Chat Log: R5, Geelong 16.18.114 d Sydney 10.12.72

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scorgasms: How about an option to have the players your watching highlighted?
Realist: Kenelly out, should hopefully see Mattner have a bigger impact.
random.chu: kennelly out will annoy a whole heap of DTers this week.
Ed_D: What's wrong with Kennelly?
random.chu: hamstring tightness, may miss next week as well
Ed_D: Oh well, better than an actual hamstring tear I guess.
random.chu: all he needs is a pint of guiness and he'll be right.
torres_9: corey
mollyfud: Come on Joel Corey!
Back2Back: Kennelly pulled up sore
paramore: kennelly out thank god pfeiffers playing.
Xie54: Drill it home, Chappy!
Ropes: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 IS WHAT IS SEE WHEN I TRY TO LOAD ME LIVE DT SCORES, any suggestions or
GOGOS: kennelys out and i have no back up on the bench unless hartlett gets in this is bull im ranked 83rd and now im in the s*
paramore: hawkins you idiot kick the goal.
Realist: Jack tagging Ablett
itchymuma: bartel is a freak
Schammer: dissapointing start jimmy. LIFT
darcy: Johnson better break that tag I need 90 from him
Xie54: Does anyone know if Goodes in playing midfield or forward?
adam2: jack atgging Ablett forgot to change him as captain:(
Back2Back: Steve Johnsons do or die game this week
damoc85: anybody on goodes?
darcy: Bartel is on fire already go Barlow and Johnson
Back2Back: Ling tagging Goodes
Esoteric: hmm nobody other than bird on my bench in this one... will have a few geelong players before the end of the year tho
adam2: carn Ablett break the tag bud. Cmon Cahppy good start
Schammer: Ling is obviously on goodes. so chin up.
damoc85: please tell me ling isnt tagging goodes
enormohead: barry hall touchedme as a chile.....he is a bad man
adam2: cmon Ablett need 100 Chappy 100 and Barlow 60
V|PeR: hhmm maybe i should have put Jack on the field
darcy: How did everyone go last night ?
damoc85: i had fisher, reiwoldt and lvm so not bad
Esoteric: just dyson and houli for me.. probably shouldnt have waited for volt to drop further..
paramore: 5 min gone and bartel already on fire?
darcy: Dyson tagged Montagna well but doesn't help my dreamteam
D3miiR: corey 15
777piseee: shuld i trade Gram? He keeps lettim me down
damoc85: yay goodes
jack33: flower why is kennely not playing?
adam2: carn Ablett should of made Cornes capt:( come on GAZ
torres: ffs sake goodes lift cmon chappy aswell
darcy: Where is Johnson waste of 400K he was
damoc85: wont be long till goodes gets a cold spot nextto his name :(
Realist: Bartel goals
GOGOS: so powered offfffffff bloody kennely my rankings gone probably
dubberz: wtf happened to kennelly?
darcy: I bet alot of backlines aren't full this week
DAL=Super*: Hayes and riewoldt for me last night. Lets go Ablett Mattner and C Bolton
jack33: flowering Kennely how serious is the injury??? at least 1 0 for he week now.
Esoteric: to save you time monty you should put a fire icon on bartel and corey before the game starts
Xie54: Stevie J!
damoc85: seriously isnt bartel more dangerous then gaz?
bloodsport: Goodes you are a joke - make your BE so i can trade you turd burger
darcy: johnson
torres: monty u may aswell give goodes a snowflake now, it isnt gonna get any betta
the vibe: give goodesy the carlton cold already
damoc85: goodes massive!
pruners: cmon dazzler
V|PeR: might be in trouble this opponent has both corey and bartel
longaz: flower kennely and bowden. 2 quality defenders out and only one of them being accounted 4. flower, flower, flower
enormohead: adam goodes touched me as a curry. he is a bad man
darcy: wish i bought corey not crrazzo at the start so stupid
Realist: M0nty, wouldn't say Corey has missed a tag, has Kirk following him around
dubberz: goodesy will go alright i reckon. getting to the ball today, should get an okay score
adam2: Come on Barlow want to get rid of you this week
damoc85: my opponant has corey as captain.
andreioz: flower up enormo head
darcy: Watch out the cats are on fire
DAL=Super*: i got franklin for hall.
darcy: so much for barlow kicking goals today
Salisbury: glad i didnt go for ablett for capt this week
PicklesPA: are u serious kirk tagging corey? ove got both ofthem in my team!!!!
pump: comon corey, mattner, milburn and kelly. good start
darcy: this game should be on tv its stupid
adam2: cmon Gablett and Chapman and Barlow
ROMANO: is thai kennely playing
Hammer: Goodes is the worst dual brownlow medalist ever.
nameless: go mackie! glad i kept him in
the vibe: put goodesy up forward
Murder Inc: O'Keefe- most underrated player in the afl
Grovesy: Jack is a great player. Love watching him. Wish I had him in my team
darcy: bartel wow
godons16: No and neither is Tadgh Kennelly.
adsy2885: i have jarred moore as my captain
PicklesPA: nah kennelly out
DAL=Super*: O'Keefe for the brownlow
kihkih: lol as if keefe is underrated..
adam2: cmon GAZ
nameless: eye on prismall, looks like bartel could get his first 100 against sydney
darcy: hawkins y didnt i get you altho vince has been nice
Esoteric: i would agree with u 2 years ago murder inc... but hes AA so not really underrated... i know i eate him
Back2Back: craig bolton needs a snowflake
Salisbury: I totally mucked up forgot to sub out gamble =(
darcy: do it guys
fabman: ANY1 know whats wrong wid kennely
07brownsim: no kenelly :| I don't have any back emergencies!
PicklesPA: wooooooooo!!! kirky!!
nameless: game over!
Medman: damn why isnt tadgh kennelly playing???
Esoteric: rate*
damoc85: chappy liftplease
torres_9: mackie on my bench, didn't no he was back, f_u_c_k!!!!
PicklesPA: yea what darcy said for all of ure fantasy football talk!!
777piseee: you suck
paramore: tomahawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Esoteric: hamstring tightness i think... dont quote me
adam2: chappy cmon mate
obimikel: hamstring tightness for kennelly
godons16: Tadgh caught a disease from kissing the Blarney stone.
darcy: crack 25 johnson !
darcy: alex go on msn
Back2Back: kennelly pull up tight and sore from last week, will prob be out next week to
kihkih: wt is joel corey doing...
777piseee: asaaaaaa
adam2: Chapman is Killing me cmon mate Ableet ok Barlow good
Grovesy: Anyone see if RoK is being effected by Hall's absence?
Back2Back: every player ecept 2 have got higher score than Goodes
fabman: Cmon Captain Corey
torres: goodes and chapman get da ball u jkes, stop tomahawk and mackie
don23: cmon mattner!!!!!
DAL=Super*: Come on C. Bolton
jack33: Hope TK plays next week.
Esoteric: is prismall getting any tog? could be a good pick up id he holds his spot in the team
Jordox: the blarney stone brings a tear to me eye
adam2: well done bird keep making me money son
don23: heath shaw best capt for SC
ROMANO: every on pick up hawkins why cheep
Schammer: imagine making corey captain against sydney, plain stupid
kihkih: goodes with the snowflakeeeeee
paramore: wow prismall.... doubt he would keep his spot.
darcy: bartel !
V|PeR: projected score is 1600 at the moment
Zeratul: really need Kirk, Hawkins and Scarlett to score big to get ahead. Chapman eh, we both have him
anonymousg: bird has been a bit of a dissappointment this yr
mollyfud: If Corey keeps up this poor start, he is on the chopping block!
Xie54: Chappy, nice quick 9 pts
damoc85: chappy! mark wooo
obimikel: hawkins is like quinten lynch from ywo seasons back only gd cos of classy mid!!!!!!!
WC08: carn milbs, kick into self for all the points and ur set mate
jack33: My opponent has Goodes, Mooney and Kennely lol i got Kennely and Bird.
adam2: chapman and ableet step up
godons16: Not as stupid as Schammer.. the player that is.
Jordox: picked up chapman this week, need him to lift tho
darcy: goodes u idiot wrecking my supercoach
Murder Inc: Stevie J looking good early
paramore: get hawkins back on!!
damoc85: stevy j goal on fire
jack33: Good work Birdy i want a 60+ from you.
Grovesy: Yeah. Jack > Bird, Should've gotten both I reckon
Realist: SJ started well for those that have him
Back2Back: about time johnson gets some form
Salisbury: Noooo mattner your the only swan i got dont lay an egg
paramore: mattner u stupid idiot.
Back2Back: hawkins back on
torres: shulda put cale on instead of goodes
Salisbury: Oh and bird I got you too. Forgot bout him
adam2: gcmon captain gaz proberly going to make me lose my games:(
trub77: been very patient with you goodes, another shower performance today and your chopped
damoc85: hopefully masten scores better then bird
Murder Inc: Milburn not doing much early as usual...
Back2Back: bartel has got 60 point in SC already
kihkih: how far is goodes of his break even now =.=?
WC08: flowerin bartel, does he ever stop
the vibe: goodesy is back in town!!!!
anonymousg: is smith playing fullforward?
I hate SFC: goodes is not good.
mollyfud: If goodes keeps stinking it up, he will be a target!
Jeremick: WTF has Mattner done last 20 min?
obimikel: goodes is a hack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
enormohead: tom hawkins touched my venezuala he is a bad man
PicklesPA: lift kirky
robbo11: how did goodes win two brownlows?
damoc85: hopefully cats get so far in front that ling goes andtags jack or something then goodes can run free
jack33: Is bird on the ground the?? the diff between him and jack is bird gets 60% tog and Jack gets 85% tog which is shower.
paramore: hawkins -3 disgraceful
Anbu: milburn is a hack
Schammer: bartel is ridiculous. Immune to the sydney curse
Realist: Jeremick: He had 2 goals kicked on him thats what
DAL=Super*: ablett?????????????????
ROMANO: mattner has been giving free kicks away
lehmann21: come on jimmy! rack up those disposals!
Jordox: i have no idea robbo
Esoteric: because the criteria for the brownlow isnt DT points?
godons16: He got the great vote in Sydney.
damoc85: kelly is dominating this year
jamaar4: Why isnt kennelly playing?
anonymousg: thats because jack can hold a player down
Greenman: O'Keefe is going cold.
WC08: carn milbs, just a late 6pt play would be handy
godons16: He forgot to take his medication.
paramore: mattner +6
Esoteric: tighy hammy
jack33: is bird on field?
Esoteric: tight*
magicforce: Is ablett even there?
Murder Inc: Milburn get near it you tool
Realist: Traded in Hunt this week and so far very happy
obimikel: YES chappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damoc85: the whole sydney to time is a snowflake
D3miiR: ahh corey cmon
torres: good wrk chappy, goodes ur a jke
I hate SFC: no, because the brownlow is a poor system. goodes wouldn't get best and fairest at other clubs, yet he gets the league
andy_clo: CMON mooney you suck monkey balls
KouDogg: Where is Kennnelly?
Realist: DOn't think SJ will be dropping in price this week
adam2: johhno has got 3
damoc85: stevy j!!
paramore: steve johnson 3 goals.
I hate SFC: yay, chappy has joined the party.. now come on joel corery, rack up some cheapies please.
KouDogg: OMFG goodes....mattner and kennelly !!!!!!!!!
Medman: omg mattner scored some points
D3miiR: cmon okeefe got him for hall
Masss_8: kenelly late withdrawal
WC08: cmon sydney kick some points, let milbs kick it to him self
the vibe: God dammit kitty
godons16: He went back to Ireland. Decided Gaelic football is where its at.
Cartman121: F__n SJ needed him to drop another 10k...
obimikel: wtf steve johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salisbury: Goodes Overrrrrrated
Kristian: johnson +18 lol
Number: wat are sydney doing?
ROMANO: omg steve johnson
m0nty: +18, that's what I like to see. ;)
adam2: good start this game Chapman 31 Ablett 24 and Barlow 8-Not happy with Barlow
Back2Back: Well Done Steve Johnson, so many traded him this week
WC08: pull the whole freakin team on fire
KouDogg: Thank god i got Wonaman this week as an emergancy...Phew!!
foxy_dal: go stevie
obeebe: happy I traded Hall for Johnson so far.
D3miiR: corey , okeefe,mattner, barlow killing me
anonymousg: f**ing milburn
KouDogg: Goodes you piece of shower do something.....
richskee: Johnson you champion!
WC08: lift darren lift
itchymuma: Wha is milburn doing out there???
Medman: jude bolton, ryan okeefe, martin mattner, tadgh kennelly, steve johnson and cameron ling...not bad at the moment
Anbu: milburn is an overated tool
torres: goodes ur gonna get chopped if u dont do sumthing
DAL=Super*: Mattner, C bolton and scralet need to lift big time.
andreioz: have my children monty
biggers: monty can i be part of what u do?? do u get payed?????
Pendlebury: Milburn why did i get you?
Number: is sydney playing hopeless
anonymousg: monty was it you or molly that upgraded tuck to corey this week
random.chu: looks like johnson is getting the better of mattner...
Luke: Jimmy Bartel wins the Brownlow but they still tag Ablett...
Back2Back: The ball has to get in Geelongs back line for Milburn to touch it, Its not his fault
pump: comon milburn lift. the rest are doing great
KouDogg: Why Kennelly late withdrawal???
spence37: bartel could be on even more
flakmonkey: goodes is almost as worse as that small marsupial ricky dyson
Esoteric: the one time i want sydney to shut the game down, they cant do it...cats are never going to be cheap :(
bbco49: is okeefe seriously on 7 in SC ??!!!
damoc85: thats right luke - why doesnt jimmy get the best tag
KouDogg: Goodes if you do smething or your gone....
random.chu: haha flakmonkey don't even say the D word... if only i had more trades!
adam2: i got Milburn to :( cmon a couple of 6 point plays and youre right up there
anonymousg: has steve johnson kicked a goal from outside of the goalsquare so far
spence37: thats because ablett is more dangerous an plays a differant role to bartel
biggers: i have johnson, kelly, chapman, stokes,ablett and bird!!!!! im a gun!
DAL=Super*: o'keefe SC 7 haha
mollyfud: It was me, anonymousg. Sorry to all the Corey owners, I was going to send a warning out
darcy: stevie j u champ
Medman: geelongs midfeild is super special awesome
andreioz: because if you let gazza run free, he can change the face of the game, youd rather have your best tagger on gaz
seanmorr: doh how did ling get -4 after the siren
obimikel: lol at goodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back2Back: Ablett kicks ass with the best tag, Imagine what he would do without a tag......Thats why
biggers: monty can i be part of what u do?? do u get payed?????
Grovesy: Monty mate. Is Hall's absence affeceting RoK in any way?
Feendogs: Gotta love Stevie Johnson
flakmonkey: ling = best player in the AFL, takes out the best player and racks up 20+ possessions
Zeratul: he got a red card :)
Imziee: milburn = dud
torres: get 60 at least goodes
KouDogg: -3 mattner WTF!!!! i hate you!!!!!!
Kristian: i got milburn and bird
damoc85: well gaz has had 8 touches no goal - jimmy 9 touches and a goal
Feendogs: scores are always adjusted after the siren
Esoteric: back2back = correct
KouDogg: Goodes i hate you!!!!!!!!!!
jack33: flakmonkey: K.cornes shuts down opposition and gets 30 touches better than Ling.
adam2: whwt was birds be?
mollyfud: On target for 3000+ in SC so far. Bartel as Capt
miggs: anyone know where i can listen to the radio stream except for and 3aw
tima14: gooooood steviee J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back2Back: Milburn is doing best of what he can do, The ball has to geelongs backline to get a touch
I hate SFC: flak makes a good point, ling is SO valuable.. he kicks goals too.. much better than goodes
D3miiR: had a chance steve johnson or o'keefe went with okeefe damn
Imziee: ye u wish molly
pump: mattner lift
torres_9: 3000+ u r an idiot
torres: looks lyk adam doesnt have the goodes
darcy: come on goodes
Number: isn't harry tayor playing?
damoc85: might have to sell goodes for jelly as long as he doesnt go down to much
davegross_: trent west is so consistent, he consistently gets 9 in the first quarter
torres_9: k.cornse alot better than ling
Back2Back: jack33, i dont agree.......ling kicks goals, 30 plus touches
mollyfud: Thats what the average was at Qrt time!
ben_09: wots happening to mooney?
darcy: barlow
Buck Naked: no he isnt got dropped ht stiff
anonymousg: taylor was dropped for mackie
godons16: Prismall doing well..
dtelmi: taylor = omitted
Number: isn't harry taylor playing?
damoc85: goal jolly
ben_09: anyone? wots mooney doing?
tima14: lol ben waterworth
Realist: ben_09: Got a smack in the mouth in the first 1/4 spent time on the pine
darcy: taylor no did u die or something
adam2: has a geelong player ever had a cold icicle
PicklesPA: everyone!!! jump on for in game chat for ROUND 5
torres: hes suspended
Pendlebury: Oh yer Prismall is killing it :P
mollyfud: Josh Hunt, Martin Mattner, Gary Ablett jnr, Jimmy Bartel (c), Kieren Jack, Paul Chapman, Paul Chapman and 0 last night
Number: thanku
I hate SFC: kane is hella good, he gets more possies but he doesn't shut them down as hard as ling.. and less goals
torres: jus koiking
pump: swnas will come bak, they will lose but by less than 4 goals
mollyfud: Why leave here pickles?
torres: jus joking
godons16: Mooney=trying to kiss Blake
Esoteric: mooney? sitting in the stands
Number: yes
monti: Hey Guys keep the swearing to a minumum...
ben_09: chhers realist
KouDogg: Goodes get the effing ball you dud!!!!! same with you Mattner
damoc85: u have chapman twice? how do u do that
Schammer: molly, your crap
torres_9: torres, u watchin liverpool tonight? how g is el nino!
damoc85: goal davis!!
Teddler: scarlett lift
LARA: Daniel Cross is the most underrated player in the comp
Imziee: no one cares about your team molly .. stfu
mattmiss: west is making jolly look good :P
Giants: what time do liverpool play tonight torres?
torres: yeh man i will, torres runs it
Number: who thinks carlton will win tomorrow?
mollyfud: Ta Schammer! ANy reason for that analysis?
obimikel: brent reilly is the most underrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
godons16: Not as crap as Schammer.. the player that is.
Schammer: agreed imziee
Esoteric: cross is underrated but his kicking lets him down
LARA: Torres+Gerrard=liverpool
torres_9: 12
sbnsb=st: y isnt kennely playing??? :(
obimikel: who cares about liverpool!!!!! they're not in the title race!!!!!!!!!
anonymousg: two quick goals are they coming back at geelong
be cousins: whats the deal with selwood??? does ayone know?
darcy: come on barlow and goodes
KouDogg: goodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do something!!!!!!!!!
Pendlebury: Are liverpool playin fulham?
Murder Inc: No one wants to hear about the scousers
mollyfud: You guys all thought I was crapping on. Just giving the evidence!
Kristian: lift milburn!
be cousins: just cos cross gets a lot of the ball doesnt mean he is a superstar
pawzy: kenelly?
Esoteric: liverpool havent been in the title race for a long long time
jhkr: what happened to kennely?
Schammer: U have Josh Hunt and Mattner. End discussion.
torres: yeh
andykangas: cmon okeefe, yablett
DAL=Super*: Simon Presigocomo is the most under rated player in the comp. how cares how they are rated.
07brownsim: kenelly :'(
torres_9: liverpool r gonna win then UCL, obimikel who do u go 4?
LARA: Chelsea dominate anyways had half their team missing the whole season and still managed to almost win
mollyfud: Late withdrawl Pawzy.
KouDogg: your an idiot be cousins
jimmyoats: goodes is just chilling..
07brownsim: there goes my week and my ranking
obimikel: it does in dt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pump: kennelly hamstring tightness will be bak next week
andy_clo: Selwood is a freaking hack....hating him right now
sbnsb=st: yes.. y isnt he playing?
torres_9: chelsea, there crap!
be cousins: kennelly??????
andykangas: cmon okeefe :@
montey: Hey Monty u flowerWIT, why did you cancel my other account????
anonymousg: yes ibbotsson is playing!!!!
obimikel: lol torres 9 at least we dont rely on two players
sbnsb=st: cheers "pump"
Esoteric: LMAO... managed to almost win = LOSE
Schammer: lol, UCL. Liverpool wont beat Chelsea. What an embarrassing year for Liverpool
KouDogg: Goodes + 4 YOU BEAUTY!!!!!!
LARA: Torres hush how are liverpool going when they had all their stars
itchymuma: milburn do something!
montey: C'mon Goodesyyyy
loopy_cam: Come on Mackie
Number: kenelly is injured
darcy: monty put a fireball is bartel name permantly
tima14: yeeeees jimmy keep it goin son.. should have captained u :(
pawzy: oh thats where he is, ta
trub77: wow, goodes +4
magicforce: Scarlett Wakeup!
EagleBoy: GRRR Rooke AND Scarlett are doing shower. Go Bartel and Chappy and Tomahawk and harley and selwood SUCKS today
adam2: Barlow goals
biggers: hey hey hey montey!
rob_roys91: goooo wigan
Jeremick: At least Bird's doing decently, darn Mattner
D3miiR: okeefe is screweing me over
Pendlebury: Liverpool will KILL CHELSEA
CuckSocker: is barlow getting much TOG?
LARA: Stevie J u genius finally dominating
damoc85: goodes lifting
godons16: Keep the soccer talk to minimum please. Its not even a real game..
adam2: cmon Chappy n Gaz n Milburn n Barlow
montey: i traded Des HEadland for Stevie J..... what a master stroke
torres: tell me who liverpool have beeten in da semis twice in da last 3 yrs
EagleBoy: tomahawk 6 disposals 5 marks woo
nameless: cant believe u ever had headland
oxyriffs: C'mon Corey start moving!!
montey: hey Guys, who will win: Melb Victory or those Italian heros Juventus?
mollyfud: And now would be a good time for Corey to put on a quick 20-30
pump: here comes the swans, they always come bak, goodes into ruck smashing blake
dtelmi: milburn wont score for rest of qtr!
adam2: liverpool r a different team in europe
paramore: talk soccer somewhere else.
EagleBoy: Go Jaybee! (Bartel)
LARA: It aint soccer its football
obimikel: the 2008 champions league winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
loopy_cam: ynwa
biggers: torres pe off mate this is the best sport ever football, not flower soccer, p off
Pendlebury: No its not LARA
Number: i picked sydney
WC08: patience starting to wear thin milbs, get some 6pt plays!!!
dtelmi: soccer is shower
mollyfud: Geelong only up 12points now!
andykangas: okeefe "zzzzz" slleping out there
EagleBoy: Woo harley
biggers: good on ya lara, monty please delete this gut montey.
torres: their both good sports ok
montey: Bartel, get injured plz!!! Wheres Barry Hall when you need him?
Schammer: lol milburn and rok cancelling out each other. both havent scored since they were matched up
godons16: Prismall carving it up..
corza21: corey is doing nothing
Number: no soccer talk
rhyselmi: DTELMI give me the powercord
Murder Inc: Chelsea are the Swans of the epl
KouDogg: Goodes at least get 30 by half time you dud, same with you Mattner
I hate SFC: what's wrong with joel corey? haul some alps son.
LARA: Pendelbury ur wrong
EagleBoy: Selwood is not impressing me he has had 2 terribl games i have a nerve to get rid of him for houli or someone
dtelmi: oi flower off
Number: lol that montey person
adam2: stokes goals
damoc85: stokes goal
mollyfud: Okay , and now Corey time!
dilshan9: flower Milburn u FUC WIT...
EagleBoy: Finally selwood and scarlett
s.demarchi: get the ball milburn
pump: comon corey milburn
WC08: milbs surely get to 30 by 1/4 time
Number: i got houli SUCK
EagleBoy: Bartel has stopped
CuckSocker: is barlow getting much TOG?
trub77: is goodes sill in the ruck?
pawzy: ling, can tag
Murder Inc: Milburn is killing me yet again
EagleBoy: bartel and chaoman!
the vibe: wats wrong with dazzer
torres: go chappy and goodes, get lost mackie and tomahawk
trub77: goodes, dyson is doing better
EagleBoy: PUT BARTEL AS UR CAPTAIN NEXT WEEK! They're playing Freo
KouDogg: goodes i hate you!!!!!!!!!
darcy: jophnson come on
Realist: Would prefer Hunt to have 7 kicks instead of 7 handballs
adam2: barlow again goals
nameless: goal barlow!!
damoc85: barlow goal
Luke: i have been watching ablett closely, he isn't working hard enough.
montey: swans have kicked 3 of the last 4 goals? They've had 13 more inside 50's this qtr
rhyselmi: innn barlow hes such a good forward, he nos where the goals are, showed us this against the weagles
DAL=Super*: Why isnt barry hall playing??
I hate SFC: come on corey.. ted richards is flogging you in dt!
mollyfud: My Appologies to all the other Corey owners.
D3miiR: corey cmonn!!! i need 100
Esoteric: if mattner did this last week i would have won
KouDogg: Mattner + 2 Goodes do something!!!!!!!
Number: GO selwoood
EagleBoy: My 3 players just went up 16 points!
darcy: john 70
the vibe: barlow gaol
trub77: u beauty, go barlow
Schammer: shutup molly. u should know corey was gonna do crap against sydney
biggers: eagleboy freo have got some good tagers and its at subi so i wouldnt.
damoc85: goodes is the best
darcy: johnson -3
Aussieroo: hey DAL = Superstar, have u been living under a rock the past week coz everone else knows he's suspened 4 7
adam2: cmon Gaz slowed down ur my capt
Luke: ablett is powering me off
biggers: schammer how the flower would we know that corey would play bad aginst sydney???????
torres: actually freos taggers r shocking
EagleBoy: His average there is 100! (biggers)
darcy: y did u ban pickles monty
mollyfud: Don't worry, if he doesn't do a bit more, he will be on my bench next week ;-)
CuckSocker: barlow more than 6 points per possession
montey: I wouldve loved to see Barry Hall give Ling a LEFT hook!!!!
torres: matt carr? get dat rubbish out of here
Kristian: omg milburn!!!!!
DAL=Super*: it was a joke Aussieroo. ha
darcy: googes u idiot
biggers: ok just wait until next week, they will bring m. carr back and get peake to maybe tag him.
damoc85: i think goodes needs to get back into the ruck
EagleBoy: Grr im getting rid or Rooke definitely
LARA: Freo are shocking
Aussieroo: righto mate, dal found some good form last night eh
WC08: milfreakingburn
CuckSocker: freo are shower. plain and simple
mollyfud: Corey just 3 this quarter by my calculation!
best43: goodes you d'head
rhyselmi: eagle boy y would u have rooke
damoc85: tomahawk is everywhere!
adam2: cmon Ableet 17 more points this quater
paramore: hawkins you hero kick for goal!! stop giving it away!!
montey: The reason Goodes has been playing so poor last couple of wks, is due to injury with left calf
Xie54: Goodes' score will go up heaps
biggers: yeah i hate em but bartell wont do hell well
EagleBoy: Scarlett to Harley to Rooke! 3 dream teamers. TO HAWKINS! A dream team play. AND THEN SELWOOD! THAT WAS ALL MY DREAM TEA
V|PeR: corey is doing nothing
D3miiR: corey kiilling everyone
Kristian: milburn finally!!!!!
Xie54: Here come the Swannies
adam2: swans goal!
DAL=Super*: Bout bloody time. i put 20 on him for the brownlow when he was at 35 but i have practically ripped that to pieces!
damoc85: rok goal!!
WC08: darren is alive
the vibe: give him a break. the caveman is a lad
Daggsy: Corey is a freak, he will be fine.....
WC08: still, didnt touch it though
jvanschie: Corey a good pickup post round 7!
hawks15: finally corey hopefully he only gets 50 n i can pick him up cheap! im so glad i kept hawkins wat a gun!
oxyriffs: Can someone kick Corey and see if he is alive
Aussieroo: yeh i no mate, do u reckon riewoldt is sharing the ball too much, coz he woulda kicked 20 for the year i reckon
EagleBoy: bloody hell i hate tomahawk just kick the damn goal or give it off properly
tima14: liiiiiiift maaaackieeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D3miiR: corey is alive
Number: GO Buchanan. no dam point
I hate SFC: omg finally corey gets some points
litlitcat: johnsen u are a star!
EagleBoy: Where has Jimmy gone?????????????
corza21: omg corey +4
adam2: gablett and chapman asleep
Jeremick: go mattner!!!
dilshan9: Bird Milburn u fcs touch teh ball
torres_9: corey wake the hell up, ur killin me
torres: cmon chapman and goodes do sumthing!!!
damoc85: freo game on
montey: DAMN!!! Pavlich is a late withdrawl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
litlitcat: crap i didn't no that makie was playing?
EagleBoy: Other game Freo Adelaide Starting now.
MMile 2008: Goodes for Bartel this week...
mollyfud: There he is, another HB
bock441: thank god goods
CuckSocker: steve johnson only 6 this quarter. talk about hot and cold
D3miiR: corey slowly coming into the game
mollyfud: And again. A goal or two for Corey would be nice!
EagleBoy: FFS Jimmy
PicklesPA: go eat some cashews montey
Number: dam hawkins
paramore: wow who would've believed.... swans 4 pts behind...
torres_9: pavlich isn't out
Aussieroo: finally chappy back in it
tima14: mackie hasnt touched it tthis quarter :(
EagleBoy: TOMMY HAWKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he kicks A........................ BEHIND DAMMIT
Pancho: come on chappy. forgot to change him from captain this week. better do well.
bock441: i have jhonson milbern corey goods and oloughlin
torres_9: u idiot his in
smmorrow: going the right way to get banned montey
EagleBoy: cmon Jimmy LIFT
montey: **News just IN** David Neitz has just announced his RETIREMENT !!!!!!!!!
paramore: hawkins on fire!! he needs a symbol
Luke: well done gablett good finish to the quarter
KouDogg: Thank you Mattner now Goodes LIFT!!!!!!!!!!
Number: johnson a poster
KouDogg: Please ban montey.......
amobema: corey better pick himself up because he is my captain!!!!
Keza41: Go Stevey Johnson!!!!! =]
EagleBoy: COME ONNNNNN bartel Ablett is overtaking u grrrrrrrrr.
Daggsy: is that true monty???? has neitz retired????
smmorrow: everyone say goodbye to montey
adam2: well done gaz Ablett
montey: C'mon Brennan LIFT!!!!!!
Aussieroo: amobema who else u got that's a gun
Villie88: so does abllletttttt :)
trub77: flower off montey u tool
EagleBoy: bye monts!
D3miiR: ffs okeefe had a chance gettin johnson
Daggsy: lift joel corey.....lift!!!
Jeremick: Great recovery Mattner
Luke: yay marty :-)
EagleBoy: YES CHAPPY with 5 secs left cmon kick this one you Champ Chappy cmon.......... Darn it
adam2: This game ok Chapman 50 Ablett 50 and Milburn 17:@ Barlow 28 solid
Zeratul: 4 players, 3 above 50 at half time =)
Pancho: come on chappy. thanks
magicforce: Stokes is KING!
robbyg: Goodes is a did he even get 1 brownlow
essendon11: milburn hunt mattner LIFT AFTER HALF TIME
tima14: breaking news- jimmy is dead!
Grovesy: As if he would announce his retirement before Melbourne plays
EagleBoy: im powered at selwood and rooke
montey: C'mon Chapman !!!! The boy from the Norhern Suburbs !!!!
KouDogg: Wooot go Mattner and CMON GOODES!!!!!!!!
hachoo: milburn better gun it after half time.
hawks15: whys every1 saying goodbye
I hate SFC: come on corey, with the scores you pump you can still make 100
adam2: well done chappy good quater
Aussieroo: u'd love to have stokes in supercoach
WC08: flower u milburn u cower
montey: Monty, whats your thoughts on JACKY for Adelaide?? Is he worth a buy in DT?
Cartman121: Swans putting up a good fight
robbyg: Bolton, Johnson and Kirk doing great!!! Goodes a bloody waste again!!!
Pancho: forgot i had milburn. come on son.
Matt Youd: cmon rok
EagleBoy: I am powered off at Jimmy he didnt get a possy for 20 minutes neither did sellers.
darcy: stevie j and barlow doin pretty good
darcy: hawkins shower y didnt i buy u
pump: need at least 50 from milburn in second half and im set for 2000
Medman: omfg steve johnson 25 sc???wtf???
Banjyyy: so is neitz playin tomorrow?
EagleBoy: wtf why isnt hazza taylor playing he's on my bench but still where is he why is he dropped?
montey: Who Started this Neitz rumour???
Banjyyy: u!
bock441: i have kirk barlow and stevey
montey: Who "U" Banjyyy?
skycam: heard Nick Gill is a late replacement!! Captain next week!!!!!
Gritty: where the shower is barry hall??? hes my captain this week!!
GOGOS: so did neitz retire for real if so the best foot foward for the dees all year
montey: Hey Gritty no silly comments!!!
dilshan9: F U K N Milburn....wat a hero...
Banjyyy: someone called montey said: "Breaking News" Neitz has retired!
ffdigs: chewy you there
Gritty: phwweeew lucky i had darren jolly as VC +) :d :() :P <:)
montey: Banjyy, no silly comments.... or else...
kovach: hey gritty have u been living in a hole
Deeman: Carn abblet barlow and blake!
Banjyyy: i just wanna know if it is true
Zeratul: Gritty: where the shower is barry hall??? hes my captain this week!! are you for real??? :D
ffdigs: hows goodes playing?? im overseas have no coverage
jfr444: is there a strong wind at skilled or something?
kovach: goodes is playin shower
simo_k: trent west may not even break even
ffdigs: whats does shower mean
Gritty: yeh theres always a big brendan blowing at skilled.
Gritty: a big brendan gale.
jfr444: why isn't kennelly playing?
foresthill: gritty is g.A.y
kovach: s%^t it just blocks it
I hate SFC: goodes is playing because goodes IS
simo_k: dont swear flower heads :)
Gritty: im quite sure goodes isn't shower mate. i think two brownlows may prove your statement erroneous.
kovach: flower u u flowerin flowertard
Deeman: i think i am going to traide mooney....good choice??
DAL=Super*: big second half from scarlet and c bolton
jfr444: does ne1 know whats rong with kennelly?????
pump: tackle to corey
godons16: brownlow's are a dime a dozen. I've got five.
makingme: Hey guys just got home, can someone pls tell me what is wrong with Tadhg??
EagleBoy: Im gonna lose one match by 300 points and win the other by like 800
godons16: Kennelly has gigantism
Murder Inc: Can someone wake up Milburn?
pump: barry possibly injured
godons16: Prismall carving it up..
D3miiR: cmon okeefe mate i got u instead of johnson dont let me down
Tiger03: corey flowerin ripper
EagleBoy: omfg bartel
jmeery: is bartel on the ground?
ryz.: yeah glad prismall gettin a lot of the footy, welcome back gambo next week to show you how
D3miiR: coreyy wtf? 2 mins 12 pionts ?? gun +3:D
jfr444: will someone flowering tell me why kennelly isnt playing
DAL=Super*: Jimmy has beeen flying since 1/4 time. haha
ROMANO: is any one watchin it live
demonboy13: What the?? joel corey has gone from 33 to 48 in the first 3 minutes of this quarter
damoc85: wow corey having a big qtr
EagleBoy: Bartel. I will kill you I dont pay you 500,000 to get 45 in 2.5 quarters
Tiger03: corey shower not (smile)
godons16: He was omitted. Paul Roos thinks he is shower
D3miiR: kk okeefe i hate u:D! cmon mate
adam2: Gaz - Good work Chappy Good work Milburn shower Barlow shower
godons16: more capitals!! more exclamation marks!!!!!!
bbco49: milburn is very overrated DT wise
WC08: milburn u flowering wower of a cower
godons16: He is today..
ROMANO: come on hawkins
ROMANO: what is hawkins SC
bock441: milburn s a wanka
foxy_dal: milubrun your a dud
seanmorr: the mongrels took 3 points off ling when bartel gave the free against goodes
ffdigs: chewy are you there
EagleBoy: I.Hate.Bartel.And.Selwood.OMG WTF BARTEL -3 HOW DID HE KNOW IT WAS A FREE
Tiger03: the shutdown has been implemented
dilshan9: milburn isnt overated every other year he does well...this year his done pretty shower..well below his par..him and pav fk
D3miiR: omg i wish i had johnson...i got okeefe instead of him
foxy_dal: great west overtook milburn now
Tanski: Go LRT! my capt! gun
trub77: goodes always gets going in the 2nd half, make 80 and i will consider keeping you
darcy: stev johnson finally proving my critics wrong
EagleBoy: Bartel is a wonka cha cha cha cha cha bartel is a wonka cha cha cha cha cha cha GET POINTS hero
darcy: come on barlow
ffdigs: chewy ?????
darcy: bartel will still crack 100 man calm down
bbco49: milburns fine in sc most of the time, dt its just 70s and 80s with the odd crappy score, not worth his price
pawzy: cam mooney, superstar
roddy27: im laughing at all the people who jumped off johnson after 2 quiet weeks
essendon11: hunt milburn mattner LIFT
Tiger03: goodes is coming good
random.chu: ffdigs who are you?
darcy: come on johnson 100 by 3 wtr time !
ffdigs: i am ffdigs
spence37: shut up eagle boy
Dijon: need Kelly and Stokes to step up
darcy: same rooddy lknew he would come good
adam2: cmon Barlow
ffdigs: who are you random chu
Sting69: I bet someone that Bartel wouldn't make 90 this far so good
Kristian: everyone clap milburn
random.chu: i'm chewy...
darcy: bartel should make 90 he was killing it early
KouDogg: GOODES AND MATTNER go boys go!!!
ffdigs: sting69 you are a k n o b
ROMANO: whooooooooooo gary ablett
Sting69: I think Milburn is on his last legs...not quick enough these days to get a huge score
pump: steve johnson = soft and easy touches, never gets the hard ball
Salisbury: Go Mattner
D3miiR: okeefe is killing me
ffdigs: whats going on chew diz
darcy: go barlow
spence37: is bartel getting tagged?
Sting69: how am I a knob? nice language on you ffdigs
ffdigs: headless kenneley not playing, no emergency in my backline chew diz
roddy27: thats right pump-- soft and easy all the way to 85!!!
loopy_cam: Cmon Jack. Equal Selwood.
Medman: go mattner...much better
Sting69: I think someone needs a banning
trub77: is barlow on the bench??
Keza41: Go Johnson Ablett and Chapman!!!!!!!!!
pricey: yep norm smith medals goes to soft players who dont get the hard ball, fk off pump
Tiger03: its the shutdown guys get ready for some shower scores
darcy: come on barlow another couple of goals to crack 60
fabman: CMON COREY atleast 80 cmon
ffdigs: sting69 you are k n ob because you gave bartel a hard time you k n o b biter
Keza41: Milburn will at least have 60 by the end of the game he racks up a lot of last possesions
Sting69: Is it unfair to give a rookie a snowflake? Be fair to Prismall he is only new
random.chu: sucked in ffdigs, ps who are you haha. and how do i know ya?
darcy: goodes go son go
ffdigs: i think your mum needs a banning sting 69 you knob
Sting69: yes because Bartel is busy on this computer and not playing...maybe thats why he is not scoring
ROMANO: cmon kirrky
EagleBoy: i dont like bartel!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT LIKE ROOKE AND SELWOOD AND SCARLETT
ffdigs: got me random chu , i was looking for a mate called chewy
pump: johnson is only good when his teammates handball to him
Sting69: m0nty needs to ban people who deserve it...maybe like ffdigs and not people making random jokes
J-Mit41: milburn wont get 2 60
Keza41: y doesn't Trent west have a snowflake!!! Oh i forgot this has got to be his best score yet!!! haha
random.chu: probs another chewy, but luvin the jives on sting69 keep it up
EagleBoy: Bartel Back on the points?
jfr444: whats happened to kelly??? injured or jst shower???
darcy: johnson is a gun full stop hes so unselfish
Murder Inc: Milburn is really giving me the shower's
Dijon: dammit, c'mon Kelly lift, Stokes is pulling his weight so far, need a couple more goals though
darcy: steve j go man 140 please
Sting69: never talk about my mum ffdigs....low dog act
bock441: milburn s a wanka & oloughlin
adam2: Barlow Milburn in my backline:(
darcy: here come the swans
ccdigs: i love your mum she just left my place thanks sting 69
EagleBoy: selwood and bartel are NOT going well. WOO JIMMY +8 but still shower
Dijon: +16, what the hell
damoc85: is ling still on goodes?
tima14: bartel shower
ccdigs: thanks random chu i will pal
Keza41: i got Johnson Ablett and Chappy so i'm happy!!! =]
dilshan9: flowerm milbrun u HACk
pricey: swans r playing fking well considering no hall and kennelly
asome: gggggggoooooooggggeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss
Sting69: my god there is no law and order here...maybe barry hall needs to come round your place and smack you in the chops
Number: i picked sydney
darcy: barlow terrible
asome: wops ggggggggooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss
Murder Inc: Some tell that hack Milburn that it's not against the law to get a kick...
dilshan9: murder inc i flower agree MILBURN HACKER ASSHOLE
Murder Inc: someone*
ryz.: good barlow and okeefe!
darcy: last minute 5 points to johnson come on
Number: i min until 3Q time
ethos35: i just saw abletts SC score...141...unbelivable
seanmorr: bloody bartel free ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
darcy: bartel goal :)
EagleBoy: OH BARTEL YOU HAVE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS! Even if you didn't deserve the free!
qqdigs: i just smacked your mum on the chops sting 69 she loves it
godons16: MILBURN!!! He's carvin it up now!!!
mollyfud: Wow this is a tight one!
adsburgo: do something joel corey!!!!!
KouDogg: Goodes and Mattner need big last quaters
Number: 16sec until 3 Q time
Luke: i hope gablett reaches the ton
masontang: geez josh hunt is soft
damoc85: cmon swans i need u to win for my multi
fabman: who else has corey captain spewing eyy
Keza41: Hey sting 69 tell ya mum i left a box of chocolates under her pillow!!!! thanks
adam2: cmon Barlow beat ur BE
corza21: me
Deeman: yeah go barlow!
demonboy13: i do....corey as captain is absolutely killing me!!
Zeratul: 73. 73, 55, 39 :| not the best for scarlett and hawkins that one :(
godons16: You would have to be a moron to have Corey captain this week.
asome: come on jack godes and bartel stopppppppppp!!!!
EagleBoy: I love matthew pavlich only 15 dt points in the other game he is my opponents cap'n
adsburgo: corey is my skip
ttdigs: stings69 mum loves it great girl
darcy: are those sc scores right
dilshan9: Milburn srsly WTF and BIRD WTF.....
Keza41: c'mon Johnson, Ablett and Chappy reach the ton!!!!!!!! =]
EagleBoy: 22, 35, 43, 55, 57, 70 and 73 for me. NOT IMPRESSED WITH THIS GAME
noffle: Bird should be dropped.
adsburgo: why would u be a moron to have coery as captain he is number 1 fantasy player after first 4 rounds
darcy: Johnson 120 Barlow 65 will be happy
kovach: ablett is killing it in supercoach
don23: 158 SC ablett! his in my team!! wohoo his making it up for kenelly!
asome: hurry up
random.chu: digs ahahah i love your evasive work, mad respect
Dijon: is stokes back out on the paddock yet?
godons16: Because they're playing Sydney. Moron. Have a look!!
Cottagers: Abletts going to get 200 in sc if he keeps this up!!
adsburgo: its joel corey playing for gelong moron
Jeremick: Mattner 80 would be lovely
Luke: mattner has had 4 frees against he would be on 71 without them
Realist: Corey 80, Mattner 80 and Hunt 60 will keep me happy
darcy: johnson big last qtr to make up for pavlich
Anbu: bloody milburn 25 dt
darcy: traded bloody burton for rioli
ttdigs: thanks random chu, sting69 get what he deserves he is such a d i k lover
Pancho: i cant believe milburn.
bock441: con gooods show
Athomas: Cmon Jack, Mattner, Chappy :)
godons16: Sydney should be banned. They suck. Hard.
dilshan9: milburn u fuc
WC08: milburn u better flowering double what uve got u crab
ryz.: wow moore bout to kick a snausage...good game!
damoc85: goal swans
darcy: moore goals
Dijon: I need Kelly to score as much in this quarter as he has for the last 3 quarters and I'll be happy
pricey: Sydney suck? ye of little knowledge Godons16
DAL=Super*: Anyone watch the cricket last night. McCullum was going ok.
fabman: 4fk sake COREY
Murder Inc: Why Milburn, why??????
darcy: come on johnson be top od geelong loving corey soing crap
ryz.: comon okeefe big quarter bud!
morts: McCullum dominated
DAL=Super*: lift bolton lift (Craig)
darcy: ablett about to crack 100
godons16: They suck at DT and make every other team they play suck too.
DAL=Super*: gazzza
D3miiR: ablett hits the ton.
darcy: didnt know the cricket was on and i was up till 1 apparrently 120 of like nothing
adam2: Ablett my Captain WOOO keep going.
adam2: Need Chappy to get 90 and Barlow to get 60
Villie88: monty, isn't there anything better you could right about ablett, then tagged by jack, he is absolutely ripping it.
Dijon: c'mon Cats, smash those bloody swans!
pricey: Sydney suck cause they make players suck at DT? if u make a Geelong player captain today then thats ur fault
ethos35: the cricket was edge went for 6
Daggsy: damn, Joel Corey must get 100..... 45 in one quarter is impossible against sydney though....
bock441: f u corey
Esoteric: 158 off 73 balls
D3miiR: corey i need 80, okeefe cmon mate wake up
rhyselmi: 188 supercoach ablett
darcy: holy crap abett going berserk
EagleBoy: sydney are the worst "team". chappy and bartel cmon the ton what is wrong with rooke
adam2: Barlow kick a goal and get over 50
godons16: I didn't make a Geelong player captain but I have Geelong players.. moron. Get over yourself.
DAL=Super*: Ablett going ok for captain PRICEY??
KouDogg: Goodes get 70+, same with you Mattner!!!!!!!
don23: really 188?
darcy: HAWKINS what a player
i_ rule_ u: darcy knows nothing bout footy
demonboy13: Come on Corey!!! PLEASE have a big quarter!!!
Dijon: is Stokes even on the field ???
Jeremick: Geez Ablett
adam2: Thank god i kept ablett captain he just kick another 1
Villie88: 198 for ablett on super, HAHA!
D3miiR: ablettt!
damoc85: gazza
Luke: gary ablett you superstar what a goal
darcy: ablett goal game ova ablett u freak
Gritty: whats is wrong with rooke?? hes dogmeat thats whats wrong with him. why dont you get alipate carlile while your at it.
HodgiesPie: ablett is going apesh!t
DAL=Super*: yeah ethos35 boundries were like 30 meters. ABLETT YAY. i stuck with him as captain. :)
ethos35: i dont even understand how gaz ablett is doin so well in SC...24 possis and a goal is good but not that good
EagleBoy: FARRRRRRRRRRRR out damnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmn it ablett goals ffs he is against bartel in my match and bartel is getting owned
pricey: He is indeed Dal, worked out well. very game to do so though, good work.
adam2: ablett my capt for sc and dt:)
Salisbury: Woo Hoo Ablett. Too badhe person I playing has him as well
the oaks: 200 on sc ablett
darcy: man i have kerr and goodes instead of dal and ablett :(
the vibe: go miss milburn
J-Mit41: gazza has done me proud
Villie88: his got 4 tackles, and 5 marks, most of his kicks or handballs must've been effective :)
pricey: get over yourself? dont make comments about Sydney just cause ur crying that ur geelong boys arent going that great lol
BrwnBottle: ablett my captain in SC :-)
Medman: if ling gets 90 and mattner and j bolton get 80 each ill b hapy
rhyselmi: ablett 216
the oaks: 216 sc
darcy: JOHNSON yehhhhhhhhhh
MightyQuin: Gablett!!
Villie88: Ablett another 1, haha, his gonna hit 150 easy :)
adam2: 216 for ablett
Salisbury: 216 SC for GAzza
pricey: thank u Stevie J, show me the money
godons16: Hall was the only Swan I had. Should have got 100 points for smashing an eagle.
MightyQuin: Milburn is hurting me!
darcy: shower sc going to be big weekly winner this week
godons16: Yeah mate. I'm crying.
Villie88: HAHAHAH, ABLETT ON 219 in super :P
ryz.: im happy with a jimmy bartel going that, the guy im playing has him
KouDogg: Goodes get 18 more points and Mattner get 11 more.....U DUDS!!!!
trub77: cmon goodes, lift your game
Gritty: shouldve got 100 games for smashing an eagle
i_ rule_ u: villie 88 dont pretend you know football
darcy: ablett again
pricey: agreed Godons, love Bazza
darcy: wait that was sydneys ablett haha
tima14: lift macckie!
Jeremick: Geez Mattner
adam2: O flower in sc i changed my captain to C.Cornes NOOO
darcy: mattner isnt a dud goodes doing bad tho
Galen: gablett has 222 points in SC.
WC08: good work darren u fu**ing cun*
Mickazor: what happened to kennelly guys?
darcy: corey doing bad :)
KouDogg: yeh i no but there scores are duds.....
adam2: y did i change to cornes fudge
darcy: man c wood was a wste kreuzer would have been so much better
trub77: who had a bet on bartel not to make 90
kovach: wtf ABLETT U SUPERSTAR 222 in SC if only i had u in my team:(
PicklesPA: lol sydney start to challenge then cats step on the gas
godons16: Kennelly was fired.
DAL=Super*: anyone on SC with Ablett as captain are well on their way to a good week. Thats ME.
darcy: told u bartel would get 100 hes too good
Esoteric: hamstring tightness
Keza41: y didn't i put ablett as my captain!!!! =[
J-Mit41: hasnt got 100 yet
jhkr: hamstring tightness darcy
divvydan: just checked, kept ablett SC captain :D
adam2: cornes u betetr get 200 urself
Carnablues: who should i trade Milburn for???
WC08: congrats milburn ur the lowest flowerstick out there
KouDogg: Goodes + 1 YAY!!!
Jeremick: Barry - Bolton - Bolton - O Keefe to WHERE THE **** IS MATTNER
i_ rule_ u: trade milburn for ryan griffen he's a gun
obimikel: carnablues how about no1!!! hes playing sydney!!!!!!!!!!
godons16: Milburn to Rooke.
DAL=Super*: scarlet a disappointment.
lionspro: there goes Ablett's price....
dilshan9: Milbuirn last FFS
trub77: get at least 70 points goodes
darcy: johnson 120 please
Esoteric: dont trade milburn... last year was his first consistent year but hes been averaging 80+ for ages
WC08: u flowerin ripper
Athomas: @#$% at ablett. Hall and Tuck for G ablett and Forward rookie. Sounds good 2 me ;)
andykangas: y o y did i change my captian from ablett to judd :(
Kristian: milburn +11 haha
EagleBoy: Argh 3AW feed gone...
EagleBoy: HI ESOTERIc!
darcy: symes carnablues
EagleBoy: Cmon hawkins i need anothe rgoal from you
captainw: Can anyone tell me if Corey is even on the ground?
Jeremick: Mattner get anything for rushing behinds cause that's all i've seen him do
Medman: does any1 hve o'loughlin on dere team?
Rochefort: OH no!!!!!! I have ablett as vice captain.. and my opponent has him as captain NOOOOOO
davegross_: harry taylor > andrew mackie... bring him back
Kristian: milburn will get 60
adam2: Chapman has stoped:(
EagleBoy: A goal FULL STOP! Hawkins hasnt got one!
Carnablues: milburn has been very avg last few games.... been a while since consistent 80+
Esoteric: hey eagleboy
dilshan9: Milburn yer start now u hero
Rochefort: now I want cornes a late withdrawal :p
fabman: OMG corey u cant buy a touch
godons16: Corey is blocking for Milburn.
WC08: darren ur the man hahahahaha, just get to 50 and id be just powered, 60 and id be a lil powered
lindsaybet: adrian galati you are a poof
ryz.: just heard on the radio okeefe 9 ineff kicks from 11, milburn been outstanding on him!? bl for dt for milburn
Athomas: Chapman, Mattner, Jack cmon :)
ethos35: thank god none of my opponents has gaz ablett
Murder Inc: Milburn is alive?!
Mickazor: bird touch the ball you hack
darcy: come on barlow
jhkr: SC is crap stop talkinga bout that stupid game we only care about DT
damoc85: moore goal again!
pricey: go u swans, fk i hate the cats
WC08: u beauty joel corey, welcome to the team in couple weeks
DAL=Super*: Scarlet get over 60 and bolton get over 70 mattner over 80. COMEON
andykangas: yyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllllleeeeeeetttttttttttttt
Cartman121: Gazza ablett is a freak, carn Prismall some late touches would be awsome
KouDogg: Goodes and Mattner please get above 70 and i will be reasonably happy
damoc85: rooke on goodes - time for goodes to motor
Luke: when gaz is playing well he is phenominal
andykangas: SC owns DT
godons16: Milburn first 4 rounds = 99,77,89,72.. yeah that's pretty shower.
LARA: cmon the cats
essendon11: hunt milburn mattner :@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@
fabman: murder inc r u from adelaide
Mickazor: congratulations on the +3 bird. you're a legend mate
Esoteric: Cartman do u have prismall?
darcy: johnson one more goal
essendon11: garyyy yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbblllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
LARA: god im a genius
bock441: goods 76
WC08: carn milbs another +11 and i wont beat u with a ten foot pole
jonnyf: you are losers
Murder Inc: No
nectarios9: mooney suks
Daggsy: what is the deal with J.Corey????
Xie54: What a fantastic, exciting, thrilling, magnificent, sensational finish to this game!
adam2: moores got it
tima14: bartel 110 and mackie 70 hopefully!
Athomas: Chapman going ok in DT, bad in SC :(
KouDogg: Goodes and Mattner please just kick to kick for the last watever minutes left
Jeremick: Mattner-70 would be nice
EagleBoy: What's different about SC?
Realist: Kirk happened to Corey
Medman: yes...j bolton 80 yaya...
dilshan9: bird and milbunr touched the ball in 2 qtrs...
hiredgoons: Ablett on 225 in supercoach.
Pancho: go milburn. you must have plenty left considering youve done nothing.
EagleBoy: Who ever told me that Bartel would still crack the hunjy is a legend
Cartman121: No estoric, by i want him to play well and hopefully cement a spot in the team so i could pick him up later down theline
longaz: ive just been for about an hour and kellys gone up lik 5 points. any reason?
Chirpin: f Corey stays where he is will drop about $20,000 in price
seanmorr: what is chapman in sc
DAL=Super*: scarlet ur making me cry
EagleBoy: WOAHHHHHHH Bartel 9 tackles u leg.
andykangas: yablett proving his price right here and now
Blah88: good work stevey Jono, but im not happy with Corey he is my captain
longaz: hey carter. did u play footy
EagleBoy: woo scarlett selwood bartel 3 teamers
Athomas: 60ish sean.
KouDogg: Goodes get 5 more and Mattner get 7 more please..........
Cartman121: Longa, because he is an overrated hack :P, +5
LARA: Carn Stevie J get on more
DAL=Super*: Shoulda had a shot Ablett
Cartman121: where were u today long???? Pothead kicked like 5.3
darcy: ablett holy crap
adam2: on chappy get the century
EagleBoy: what happebed to dt webwsite?
seanmorr: bugger have him in sc opponent has him in dt doh
GakAttack: having anyone captain against swans is stupid
darcy: stsve j 120please
fabman: blah88 he my aptain aswekk man ima lose now fkk
longaz: r u 4 cereal. b4 this game he was avg 102 and was like $8000000000 cheaper than corey, ablett, bartel
EagleBoy: I know a captain against sydney is completely stupid. Against Essendon is good
Sherm: go ablett!!
fabman: 238 g ablett supercoach says luke darcy
adam2: gakataack so havong ablett captain this week ur sayn is stufpid?
pricey: thats gold, Luke Darcy is watching the SC scores and talking about it on CH10 lol
dilshan9: flower ablett...screwing me over..
Chirpin: haha did u hear what the commentator said. Mentioned Gablets scoe
DAL=Super*: GakAttack having Ablett is captain isnt making me look stupid. DT or SC.
LARA: Eagle Boy you have no idea mate
JNR23: apparently G Ablett is on 238 in SC
andykangas: yablett keeps on rising in SC score, 236 now :D
essendon11: hunt milburn mattner :@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@
Ranga 1: Ablett has over 200 in super coach!
lindsaybet: age your a poof
Blah88: O'Feefe pick it up c'mon
DaVe86: milburn has been very quiet last few weeks, hurting me bad
GakAttack: you would be lucky... im happy to depate scores of players against Sydney compared to against others if you would like?
Burgey: GAblett for brownlow?
adam2: ABLETT:D:D Chapman:) Barlow:( Milburn:@
godons16: Ablett just went up to 400 in SC
Chirpin: Ablett is a star
GakAttack: debate*
Athomas: Bloody Ablett. Why couldn't he be a forward like last year :P
trub77: ablett another goal
Cartman121: everyone flower knows ablett has over 200 in sc get over it!, LONG why didnt u play today?
longaz: wot team. 3rds? did u guys somehow win
DAL=Super*: ablett yes.
fabman: and againa abllet 4 flower sake
Realist: Ablett again!
EagleBoy: Selwood's had a good last 10mins Ablett another goal geez
Kristian: lol gablett another goal
corneskip: flower u hunt
adam2: ablett againn yablettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Blah88: nah i dont think so
Luke: hahaha gaz, shame i didn't make him captain...
simo_k: goal to ablett
tima14: one more kick and mark mackie plz!
Jeremick: Wow Ablett
DAL=Super*: Dont take him off!!!!!!!
enormohead: you guy are a joke....heros
KouDogg: Get 2 more Goodes and 4 more Mattner PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
kovach: 249 now
freakycats: nah joel corey for brownlow
darcy: ablett off best qtr ever johnson 130 here we come
adam2: 148 jeez
ryz.: has barlow got a touch for the whole second half?
bock441: goods get 76
Villie88: Can he hit the 150???????
Blah88: LOL go Stevy Johnson
Athomas: OMG. What is the record for SC score? Last years best wa 227.
EagleBoy: lol rexy hunt is a leg
Medman: damn crappy sc week
pricey: Ablett just broke the all time SC score of Nathan Buckleys
godons16: Geez I'm glad nobody I'm playing has Gazza.
Chirpin: Darcy says greatest SC score eva 251
fabman: now 251 new record thanx darcy
kihkih: gary ablett single handedly pwned my whole team.
Villie88: Unbelievable 249 in supercoach, he'd be a pretty amazing captain.
pricey: Buckley had the record Athomas
adam2: Chappy cmon reach 100
Isotopes: lindsaybet you are nowhere!
EagleBoy: bartel 24 possies 10 tackles and 2 goals. leg I was hating him 30 minutes ago
trub77: goodes cracks 70, reasonably happy with that after his start
saber05: kelly let me down
mollyfud: Not on the bench Ablett won't (although if anyone could it would be him!)
Blah88: his my Vice capt, i shooda made him Cpat
Ranga 1: Ablett got another goal, frieckin gun..... and I dont have him :(
lionspro: his price to buy will be a blllion, blllion, million dollars lol
Teddler: sc score wil fluctuate after game
wchiri: phew gablett as captain :)
darcy: johnson dead bartel king mooney goals
Rochefort: 251 jeeez, that is 500 points captaincy, geez
pricey: Bartel has 174 SC points, fk i changed him as captain for McLeod
godons16: I think it will be closer to a gazillion. Lets be realistic here.
KouDogg: Goodes got my 70+ good, now Mattner do the same please....
don23: he was my vice capt to gazza. heath shaw better play well
essendon11: stokes 100+
lindsaybet: actually lionspro it will probably be closer to 500,000 that is too much
adam2: Chappy join in the fun:@
godons16: Does anyone know why Kennelly isn't playing?
al 6: ablett got sc record over 250
Athomas: G ablett's current SC price?
GakAttack: geelong are freaks... sydney were a chance not long ago. now 40 points ha
Blah88: lol 150
Isotopes: lindsaybet what kind of a name is that?
DAL=Super*: Scarlet kick a goal
Medman: yay...lings back on
paramore: kennelly out because he didnt feel like losing by 40 points.
Burgey: Stokes had a nice game. Hawkins went home at half time
crowsfan22: ablett is my sc captain, u beauty
Villie88: absolutely demolished sydney in the last qtr.
lionspro: I have him as Vice captain in DT
Medman: come on break 80 still a chance
Zeratul: 4 players = 195 @ half time, now only up to 279 :|
mollyfud: Boy! Thats unbelievable and hes back on!
TYYYYYpole: opponent has ablett captian > NOOO
essendon11: milburn hunt mattner Last minute pionts cmon
KouDogg: Ablett is a freak....i wish i got him
torres_9: i am buying ablett next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
clevois_1: ablet captin hell yea
darcy: ablett breaking my heart
tima14: wow ablett
lindsaybet: stop scoring corey
adam2: 325 from 4 in this game not to bad
Athomas: G ablett is making me sick. :( lol.
Chirpin: Yeah u do that Torres
KouDogg: Mattner 1 more POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EagleBoy: Bartel and Ablett are pure class. I think Chapman is dead
Buck Naked: bartel and stokes for me:)
lionspro: Should try to buy him for SC, going to be hard now
Number: BARTEL IS ON FIRE and so is ablett
fabman: corey atleast hit 70
Cartman121: Having 0 Geelong players is starting to hurt =(
Number: final score
fabman: 142 as corey captain wna cry
EagleBoy: Bartel and Ablett have had monsters of a last quarter and it has proved great for geelong pulling away amazingly in Q$
adam2: disspointed with chappy
Keza41: Go Ablett!!!!!!!! i wish i put you as my captain!!! =[
NavyBlue: catman your a fool if you dont have n e geelong players
robbo11: i feel u cartman
NavyBlue: cartman*
KouDogg: agree Cartman121 :(....
torres_9: who should i trade 4 ablett, thompson (adel) or corey (gee)?
TomRulz: Ablett=Freak!!!!
Dijon: there goes bartel
Chirpin: Yeah same Cartman
J-Mit41: wat?
gelab: shower ablett has 280 on sc
godons16: I think Chapman still made his BE..
Medman: disspointed in o'keefe
EagleBoy: That is crazy. 3/5 through Q4 it was 10 points. Bartel and Ablett pwned at the end and made it 6 goals
nooka: chappy one goal come on
J-Mit41: 252!?!
Deeman: ablett is my capt :D
KouDogg: Mattner get 1 more????
noffle: What was with the 'Don't pick Geelong players as captain'? Grr...
Athomas: Holy @#$%. Bartel managed 179 as well. that's massive too.
mollyfud: COrey. Bonus is his price will drop (I think)
Number: ablett
longaz: thank god the bleeding has stopped
kovach: hats off to ableet for a ripper of game
NavyBlue: trade thompson torres
TomRulz: 252 u freeek
kovach: ablett'
mollyfud: Wow, its not often you feel bad about your SC capt only getting 179! Damm, Should have went Ablett!
Esoteric: wowzers
torres_9: thats wat i was thining
EagleBoy: Can bartel get to 500000 next week? He IS playing freo and averages over 100 against them
jhkr: 252 big deal SC is great
JNR23: Corey's BE was 101 if anyone is interested
Sting69: So funny one of my opponents has Ablett as his VICE hope Marc Murphy has a shocker
Cartman121: Jolly?
don23: ABLETT YOU GUN. i traded him for corey what a trade.
EagleBoy: i got 13 players left and havce got only 800 crap
MitchBeacs: ablett as captain on supercoach how freak am i
DAL=Super*: Ablett makes up for scarlet. Bolton and mattner not god enough.
hachoo: silly milburn, should have stuck with mackie
JNR23: My opponent had G Ablett as vice captain also. Nevrtheless Bartel isnt a bad alternative
i_ rule_ u: hi boys
i_ rule_ u: torre_9 do u go 4 liverpool?
EagleBoy: We are geelong th egreatest team of all we are geelong were always on the ball we play the game as it should be played
noffle: lol, projected 2392. I'd take that.
POWer: does anyone know why kennelly didnt play?
cookiez: LOL Ablett 252
DAL=Super*: 900 with 13 to go plus the rest of PAV PORPZ and BURTONS second halves. lets get 2200
Athomas: lol gabletts DT went down but SC went up :P
OggMonster: How do I get my projected score?
rascals: oggmonster you have to have someone playing to get a projected score
Ranga 1: Gry ablett had a reasonalbe match, only got 254 in super coach though lol
cats_08: sc ablett captain!!!!
corza21: ableet captain bartell stokes jollynd goodes for sc wooooo
Dutchyz1: obviously jack is a terrible tagger
Reflector: Nick Davis: "Harley on him".
knockers: ablett capt in dt wwwhhhooooo wat can you say!!!! LEGEND
mt.theo: not to bad, ablett, bartel, chapman, corey and harley
lindsaybet: last comment?
mr gor: no last comment for you buddy, jolly's back baby!!
carrben12: nope
Mike619: no you lose