomb3000: 6 more for 2000, common
Kentacula: need 14 more from Palmer to get 2200
andreioz: give mitch hahn a BEER!
hoazi: kane cornes and palmer 190 between u both
Ironman: give the entire team a noose icon
Gun Bomber: give sandy the star
OzMan: cmon Chad big mark now cmon 6 behind
Hird.Magic: omg i needed palmer to outscore chad thaught it would never happen Gooo Palmer
mollyfud: Come on Palmer, Another late 20 for the Ton
joel11: pav come home ffs
jamzee123: wat happened to pavs big 120 now he looks like hell strugle to get 100 flower
benie8: maybe give pav the spud or make a special symbol that shown he is not good in the clinches ie. a noose
crow87: Oh yeah I win, Peter u champ coming back on after injury!
stakerz: shower
ryza: monty makes pavlich's ipon a goal post
erytnicm: Pav = average player who looks good cos he's in a shower team... Couldn't match the best in the dream team game!
pies22: palmer has scored more in 3 games than kruezers's whole season
ablett11: f uck me i lost by BOUT 20 POINTS
KahunaBF: In the 2k zone now. hooray
benie8: hey athomas is ur team name alex's all starz?
Gun Bomber: i love palmer
Teddler: pav needs a choke symbol
tupps95: 2083DT come on 2100
The MC: Cya Freo, you cows
Kentacula: game ovaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
Snivellus: cmon Kane get a +12
montecarlo: where is stephen tingreat, and andrew jarman
pies22: love it ryza
cody13: got 7 is footy tips
alex123711: kornes clearly should get the gun
millsie69: This really does say sumthin for Freo. Cant beat anutha useless team at home.
montecarlo: also, freo should redraft peter man and clive waterhouse
MaqAttaq: Freo fans are going home
KouDogg: need about 20 for 2000 OMFG!!!
essendon11: itssssssss ooooooooooovvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
OzMan: cmon Chad and Salo cmon damn it just 6 points
tintacar16: to those who are bagging out palmer you are deadshowers, the kids in his first season and dominates,
Gun Bomber: this has happened 2 years in a row. essendon were rumoured to be picking up selwood last year and palmer this year....
tintacar16: id like to see you all say palmer is shower when he has a bronwlow round his neck
Kentacula: And Modra
amdocher: im up by 1 point!
coasters: clive the hitman waterhouse... wot a dude!
donners4: 5 more points kane/chad/pav/ibbo
brogie: give pav a diaper/nappy symbol as he showers himself in the final qtr every week
miggs: goit bgged for picking up bradley he scored 84 69 and 83 for me not bad for his price.
supercoach: flower freo are flowering useless
stakerz: im on 2320
emojdog: i need 21 more points
foxy_dal: yes hit 2400 in sc
montecarlo: sandilands = most underrated dt'er
indy500: monty give kane cornes a gun
GOGOS: its official freo are women
jp_dirty30: poooovlich
spence37: bye bye mark harvey
coasters: i agree, palmer will be the #1 midfielder in 4 years...
tintacar16: freo, have been leading at three quater time 5 weeks in a row to go on a lose, you flowerheads
pies22: what is your team name foxydal
Athomas: foxy_dal, you smashed me this week yeh!?
The MC: Salt into wounds now, eat shower Freo.
a1141369: 16 more points from ibbo/sandilands and solomon
supercoach: harvey and wallet to get the sack this week
donners4: 2 more
GOGOS: my team shall now be known as lesbians
the oaks: cmon pav cornes salopek
hachoo: Motlop worst DTer ever. Kicks 5 goals and only in the 70's
cody13: give palmer the gun
joel899: motlop > dale thomas
juz1978: Give pav a fence post symbol since he hits them so often!
OzMan: cmon Chad 6 flowering points in the last couple of minutes just get those points for flowers sake
nitewolf: kornes kornes kornes!!!!!!!!
Athomas: I'm gonna lose eliminator by less then 20.
foxy_dal: about 200 odd i think for my first win
miggs: too bad motlop cant kick em when it counts
cj353: come on chad 6 more
Kentacula: 12 more please Palmer
Nagaman: wtf- palmer wont be great- selwoog and pendulbury are better
fuzz nutz: i reckon next week freo should try 2 b behind at 3qtr time to see if they can actually win
Turmoil: salopek should get the heart
The MC: Dale Thomas >>>>>> Motlop
shanboi: flower
tupps95: M Murphy will be Number 1 midfielder in 4 years
KouDogg: Omg i am going to fall short of 2000 this is a joke.....
supercoach: the crowd will tear subiaco down after this performance
swest: kornes! BANG!
dilshan9: DT site is stuck wont refresh properly
Snivellus: Every week Tredrea gets 60-70 at half time but only 80 overall
andreioz: kane cornes will get the 3 votes monty
supercoach: Freo fans walking out yet?
cody13: agree with The MC
montecarlo: has sandilands ever had under 20 hitouts in a match
Saint KFC: Have a cry KouDogg?
Reesy82: C Judd will be the number 1 midfielder for the nxt 10 years
Athomas: OMG PDT Down by 9 points. FFS.
Go Nodders: i dont understand how Palmers SC score keeps rising but his dt stays the same!
The MC: siren, power by 28
Snivellus: you guys keep forgetting Chris Judd is only like 24 right now
tintacar16: palmer will be great, his played 8 games for flowers sake!! and look at him!!
cam_wce: siren
Villie88: I have fallen short of 2000 for the third week in a row by less than 15-20 points, all ending in Fremantle games. :(
zarzar: i agree tupps
Kentacula: Woooooooooooooooooooo STUFF POWER!!!!!!!!
ryza: is koudogg matt markoff?
n1ck: come on pav, step up with some junk time stats!
stewy.23: good game from Sandilands
Athomas: PDT- down by 10 with Lade. Eliminator - down by 18 with Kornes. How depressing.
The MC: Dilshan, always fails around this time. Everyone trying to get on
DaVe86: same villie....ive been within 20 points of the 2g 3 weeks straight
joel899: motlop >>>>>>> dale thomas at kicking daicos goals
GO PIES: i think i won by 2 points flower yeah i love u pav thx 4 missin that goal
coasters: judds body wont be able to play after he turns 27! my crystal balls say so
Sunday2810: f**king freo again pathetic
Professor1: im on 1999 give me a point
buddy: bibi mcpharlen ur so out
KouDogg: wat?
alex123711: brownlow this year will be; black, ablett, corey, bartel or kornes
Kentacula: Stuff Palmer!
mollyfud: 2057. Not bad with Heater getting 21.
The MC: True Joel, Motlop's ability > Thomas'. Thomas as a player > Motlop
TFLUA-Tige: 2013 all up. Looks good to me.
Jeremick: Burgoyne a tad dissapointing
mollyfud: Am seriously considerin downgrading Symes to McLeod (dollar wise)
loffie: hey ryza
Snivellus: flowering hell my live scores is frozen
emojdog: damn, i only got 1984 ... and i only won by 450
Kentacula: 2195!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Koutaaa: koudogg is a whinging fudge packer
n1ck: dale thomas is 100x better than motlop
cheez79: 2153 for me
assmoles: i beat u stew suk
amdocher: omg i won by one point! if ibbotson kicked that goal i would've lost!
Villie88: i got 1986, then 1987, this week 1994, in the top 2,000 after this week, and into the last 4,000 of eliminator. :)
JNR23: I may have won with H.Shaw as captain against the top of the ladder opponent
Snivellus: Good game for me Sandi Kornes (c) palmer ibbo p burgoyne
montecarlo: whose still in eliminator....theres 4096 of us left
assmoles: i beat u stew hahahhahah
tintacar16: Motlop is a plow, thomas is a champ he rips motlop to shreds
Kentacula: Check DT live scores all you people who think you missed out on 2k by a few points. Its often slightly different
stakerz: scored 1891 with heath shaw as captain l0l
cam_wce: 1st team in histroy to ever lose 5 in a row from leadiing at 3Q time
indy500: give palmer a little gun (for young gun)...
indy500: make palmers sign a palm tree....
OzMan: ibbotson you ugly bastard dog lost by 2 coz of you nd your late goal you ugly shower and your team still lost you dog
nitewolf: dale thomas is btr
mboettcher: that's ok joel, as Dale's only in his 3rd season, he can improve!
the oaks: hi i love u
darren123: tintacar did you actually listen to the radio he may be getting ther ball but it hardly hits a player mostly turnovers
jimmydee: give palmer an icon of a parmagiana, both are the best
essendon33: is that it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
essendon33: im up by 3 so is that it
port42: lol indy500
Skoti: ily rhys palmer. =]
Skoti: this shower doesn't work. >.<
machomann2: lol