Chat Log: R9, Sydney 16.9.105 d Port Adelaide 14.10.94

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NANX: kannnnnnnnnnnnnne
OzMan: cmon chad, salopek and mattner
Deeman: Go Chad!
Athomas: Cmon Chad, Kane, Mattner :)
lukebonz: expecting big stuff chad
dilshan9: Cornes, Kornes in this for me:) hope burgoyne gets like 2
Athomas: LOL Salopek -3. GOOD :)
lukebonz: nice start chd
dilshan9: burgoyne please get injured!
Athomas: Oh Chad, i'm so happy i kept you, I can tell you will dominate.
Keza41: Go Chaplin!
Deeman: i havnt even seen chad yet his on 6...wheresm he playing?
dilshan9: kane i need a 110 from you today...sif go to GOODES....
DAL=Super*: hung on to chad and riewoldt. both need to fire
Athomas: kornes -3 noooo
Isotopes: kane dont do this 2 me
dilshan9: same DAL i kept both
Salisbury: Same i keep both Roo and Cornes
Dwyer: what are all of these new symbols?
Deeman: want chad to get 130
Athomas: I can't watch this.... Will leave and Hope Cornes bros and Mattner are dominating.
Ropes: Yep I also kept Roo and Cornes
lukebonz: Dwyer... scroll down
Salisbury: Dwyer right click properties tells you want it is
hoazi: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i took chad cornes out
Dwyer: haha thanks luke
Auldy: mattner, goodes, ya gotta have good ones for me!
Jeremick: WTF Kane
1kenny: hello Jermick
Athomas: Currently on 3 points from 3 players.
Burgey: Dwyer, hold your cursor over them to find out, derrr
Fury: Lift, Playfair.... Liiiiiiiiift!
krajit06: lets go chad
D3miiR: i have burgoyne,tredrea,mattner wtf start moving guys
OzMan: damn o'keefe
krajit06: slow start by all
D3miiR: LIFT BURGOYNE!! i rlly need 100 from u
1kenny: okeefe pleese have a crap game your my oppenents captain
Deeman: carn chad...get on fire
Burgey: It is Sydney, Krajit
Sam23: Kane must lift.
krajit06: true lol
Dwyer: how do you know that you need 100 from burgoyne? one game has been played
ryz.: comon kane you toolhead!!! get a kick!
1kenny: lets go Brett Ebert
hoazi: kane cornes lift
Ausyid: great...peter burgoyne and kane cornes
lukebonz: huuuuuuge kick
hoazi: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i took chad cornes out
Athomas: I traded Jack for Murphy this week.... *cries* lol.
ROMANO: come on power
1kenny: go Boakey
ryz.: goood boaky!!
montecarlo: worst matchup i have kane and goodes
D3miiR: flower cmon PURGOYNE!
lukebonz: Chads gone missing
ROMANO: is anyone watching this live
Salisbury: Come on Mattner and Cornes
Giants: swans always play well against port. if we win this then i think swans could be a finals contender
adamhunter: dammit kornes and purgoyne
Teddler: chad still has a broken finger can't really expect much from him
07brownsim: cornes and cornes =(
Sam23: kane goes bang with chad
rooboy_21: fk cmon kane
Villie88: i believe the swans are a firm finals contender, they will make the top 8 without a doubt, aweasome team.
dilshan9: athomas itll be the bes tin the long run dw
lukebonz: swans won't make finals...
OzMan: well done chad got a few touches in that passage and a goal assist!
rooboy_21: finally kane got it
Grovesy: McVeigh, GET OFF SALLY
Scratchy: pburger :((( got him after the hall of fame match performance
Athomas: what happened to corness!?
Cartman121: flower hell Burgoyne, been nuttin but crap since i got u too Sydney!
07brownsim: chad!
Mutters: same scratchy
Athomas: Excellent. Kornes, Cornes, Mattner - Expect 80+ from all of you ;)
Giants: pfft who said swans games are locked down and not entertaining lol
lukebonz: power gota lift!!!
D3miiR: purgoyne ur costing me alot
simo_k: bald cornes get me an 90
Deeman: i want chad 120 atleast
cody: whats chads BE?
ryz.: trav boak, mate, top stuff!!! kornes gotta get into it mate
Athomas: Man, I jsut feel good coz Cornes is playing :)
GO PIES: boak chad n pearce 4 me cmon boys
07brownsim: kane you hack, never palys well against the swans
1kenny: boakey and Ebert with the sun
krajit06: lets go cornsy
Grovesy: Gotta love it when you trade playfair in and put him on ya field because chappy is a late withdrawal and he sucks
Giants: monty barry on ebert not a strange matchup. if you remember round 2 he smashed ebert all da
1kenny: boak should reach BE of 66
krajit06: should i get okeefe or porplesia
Villie88: O'Keefe is soo underrated, his a potential brownlow medalist contender.
baels: go chad. kept you for a reason
Scratchy: that's better, chad and peter
Teddler: loving chadwick wasn't expecting him to score well at all
Giants: geez swans are awesome
ROMANO: is anyone watching the game lice
ROMANO: live
Hammer: Agree villie, would love to have him in my side
ryz.: yeah okeefe is a star, runs all day and got wicked hands
OzMan: the scary think about o'keefe is that his kicking for goal this year has been shocking, only around 30% accuracy
essendon11: cmon playfair
ryz.: yeah im watching the game live, why?
Salisbury: come on matty get in there and tackle
darcy: go cornes u legend and lade finally in form
Athomas: Cmon Kornes, learn from your bro! :P
hoazi: kane cornes lift
ROMANO: what is the olive live scores
darcy: okeefe >>> johnson ill remember that next yr
ROMANO: because the game should be live in sa but its stupid its been played sa but delayed tv
Dwyer: What is happening? Fast and free flowing... 80 points scored.
ryz.: live scores are up the top here ^^^^^<<<<<
krajit06: lets go chadwick
Jay Neeson: cmon playfair, my captain this week...........
ROMANO: yer but delayed 3 min
Teddler: whats going on sydney 8 goals in a quarter? am i dreaming?
Ed_D: 5 players with no touches, amazing
ryz.: wtf, 14 goals in the first quarter?
seanmorr: wow the swans are in a shoot out
ROMANO: 14 mean 13
GO PIES: glad i traded out bird n got TAC(wellingham)
darcy: ladeeeeeeeee
ROMANO: or soz
D3miiR: cmon burgoyne if u dont get 80+ i lose eliminator:(
ROMANO: hope lad scores 2 goals
darcy: long qtuarter
Villie88: Extremly long qtr, 35 minutes
ROMANO: how long does this quart wanna go for
D3miiR: wd mattner!! wd burgoynne wd tredrea !! wtf man 35:59 how long
krajit06: long quater
MaqAttaq: long quarter
darcy: how can u lose elinimator in game 3
Paul13: WHats happened to K Cornes?
ROMANO: any injuries why so long
Athomas: 36 minute+ quarter... WTF. lol. Mattner and Chad :). Kornes :(
Jeremick: Terrible quarter
krajit06: finally
MaqAttaq: snap krajit
Medman: chad cones captain, okeefe and mattner
MaqAttaq: Tredrea, Lade & C.Corne
essendon11: am happy. ebert lade and mattner =) PLAYFAIR CMON BUDDY
KouDogg: Mattner, Chad :), Salopek, Goodes, P.Burg :(. CMON Boys LIFT!!
m0nty: 36:21 to be exact
darcy: y would u go cornes captain
turts111: shootout at aami... i thought syd were meant to be a dour boring team??
essendon11: m0nty whats the record for the longest quater ever?
bahodie: 'cause at this rate he'll get 120
Villie88: there was one 2 years ago, where they forgot about the siren and it went for about 38 minutes+
KouDogg: wtf that wasn't a free kick against chad!!!
ROMANO: monty why so long quarter
Tiges08: lift goodes
Tiges08: there was one that went over 40 mins cos there was an injury that took like 10 mins to stretcher the guy off
Teddler: romano 14 goals kicked what do you expect
V|PeR: kane kick the flowering ball
ROMANO: kkkkk but that not be it
sarpac: lift salopek and chad i need you guys to fire this round
darcy: mattner is awesome wish i had him :( ellis better keep scoring
Grovesy: Salo!
joffy_2: thank you kane for just dropping in value and comeing into my team
krajit06: come on chad
nooka: what a pick - MATTNER
ryz.: wheres boaky gone?
ROMANO: hope power can score a goal
ROMANO: wish i had richards
darcy: gooo lade get 100 to make up for last week
DAL=Super*: C. Bolton, matner and cccornes. 300 in total would be beaut.
KouDogg: Tredrea GOAL!!!
footy_wiz: c'mon bird lift of piece of shower
ROMANO: score a goal power jesse
darcy: i got rid of barlow for ibbotson :) roos hasnt used barlow well this yr
ROMANO: who thinks the new symbols good
darcy: symbols rule he should use them all
Fury: New symbols confusing at first but I'll get used to them
bouldy: i think the new symbols r awsum :)
DAL=Super*: yeah real nice....romano
Ropes: Love the new symbols
ROMANO: i thing the one about ling is a bit rude ya think
tadanator: i love the symbols really lets u no whats happening inthe game
Tiges08: is goodes dead??????? i need him to get 100 and kornes to fail massive
Fury: bench symbol should be used
KouDogg: Nah ROMANO it is awesome lol
darcy: ling is funny as he doesnt play dt so he wont know
Salisbury: Nah the Ling Pink Pig is cool. Special players get special icons :D
krajit06: chad hasnt touched it this quater
ryz.: boaky!! nooooo
KouDogg: Salopek getting into it
KouDogg: actually krajit06 he has, he got a kick just before
Teddler: i think you can take the flame of chadwick monty
KouDogg: All my players doing pretty good apart from freaking Goodes!!!!
DAL=Super*: lift chad. c bolton keep it up.
krajit06: ok
ROMANO: score dont miss
darcy: lade u champ nearly upgraded to cox but didnt :)
D3miiR: BURGOYNE! cmon what are u doing?
ryz.: goood boaky!!! love this kid!
bouldy: kane cornes starting 2 rack up a couple. keep an eye on him boys
essendon11: lift playfair
darcy: lift chad
darcy: cornes needs to get under 400K for me
ROMANO: champian ebert
krajit06: at least 50 at half time
ryz.: goood kane! get to 30 by half time pls!
ROMANO: finnally power is using ebert properly because they noramlly kickover his haed
Keza41: Move Chaplin!!!
jnash196: Here comes KANE!!!
bouldy: look at kane move up the list hes coming
D3miiR: ffs purgoyne lift mate
darcy: bird for wellingham best trade ever :)
dylan123: chad take a rest i want to get u in dt. drop abit of$$$ would be nice
Mutters: same darcy.... shame I started Browne!
DAL=Super*: C Cornes bolton and mattner lift.
darcy: lol i only started wellingham based on last weeks score and they played geelong so wat did everyone get last week
D3miiR: ROK,TREdrea,mattner,purgoyne need 50 end of this half
supaninja: stop scoring mattner
JEZZA_13: MONTY! do you mean roos not eade on craig bird icon??
turts111: port will win easy..
seanmorr: monty eade is not the coach son e.g craig bird
GO PIES: yep bird 4 TAC awesome trade
ryz.: my goodness travis boak!! i think hes my new favorite!! dele's gonna have to get me back
triplegee: Why does Bird's comment say "Eade noit giving him enough midfield rotation"????
Medman: i have chad cornes (captain and very average), martin mattner and okeefe (btw where has he gone???)
Grovesy: What dose is matter, we know what he means
darcy: tac ?
ROMANO: how uch u think power win by
baels: eade.. lol
darcy: put hot on lade wat a champ
D3miiR: cmon okefe hit 50
GO PIES: TAC is wellingham
Tiges08: goodes your a dud
ryz.: boaky!!! ffs your a gun!!
KouDogg: Salopek wat a champ :)
ryz.: lol TAC hahaha
jbfanclub: cmon mattner get to 50
ryz.: comon get to 30 kane!
KouDogg: Yeh Goodes and P.Burg have been pretty disapointing for me but Chad, mattner and Salopek :) :)
Turmoil: re flame rok! ;D
Murder Inc: Bloody hell. Chad you are a star
ryz.: mate 2 top games on at the moment
turts111: tredders is back in town
itchymuma: what is kane doing!!!!!!
ROMANO: power rrrrrrrrrrrrrr cmon
apple_meat: look at Birds note. lol Eade!
Athomas: Cmon big 2nd halves Cornes, Kornes, Mattner :)
kovach: motlop is killing me 0 in SC!!!!!!!!!!
Deeman: need a big second half chad
GO PIES: how many ppl did the so far awesome trade of out bird in TAC???
Auldy: Goodes, you need to get in there boy
ImSoHood: surely tredders should be on more than 42 SC T_T .... contested marks inside 50 -> goals? :O
Hammer: considering chad still has a broken finger, im very happy with 43
Deeman: wat is chads real SC??
Dijon: Tredders is a worthless hack, watch yet again as he fails to make 100 DT points
ImSoHood: "worthless hack" ... lol don't mince your words
Wardy: GO PIES: went one better .. traded out Jack for TAC :)
Deeman: chads real sc is????????????????
ImSoHood: robbie g should have the gun symbol, just for that mullet
vanlo: got me excited with fire next to chad's name before... 32 supercoach points! :(
hurls: hey guys
apple_meat: everyone read Craig Bird's note.
hunty999: yea ...eade, stuff up!!
Deeman: i want chad to get to 100
paramore: whos eade?
ROMANO: carlton wins
turts111: hey dijon.. tredders was the best player in the whole league for 3 years u kok
cjcampo: chicks
vb22: eh kane and goodes takin eachother out of the game...
cjcampo: semen
Scratchy: good call
Scratchy: ROFL look at rodan's note...he has 26 points and he hasn't touched it.. best player ever
KouDogg: the coach of the best team :)
Hammer: whoever the goose is reporting scores from other games, cut it iut would you? 4th quarter just starting where i am. Jeez
hunty999: rodney eade!!! used 2 coach sydney
Dijon: turts - are u kidding yourself, what kind of dreamworld are you living in
Dijon: Name those 3 years and I bet I can 3 players each year that were way better than him
turts111: carlton won 14.13 to 14.4 hammer
seanmorr: really hunty would have never guessed
Scratchy: tredders was probs the best player for one season at least
ImSoHood: the head has 5!!
KouDogg: ebert goal!
tadanator: how come he hasnt won the brownlow then
ImSoHood: '04 and '05 tredrea was a FF GUNNNN
Scratchy: 2004 dijon :)
turts111: 01,02,03... all australian CHF 4 years in a row when carey was still good.
seanmorr: 2004 def
Dijon: I can't even remember the last time that Treds played a full season without missing a game due to injury
adamhunter: kornessssssssssssssssssss
cookiez: chad on goodes
supaninja: ebert a real worry
oxyriffs: turts111 you are a tosser
Hogan: kane is not tagging goodes anymore.yes!!get some more points need 100 from u
Scratchy: turts...vice captain of AA at CHF in 04. 81 goals. premiership captain
ImSoHood: dijon get off wazza's back mate .... he was the favourite for the brownlow in '04 ... some hack named judd though got up
V|PeR: good start kane
seanmorr: should have won brownlow and was fav 2004
turts111: u know nothing about football tadanator - g.ablett, w.carey never won brownlow
supaninja: henry playfair, what a tool kit
alex123711: The tag symbol looked like a tranquilizer needle to me
Medman: where did jude bolton come from???
ImSoHood: ebert captain ... yes (Y)
tadanator: u bring up a good point there im sorry but i still dont think treadrea hs been the best player in a season
Dijon: I'm waiting for Tredrea to prove me wrong, He won't get over 100 DT points today. He did same last week 75 at half time
Medman: the tag symbol looks like a pencil...the black bit looks like the lead
seanmorr: ebert capt lol thats gold!!!!
apple_meat: Put Everitt at full back
ImSoHood: is the song "hey jude" about a chick
Cottagers: Tredders has only had injury probs in 2yrs (06&07), Played 20-22gms 00-05 & 8/8 this yr
turts111: he won coaches MVP and players MVP in same year
ImSoHood: look up 2004 .... i'm pretty sure tredrea was the highest scorer in DT for the year
turts111: perhaps u should learn more b4 u comment
KouDogg: LiFT GOODES!!!!!!!
gumbleton3: "im so hood" your so hilarious shut up
sg2612: whats the Chads B/E?
coach_k: Tredrea ave... 93.8-2004 and 95.8-2005!!
Cottagers: ImSoHood..check out his 05 SC, cracked the 200 twice
oxyriffs: maybe you should pull your head in
ImSoHood: sorry gumby, u don't appreciate my humour
gumbleton3: your bogus lies about your captain just ins't funny
Tiges08: y is good so shower!!!!!!!!
KouDogg: GOodes and P.Burg LIFT!!!!!!
baels: chad has 132 BE? lol thats massive
dylan123: chads break even is 150
ImSoHood: yea tredders was undoubtably a flowering star, im too lazy to look but id guess against Melb and Haw in '05
Reflector: carn swannies! @ $2.50 you were good value!
Joffa13: Hey Jude was about John Lennons son Julian
Medman: do you get any sc/dt points for smothers???
ImSoHood: eadey needs to teach bird how to kick :S
bubbles17: my captain ablett... good choice??
Roan: Uh mOnty, since when is Eade determining Craig Bird TOG?
ImSoHood: yea i have to admit i dont have the head as my captain, sorry gumby
bloodsport: someone dip the footy in petrol then surely goodes will get a touch
Cottagers: 1/2 Kangas and Hawks
dylan123: yeah exactly what i waas about to say
krajit06: wtf is eade
ImSoHood: dude u know abletts score, only u can decide if it was a good choice :P
m0nty: LOL, good pickup Roan. :D
Dijon: lol bloodsport
Reflector: Lol at Rodney Eade... welcome to the 90s
sg2612: Chad might be a good buy in a couple of weeks...
Turmoil: /me wonders how many times people will mention eade in this chat...
Roan: Rodney Eade! Lol
nooka: Where the hell has SALOPEK GONE??
bubbles17: goodes????? WTF"
ImSoHood: what was matter doing? lol
Cottagers: meant kangas and melb, got 197 v hawks
crowsfan22: maybe he means luke ablett...
DudePiston: monty, what made you go with all these trendy new icons ??
KouDogg: Mattner FA :(
oxyriffs: Eade
OzMan: hero mattner
sg2612: Mattner you turkey slap!
ImSoHood: new icons are (Y)
ImSoHood: westhoff is like the gene simmons of port ... magnet
bubbles17: g.ablett my cap.. good choice over, cox, goodwin??
KouDogg: GOOOODES!!!!! Lift!
Scratchy: cox got 140 when they lost by 13 goals. see what he gets when they only lose by 3 goals
t0mmy_t0p: oxyriffs you suck
dylan123: adelaide is going to pump west coast again
KouDogg: Goodes kick :)
oxyriffs: Ive been waiting for you!!
ImSoHood: port are gone here
n1ck: come on o'keefe, liftttt
Luke: come on o'keefe you've gone quiet son
Scratchy: dylan123...ur not worried at all? personally i think it's a massive danger game. if not this week then next.
pies22: so many heros in here hiding behind there computer desk.
krajit06: lets go chadwick
essendon11: cmon mattner and playfair and lade and ebert =)
lindsaybet: shut ur mouth pies22
t0mmy_t0p: hahahah kane cornes is killing me!
PeaseMan: testing
Scratchy: why doesn't C-bolt have a Fireball
the oaks: west coast will kill W>C by 343 points
ImSoHood: eeeeebo!
turts111: megahead
KouDogg: Ebert goal number 6
the oaks: West coast will kill adealiade by 234 points acording to by system...
oxyriffs: me too tommy top!! Salopek doing ok tho
bubbles17: cmon goodes + jack
Grovesy: Argh, what happened to RoK and Mattner, both doing so well when I left
pies22: hero no.1 - lindsaybey - 12 years old???
cookiez: Ebert on fire! come on the power
PeaseMan: nice! shane and tommy wassuuuppppppp
cr36: wats up with ebert this week
oxyriffs: Peaseman you are going to kill me
t0mmy_t0p: peaseman....
MaqAttaq: the Star has come out
the oaks: dylan berry
riverdove: port to fire up here......lift swannies
t0mmy_t0p: does anyone here wanna buy a discounted subscription to the age?
PeaseMan: stoked about kornes, if bird gets a few more tha would be nice
Deeman: the stars out
riverdove: no magic this time from micky
Zeratul: cmon kirk :|
Medman: where is jude boltons fireball
ImSoHood: tredders ... 8 points this qtr lol
flowerennel: come on jack hit the 75
Hogan: cmon kane need 50 from you last quarter or ur cut
PeaseMan: how long is my cock!!!!! thats for u buddy
KouDogg: Goodes, Mattner , P.Burg LIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oxyriffs: I read the Herald Sun
GO PIES: boak,chad n pearce 198 between them goin ok
t0mmy_t0p: so did you go home in the boot pease
seanmorr: get in the game okeefe
Dijon: Go Alipate
ryz.: keep it up kornesy!! happy with an 80 from you
the oaks: cmpn im 1500 points down
oxyriffs: How was last night pease?
nooka: is salopek dead??
PeaseMan: nah they put me in the middle man... fell asleep lol
Medman: chad cornes better make a century
Daveo: Come on Motlop bring home the big 20 points for me ... ffs
krajit06: wtf is chad doin
ryz.: power poor effort there by kane...
pies22: motlop where he belongs. one of the most overated in afl
jessivw: cmon cornes and mattner
T-Roy53: Pete Burger has been warmin up for a while Mont
bubbles17: jack goodes!
OzMan: cmon chad, salo and mattner big last quarters
ImSoHood: bit early for the star on ebert
ImSoHood: most overrated in afl is kosi
oxyriffs: Tommy, pease just got banned lol
t0mmy_t0p: pease got banned hahahahah
planb: cam mooney is one of the most overated in the afl...
buddy: won my first lost the rest ive bin injury plaged all season, but now full team finally the chad is back
m0nty: LOL at Goodes' SC score
krajit06: 28 more cornes
ryz.: okeefe getting very very quiet
supaninja: robbie grey is a sub standard doofus
Deeman: same buddy!!! i won the first and lost all the rest with injuryies and now have chad back...i should win this week
oxyriffs: Outrage Bring Pease back tossers
Grovesy: Goodes SC, how does that work?
buddy: cornes for 100+ i hope same with the jude
pies22: there is plenty more to throw in - milne, bowden
ryz.: yeah, and then look at boaks SC? wtf?
oxyriffs: bring back peaseman!!!!
Salisbury: Mattner and Chaddy to 100 in SC and I be very happy.
Dijon: lol Tredders, 8 pt quarter
Zeratul: only need 28 from kirk to get the 100... he can do it ^_^
dylan123: because goodes is very efficent with the ball
bloodsport: cam mooney is not even rated - just a giant turd
pies22: cam mooney is definately very overated . any player could kick goals in geelong foward line with that supply coming in
07brownsim: cornes + cornes v okeefe +bolton an im losing!!!
m0nty: Is Pease going to behave?
bloodsport: Goodes gets the special Indigenous Round bonus for SC
WC08: 240 from cornes kornes n purger wont be too shabby against sydney
oxyriffs: Monty let peaseman back
porps_me: be good if kornes can get a touch this Qr
ImSoHood: tredders only needs 31 to get that ton :$
n1ck: need some more from you o'keefe
Cartman121: Oh how i love the chad! 72 at 3/4 time 1st week back from injury is absolute gold!!!
ImSoHood: logan shower
richmond14: shower nipple
Salisbury: Believe Malceski is carrying a bit of a groin injury
oxyriffs: He Promises he will behave
seanmorr: go pburger
cookiez: go peter!
Scratchy: cartman - especially against sydney!!! last time he got 58 gainst them
Cartman121: Burgs goal?
GO PIES: here come port
Medman: chad cornes deserves a fireball seeing as it his first week back f rom injury and is playing one handed
ImSoHood: motlop heeeeellllll yea
D3miiR: ROK u killed me
cookiez: motlop is a freak
Cartman121: Yeh meant to add that in 2 but forgot =) Carn port! + burgs =P
editor: He needs a heart?
buddy: hey jude....and my chad time to rise and both score 100+ cmonn u can do it
seanmorr: port doing the reverse choke this wk
rinski: anyone know anythin bout richo not playin
Auldy: i need a lift from mattnew and goodes to chance a win this week cmon boys
nooka: where in the hell is SALOPEK ffs
Medman: isnt richo playing!!! cant be serious
buddy: ny1 know why thornton didnt play considering he was named back in
ImSoHood: if an umpire calls play on from a kick in, does the kick then become 3 points?
D3miiR: i needed 100 from u tredrea plz do sumfing.
xistar: Richo is out? is that true?
jamzee123: Cmon bird and mattner big last qs
rinski: i read on big footy that he might be out
nooka: Sala is killiing me - get the ball u big dumb flower
Scratchy: richo has to play. :((((
ImSoHood: haven' seen so many boltons at the top of the charts since michael in the early 90's (",)
oddsok: argh kane is my capt
rinski: lol @ imsohood hahah good cALL
Dijon: michael bolton was the top of the charts???
porps_me: come on kane ffs
D3miiR: all i need is purgoyne to beat chad plz.
oxyriffs: See Ya'll i'm outta here
Grovesy: Mattner and RoK just cost me my game I reckon
ROMANO: power cmon
adamhunter: come on kornes a solid 80 will do nicely
D3miiR: mattner,okefe,treders were killing it for me now wtf,,,!!
flowerennel: chad cornes you star
baels: go port!
ImSoHood: next goal wins here
adsy2885: is richo out?
porps_me: looks like kirk is on chad
ROMANO: anyone here go for power
T-Roy53: O Keffe Goal!!!
baels: hate sydney.. tipped port.
OzMan: Salopek!!! damn keep it up though son!
ImSoHood: yea im a power fan :D
Salisbury: Mattner been great again.
T-Roy53: Im Praying
cookiez: come on the power!
ROMANO: sa,e
jamzee123: Mattner almost double in sc :D
ROMANO: same
D3miiR: t-roy did okefe score wtf happend?
porps_me: kane wont get 80
juddy35: boaky is hot
ROMANO: yer ok okeef goal
turts111: ohhhhh motlop
ImSoHood: motlop overrated? eat my shizzay
porps_me: tredrea has not had a sniff this Qr
Auldy: marty mattner and goodes, every point you get puts me in front keep it up!
cookiez: Motlop you freak!
oddsok: KANE!!!!! FFS thought he was a consistant captain =(
D3miiR: how okefe goal nothing got added?
GO PIES: yes boak,chad n pearce 4 me
RCRM: Wowie wow, wow, wow! Zazooga!
cookiez: kane captain against sydney? you're trippin oddsok
Dewy: t-roy has balls on his chin
Ausyid: cmon cornes x2 and burgoyne
Dijon: what did I tell ya, Tredrea trademark - 2nd half fadeout, just like last week
Grovesy: it's called bogus info to entertain 10 year olds D3miiR
sainterman: this is a 4 qrt game isnt it?
MaqAttaq: the Heart's out for Chad
oddsok: lol @ the heart
coach_k: Start the Garbage stats Kane... start early to make up for ur first 3 quarters
supaninja: less heart chad and more points
Grovesy: Mattner and Chad play kick to kick please
D3miiR: flower hell,,,!! tredrea man
Fury: Eh, ROK should've just had a shot on goal
Dijon: come on alipate get some garbage time cheap kicks
turts111: tredrea u superstar
ImSoHood: haha the hearts out for chad
DudePiston: monty, how can wilson be "doing a job" on kirk if he's got 27 touches and a goal?
turts111: no DT points, but what a play
Deeman: what does the heart mean?
T-Roy53: wat
cr36: wooop wooop go the power cmon
sainterman: = Heart. Despite great adversity, this player has gutted it out and delivered a solid score for your team.
tadanator: Heart. It looked like this player might give your fantasy team nothing, but he pulled out a huge late surge to deliver a
Zeratul: huzzuh for kirk... now if chad can get 100, would be sweet as long as kane stats under 70
_Freo_: = Heart. Despite great adversity, this player has gutted it out and delivered a solid score for your team.
cr36: umm DEEMAN look down the bottom of the page all the new symbols are thre and an explinatin
Giants: im so freakin stressed right now
Deeman: yeah just remebered
supaninja: chad has heart, what does that mean?
Grovesy: Salo, what ya do that for?
_Freo_: cmon swans for my tipping!!
Cartman121: i LOOOOOVE the chad!
skemer: love
ImSoHood: surely a pimps hat should be incorporated for motlop
coach_k: There we go Kane... i wanna see a Garbage on you within the next 5 minutes
buddy: meens his god
Jeremick: Cmon Pburger and Kornes
tadanator: cmon port need this for 3 out of 3
sainterman: dont we all have hearts- that aortic system that pumps blood through our veins
m0nty: Geez this is a great game to watch!
Matt Youd: cmon p burger
indy500: where does it say what all the sumbols mean ?
_Freo_: agreed jeremick
Giants: moooooooooreeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fury: Freakin' sweet game
porps_me: jarred moore is a GU?N
Thunder: aegh geez moore u goat
indy500: hey monty, where can i read what all the symbols mean ?
jessivw: cmon mattner!
Thunder: yer brilliant game
xistar: m0nty any word on Richo?
Fury: Scroll down the web page to see the symbols
flakmonkey: scroll down to see the icons
ROMANO: scrool down
editor: Monty listened to me.
Giants: every bounce is going in the port ruck direction
coach_k: Scroll down, indy
sainterman: draw
Giants: refs are not doing a good job this game at all
_Freo_: our nz friend indy500, look down ;)
MaqAttaq: scores are level
tadanator: 4 minutes 2 go
Salisbury: ebert rolled his ankle
Matt Youd: great tagging job wilson
Scratchy: is this BS about richo or what? he's my stalwart
Teddler: ebert left ankle gone
Cartman121: Ebert dead, Pearce on the full!!! u flower hack
Scratchy: lol i remember when it said wilson was thrashing kirk
Giants: lol at pearce
itsduff: What happened to Salopek?
ImSoHood: richo was odds on for a 150 tonight
sainterman: 3mins 30secs left
jessivw: cmon matter and cornes
Matt Youd: refs giants?
ROMANO: cmon salo and power
sainterman: smith 5metres from goal tight angle tho
Giants: im not going to have any nails left after this
natnas: calling a draw
Scratchy: so is richo actually out?? :(((((((((
shwarmas: is richo confirmed out for tonight?
sainterman: goal SWANS- tim smith
Giants: umps refs. im from NSW
Mickazor: port the chokers
Reflector: swannies!!
al_casdy: smith? schmidt. sh-it.
sainterman: 2 mins 45secs left
sainterman: sorry schmit
Teddler: ebert is gone for the game monty
Matt Youd: lol giants i get it
sainterman: ebert OUT
Giants: geez kirk is amazing
shwarmas: is richo playing tonight?
sainterman: great gam here- 2mins left tho
coach_k: Hey sammy levin
ImSoHood: from a star to a red cross.. metaphor for life in general
Thunder: rich labelling them chokers both sides have been brilliant
sainterman: Goal Swannies
sainterman: nope- should of been tho
Cartman121: Carn the draw!
natnas: sawns on the run GOOD SVE BY PORT
shwarmas: who are you, coach_k?
Matt Youd: wilson you flowering star give him the gun
Cartman121: game =(
natnas: goal sydney
Giants: SWANS!!!!!!!!!! champions!
sainterman: NOW its OVER- McVeigh GOAL
Teddler: port have always been chokers this is the 3rd time this year
ImSoHood: t_t
cr36: CMON POwer !!!!!!!!!!!!
Athomas: Sydney win. Kane Cornes and Murphy both under 70 for me :(
essendon11: itssssssss ooooooooooovvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
seanmorr: port were down for most of game so i cant see thats choking
shwarmas: monty - is richo playing tonight?
Cartman121: How did they choke? they have been in front all day
itsduff: flower I tipped port
Jeremick: Far out. Kane and Burgs
natnas: kane was ma captainnot good enough
cr36: OMG port suck
Medman: jude bolton is a gun ....30 dt points at 1/2 time
essendon11: yay i tipped sydney =)
sainterman: 20secs left
cr36: lucky it wasnt like grand final- 119 2007 history
MaqAttaq: 230 point for 3 players...not bad
sainterman: 1osecs now-
Reflector: ITS NOT A CHOKE IF THEY WERE TRALING! Get it right. Losing a close game is not a choke!
coach_k: Did u get Richo this week sammy or did Jimmy?
fathead: b. lade is a flowerin joke
sainterman: siren
Scratchy: natnas---ur captain vs sydney is just dumb.
Teddler: port were down then got in front then choked
shwarmas: hoo are you
buddy: woodnt it be nice if chad sumhow got a tackle-hold the ball call then kicks a goal
Teddler: also choked against hawthorn and brisbane we all know they're chokers
sainterman: 11 points- nice work swannies
apple_meat: Mark Williams CHOKE!!
buddy: 220 dt points 2 players and what bitch
Mickazor: it is a choke coz they were in the lead u spastic
baels: pearce clap clap. lost the game for port
sainterman: that wasnt a choke- Why is their Booing?
krajit06: good return chadwick
Cartman121: Coming back from 3 goals down, to get 5 points in front and then by losing by 2 goals is not a flower choke!
Ingall: almost feel sorry for the wharfies......... almost..
seanmorr: and whos your team teddler?
GO PIES: baels u cant blame 1 player 4 a loss
nooka: my PDT draft is just about to get underway!!
apple_meat: lol Cartman
doggies_5: WTF ROK just lost 3 points
ImSoHood: omg chokers .... stupidest thing ive heard ... didnt choke against hawthorn
DAL=Super*: wtf mattner u done nothing for a while
MaqAttaq: Ingall...they are called SWAMPIES
Jeremick: What a great game
Thunder: lot of rot, lot of u need to grow up on here
sainterman: The port fans are BOOing- alot- bad sports
tadanator: nooka it takes ages
Reflector: schmidt on 108 SC because of his late goal..
Scratchy: imsohood how was that against hawks not a choke? they led by more than 6 goals
buddy: who here has jude.... I HAVE JUDE
Teddler: whats it matter who i go for... i love port and the way they play i jst think they choke when put under pressure
ImSoHood: kirk overrated lol
seanmorr: chad will be coming down in price this wk
bahodie: it's not a choke, but it's pretty stupid to not be able to finish off the game...
OzMan: that goal saving tackle by mattner on pearce should have gotten him more than 4 SC points, tightalpss
ImSoHood: and judes been pretty shiiiiiiit all year
seanmorr: why cant you say surely you must support the perfect cats by the way your carrying on
ImSoHood: tim schmidt must have got like 50 points for that mark/goal late
Teddler: no im a blues fan seanmorr
ImSoHood: scratchy ... they were 38 points up in the 2nd qtr!! get off the acid mate, thats not a choke
joel899: anyone ho says its a choke is obviously biased, most prob crows fans, funny how the crows choke every year in the finals
seanmorr: lol and carlton have been in the position to choke the last 5 years or so lol
sainterman: Tim Schmidt 9 49 108- 108!!! how-
ImSoHood: yea how did adelaide NOT make a GF in either '05 or '06 ..... that loss to st. kilda .... ouch
joel899: adelaide were up by 4 goals against hawks last year elim final... CHOKE... any chance they get they label port chokers
Scratchy: we didnt make the GF because we had to play eagles at subi in 2 prelims. no one would have won over there. idiot
joel899: home prelim in 06 against wce, lost that. then take out the frustration on port losing last gf, at least they made it
mboettcher: that love heart for chadwick is sick!
turts111: the cows, i mean crows are the biggest chokers in september history
Scratchy: i dont deny that crows shouldve made 1 GF. but it's not choking to not do so. eagles were the best in 05-06
Scratchy: and in that period swans did not beat crows at all. didnt even come close.
joel899: i think ports had a pretty tough draw to start the year: played 4 of the top 5 and that includes sydney twice
Scratchy: yeah port should still make finals. very tough draw thus far
Thunder: fools
S.K.Warne: geelong were the biggest chockers in septembr..... turts111
mt.theo: plow