Chat Log: R3, St Kilda 1.12.13 d Essendon 1.12.10

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Hawks08: gday all
Hawks08: well isnt this chat feature just BOOMING!
julzyboy: hey - why isnt geary playing? anyone know? - probs just dropped
m0nty: Geary and Houli were rested
Hawks08: no houli. no dyson.
julzyboy: thanks
banana_bus: who the hell are these duds?
cjbreban: essendon are resting a few players
Oliver07: geary rested? does that mean that hes important to the team?!??
m0nty: Oliver07: it means he's young so they want him cherry ripe for Round 1... like Houli and Myers
Oliver07: yeah thats what i mean. you reakon hell play round 1 then?
m0nty: Lock Geary, Houli and Myers in for round 1.
Oliver07: geez thats a big call...
m0nty: here's another big call: get on NDS for the Brownlow!
LeFtBehinD: No Geary or Dyson? They're both traded...
Oliver07: m0nty which 4 then: armitage, muston, masten, palmer, mcnamara, bird, tuck, bartram, dempsey, ebert, geary?
m0nty: Oliver07: Palmer, Bird, Tuck and Geary are my choices
Oliver07: same actually!!! but maybe morton instead of geary
_Freo_: alex rance? is he gonna play round 1
Oliver07: ty for the imput m0nty
Oliver07: wat does every1 think of geary and cale morton?
Hammer: I know Cale Morton is highly rated and scored 107 in his first game last week
Oliver07: ...
Oliver07: agree with u hammer, but u reakon hell start in round 1?
crowsfan22: i've got cale morton as a lock- a classy midfielder in a team that WILL play him and play him early
Hammer: I reckon he'll play
Oliver07: thoughts on dempsey? games this year, will he play round 1?
chadwick: wish this site had an option to not display the overall score for the game. So i can see the live dt scores
stefano: need help on some cheap backs other than myers hansen and selwood.... any ideas???
julzyboy: lonergan
Hammer: I was hoping Gardy would step up this year for a cheap ruck but he's not doing much
stefano: Dew or bradshaw???
chadwick: see how Dew goes this week. I would go dew because there isn't an injury concern like bradshaw
Hammer: same, will be interesting to see how he goes this weekend
Interista: Is clinton jones in the saints best 22 for this season ???
Hawks08: euh
chadwick: riewoldt hasnt scored in long time, whats his TOG like?
Hawks08: just scored 6 points nub
murrisj2: Is Steven King a good price @ $288,000 in SC?
Hammer: Whats the story with Riewoldts knee, alot of speculation flying around...
julzyboy: is monfries getting a lot of TOG?..same with lucas
WildRover: Ricky Dyson to have a big year?
chesters13: josh head from left field
Hammer: Im not getting any love from Hawks VS Crows, is it just me?