Chat Log: R1, Richmond 17.7.109 d Carlton 11.13.79

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mollyfud: Bloody DT
uggugg: Hands up if you stuffed up your DT!!!
matthodges: argh! cant get into to change my side
Oliver07: agreed molly, lucky im in same position, casue im in ur league
mollyfud: Not too bad! Just one defender short
Dublin18: everyone's in the same boat
wchiri: hands up if you don't even know you're team
mollyfud: Haha
bennyshaw: yeah, tried to get jarryd geary in, but both the severs for DT & SC were down
Geoff: bloody DT and Easter start to the season
mollyfud: Its the few that got through though!
matthodges: dont even know ur team, thats a bit chiripants
matthodges: dont even know ur team, thats a bit chiripants
tigermania: it happens every year
TeamLactos: what the hell happened i hope its not just me that screwed
Hawks08: hey guys, how do i see how my team is scoring??
Geoff: should be a law against starting the season at Easter
wchiri: pik up ur phone hodge
sleekism: wchiri did u like my barlow recommendation?
sleekism: wchiri did u like my barlow recommendation?
Cartman121: Murphy better slow down, i will be cursing the gods if he outscores N.Jones...
Oliver07: comon stevens- my accidental captian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooo
wchiri: sleekism you poof...get barlow..get barlow...ARGHHH
TeamLactos: where is coughlan is he still injured
TeamLactos: anyone
Shakin77: judds going great yo
BigSudz: shower, Jordan Bannister Captain......
Oliver07: missing round 1, m0nty wats happening with stevens
Shakin77: kade cant kick streat
jtyle098: f**k, i didnt make a captain
matthodges: i chose goodes instead of judd coza judds groin.....bloody hell
Hawks08: wher can i see how my team is going.. isnt there a new feature on fanfooty
Shakin77: gooooooooooooooooooo the blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wchiri: suck it up hodge
BigSudz: Why does Richard Tambling even play footy?
Jeremick: I thought AFL site had live scoring?
Shakin77: scotland sould get a move on
LeFtBehinD: Question if you're on Monty, AFL Gameday live has SC live scores, is this possible with Fanfooty?
bennyshaw: nathan brown, 1 handball
anonymousg: the damn afl website deleted my team that i had been working on for 3 months
das_champs: SC live scores where?
Jeremick: lol lucky i got rid of Brown. Gotta love Murphy though
rowshow: judd will break down and re injure his groin you watch and see
dubberz: i bloody hope judd doesn't do well. i had him and then dropped him
LeFtBehinD: Where the hell is Bowden?? Must be injured otherwise the new Tigers gameplan sucks.
rowshow: i didnt have time to select any emergencies!!! bloody overtime!
rowshow: do they automatically select 3 emergencies if i havent selected any?
Ingall: Bowden still scoring, but he'd want to get a wriggle on. 12pts not enough... not for what he costs!
m0nty: Gibbs and Bowden :(
jtyle098: no
rowshow: i dropped stevens for johnstone hope i dont get burned!!
dubberz: i like the chat feature monty
dubberz: go foley :)
Daggsy: Nathan Brown......shiza
fordfalcon: stevens carrazzo and deledio...
Tobias65: nick stevens great pick for me. great value, he was so cheap. and wake up bowden please!
fordfalcon: stevens = biggest bargain in dt history
simplicity: bowden so annoying.. so wished i had gotten raines..
Reflector: Pick it up Bowden!
TeamLactos: go jake edwards stuck himin last min
Monkee: edwards is doing well
Shakin77: no talking about stevens his great]
rowshow: judds gone quiet, told ya, groin must be troubling him
dmac: wtf with gibbs?
fordfalcon: thats what im saying - he was so cheao cos he didnt play last yr..and hes so good..hence a bargain.
Monkee: judds been off
fizban2207: Whats the deal with Simmonds, hasnt scored for ages
Shakin77: go juddy!!!!!!! he will score heps and heps more
alex123711: flowerin brown, whats he doing???
LeFtBehinD: Tigers 54% kicking effeciency. Time to trade out all Tiger SC players.
rowshow: lol brown resorting to tagging carazzo to find some ball!!!
Cartman121: Judd takes a break on the bench and you auto assume its his groin...fool
joeycrack: bowden.. terrible captain choice on my behalf!
Tobias65: nathan brown watta goal!
bennyshaw: goal for browm lol
Jeremick: Deledio might hurt me this year if he keeps on playing forward. Richmond are in trouble
fordfalcon: apparently browny is "disinterested" haha
fordfalcon: my 2 carlton players are on fire
Tobias65: nick stevens, very happy with that pick. awsome value, so cheap! and wake up bowden! and raines!
Jeremick: Don't you just love it how murphy always kicks. :D
rowshow: i was joking, you know sarcasm?
LeFtBehinD: Richmond are finished for 2008. Give them the spoon now. What rubbish.
Monkee: sarcasm is hard to get with this chat feature, chief
Reflector: Foley continuing where he left off last season
bomberrob: hey can someone help me out
davin: tigers are useless
fordfalcon: what playing for a losing team?
Crows88: Monty, can you please put delays up for interstate viewers, thanks!
Drew04: I learnt last year from raines; useless
Daggsy: richard tambling has to be the worst top ten draft pick of the past decade
t0mmy_t0p: lolz
bomberrob: the scores on the site it has pts and DT .are the points column the scores for super coach?
dmac: wheres gibbs?
dubberz: gibbs is useless
dmac: footy
Jeremick: Look down the bottom for Gibbs lol.
oxyriffs: Urgh Bowden should do something
fizban2207: yes pts is SC
joeycrack: yeah pts is SC
dubberz: caaarn lids!
bomberrob: thks mate
Cartman121: Rich arent going to use Bowden as much this year, get off him ASAP, but in saying that he had a very slow start last yea
Tobias65: raines and bowden, big mistakes on my behalf!
AllWells8: Get near it Bowden..
bomberrob: thks mate
Oliver07: i sstevens off the ground m0nty????
oxyriffs: tOmmy tOp what sort of a name is that!!
tigermania: yes oliver
Daggsy: perhaps get that prozen icon off browny monty
dubberz: similar one to oxyriffs?
dubberz: ie. showere
pharmacy: wtf is bowden doing
Tobias65: get stevens back on i reckon.
Hawks08: is anybody having truble loading their team into exteem feature?
t0mmy_t0p: so's your face mate
oxyriffs: Do some work tommy!!!!!
dubberz: lucas better not burn me. knew i should've gone with richoman
Cartman121: Hawks 08, is that the live scoring feature? if so where is it?
Tobias65: bowden starting to make some more run through the midfield. he lifts, richmond lifts, perfect example of that richo goal
Reflector: bbboooooowwwwdddeeennnnn
Hawks08: jesus christ... thorton
rowshow: bloody delayed telecast in perth.
djch00k: Got Thorton in... hope he keeps it up all year.
Reflector: thornton = hack!
AllWells8: Bowden finishes well :)
t0mmy_t0p: sooo.....whats everyone got planned for the long weekend
Tobias65: that was such crap. richo back against the pack. clear mark. or clear free kick. bloody umpires ruin this game. agreed?
oxyriffs: Going out with a girl named Gina
Xie54: Thornton, LOL!
t0mmy_t0p: thats a coincidence, my girlfriends name is gina
pharmacy: im famous in japan
Geoff: Gina, that's the name I use when I go tranny
oxyriffs: and soft as butter
eddie1: come on Troy Simmonds
Jeremick: anyone know where I can find SC scores?
t0mmy_t0p: good on you mate
eddie1: yea thats what i wanna know
pharmacy: thats the name i use, do u hit up market? some hotties there
joeycrack: SC scores are on the afl site
alex123711: is hartlett on the bench? will he come back on you think?
moony: polak is going alright he just scored 4 points during the halft time break
alex123711: y is judd not on the field 24/7?? lol
pharmacy: alex123711, ur an idiot
Sunday2810: comon hartlett get your ass of the bench and make me some money!!
mitchwiz3: lift simmonds
alex123711: pharmacy, r u just here to abuse people?
eddie1: where the flower are the SC scores?
Hawks08: my flowering team got wiped! anyone else have this problem?
Sunday2810: shower i was gonna pick thornton in my dt too!
oxyriffs: Don't worry Alex he is a tosser!
Reflector: zzz
RenoAU: Suck shower Hawks08
oxyriffs: My team is fine
al 6: im in different country i cant watch the game who thinks raines and fev are guna step up next half?
jonesy: where can you get sc scores?
marcy_boy: yep Hawks08, my team got cleaned out too. its bullshower!
m0nty: Gibbs and Bowden starting on the bench in Q3 :(
RenoAU: You cant get supercoach scores u idiot
emojdog: n.g.brown is such a champion..... not.... flowerer
Jeremick: SC scores on AFL Gameday Live classified under points
pharmacy: na mate, here to watch dream team stats, and not to read poor comments
t0mmy_t0p: m0nty can i get a job with you :D
oxyriffs: x2
Jeremick: bloody hell, thornton
al 6: ul get ur team back settle down mate
Sunday2810: the boys on fire!
marcy_boy: we cant do anything, we get booted from the league and lose 4 trades. its cause of the bullshower afl server wich crashes.
Hawks08: how will i get my team back al?
Reflector: Cmon Simmo..
jonesy: thanks jeremick, ledg!
HANK: Lift Browney LIFT !
marcy_boy: you would think that after all these years would learn their lesson and fix the problem. it happens every year
Hawks08: marcy_boy, what is this about losing 4 trades and booted from the league!! WHAT!!!
al 6: typical
Reflector: Stevens has slowed down a bit.
brownballs: i hate dt
Monkee: afl site is showere
vaficarra: You should be the ones learning... if it happens every year, just dont stuff around with your team in the last hour!!!
Oliver07: this chat room is like a swearing stress relief blog right now...
marcy_boy: ok. well if you look under the ladder it says any team without 30 players is removed from the league it is in.
konnz: ive got the same problem with supercoach couldnt get my team in time and now i lose 4 trades hell sh!t
al 6: fev should have a leak on the field
Daggsy: lost your team.....whoo, stiff
vaficarra: Cuss all you like. You've seen it happen "every year" so just pick your team and stand by it.
marcy_boy: and if you go to ur team, which is empty, it says something on the right about picking your team after it unlocks, and..
vaficarra: So what if a couple players don't play round one. Get over it
marcy_boy: you only will have 16 trades for the rest of the year.
Hawks08: marcy boy, what about 4 trades? and could this whole wiped out thing just be a glitch?
t0mmy_t0p: monty...
marcy_boy: ah but u see vaficarra, i ddint. i looked in it after the lockout to have a look at somethign, and i see an empty field
Reflector: What's happened to Deledio?
m0nty: no tommy, I can't pay anyone! :D
pharmacy: tommy is devo,wtf is judd doing?
marcy_boy: hawks08 i hope its a glitch, but i dont know, im just going on what ive read from the parts ive told u...
marcy_boy: so sorry i cant be of more help!
mckinale: hi, im bryce gibbs, im a giant pussy.
t0mmy_t0p: you can pay me in lobe
t0mmy_t0p: *love
pharmacy: Im off guys, happy easter all
matthodges: is simmonds getn the tap and then having a seat on the ground or sumthin?
Daggsy: n.g.brown midfield and tigs win..... its so simple.....wallace is a very poor coach
al 6: judds bench right?
Daggsy: nah juddys on the ground, just missed a sitta
Sunday2810: thornton 100 already!
Reflector: Where is thornton playing? Across half back?
oxyriffs: bye guys have a good easter
cozzie: hi guys
al 6: i accidently picked thornton instead of bowden hehehe
cozzie: RICHO finally drilled 1
mitchwiz3: thornton should be watching richo a bit more closely instead of concerntrating on his stats!
doogs: bloody bowdens my captain
salo7227: I've been pondering putting Jake King in my team for ages. Beginning to regret not doing so.
roy8: as if thornton instead of bowden happened aaaaallllllllwwwwwwwnn
jvanschie: What happened with Hartlett??
doogs: richmonds got hell bad dreamteam stats
Sunday2810: kings a really good emerging player...sure to score big in dt this yr
al 6: lol yeh i didnt really :( i bet fev will kick 3 goals this quarter blues will win by 8 ;)
doogs: carazzo was always going to be good
richmelb: Kingy!! what an absolute gun..
al 6: was the hartlett hit any good?
jjdigs: go jake king
doogs: richo will be crucial
jjdigs: king is a gun
Jeremick: j-Bo? :(
richmelb: Jackson what a goal!!!!!!
roy8: doogs, at least bowdens got u near 100.... hes got me 49 the wonka
jjdigs: nick stevens bargain of the year
*mclovin*: murphy!!!!!!!!!!
Jeremick: oh flower murphy
matthodges: not when he has 3 weeks off in about a month for a stiff neck
al 6: wheres that guy that said give richmond the spoon already
richmelb: jordys playin well...
roy8: rich onl;y has 78 fuuuuck!!
richmelb: worth holding.......
brent-83: is stevens not even playing the 2nd half?
*mclovin*: murphy!!!!!!!!!!
richmelb: onya FEV!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
eddie1: brownie!!!
Hawks08: im crying over my team being wiped
al 6: wotd fev do
jjdigs: stevens gone quiet
jjdigs: must be hi sbad hair do
richmelb: add coughlin, conners & cotchin to the team and its gonna be interesting
stefano: omg wtf thornton
Geoff: Blues tanking already, how many #1 draft picks do they want ?
r0nzz: this is bullcrap
roy8: thats y deledio is shower
Jeremick: why didn't j-bo shoot? :(
alex123711: Who wants to bet Hartlett will never play an AFL game again? Y would you do that in ur first game???
alex123711: get Chrud back on
Monkee: i want fev to get powered again
brent-83: gee i am glad i picked hartlett in my DT
Daggsy: how brownie got a 60+ from that start....... in some ways in more encouraging than him getting a big score
JamesHird: Pettifer has done well hopefully was a good pick-up....
Jeremick: Murphy hasn't done much this quarter
jjdigs: think they are tanking
haydo21: marc murphy very good start
alex123711: brent are you joking?
richmelb: see'n Stevens once since half time, surely tanking lol
jjdigs: murphy goes allright
Sunday2810: yep hartlett is straight off my team...first trade of the yr
alex123711: for a team that were expected to be 'top 8 contenders' being beaten by 'wooden spoon favourite' isn't a good start
Monkee: carlton were never expected to be top 8 numbnuts
richmelb: do the play again later in the season?
Jeremick: 70 from delids would be great.
brent-83: no i am actually happy that hartlett is in my team, he won't play again this year.
Daggsy: why are people getting rid of hartlett..... i missed the incident? weeks?
jjdigs: another wooden spoon for the blues, good to see
brent-83: king hit howat about 80m from the ball
RyanK: wheres coughlan, i got him in dream team thinking he would play and now he is not?!?!
millsie69: I hav Jake Edwards on the bench n planned 2 put him on the field this arvo, but the f'n dreamteam site was clogged
kymg: Jeremick, i wish too but he looks a bit lazy tonight.
Sunday2810: haha this is a brill start top 5 richmond players all in my team lol
millsie69: Hartlett = bigger meathead than Gehrig. N Coughlan was rested this 1st week 2 b safe, shud b in nxt week
RyanK: wheres coughlan?
RyanK: isen't he playing?
jjdigs: mark coughlan where is he
m0nty: Coughlan isn't fit enough yet, RyanK
alex123711: But Hartlett was going quite good from the bench
kymg: If King starts kicking.... jesus he can find it alright
brent-83: simmonds = pick of the year
joeycrack: c'mon bowden, get a few cheapies to get me 100 SC points
Grovesy: Havn't seen Edwards since he "spoiled" Fev's mark in the square. Think he's been dragged for it, that + 2 missed goals.
LeFtBehinD: And Carlton has begun tanking already!!!
alex123711: agree with brent
RyanK: when will coughlan be playing?
millsie69: Hey for 83,000 im pretty happy with 65 from Edwards! haha
Grovesy: ...Yeah don't think Edwards will be in the team once Carlton get some injuries back.
roy8: leftbehind....please dont
joeycrack: everybody would have simmonds, he's last years kosi
Fury: Yeah, another priority pick 4 the Blues this year.
simo_k: simmonds = obvious pick of the year
RyanK: when will coughlan be playing?
Jeremick: so dissapointing deledio
alex123711: lol
afl16: Delideo = dog
afl16: deledio = dog
1pistol7: why is it when i go to the wa section of the scores... each time it updates to the live score... delayed scoring no go
Greenman: Hello
hawks15: deledio biggest hack ever
J-Ro: simmonds looks to be a ripper buy this year..
moorey21: Thornton you beauty
jebus: ...