Chat Log: R22, Richmond 15.8.98 d St Kilda 10.12.72

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Froggy: Hopefully Spencer White moves alright!
pharace: Spencer has great potential, bit of x-factor about him
frenzy: end their season sainters, smell an upset
pharace: smell something, not sure it's an upset though
feralmong: jroo 12 goals today.
frenzy: no Dusty, no tigers
Froggy: Saints will either win or lose by 100+ haha
moorey21: I need scotch to tear a g-string in the first 5 mins
feralmong: ellis 40+ possies. saints too soft to go with him.
feralmong: lol jroo, 11 to go.
Froggy: Looks like its going to be the 100+
feralmong: hope to god griffiths keeps his job over vickery. 70m punts he's a flood breaker.
OnTheRocks: Saints tanking better than Melbourne ever could
moorey21: Bachelor = the biggest punce in footy
RooBoyStu: whoever finishes 8th will have to play first final in SA or WA lol
feralmong: be ok for tigers if they do roo. They won a few games there lately.
colmullet: cmon cotch
feralmong: ok roo 10 to go to the dozen.
rickybrad: tigers arent fazed about playing in sa or wa
Dragon88: come on cotchin
snake_p: stay down cotchin need you to score <80
Hazza09: Need a injury so Lennon can come on
snake_p: less than 90
feralmong: shenton covering for dusty nicely so far.
essendon30: everytime huddo says 'seb ross' i just think of 'red ross' from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
uptoolate: Cotchin ..... a lay day ?
GJayBee: can someone do some vodo to help cotchin, thanks
GJayBee: Cotchin just pacin himself. Want's to storm home with 40 touches and four goals to give me sc glory.
GJayBee: Please Cotchin, it means a lot to me. Pretend that you are not short and do this.
RooBoyStu: Saints coming back, Tigers choking
dipper33: Dont know why i got ellis
colmullet: im glad i brought in Priddis and Cotchin this week in SC
GJayBee: now i am questioning cotching on every level. his soul is tainted by this performance. it will change him forever.
Jmachete: lift miles ffs
tor01doc: Where are the Cotchspud defenders?
Mendax: Carna Saints!
Mendax: me too, colmullet- figured it was the best way to match everyone else!
GJayBee: deep down cotchin hates himself. he lied and pretended he didn't now he does this. disgusting.
frenzy: no Dusty, no tigers
CJEagles14: At this rate Cotch is going to lose my Prelim.
tamoz: Wtf miles
GJayBee: cotchin +2, dominating!
frenzy: website flowered again !!!!
oldfart: cotchin can not handle being taggad hes a flat track buull
GJayBee: Shenton, man up. This is important. Six pack on the line.
Theo X: man, loger is a spud
Preston007: Need 37 point second half from Cotch to win my Prelim.... not confident.
snake_p: Preston need Cotchin to score less trhan 47 more to win
frenzy: tigers feeling nervous, go saints
Mendax: So just 42 more from Cotchin splits the diff and satisfies both of you.
Mendax: Will not satisfy me or colmullet
Dragon88: Need 121 SC from cotchin
Mendax: anyone for icons?
snake_p: yes Mendax, stink up Cotchin, be concerned about messing up your hair
PieBoy: onya jonesy
Mendax: Haircuts have been known to significntly affect fantasy scoring.
snake_p: who Mendax? Danny Southern?
Ben_Gogos: Undoubtedly Mendax
RooBoyStu: Sam Fisher should be a good pick up next year, getting back in the groove and nicely priced
Boydosanes: Shenton ran out of gas will be lucky to get 65
Mendax: Could jus point at a few bald guys ...
WrightWay: Lift Joey.
Joe B: I'll happily take a 65 from Shenton.
rooboypete: Cotchin get that cape on. My chances of GF glory depend upon it!!
Froggy: Could be Lennys last game :'(
colmullet: get interested cotch ffs!
JDolling69: cotchin wtf are you doing, i need you within 22 of riewoldt
dipper33: ellis would be good if you would touch the ball
Heizenberg: Maybe tempting price rooboy but may nut even play next year with the re building now of saints
colmullet: hes just prancing around backs doing nothing like a flog
snake_p: keep stinking it up Cotchin. Can't believe I'm, cheering for a tagger Go Mav Weller
frenzy: great now Lennon's on
ballbag: LOL not surprised cotchin you gutless wonder. maybe get miles to teach you about effort
runners47: Start piling it on, Cotchin - too many of us brought you in to win us some games
kano21: N.Riewoldt SC?
ballbag: cotchin- arent you guys going fpor the finals? your constant weakness is why you always finish 9th. no heart
Beast_Mode: bachelor well on his way to blue moon status
MacPack: Always?? How many times have they finished nineth Ballbag???
Beast_Mode: lol the game is over, dont think he cares about fantasy points
MacPack: And Ballbag would you call Cotch a "gutless Wonder to his face or check to make sure you had ten mates with you? Flog !
PieBoy: onya jonesy
Mendax: C'mon Ivan, gimmee sumfink hear
PieBoy: i didn't bring in c0ckchin
itsduftime: great goal buddy....I mean white
ballbag: dont need to. enough tigers supporters do it
WrightWay: Carn ya Miles, Cotchy, Joey and NRoo
snake_p: MacPack he'd call him Mr Gutless Wonder
spudaroos: Imagine how much better Jroo would be if he had Nroo's temperament.
runners47: Hope Cotchin bridges that gap for you, rooboypete - I'm keen for a GF matchup!!
dipper33: ellis captain
ballbag: prob sir gutless wonder. but thats due to his hair
The3rd: anybody know cotchins sc? I need 52 from him
rooboypete: I really need NRoo and Cotchin's scores to be switched...
Catas: Tied with Crawf on 2038 with NRoo vs His Delid. What a way to end the year. Go Roo
frenzy: need a minor miracle now
PieBoy: temper temper cotchy
WrightWay: Geez cotch take a chill.
Hazza09: Thanks for the Roo goal Cotchy
harvster: cotchin is such a fairy
oldfart: cotchen you flog
snake_p: someone messed up his hair?
WrightWay: How did Joey give that Free kick away?? WTF!
jappleby: cotch 47 at 3 qtr time
WrightWay: It went out of bounds, Montagna didn't even do the kick! God, sometimes I hate AF.
Solat: its was out on the full
Ryan: Need dempster to get me under 72 sc points. What's he o
ReaperRage: Bye for the year fellas, was it all 5 prelims but so many players out I'm not going to win any...Good luck.Cya next year
Ryan: Need dempster to get me under 72 sc. what's he on
rooboypete: Five premos out this week was simply unrecoverable from...
ballbag: you need some scotch guard on those fairy wings when it rains cotch
ballbag: dempster 97
timwhatson: Cotchin soft FLOG
Ryan: serious ballbag?
Theo X: cotchin you pathetic joke
ballbag: jack newnes shakes his head at cotchin as he passes him in points
RooBoyStu: Cotchin upset it's raining, needs a comb
ozgamer: Soft C0ckchin
ballbag: where you at macppack?
snake_p: thanks Cotchin uour poor performance got me across the line
ballbag: dempster 107
JDolling69: cmon cotch dont lose me 2 games... just the one
PieBoy: thanks cotchy as 4 of my opponents have u, thanks for being so soft
ballbag: cotchin you are 99% fairy 1% tiger. a fairy with big teeth
spudaroos: Nifty debut from the boy Spencer
snake_p: and big hair ballbag
feralmong: paid league GF here we come.
Raspel31: Evening all-just home.Well done Sainters-or are the Tigers crap?.
MudDawg: Don't forget your handbag, Cotchy.
PieBoy: raspel tigers aren't bad would be a better team if cotch wasn't soft
PieBoy: onay jonesy
Raspel31: Yep-think Cotch and Murphy share same hairdresser.
cdrobert: gorgo is gone