Chat Log: , Geelong 21.17.143 d Brisbane 12.9.81

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desmondo: OK have the Cats got an 'extra' player?? LOL
desmondo: Surely that`s cheating lol
wabofi: is rocky out
Grazz: Yeh Rocky out with illness
PostKeeper: lolrocky and zorko out, rockliff takes highest year average out
ballbag: zorko & rocky out.. hmmm flower off leppa you floweren monkey
J.Worrall: C'mon Grazz, pick a different (C) to me pls.
heppelitis: dam berger to cut martins score to about 70
Heizenberg: flower rocky i cant believe it, you better kill it capt selwood
J.Worrall: Martin is a genuine tall forward. Only thing to cut his score is no Rocky or Zork to feed him.
heppelitis: didnt have heart failure today hiez..good to see yur still with us
Grazz: AFL site has Golby as sub m0nty
heppelitis: heiz*
Heizenberg: Lol heppelitis yeah mate almost, what a game, my goddamn team should have won last 2 scoring shots
J.Worrall: You still have time to put in on Danger, Grazz
Grazz: Sorry J.Worral im scrambling this afternoon with the late outs mate. Good luck to you
Grazz: haha
heppelitis: the only good thing thats happened this week is collingwood losing
J.Worrall: Stefanm Martin a good unique for yo, Grazz - make him (C) mate
Lions38: Golby is the sub.
J.Worrall: You could even try ZOB
Heizenberg: @heppelitis yeah, i liked seeing tigers win though, they truly deserve it, good for footy
Heizenberg: Bbl
J.Worrall: Tigers deserved nothing - Dusty played his one game of the year
J.Worrall: Just call me Jack, Grazz - check my byline in the forum - under GD!
Grazz: Wish i could help you out Jack
heppelitis: stuff them Heiz...too many cocky tiges supporters in my circles givin me crap about uncle dougs,,,,not happy
Grazz: Golby is the sub
Dangermaus: cats are gonna win by 150 pts
Dangermaus: Bartel to score 120+
Theo X: hanley you idiot
Dangermaus: lol Gardiner KO'd by his teammate
TheSaint: fml gardiner now knocked out by the ball. i cant take a trick!
meka100: Dropped like a sack of shower
J.Worrall: Pies and chips shld be ready by 1/2 time ...
Gigantor: stefan starting in the middle as a rover!
peachcream: not the first time someone was knocked out by a falcon, mackenzie was too a few years back i think
Grazz: Whats O'Briens number cant be 0
HappyDEZ: 47 I think Grazz
Morts54: 47 Grazz
J.Worrall: Was that a Martin goal?
J.Worrall: Told ya to put the (C) on him Grazz
Theo X: selwood wtf ?
Grazz: Cheers guys
Grazz: Reckon i would of been laughed out of FF Jack.
J.Worrall: Sh!t, I nearly did it! Then again, I have been laughed out!
colmullet: come on selwood i need ya badly
N.Fyfe: Is martin following Selwood around stoppages?
Grazz: Lol no your ok mate
J.Worrall: Jellywoodly is looking a shaky (C) early, but he always bounces back
arksaul: @Grazz - updated thread, in trouble now!
Theo X: think aish is on him, doenst lok like hes playing mid tho hes never at soppages
J.Worrall: C'mon arksoul, we're rooting 4 u
Grazz: concussion sub activated
Grazz: @arksaul how you going mate, did Buddy out help.
arksaul: Cheers Jack, going to be a hard slog now
arksaul: Copped Buddy, Zorko and Rocky out
N.Fyfe: Luey looking pretty skinny!
J.Worrall: ... and your opponent (Ringo - ut not our one) didn't?
Grazz: Ouch, well you made it to the last dance arksaul, getting there is the hard bit the rest is luck. Its a cruel game buddy
arksaul: Ringo didn't cop Zorko or Buddy out.
arksaul: Rocky out means I get pendles score VC, he will get sloanes... Does not help
Dangermaus: selwood u tosser, get on your bike and start moving
Grazz: You done well mate, nothing you could of done to stop the outs, feel for ya.
arksaul: Cheers, yeah, trades would not have helped. Wouldn't have traded out buddy or zorks
J.Worrall: Hope the last ounce of luck from here runs ur way, arky.
meziare: O'Brien doing well filling in for Rocky, keep going son!
J.Worrall: ZOB having a day out early. Go you good thing!
arksaul: Cheers fellas
Grazz: yep i second that Jack
Heizenberg: Ffs selwood not tonight its grand final
Torz: ZOB actually looks a quality player. Shame he didn't play more this season.
Slightly01: Murphy Buddy and Rocky - my pop missed them all...
Slightly01: *opp
3rdstriker: if youre not going to do it for me selwood at least think of the brownlow
N.Fyfe: Is it just or do a lot of the Brisbane players look very similar?
Heizenberg: Yeah 3rd striker we can only hope
Heizenberg: Please tell me selwoods sc is good
Grazz: Thats a great goal Trav
Torz: Went for Stokes as a one-hit wonder this week. Not looking good.
Grazz: My son was Varcoes Captain, thought youd all like to know that, tell your friends haha
Heizenberg: Here comes joel flame now
Heizenberg: You mean has grazz?
Grazz: Nuh in my sons junior days he played with Travis and was the captain. His claim to fame haha
Gigantor: opponent didnt set ZOB as an emergency haha no cover for rocky!
LazyAs: Varcoe you have to go, from a Cats supporter
Heizenberg: Lol okay grazz
Heizenberg: Selwood sc please
Grazz: @Heiz i roll it out every now and then haha. Travis is a lovely young bloke so good to see him doing ok.
Cheannn: Cool Grazz, I play dodgeball for Australia.
berniebern: Held onto you all year in reserve Zac. Please win me my GF!!
heppelitis: selwood 30
Heizenberg: Okay grazz cool
Heizenberg: Thanks heppelittis, turner providing good rocky cover for me in other game
Grazz: Haha was waiting for something like that Cheannn but are you Captain. I'll shut up now.
Heizenberg: Yes selwoood mark from opposition kick
LazyAs: If Travis is Varcoe he may be a lovely young man but he is a passenger at best
tezzer_j: the rocky donut really stuffed me. Opponent has ZOB who was going to be sub. now look.
Grazz: Probablt true LazyAs has never really got on a roll and shown his best over a period of time.
heppelitis: wtf berger...destroyed my teams at the start this goes ok....knob jockey
Heizenberg: @tezzer that hurts mate, feel for you
Viscount: I feel your pain tezzer
3rdstriker: berger martin duo looking ok early
LazyAs: @Grazz i think his best was back in 2009 he was the diff late in the granny against St Kilda but since.......
tezzer_j: well done joel, lol
LazyAs: Funk everyone Jelwood you are a machine, Brownlow!
Grazz: I thinks Travs foot injury really crippled his career mate.
Grazz: Dudge if your watching ive been blessed by the fairies mate.
heppelitis: heppelitis spud icon for sayin not to get hanley
LazyAs: FFS Cats, i hope you MF lift next week cos this is showerE doing my head in!
TheSaint: bugger went with sloane captain not selwood. was a flip when rocky out
3rdstriker: aish is a gun, has really buried the knock on him that he was an outside only mid
LazyAs: Brave my ass hardly any contact in the end, Gen Z is the softest!
meziare: Brisbane look like they might be pretty bloody good in a couple of years, just need a decent FF
tezzer_j: selwood (c) going big is my only hope i think. go you good thing
3rdstriker: it was brave more for backing into traffic and still taking the mark
feralmong: Last minute I put jelwood c.
J.Worrall: Started slow, Selwood, but Bunning it on now
TheSaint: sloane beats up on crappy teams so hopefully he can go massive. think all his big ones are against crap
3rdstriker: me too feralmong, 7:37, was regretting it 20 minutes in but he has been brilliant since
Lions38: D. Swallow, B. Smith, Sloane, Priddis, Danger or Roo for captain?
TheSaint: well obviously i will say sloane lions for the reason i just explained haha
Heizenberg: flower yeah capt selwood, give me the premeriship cup bow
feralmong: Also traded rocky to Hanley so far so good
Heizenberg: * now
J.Worrall: Which Faeries, Grazz?
Heizenberg: Selwood must be going large in SC now
Morts54: Sellwood 88
Heizenberg: Thanks morts, thought he would be pushing the ton by now, still good though
timwhatson: Harry Taylor Icycle
Grazz: Tha fantasy fairies have helped me out big time in my moneyleague final with Dudge.
Jackwatt$: Not so bad Rocky not playing I've got O'Brien emergency and Jordan Lewis VC
3rdstriker: bartel incredible goal assist
TheSaint: selwood 84 DT in 35 mins of play! insane. rocky like
meziare: Stupid commentators, obviously touched
OnTheRocks: finally doing something Zac....bout time
lionspro: Leppa needs to control Selwood, disgraceful
Theo X: wow selwood glad i changed C from rocky to you lol
Hadouken: keep going joel you vice captain you :)
J.Worrall: GL against Dudge then, Grazz!
Heizenberg: Exactly like me theo
Grazz: Thanks Jack.
TheSaint: seems everyone changed to selwood except me :( i feared the rest. i went sloane
Grazz: I really on had Selwood left to pick, more luck for me than good management
Grazz: only*
tezzer_j: I really on had selwood left to pick? huh?
runners47: Get some ball and better stats, Kelly
tezzer_j: oh
Grazz: haha
Grazz: That was throw lol
Dangermaus: came back since the first quarter and noticed Selwood's gone bonkers!
LazyAs: that last call of touched was crap Bris palyer didnt even indicate he touched it????
Grazz: Goal umps becoming soft like the cricket umps are with the 3rd umpire.
3rdstriker: I think you can get that star our for Selwood, cant imagine anyone else getting 3 votes
grossn: Time to move kelly.
LazyAs: BT ' hes got it working a little left to right' FFS BT that was right to left you tool at best if not dead straight!
ballbag: jelwood easily for this year brownlow. u heard it here first. put ya $$ on in bucket loads
TheSaint: Tonight's performance if he gets votes should see selwood home yep. had him 1 ahead leading into tonight
Buzz67: Lewis is the Brownlow bolted. Big show
cusch1: What night is brownlow night?
LazyAs: Which Lewis?
MightyQuin: Monday night after prelims
TheSaint: got lewis on 18 before this week. his problem is terrible polling history which usually means u need a good year first
MightyQuin: whats selwood on fellas sc?
runners47: Keep the momentum in the last qtr, Martin...
Grazz: What are the odd's of Selwood being the sub for the Cats.
MightyQuin: jordan..
Gigantor: any chance geelong will sub jelwood/bartel?
Buzz67: Jordan. Into $9.50 4th favourite. Will poll big late
Heizenberg: Anyone else here think jacobs a big
Heizenberg: Big chance, would be a massive smokey i know
Theo X: yeah jacobs is big
TheSaint: heizen i have jacobs on 5 with a range of 4-9 :/ so nope
Heizenberg: His hitouts to advantage his work around the ground is as good as any
Heizenberg: Okay the saint maybe he just doesnt poll some players dont no matter what
grossn: Two point quarter kelly, thanks.
TheSaint: i think he is an absolute gun! agree entirely. probably all australian. but will struggle to get 10
DirtyDawn: I would expect J Kelly to be sub
Jackwatt$: Ruckman don poll well. He'll make all Australian though
TheSaint: heizen jacobs has polled in 2 games in his career before this year also
3rdstriker: lonegan sub
Heizenberg: Yeah has to make all australian, i remember cox polling well in the past though
Jackwatt$: Umpires don't notice hitouts to advantage, only possessions
TheSaint: heizen im pretty sure cox polled 18 one year but played like a mid. bessides that doubt hes polled 10 any other
OnTheRocks: thanks for replacing JPK's donut with a respectable score Zac!
Heizenberg: Yeah the saint cox one of a kind i guess
Theo X: power of martin
3rdstriker: rucks used to win brownlow all the times, just not for 25 years
Theo X: lol darcy swearing on tv
OnTheRocks: stop Jelwood :(
DirtyDawn: Dunno about that Heiz. Cox, Monkhorst etc etc
Heizenberg: What did the duke say?
OnTheRocks: flower, the top 2 players on each team are in my oppositions team
runners47: Keep on chasing down Jelwood, Martin...
Heizenberg: Cmon selwood go on a burst
Grazz: BT the Crows destroyed them you tool aswell
dipstick: yo
dipstick: the brownlow= the umps award= who gives a shower!! brownlow = best midfilder- not best player. the award is a joke
TheSaint: so what do u think of the brownlow dipstick?
TheSaint: now people just need to read this chat in reverse and it will make sense ;)
DirtyDawn: What about "The Monty", an award for best FF forum participant for the year. Who wins????
jpk2parker: dane swan won the brownlow as a seagull. so not really midfielders award
tezzer_j: agree dipstick. they should do something like the NRL. awards across the night for defence, forwards, mids and overall
desmondo: enright SC plz?
TheSaint: stefan martin shows he can still ton up with leuey in team! he has played as a tall mid most of the game
runners47: Martin has to be Lions' best discovery this year
dipstick: @dirty LOL FF is like nth korea. where are all the regulars?? all banned. censorship here is 3rd world
Dangermaus: who will be able to afford S.Martin next year
Lions38: Give O'Brien the blue moon.
DirtyDawn: I dunno dipstick. I was gonna vote for you mate.....
runners47: Now pick up a few more stats in junk time, Kelly
Heizenberg: Dont damn stop selwood
Hawks_13: best find of the year is stefan martin
dipstick: half the regulars have been banned the last 3 weeks thats why noones here- and its finals??
DirtyDawn: Either you dipstick, or the bloke who bangs on about his missus being a ballet dancer who takes hours to do her makeup??
Hotham: Obrien still has the $ sign. Worthwhile bringing in next week
jpk2parker: how come you haven't been banned yet then dipstick?
dipstick: hahaha Raspel? what a BS artist he is. dipstick wins the award handsdown then!
Heizenberg: Lol hotham
thommoae: Is there a 'dying of boredom' icon for Lonertgan, Taylor and Mackie?
LazyAs: dont mind this McCarthy kid as a small forward
DirtyDawn: Congrats to you Dipstick, the 2014 MontyBrownlow Medal winner
dipstick: @jpk just come off 1 month ban. wheres the regulars? all banned! been on dream-stats for a month
dipstick: @dirty im einelible for that award. been banned 90%.i wouldnt wear it with pride. give it to raspel when hes unbaned LOL
J.Worrall: Anyone got something to say about how Martin goes with Luey in the side?
runners47: Already been said, J.Worrall
jpk2parker: i thought when monty swang that banhammer it was for good. no unbans
Torz: Martin is practically a midfielder. 31 touches!
WojakDaw: How the hell does Stefan Martin keep getting 30+ possessions as a 198cm ruckman?!
Hotham: Leunberger could be good priced starting ruck next year
dipstick: hahaha no not permanent. FF's all about ads now so is not permanent. been on the other live sites w/o bans & ads :)
Heizenberg: Yeah but we cant trust him hotham keeps getting injured
tezzer_j: bryce gibbs should have a look how murdoch did that
DirtyDawn: Other than Dream Stats Dipstick, what are the others?
dipstick: @wojak coz s martin is a gun. go cats- smash hawks next week
jpk2parker: i see, cause i've got about 3 nicknames all banned with no unban in sight. maybe you begged and groveled? :p
dipstick: @jpk pffft beg to be here? never. m0nty is lucky to have half of us here. but this site died in the alps this year
Theo X: wow 174 selwood lol
Viscount: Selwood you champ!
dipstick: niiice C jelwood!
Grazz: Aint nothing wrong with the site Dipstick. If people have trouble staying in check thats their drama.
Heizenberg: Thank you capt selwood 174 :-)
jfitty: Beams doesn't really qualify for the icicle does he? O.o
Grazz: Chat isnt the site, the site is the forum chat is a small part of it.
dipstick: at the risk of getting banned m0nty is like a school dibba dobba. someone who was always left out. just here for fun
dipstick: yeh
ozgamer: get stuffed dipstick