Chat Log: R9, Hawthorn 14.13.97 d Melbourne 12.6.78

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Realist: Go Buddy and Rioli.
OzMan: cmon Franklin (C), record score needed!
KouDogg: Got Valenti (covering for Chapman), Rioli and Ellis, so 250 would be nice :)
Murder Inc: Come on Buddy and Birch
Deeman: Go Green Mitchell Rioli
poptop: what's wrong with white?
DaVe86: buddy hasnt scored yet...worrying signs lol
DaVe86: i spoke too soon
mark_91: go ellis you beauty.
thorgils: Rioli and Birchal COOOMME ONNNN!
uggugg: shower, what did Nathan Jones do
Realist: Who feels sorry for Garland?
thorgils: rioli and birch on track for 250+
OzMan: cmon aussie need a big one mate
mitchc6: the dees are targeting budwin
V|PeR: flower wanted ellis to stay negative
Elephant: I have Rioli, Bateman, Mitchell, Roughead, Valenti, Osborne
jbfanclub: got lance (c) sewell dew and rioli
tomhommus: bruce wona franklin roughead and rioli. lets go
Jeremick: GoGo Birchall
Zeratul: I need Dew to smash Rioli :| 150 for buddy!
darcy: Captain franklin ellis and rioli for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darcy: hawks will go berserk i rekon
jezg: come on birchall and dew?
gumbleton3: what the flower did jones do?
KouDogg: CMON Valenti, Ellis and Rioli!!!!
essendon11: damn i got white in supercoach.. kruzer comes on nd he only got 20 :@:@
vossy1: why is jeff white out???
darcy: come on franklin kick 15
luke2177: Jones in trouble?
jezg: come on birchall and dew
poptop: west comes in for white - is this injury serious? he is so consistent
OzMan: good one aussie
Riewoldt: birch star
Drew04: GEt into it Valenti
tigermania: jones is useless anyway why would you have him
T-Roy53: i really need a bg game from buddy, plz mate, kick a bag
Athomas: I traded Wood for White this week. How depressing.
Jeremick: Birchall died :(
Cartman121: MORTON!!!! been waiting all year for you son! now dominate =)
mcdowell: lets go sammy mitchell and rioli
KouDogg: lol Athomas i did the same expect i traded T.Cloke for Chapman :(
KouDogg: Thats why i need Valenti to dominate or at least beat Tippet's score :P
easton_rox: wat happened to birchall?
mikeyvoice: what happened to white???
OzMan: good one aussie you gun keep on going!
mcdowell: wonaeamirri is a gun. lets go sammy mitchell
poptop: i have white and chapman - flowering two late withdrawals this round - both guns
jbfanclub: franklin wtf ur my captain need atleast 100 to get 2k
mijhaa: Nothings happened to Birchall.
krajit06: kick it 2 buddy
T-Roy53: imagine that melbourne won, LMAO
vossy1: where the hell is white monty???????
Jeremick: Lol Nathan Jones
V|PeR: need franklin, ellis and rioli to all fail
OzMan: Buddy!!!!!!
krajit06: go wonamirri
KouDogg: Cmon Ellis, get into it you should be having more TOG!!!!
joffy_2: monty you should have a ranga icon for bate and merret
essendon11: go Wonaeamirri
bomberman7: nothings happend to brichall easaro
Cartman121: Buddy shot on goal....GOAL!!!!
Murder Inc: Buddy!
darcy: budddyyyyyyyyy
Jordox: wot happened to white??? this is terrible
bomberman7: come on sewel wat is this
thorgils: buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddy!
KouDogg: I want that to happen T-Roy53, means if we win we will be 1st :) :) :)!!!
pricey: fk yeah Buddy, captain points big fella
krajit06: late withdrawal
longaz: carter howd u end up going yesterday. we saw u get crunched
Jordox: jones u better flowering lift
vossy1: does anyone no what happened to white??????
thorgils: Bruce = fail
darren123: if melbourne won i would be =D
tima14: flower off buddy
Jeremick: Woot Franklin
Athomas: Need roughhead, Osbourne, Gilham and Dew to have shockers please. White killed me too.
Jeremick: Gotta love hogs :D
krechy: whats wrong with young?
darcy: ellis get another 90
Cartman121: lost by 120 points lol wasnt a good day, yeh my jaw is still saw from that
jbfanclub: sewell!!!
T-Roy53: Buddy Goal!
Zeratul: buddy 'botted' 1.0 ^_^
lazyupton: "sore back" white late withdrawal
Jordox: just found out its a back injury for white, i dont know how serious tho
darren123: this has pretty much been an upset weekend
KouDogg: Valenti, Rioli and Ellis LIFT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zeratul: fire up dew and franklin!
T-Roy53: Cum on Buddy, lets go mate
patternott: jeez sewell getting nothing
thorgils: Rioli and Birchal KEEP GOING!
Zeratul: jones, clean up rioli - u may as well ^_^
Cartman121: Rioli, Birch, Franklin...and MORTON! =) =)
easton_rox: brad sewell wat r u doingg
Cartman121: Give Birch the fireball m0nty
KouDogg: Ellis CMON!!!!!, u should be having more TOG!!!! USE IT!!!!!!!!
easton_rox: YEA MORTON had u since the start of the season, about time u got a game
bomberman7: CYRIL you star
Keza41: Go Ladson and Rioli!!! =]
tima14: carter the way things are goin i think ur gunna beat me
jbfanclub: franklin 30 by qt plez
poptop: someone has the wrong BEs - dttalk and fanfooty BEs are different - who's right?
gumbleton3: off to the G I go to wake jones up from his sleep
MaqAttaq: rioli, osborne, womaeamirri, roughead, dew.....I need 300 points to win
al 6: lets fkin go mitchell, franklin, birchall, rioli, valenti
Cartman121: lol are u tim, as in tim tim, as in tim im vs'ing in dt, as in tim from indoor??
bomberman7: get in there sewel
longaz: would hav expected franklin to kick 4 by now
Masss_8: Jones u bold KUNT, go die
Athomas: Roughead, Osbourne, Dew, Gilham have shockers please, need to stay in elimiantor ;)
hunty999: whos playing on roughy???
tima14: All yours Austin and Roughy
flakmonkey: good thing i traded jones for joel corey!
OzMan: wonaeamirri!!!!!!!!!!!! put it through mate
tima14: lmao yeh thats me... all ur players are gunning it today... i guess its all up to.. LEIGH HARDING! =p
KouDogg: Ellis, Valenti :(:(:(:(:(, Rioli ok.....
OzMan: wona!!!!!!!!!!!! you flowern gun!!!!!!!
n1ck: need 200+ from buddy!
Oliver07: any1 watching game here- wheres xellis
darcy: elliss bak to usual crap
Zeratul: thats it stewy, keep it coming
Cartman121: lol hes such a hack, i dunno its gonna be close, damn fisher only 1 handball in that 2nd qtr but yeh this game is good!
darcy: hawks playing shower
hunty999: whos on J roughy??
WuTangClan: i need 100 from u franklin plzzz
tima14: ausstinnn wonaaeeemirriii!!!
jbfanclub: flowerenel sewell, ur not even taggin someone and ur scores
gta007: stop doing so well ladson
OzMan: Buddy!!!!!!!! damn it
darren123: i want buddy to score well but i also want melbourne to win ><
Cartman121: Rioli to franklin =)... but missed
tima14: KEEP it up garland... ur killing buddy!! haha
itchymuma: wonna is a star!
krajit06: wona u gun
gta007: who's still in eliminator?
OzMan: Aussie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goal assist, Aussie you absolute star!
mijhaa: Jones goal.
avanrogers: wtf mclean tearing it up
KouDogg: Valenti, Ellis please LIFT!!!!!!!!!!, Rioli keep going son :)
darren123: melbourne premierse 2015 =D
Jeremick: Damn should've got Woenamirri
OzMan: aussie is everywhere!!
Cartman121: god damn aussie is killin me!
easton_rox: omg i thought all of hawks would b on 100 points each by now, they flowering playing melbourne
KouDogg: i should have put Ellis on bench for Wona :(!!!!!!!!!!!
baels: melb will be in front at qtr time..
hoazi: tight match
Jeremick: Far out Wonna
cookiez: how many people at the game?
jbfanclub: cmon lance goal pls
OzMan: Aussie great quarter you young gun keep it going, cmon hawks win the damn clearances and get it to buddy
malz18: how good is little wonna. he reminds me of pickett
shwarmas: robbo!!!
krajit06: better 2nd quater dew
mt.theo: go dew roughead osbourne rioli :)
Jeremick: McLean on track for 350 in SC :p
Deeman: 86 mclean!
bomberman7: please stop wonamaeamirri
josh73: go Dees.....could we get another upset
MaqAttaq: lets hope aussie does not drive like pickett
Burgey: Yes I have Money on Melb to win
avanrogers: omg i hope the dees win... this is like the twilight zone round or something. cats lose, adelaide lose, hawks lose...
emojdog: hopefully melbourne can win, cause then jeff kennet can move his team to tasmania permanently
malz18: if wonna keeps this up ill be able to trade wonna for chad cornes yessie
dannyboiii: wonaeamirri youre making me feel bad! cause youre on the BENCH damnit!
Titans: go G.Birchall, J.Roughead, C.Rioli, N.Jones and L.Franklin(c)
KouDogg: Rilo ok, Valenti hrrrrm, Ellis!!! LIFT BOYS CMON!!!!!!
gta007: danny brown
lukebonz: cap'n franklin and wona!!!
DaVe86: i dropped woona for wellingham cos i thought woona would struglle...that said wellingham was on 47 at 1/4 time
malz18: what do u mean drive like pickett maqattaq
Cartman121: Haha Mclean already given the star...the game isn't over quite yet M0nty!
skemer: ellis is shower
Jeremick: If Birchall and Franklin quadruple their scores i'd be happy
joel899: is anyone here confident enough to play wonna on the ground each week? im not
MaqAttaq: malz...pickett was caught drink driving while he was at Port Adelaide
Titans: wtf mclean
Crumb 1: Mclean 59 first quater! flower he could get like 240 the way his giong! lol
MaqAttaq: Pickett suffered from undisciplined acts on and off the field
malz18: was he? hahaha, i love him ay
Burgey: I play Wonna each week
Deeman: i wish i had mclean in SC lol
dannyboiii: mclean for the highest dt score, record
bomberman7: lift cale n valenti i need some cash
easton_rox: i bet u mclean will only end up with about 120ish
lukebonz: mclean isnt going to get 3 more 60pt quaters:S
MaqAttaq: he won't beat Thomson's 153
tomhommus: wonaemirri i would suck your cock
Crumb 1: Mclean shiuld get at least 130
al 6: mclean will get about 90 sewell is taggin
Saint KFC: Damn Mitchell, start kicking it
Titans: comon frankline please get 150
Crumb 1: 90! saying he'll get 10 in each quater, unlikely buddy.
dylan123: have a quiet 1 franklin
n1ck: come on buddy!
al 6: we will see
KouDogg: Ellis and Valenti please fire up, Rioli the same!!!
emojdog: whose on franklin? and rioli ? i need them to have shi.t games =]
OzMan: Aussie kick another one, flower you sewel!
Lizi: come on buddy
darren123: buddy kick 2.12 so melbourne can win =D
gta007: wtf is happening with ladson
n1ck: need brown and buddy to lift bigtime... roughy to have a quiet game please!
gta007: stop doing so good
Masss_8: anybody know Jones B/E?
Paul Nixon: fire up Buddy man
Titans: nathan jones has to get 100 pleaseeee
darcy: woonaeamirri go away
DAL=Super*: at the start of the year when i grabbed wona due to money isues i didnt think id be trade him out4 mcleod 10 weeks latr
darcy: buddy get the ball
Murder Inc: Bloody hell hawthorn do you realize you are playing against the flowering demons?
Titans: Masss_8, jones breakeven is 88
darcy: got ibbotson instead of wonna thought he was risky
Cartman121: Am i drunk or is the scoreboard actually right
avanrogers: haha f-ck mclean... give wonna the star
darren123: oh its a grand old flag =D
flowerennel: flowerkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yes boys
gta007: no way jones breakeven is like 150
darcy: ellis wtf
Masss_8: fanfooty is not accurate
Paul Nixon: how quick is wonaman's price going up
Titans: gta007, what are you on about, click his name, his B/E is 88
bomberman7: got morton insted of welingham on dammit
baels: get 82+ franklin.. BE.
krajit06: wornas is a absoulute beutie
maicoolz: Like Rex Hunt always says "The Fat Lady Is Starting Sing" come on Hawthorn you are worse than the Crows
Cartman121: thats last weeks Titans...would be around 150 for sure
tima14: gee hawks arent having much of a day at the office in dt
mark_91: go dees...
krajit06: good onya dew
Saint KFC: Mitchell - 8 Handballs, 1 Kick :|
darren123: dw im a melbounre suppoter we cant hold this intensity for the whoole game
fazz14: wheres jordan lewis?
darcy: kick a goal buddy
Zeratul: Dew better smash Rioli in DT scores :|
DAL=Super*: sam mitchell and lance franklin lift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lukebonz: f'in hell, COMON franklin
Buck Naked: i got franklin captain DEVO! he will come good
darcy: go away melbourne hawks dropping to there level
darren123: in other news johnaton brown back in form
malz18: does anyone know the formula to work out breakevens?
darcy: ellis franklin and cyril come on !
Murder Inc: Come on buddy you should be showerting all over this mob
mitchc6: lift budwin
darcy: mclean going for 200
hunty999: ellis lift u dud!!!!!!!!
jezg: malz use the calculator under resources
maicoolz: Brock McLean you are a SUPER DEMON
darcy: buddy your letting everyone down seriusly
hotdish: wanna killing it in DT
mitchc6: why did u make james frawly captain :(
tima14: stay low buddy, gee garlands doing the job on him
hotdish: Garland on Franklin? Franklin should kick 10 today!
mitchc6: i****
emojdog: if stuart dew matches rioli's performance, and j brown beats franklins score, and bradshw beats riewoldts score ill win
DAL=Super*: sammy on the march
mitchc6: wots wonamiris sc
Drew04: Valenti must be getting no TOG
Murder Inc: lol I picked up McLean with my 2nd last pick in premium dt
gumbleton3: shut up mitch c6
lukebonz: i cant be the only one cap'ing franklin??? can i :S
Judd@Blues: wats roughead sc
easton_rox: yea frankling my captain too :(
gumbleton3: bullshower you have frawley as captain
Titans: franklin you dud, your my capt and you'll be the reason i either win or lose
Lizi: nope i have him capt in DT
bloodsport: get the ball rioli!!!
thehouse: mcclean needs to lift
mattgopies: I just baked some really yummy cupcakes
flakmonkey: cmon LIFT ricky dyson!
Titans: easton, its twomey
Keza41: Go Ladson!!
Daveo: lol, how can you get down on Franklin after he has scored so much this year
redarmy: flowering white
Cartman121: Franklin, Rioli & Birchall get a move on!
MaqAttaq: Mark William hasn't even farted today
jebus: go dees
bomberman7: wtf ricky dyson
tadanator: murder inc im in ur league
darren123: bate my captain not bad not bad at alll
bloodsport: Get the ball to Kernahan!!!!
tima14: go the dees!
tima14: guys relax on franklin... he'll still go 80 plus
KouDogg: Rioli, Valenti, Ellis :( :( :(
DAL=Super*: Kick it to wonaeamirri or franklin or rioli or ellis or mitchell
LeapinLeo: another upset looming?
Cartman121: Dew hammy...
jezg: dew has done his hammy again
Auldy: dammnit i traded lade this week...for white damnit!
tima14: :| u serious carter?
longaz: go ellis u star. giv ellis a star
Deeman: carn green
MaqAttaq: ffs
darren123: flower MCLEAN cleaning up the hwaks 91 WTF!
Willis: wow mclean
Duffy132: DAMMIT whats wrong with white?
lewis23: will Mclean reach 100 before half time? lol
Salisbury: LOL Hawks overrated??
DAL=Super*: lift wonaeawirri.
deansherr: McLean and Melbourne - WTF!
Jeremick: Oh shower. Franklin and Birchall
jezg: dont think dew will come back
darren123: will 16th beat 1st? :O
dannyboiii: 16th defeats 1st..... !!!!!!
Auldy: fraklin dont do this too me your my captain
jbfanclub: flower u franklin, ur my bloody captain
OzMan: hawks and buddy to lift for crying out loud
MaqAttaq: hey m0nty....I like the Special Player's Icons
krajit06: wat happened with dew
cooper40: buddy is costing me the game!!!!
KouDogg: Keep going Rioli, Ellis!!! Valenti LIFT SON!!!!
MaqAttaq: m0nty...we should find an icon for Johncock...they call him stiffy
jezg: twanged his hammy
tima14: colin garland u beauty!!!
DAL=Super*: cyril get 70, ellis 70, wona 90, mitchell 100, franklin at least 30!
cj353: im with you tima14
krajit06: flower
Tiges08: roughead u dud!!!
Titans: flowering flower buddy, you will cost me the game
OzMan: mclean already cracked the SC ton
jbfanclub: the hawks have reli shi.t dt scores
rifkib: m0nty Dew did his hammy
Jeremick: I hate Roguhead
cooper40: is anyone wathing the game, where is buddy?
jezg: monty put a cross for DEW, seems to be in serious pain! redone his hammy
Tiges08: m0nty dew has done his hammy
Rilian: "Dew = Same Hangstring = Gone" - Doc Larkins!
roy8: i hate ruffhead too
deansherr: Even though I have Buddy I'm semi glad he's doing crap cos my eliminator opponent has him as skipper
Salisbury: Love ya Roughie I just traded you in for that Geelong Stinker Hunt :D
jezg: doc larkins says that dew wont come back 2day
Titans: go roughead get to 70 before half time
natnas: 2 big upsets in a week possibly
tima14: ey guys.. a little off the topic but who do you reckon i should play next week? wellingham or houli?
darcy: franklin better bloody get 100 and cyril and ellis must get 80 wow to mclean
Athomas: Excellent, Eliminator opponent has Dew, Osbourne, Gilham... (Roughhead too but)
Murder Inc: Seriously, what the hell are you doing Franklin?
amobema: F.UCKING DEWw
Saint KFC: Loving all this Franklin hate
darcy: wellingham against westcoast thats who i a playing houli plays adelaide in adelaide
darcy: franklin better explode
poptop: haha. cya later franklin!
tomhommus: lol at anyone who had franklin captain... hes my vice, i never put him captain for this reason. lollllllllllllll
Paul Nixon: lucky i have mclean as my captain this week :)
t0mm0: garland my man
Teddler: was dew's the same string?
Paul Nixon: don't worry buddy will prob still kick 6 more goals and get 100 pts
joshgold5: lance franklin has successfully flowered up my dt year. what a D.I.C.K.F.A.C.E
t0mm0: valenti needs a dollar sign
Teddler: franklin is my captain expected him to dominate against melbourne... luckily my opponent thought the same way
bretta23: buddy will still get 100+ easy melb will fall away this half and get flogged
krajit06: is the dew hamstring bad
jezg: dew hamstring could be worse than last
Murder Inc: Does Franklin ever fire against shower teams?
OzMan: lance franklin has flowered up your year? jesus christ it's not like he averages under 10 points
millsie69: Does the 9 goal haul against the bombers last yr ring a bell?
krajit06: flower u dew u just get back
krajit06: and then this
DaVe86: buddy is known to come good in the 2nd half...but god i hope he doesnt
fozza: whats with the 'flower' and 'shower' crap? you guys sound like complete tools!
OzMan: if the hawks mids started to win more of the contested ball and start getting the clearances buddy might have a chance
Hogan: hawthorn are missing alot of their star players hodge,lewis,crawf
avanrogers: hahaha you moron fozza... sh-t gets changed to shower and f-ck gets changed to flower... its censorship
Hogan: flower
deansherr: its a swear filter fozza you moron
fozza: yeah its the most rediculous replacement for those words ive ever heard
mammes: good to see Mark Williams backing up from the celebration!! What will happen if they lose today?
vb22: flower dew again
bahodie: the more showers, the more flowers!
fozza: p.s sucked in to everyone who had franklin captain, because i have brown woo!
cameltoes: tippet you tosser
Deez Baby: mclean i love you!
tima14: how much money buddy will come out firing in the second half...
(name): m0nty What does +NaN mean?
avanrogers: mark williams should have the spud... such a tosser
joel899: mark williams career has choked. he used to be #1 forward at hawks now hes second rate
boyyy: it means you touch yourself at night
al 6: franklin could be top of the list in 2 min
(name): is ur name m0nty?
Auldy: please buddy, go awesome this half...100+
cj353: come on Osborne
(name): boyyy: was that directed at me?
Titans: m0nty give williams a noose next to his name cause HE is the choker
flakmonkey: lol dew hamstring aagain...never a safe buy ...
OzMan: damn it osborne get out of buddy's way
Masss_8: hahahahahahaha franklin captain, was too obvious of a captain choice
hoazi: Shane Valenti lift
baels: damn you osbourne.. and franklin....
boyyy: haha family guy reference mate, sorry if you were offended by it
(name): boy: haha yeh ive seen that episode its funny. lol
OzMan: buddy goal!!!!
baels: franklin goal
thorgils: Buddy Boy
Masss_8: fireup birchall monty
oddsok: FO buddy
Titans: damit franklin 7 minutes and you score flowering 4 points you cow
(name): BUDDYS BACK!!! maybe?
jezg: wow brisbane are good
farms: wheres wona gone
mt.theo: come on osbounre flower!
Titans: go buddy you son of a gun
OzMan: brisbane are good but st kilda are shocking and the umps were terrible
OzMan: Wona!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you beautiful little man!!
oddsok: wona!
baels: riolli +12
Teddler: ozman you can't blame the umps the saints jst got smashed
noffle: Wona should get the star, he has the most FF points which we all know are the most accurate
t0mm0: garland, full forward last week then owning buddy this. brownlow for i'd say
OzMan: not blaming the umps for the saints being shower, blaming them for consistently being biased for bris and syd
Titans: roughead, rioli and frankline need to boot 4 each, PLEASE
jebus: duchy u star lol
Teddler: rioli stop please traded you out of sc this week, breakeven was 117 so i think im safe
shazza: come on franklin- give me 100
cduffy2: ozman your full of showert
Montastic: Give mooooore Mitchell! Wonna is killing me.
darcy: franklin seriosuly
Auldy: cmon budwood
DAL=Super*: franklin rioli mitchell ellis wona. come on boys!! well done Jon Brown
GO PIES: cmon buddy ur my captain
bloodsport: OzMan stfu - Saints are the definition of crap - waste of a team - go to the Gold Coast
Teddler: mitchell and osborne lift
cj353: ozman are you still on about the umps, give it a rest
jebus: duchyyyyyyyyyy
darcy: come on hawks whats going on
DaVe86: i need wellingham to beat woona or i made a bad call
wardleduck: what drugs you on ozman
Jeremick: 90 average from Birchall and Franklin will be enough :D
n1ck: someone smack roughy... and get buddy into the game ffs!!!
hunty999: need roughy 2 get 90+ n ellis 70+!!!
wardleduck: there not bias... just frustrating
KouDogg: Brown and Goddard in the other game, very happy with that :)
dirtydons: come on buddy! lift!
t0mm0: mitchell kick the thing
KouDogg: Now need Valenti, Ellis and Rioli to fire....i am close to 2000 :P
Hogan: freizy???
torres_9: 1994 with rioli to go
wardleduck: franklins my capt as well. this sucks
torres_9: not bad
Maximus: come on melb!!!!
maicoolz: Please someone give OzMan a box of tissues stfu you sook
darcy: torress wow nice i wont get 1800 unless franklin gets 120
Jeremick: 2056 with Birchall and Franklin
Drew04: Stop whinging about Franklin he's not doing that bad. He can turn it on.
makingme: Keep going Wona, I NEED you to kick a couple
kaiballa: cyril lift come on want 80 from u
lukebonz: franklins a joke.
fazz14: if bate gets 120 in sc and bateman gets 120 is sc i will get 2400
longaz: franklin will kick 5 from now including the winner......i hope
habibs: GO dees, stick it up to that arrogant flower Kennet
Maximus: i was ganna put $50 on melb.. flower
darcy: rioli goal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get 100
joel: im having a barry crocker had tippet have to play and craig bird with goodwin captain
DaVe86: if geelong, adelaide and hawks lose in one week it would be incredible, and i got a feeling about kangas too
(name): But hes nmy captain and hes hes onle looking at 65 whick is shower
Teddler: kennets right melbourne can't sustain 10 teamsthe poorest should be given a hand by moving to gold caost
mt.theo: go rioli
Jeremick: Franklin will get 80 at least
longaz: thats wot every1 says maximus
DAL=Super*: ellis lift u dud.
pricey: Kennets r fkhead, thats all
(name): Jeremik: Good luck with that.
Athomas: Roughhead, Osbourne, Gilham. Bad last quarters please. CMON FRANKLIN AND RIOLI WTF ARE YOU DOING LOL.
KouDogg: Rioli good, Ellis and Valenti please lift, i am s close to 2000 i can smell it :)
(name): ahha lol jokes
habibs: Teddler how about Hawthorn go to tassie and our melbourne game have a melbourne team. Hawks has the following in tassie.
essendon11: osbourne :@
Athomas: Oh nvm, GOOD WORK RIOLI! :)
mastermo84: pete = hero
Teddler: i think they should both move habibs
maicoolz: Oh yeah here comes Rioli you legend you
tima14: buddys already doubled his half time score..
t0mm0: i might just get 1500 haha
Deeman: Carn dees !! dont drop off now!
pricey: hawks dont deserve the lead, fking melbourne whats going on
hunty999: how does every1 think wellingham went on ablett on fri nite??
Teddler: hawks to win by 5 goals
Jeremick: GO Birchall
Birdofprey: 'buday' Franklin is nothing more than that, a womens ass cleaner
crow87: Well GAblett was BOG hunty so...
habibs: Come on Osborne, i need you to beat ellis. damn ellis +6
OzMan: buddy!!!!!!!
mt.theo: omg osbourne
makingme: come on wona!! please!
andrew4443: Franklin goals
n1ck: come on buddy, morton, brown, rioli! need roughy and mitchell to keep quiet now.
millsie69: Birdofprey ur a moron
Chirpin: Go Ellis. Get to 80 by FT to help me get 2000+ :)
cdrobert: carn birch
tima14: flower i hate buddy
pricey: Ablett was best on ground? they got fking pumped lol. Didak was best easily
easton_rox: YEAAA OSBORNE u gun... u dont deserve a spot in my backline
GO PIES: cmon captain buddy,ellis n cyril
miniman543: i agree tima14
KouDogg: Keep going Valenti, Ellis and Rioli!!!!!!!!
Oskar: yes buddy you hero just put me over in the eliminator here's to another week in it! lol
hunty999: BOG!?!? i dnt think so!!! they got belted by 86...didnt see him in the last half!!
easton_rox: buddy +9!!
Teddler: here comes buddy
lukebonz: franklin finally liftin his game
palmer#10: OSBOURNES breakeven is 27!!!!!!
Houligun: bromg ot hpme xav
ad4eva: cmon buddy skipper
Jeremick: Told ya buddy would get at least 80
Houligun: bring it home xav*
Saint KFC: There, now all you whinging idiots can stop complaining about buddy
KouDogg: BOG for fridays game would be Swan or Didak, not Gazza!!
tima14: lol stefan
tima14: why can't some player just simply deck franklin?
joshgold5: cmon bud keep it up
longaz: buddy u star
Deez Baby: didak BOG easily
KahunaBF: Come on Birchall and Cyril, 80 each would be nice
cats2007: ablett will get 1 brownlow vote
juppi22: there were at least 3 players better then gazza on friday night for sure
Oliver07: i am seriously staring 2050 in the face
hunty999: thanx KouDogg!!! BOG ablett wot a joke!!!
Birdofprey: 'buday' loves to clean sh't especially yours millsie
KouDogg: any late withdrawals for dogs, kanga's anyone???
Titans: EASTON, send the questions to hugh over myspace and then we'll ask his dad
superash21: sirennnnnnnnnnnnn
millsie69: Do u wana volunteer to deck buddy? Hes a brick sh*thouse!!
cats2007: Didak, Cloke, Ablett
t0mm0: lol palmer - he'll do a burton and not pass it
longaz: my opponent dusnt evn hav franlin, wot an idiot
patternott: timmy looks like u beat me in league lol
crow87: not for the cats. He had 29 touches and 2 goals. Wellingham could hardly tag a pies player could he?
lukebonz: need ellis franklin wona to score big now...
Jeremick: Birchall stopped?
malz18: hey monty how much do you recon wonna will go up in value after this match?
emojdog: great, im gonna lose cause of franklin... why couldnt he keep playing shi.t
pricey: what cats2007? there is no chance a player in a team that loses by 14 goals will get a brownlow vote bahahahahaha
crane87: I hope obsborne has a great 4th quarter
hotdish: Franklin was on 56 about 5 mins ago in SC - now 97? Surely not for that one goal??!!! love it - he's my captain!
cats2007: do you think the dees can win?
Saint KFC: My elim opponent has Jono Brown (not emerg) on the bench, Josh Hill starting with Ed Barlow as his only emergency.
palmer#10: no withdrawals for the twilight game
easton_rox: HUGE LAST QUARTER pleeasee buddy PLEASEE
KouDogg: Valenti get 60 son, Ellis 70 and Rioli 80 :), optmisitic yes, BUT CMON!!!!!
OzMan: cmon buddy get at least 150 SC points!
Titans: you lukcy kent Saint KFC
KouDogg: thanks palmer#10 :)
Deeman: i got no1 playing in twilight
al 6: josh hill out aint he
hunty999: Wellingham has played how many games??? 3 mayb???
mt.theo: i need rioli and osbourne to have a big quarter, and franklin to do shower
mark_91: lets go demons lets go... ellis... power off
cats2007: wonna at this stage is looking at going up by 63,000 i think at this stage
tima14: yep wellinghams played 3
GO PIES: cmon buddy xav n cyril bring it on especially captain buddy
tadanator: Wellingham 3 games
pricey: he has played 3 hunty and he has not dissapointed in any of them, was fantastic on Fri night.
palmer#10: josh hill wasnt even named AL6
hunty999: oh well i thought wellingham did not a bad job
al 6: i swear he was lol :(
al 6: well i dont live in australia anymore so u cant blame me ay
Deeman: M-E-L-B-O-U-R-N-E spells Melbourne! Lets go Dees
flakmonkey: cmon ricky dyson lift!!!!!
katanasty: thats the worst chant ive ever heard deeman
darcy: come on buddy crank it up to 110
palmer#10: josh hill was named on the 7-man bench, then got put on the emergencies
Auldy: ive almost taken the lead in my dt game, need wonaeamirri and buddy to go nuts in the final!
palmer#10: dont get too upset
tima14: jump on wellingam.. mick has a lot of 'belief' in rookies so he should maintain his spot so long as hes consistant..
dirtydons: was burton injured? Or did he just have a shockeR?
darcy: buddy linging up here we go go crazy son
tadanator: go pies!!
Hogan: buddyyy
KouDogg: had a shocker
darcy: dam he missed
astro: was osborne even on the field???
trub77: cmon buddy, 5 goals this qtr
KouDogg: Big last quater Ellis, Rioli and Valenti CMON!!!
tima14: burton purley had a shocker and thank god.. not a fan of his
darcy: wellingham is a gun he got 82 and should go up 150k just like rioli and that hav
oddsok: nooooo flower off buddy
kaiballa: stop franklin i hate u
Jeremick: Oh my Buddy
easton_rox: YEAH BUDDY good start
al 6: whose the hack now? bi.tch
Athomas: Good work Buddy and Rioli, keep it up!
T-Roy53: cum on buddy, lets go mate, 120!!!
krajit06: wornamirri gone cold
trub77: wellingham - you should have got him last week when he was 72000, he will go up 40000 this week
cookiez: Is anyones afl live scores a bit off? They haven't put Newmans score in for some reason :S
mark48: lift won ton!!!!!
emma86: come on buddy love
darcy: lift buddy
DAL=Super*: Come on ellis get 70+, buddy and Mitch 100+. wona dont disappoint now boy.
Jeremick: I got Cotchin instead of Wellingham. Not too proud of myhself to say the least
Jeremick: Anyways got Birchall
trub77: same with me cookies, listing newman as 0
KouDogg: Valenti get 60, Rioli 80 and Ellis 70 and i will be happy, doubt it will happen tho :(
crow87: afl live scores are terrible cookiez
DAL=Super*: give sammy a sun.
hunty999: yea roughy n ellis lift!!!
tima14: deeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!! in fronttt
flowerennel: go the mighty dee's
cdrobert: go birch love ya work
mark48: flower your hamstring dew
Jeremick: Tough question. Valenti or Ryan Davius?
baels: you douche osbourne
cookiez: all dt scoring aside...wona is going to be an absolute gun
pricey: go u fking dees!!!!!! i hate u hawks
darcy: come on hawks
jordblues: cmon buddy n rioli need u boys to fire
Deeman: goooooooooo deeeeeeeeeees
lukebonz: guys, who will score higher... akermanis or giansiracusa????
trub77: hawks can lose, buddy just need to crack 100
Deeman: AHHH dont let them get the quick replyies dees
KouDogg: GO the Dees win and if we beat kanga's we will be 1st WOOOOOT!!!!!
mt.theo: come on osbourne u floweren hero
Cove Cobra: go you deeees!!!
cdrobert: gia just
DAL=Super*: will kennedy stay in??
Jeremick: Giansiracusa I'd say
tadanator: come on demons i hate the hawks
KouDogg: Hopefully aker lukebonz cuz i have him :)
juppi22: gia averages more
darren123: cookies yea he will be hopefully better than picket =]
Athomas: holy crap. Melbourne winning?
Jeremick: Cmon Birchall, Franklin
lukebonz: damnittttttt
harmerja: i'd say giansiracusa beats akermanis
tadanator: NOOOOOOOOOOOO go away clarke
luke2177: Wow. Jones has come back well from a slow start. 200+ from Wona, Rioli and Jones is great.
darcy: is this debut for kennedy
ad4eva: need buddy, roughy and rioli to get their hands on it
Maximus: F U Tim Clarke!!!
habibs: Please dees win... wipe the arrogant smile on every hawthorn supporter's face
lukebonz: need aker to beat gia' by 30+
OzMan: cmon wona on 92 SC points keep on going mate!
darcy: wishing i had got wonna not ibbotson now oh well
tima14: hawks are my most hated teamm.. cmon dees
Lizi: Goooo Hawks!!
mark_91: CMON DEES...i
al 6: hawks are the tits mate i go for cats
KouDogg: GO the DEES!!! and Cmon Valenti, Rioli and Ellis!!!!!!!!
darcy: mclean aside low scoring game
T-Roy53: buddy get ova 100, but dee's win
tima14: bbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuccccccccccccceee!!!!
pricey: even if the hawks gets up, they should be embarrased
emojdog: would be great if melbourne kick the winning goal after the siren
jbfanclub: cmon sewell 75 plxx
Deeman: goooooooooallllllllllll
DAL=Super*: syd premiership odds will shorten as cats will grow
pricey: dees in front, bruce
darcy: buddy better get 100
OzMan: multi-score SC points into effect now, cmon Buddy kick a few now and score massive
GO PIES: CMON DEES!!! n im a pies fan n i hate meblourne but GO DEES
cats2007: woah go valenti... reckon he is a chance for brownlow votes?
Maximus: brucceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
cookiez: LOL Bruce
habibs: brucy boy... go dees
DAL=Super*: sammy go forward boy
mark_91: GOGODEES...i
KouDogg: Valenti + 8 you BEAUTY!!!!!!!!
krajit06: no flowering way
luke2177: Anyone know Valenti's approximate price hike after round 10 based on his first 2 scores?
tommo: no way
emojdog: should of put valenti on the field and left dew on the bench
darcy: maloney is consitent as
Jeremick: How does the multi score thing work?
Ironman: y did i put tippett as emerg instead of valenti? bloody chapman
tadanator: i agree GO PIES haha they spanked us thats y i want mebourne to win
mt.theo: i floweren hate osbourne :)
Chirpin: No way Cats 2007
KaneZilla: I need BIG scores from cross and wells... SMALL score from BJ... is it possible?
tommo: need buddy and rioli 80+
kaiballa: rioli hasnt touched it this qtr ?????
KouDogg: LIFT Ellis and touch the ball Rioli, and Valenti keep going SON!!!!
EagleBoy: GO MELBOURNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive got 77,64,51. If melbourne win i still have a chance at $500!
trub77: cmon buddy, lift
lukebonz: comon franklin... explode
darcy: cross will go crazy i think against roos midfield come on buddy bateman calm down
OzMan: I dunno how it exactly works it seems a goal or goal assist or big mark is multiplied by a fair bit in a close one
darcy: cyril !!!!!!!!!!
METS 76: i think chapman screwed alot of people - gamble was my emergency
DAL=Super*: ellis 70 rioli 80 wona 90 mitch 110 lance 100
tommo: go rioli
Cartman121: CYRIL carn hawks!
Deeman: nooooooooooo
andrew4443: rioli!!!!!
oddsok: what a game!!!!!!!!
emma86: rioli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeremick: Franklin dead again?
DAL=Super*: rioli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cookiez: that was like soccer style, a through pass from osborne to rioli
farms: where the flower has roughead gone
krajit06: gone cold franklin
kaiballa: lol i knew it as soon as i talk rioli goallllll
tadanator: come on dees!!!
shazza: franklin i need 95 from u to win!!!!!
jordblues: will rawlings tag cooney or cross today?
KouDogg: yes go rioli!!!!!
OzMan: damn franklin dropped it
Jeremick: How many SC points did rioli get for that?
Sam23: Hopefully Cooney jordblues.
jbfanclub: cmon lance 2 goals
Athomas: Cooney.
cdrobert: finish strong birch
KouDogg: Cooney jordblues, without a doubt
darcy: franklin your making me cry come on
kaiballa: flower shower
trub77: rawlings will tag cooney, hes much more damaging
Deeman: Go Dees!
mark_91: CMON DEES. DONT LET UP!!!l
baels: why osbourne
OzMan: rioli went from 86 to 107
trub77: ffs buddy get the pill
Jeremick: Cmon Franklin and Birchall, can't stop now
jordblues: got cooney as capt today. big risk
jfr444: jawz u gonna win fantasy??
cookiez: this is a great game to watch
darcy: cyril better not beat franklin seriously come on
OzMan: cmon wona get the pill
KouDogg: GO RIOLI, and CMON Ellis and Valenti keep going :) :).
Jeremick: Well done Birchall, now for you Franklin
shazza: franklin!!!!
Athomas: A draw would make it interesting ey.
Cartman121: Yeh birch! cmon buddy catch up!
jordblues: ive already won. sammy will struggle to get 1000
GO PIES: cmon dees hanng in there
trub77: now afl live stats are f-ing up, i knew it was just a matter of time
tadanator: how serious is the robbo injury got him in my PDT
KouDogg: GO dees please WIN!!!!!!!!
baels: omg osbourne got a touch
darcy: franklin 2 more goals push u over 100 u can do it !!!!!!!!!
dizza: every hawthorn player just got a point but franklin.....
Elephant: roughead, osborne lift
itsduff: Osborne about time
OzMan: Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cartman121: BUDDY! point =( +4
darcy: wow buddy so unlucky did u c that
OzMan: damn cruel cruel bounce
D3miiR: MCLEAN!! u star beat brown:D
Hogan: 81 buddy
tommo: omg how did that miss lol
Cartman121: Is this game live in Melb by any chance??
jfr444: damnit ill stay 3rd coz nevas playin davis
Teddler: come on wona need you to beat rioli
darcy: williams goal hawks win i rekon buddy kick 2 sealers
Deeman: noooooooooo:(
pricey: game over
oddsok: anyone see the davey incident? does he have anything to worry about
Jeremick: You can stop now Osbourne
shazza: plz franklin- my life depends on it; get over 100!!
trub77: delayes an hour in melbourne
GO PIES: no its delayed in melb
mark_91: How long to go?
KouDogg: CMON Dees dont give up!!!!!!!
ad4eva: whats wrong with roughy he hasnt had a kick for 2 quarter
Jeremick: Cmon Birchall
Reesy82: COME ON STEWY DEW!!!! need u 2 beat MCLEAN! LIFT!!!!
jfr444: in dt im playin spesh n i need gilbee to get like 250 to win hahah
OzMan: damn ump you weak bastard
baels: osburne +6
flowerennel: 2 bullshower flowering upiring decions. flower me
essendon11: itssssssss ooooooooooovvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Deeman: stupid umpires!
darcy: ellis keep going
KouDogg: Cmon Valenti, Rioli and Ellis get more points!!!
darren123: i would say another 6 minutes to go
oddsok: dew is injured u tool
shazza: hey vish, stop using my name lol
mark_91: reesy you idiot...
V|PeR: i need a new forward line next week
cdrobert: osborne axed next week, keep kennedy and morton
random.chu: heaps powered that i made frawley my captain........ ahahah
Jeremick: How many min left?
jfr444: its only the 20th minute there must b at oleast 5-6 mins left
Athomas: lol reesy bahahaha
hunty999: osborne dud!!! lift roughy
trub77: cmon buddy finish off with 2 goals
tima14: its over..
shazza: hahahah hey shazza
Realist: 5min 56sec remaining
mt.theo: i floweren hate osbourne :)
joel: stewy dew is a true heavy
darcy: come on franklin get 100
jordblues: dees wont win from here
Teddler: mitchell wona osborne junk points please
dizza: lowest dt scoring game all year
jordblues: williams to seal the deal
Cartman121: Osbourne stop touchin it!
OzMan: cmon lead franklin get it to hom williams you dirty plow
flowerennel: great flowering consistency shown by the flowerhead umpires flower me
Jeremick: Birchall get a few more marks :D
trub77: random.chu - you are so friggin funny, i wet myself
n1ck: why would anyone make frawley captain?
KouDogg: Ellis try and get 70, Valenti 60 and Rioli 80 CMON!!!!!!!!!!!!
farms: flower you roughead you cow do something
buck_truck: need franklin n mitchell over 100
essendon11: cmon osbourne and wonnamirii
Realist: Hawks home 3 goals up
tommo: williams!!! go hawks
hunty999: wot happened 2 robbo??
Cartman121: thats game, lol at MMM- haha stupid cheiftan
shazza: gday mate
KouDogg: Dogs game about to start guys, i am watching it live on foxtell
jordblues: flower
darcy: no1 over 100 for hawks wtf rioli get 90
longaz: 2 junk time goals franklin
Teddler: michael osborne going nuts
pricey: BT is the best commentator ever bahahahahaha, pure gold
OzMan: flower!!! FA buddy flower
darcy: cyril you idiot
Cartman121: Buddy -3 =( =(
jordblues: flower flower flower flower flower flower flower
Jeremick: how many min left?
darcy: franklin get yourself a garbage bin !
Jeremick: damnit :(
Athomas: no osbourne stop scoring.
cats2007: james kelly
jfr444: yes williams!!!! loooove junk time points
Titans: quickly kick a mark and goal buddy
KouDogg: wat did he say pricey? i love BT as commentator!!
deansherr: McLean only got like 40 since half time?
tommo: give chance the gun
Hogan: flower ellis cmon
Chirpin: C,mon Mitchell get 100. Wona get 90 mate
Jeremick: Go birchall and franklin
darcy: thats a tackle to franklin mOnty !!!!!!!!!
cookiez: buddy is becoming the umpires best friend, clearly should have been a free to wona
flowerennel: these umpires are completly flowered
baels: how did wona not get a free
KouDogg: Valenti 3 more and Ellis 4 more CMON!!!
dizza: mark williams is dead inside no celebrations after 3 crucial goals
darcy: bateman again williams stealing buddy goals 1 more to franklin pleasee god
alex123711: Bruce should get the gun
Reesy82: clearly give frawley the gun!!! lol lol lol i am soo funny
tommo: give chance the gun give chance the gun
pricey: he is blaming dunstall for williams not celebrating his goals
OzMan: bastard umps pay the free to aussie
malz18: i dont thin monty puts the stats up himself darcy you loser
alex123711: or mitchell
jordblues: rotberg has a punani
KouDogg: Dogs game has just STARTED!!!!!!!!
Chirpin: No Reesy thats just stupid
METS 76: birchall is so consistent always between 70 - 90
lukebonz: quick burst franklin!!!!!!!!!
Jeremick: 4 more from Franklin and Birchall will probably be enough
T-Roy53: keep goin buddy
crow87: Ha! Umps are favouring Buddy and Hawthorn? What a suprise! They are getting close to the pies for that
t0mm0: few more sammy
Villie88: cmonnn kangas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
astro: Carn' Buddy
Hogan: ellis 4 FA!!omg zzz
mt.theo: beat franklin cyril
darcy: bateman go away
Reesy82: keep it in ur pants koudogg
KouDogg: minson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
krajit06: wornamirri gone cold
shwarmas: hi jordan
pricey: turn it up crow87
Cartman121: Birchall has been awsome this year, Franklin quick goal pls
Jeremick: Yeah he was on like 20 at half time and still got heaps
Gareth29: osborne and young. i have both. cant believe this
tommo: m0nty give bateman the gun
ad4eva: is roughy on the grand?
shazza: lets go franklin
Jeremick: Cmon Franklin goal it
jfr444: damn u sam y cant u beat jawz for me
jordblues: sammy ur an awesome supporter not to be at the game
Eskiman_9: why no white?? anyone
dylan123: dont do anyhing franklin apart from give away frees
Tiger03: flowerin myers, chapman and burton got a combined 40pts
dirtydons: whites injured
loopy_cam: Chance doesn't deserve the gun.
alex123711: If franklin kicks another goal he should get the gun lol
OzMan: good effort melbourne, at least you gave it a crack unlike that useless club st kilda
darcy: come on to franklin'
Murder Inc: game over
n1ck: yeah i had myers, burton and tippett. 29, 4, 8.
flowerennel: white = sore back
pricey: hawks should be ashamed of that effort, disgraceful.
Deeman: I love u melbourne...good effort
darcy: terrible fromcaptain franklin nice from rioli and ellis
shwarmas: i was umpriring, just got back an hr and a half ago
trub77: 2 crap captain choices this week and last, shaw and franklin
GO PIES: omg my friend had a dream melbounre would lose 114 2 90 n he was nearly right
KouDogg: ellis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
longaz: ellis u star. giv ellis a gun and a star and a flame
Houligun: i dropped rioli for chapman this week in dt and sc, spewing...
shwarmas: great effort melbourne, gutsy performance
EagleBoy: I got 77, 81, 84. Not too bad but not too good either
Hogan: ellis wouldve got 89 if he didnt give away 4 free kicks
Nagaman: yea- almost...
EagleBoy: not really pies....
Chirpin: haha, Mitchell 2 100s in a row. Good finish for me though. Mitch +6 and Ellis +9. You beauty
Elephant: Bateman, Mitchell, Rioli, Valenti = Happy .... Roughead, Osborne = sad
Teddler: flowering cyril and his supercoach
t0mm0: i reckon buddy had himself as captain in his own dt this week thats why he didn't fire
jbfanclub: need 155 from murphy if im gonna get 2k
Nagaman: real close prediction...
EagleBoy: my first name is ellis. Yay
METS 76: same with me houligun
Keza41: yer trub77 i had scott thompson captain all year and this week swapped him for carazzo and he scores 153
darcy: ellis good 2 weeks
Keza41: Ladson scored 88 last week too!!!
tbeilbs: flower you dew and osborne
mt.theo: very disappointed osbourne YOU SLUT!!
CampbellP: Dogs game already started? AFL site has cross wih 4 pts.
Paul Nixon: 2029 this week- a bit disappointing
mt.theo: tbeilbs and elly, smalll??
Burgey: Ellis good work. Franklin bad choice for captain, who'd have thought?
mark_91: please gilbee... just 60 points from you