Chat Log: R21, Western Sydney 15.8.98 d Melbourne 3.16.34

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colmullet: big one would be nice mummy
claysymo9: fyfe late out due to not passing fitness test!
TheSaint: and you just got banned claysymo9.
krazykray: bye bye claysymo9
WrightWay: Go Toby!
MightyEss: let's go orourke, show me why i chose you for bench cover
m0nty: good one Wilson!
WizzFizz_: cmon shaw!! show me why i dropped bartel for you!!!
korza: Treloar it's finals, you lazy flower, get a kick.
cripdogs: is fyfe really out??
mace485: lets go dees!
Dangermaus: ban claysymo9 = false information
wadaramus: Pull your finger out Mumford.
The39Steps: Why would Giants want to tag Viney? Surely there are four or five better, and more dangerous options.
WrightWay: Lift Greene
korza: *Monty Treloar tagged by Jones. flower this nothing to play for yet coaches are still tagging ((
m0nty: Davis doing the moonwalk on the sidelines...
WrightWay: Carn ya Toby.
korza: To all my friends at FF cya next year. Thanks to Pendles JPK (C) Treloar and every other peanut in my squad. FMDT
korza: 1 last thing. Jacobs to win the Brownlow
TheSaint: dom tyson is a superstar! imagine when he does a full pre season
circle52: @not alone there Korza
Dangermaus: this would be great if Treloar and Mummy could both stay below 70
motty823: pattons done a knee
mace485: m0nty, my mr football account has carked it :(
Dangermaus: Patton acl again ???
TheSaint: monty thats not a bandaid. patton knew straight away with his reaction. that is a tombstone :(
WizzFizz_: go on heater
MightyEss: lift o'rourke!
Hawkatack: Patton looks ok?
WrightWay: Carn ya mate come on Toby. Need you to score 62+
m0nty: Serious knee injuries can often mean you can still walk without pain.
TheSaint: spot on monty
SwaggyP: Patton almost certain to go to the dogs now. Damaged goods.
woofy: @Swaggyp For Higgins straight swap?
colmullet: dogs offer will halve with that injury though
Dangermaus: surprised so many teams still have Dom Tyson in them
timwhatson: Monty the tombstone icon needs to stand out more
TheSaint: Why dangermaus? hes a great m9
SwaggyP: I still have him danger. He has done well.
SwaggyP: Not even woofy. He isn't worth a 3rd rounder after this knee now.
The39Steps: Phil Davis retire? Cant keep getting head injuries.
woofy: Hope bugg starts tagging Tyson...
colmullet: this is better mummy keep the foot down bi fella
Meztek: Dunn SC please? My opponent has him and it's very tight game
Meztek: Dom Barry SC please :)
mace485: Ward ankle
Wends: Ward down the race :-|
frenzy: c'mon mummy, bring daddy home!!!
mace485: gws injuries showing just how bad the dees are
Crazy Good: week from hell, lost bartel and rough, jpk pendles beams and now ward
TheSaint: so its possible a team this week had ward, pendles, beams, jpk, macrae, SJ, rough, bartel
meka100: Melbourne same shower different smell
Wends: Had all in SC except Macrae & SJ. Round 21, 2014: The end of days/Rapture round.
Beast_Mode: surely dees won't lose this with gws 3 men down
N.Fyfe: It's HT and Ward is on 46! It's not even that bad, could easily get 120 from here!
Beast_Mode: ward won't come back he's done
Wends: Ward injured NFyfe, not sure prognosis yet.
N.Fyfe: Oh is he actually properly gone? My mistake!
3rdstriker: How bad is ward? Likely to play next week?
BFAsh: @ the saint. all but macrae....
WizzFizz_: @ N'fyfe ward is injured
Meztek: Dunn and Barry SC Please anyone :)
old_shepp: Dunn 46sc Barry 30sc Meztek
Wends: Dunn forty six and Barry thirty
old_shepp: Mummy a 48sc quarter in the 2nd - another one would be nice!
slmit4: What happened to Patton
old_shepp: Ward calf - he's done and dusted
old_shepp: Pies VFL side to meet GWS NEAFL side next week
Meztek: Thank you old_shepp :)
Beast_Mode: yep ward looked shot, pretty obvious he was finished.
Wends: Argh - just brought Ward in for Miles 2 wks ago! Patton on way to hospital for knee scan.
3rdstriker: Thanks shepp
Beast_Mode: ward needs the red cross
grossn: So with only 1 rotation, can the dees win? Gonna be interesting
_wato: Calf or ankle with Ward? What's the diagnosis, how long out?
WizzFizz_: cmon shaw turn up the heat
Beast_Mode: if gws kick the first goal it's game over imo
old_shepp: If its calf wato 3 -4 weeks = season
WizzFizz_: @old shepp hows your score this week going
old_shepp: 1890 with Mummy Burgoyne and Fyfe (c) to go
Beast_Mode: lol, dees are a joke.
ballbag: melbourne are pathetic
old_shepp: I still expect a drop in the overall WizzFizz
old_shepp: Forgot about Sandi :)
mace485: shower frawley, you can take your flowering 800k and shove it up your as$
old_shepp: Roos is right about the mental scarring for the Dees
BFAsh: Shiel SC anyone??
The39Steps: @old_shepp..but mental scarring was caused by years and years of woeful administration, leadership and ineptitude.
WizzFizz_: get a touch heater
MightyEss: flowering get a touch o'rourke
TheSaint: shiel bandaid too
ballbag: an hr later and shaw still on 36. that bloke is dumb as dog shower
WizzFizz_: cmon shaw turn up the heat
Priddis: time to bring back neeld! sack roos
m0nty: 60 DT in 23 minutes for Devon Smith in Q3.
grossn: I'm having the most shower week... But I have a week off so all goooood!
WrightWay: Raise the bat Toby c'mon.
Roflcake: i think my whole midfield got injured this weak...Pendles, Beams, JPK, Ward, Fype potential sus...why!
mace485: what the hell are melbourne doing?
WizzFizz_: cmon shaw get 90sc
OnTheRocks: this is the most obvious tank ever
smoochy: 3rd quarter donut for shaw. great.
wadaramus: Excellent 3rd quarter Mumford.....not
west_coast: melbourne clearly tanking
WizMan: There are more seagulls than fans at this game.
Ben_Gogos: Happy with my new boy Greene!
WrightWay: @Ben, Cheap, great pick up!
cusch1: If this doesmt reignite the tanking rumours then what will
WrightWay: Josh Kelly gun, Greene cherries, Smith star, sheil x factor.
ballbag: UPDATE- heath shaw last touched the ball at 17 min mark of 2QT. dumb flog
Antony: Did Bruce just say that goal tastes like nector?
TheSaint: antony bruce has nector on his second favourite tastes behind cyrils semen
mace485: delicious nectar
spudaroos: Why on earth is Treloar tagging?
SwaggyP: get a touch tyson
WizzFizz_: cmon shaw!! 85sc pls
colmullet: mummy awake?
cusch1: Cactus shaw
jaxx: Ward Davis and Patton very much like losing Beams Cloke and Reid
Hawkatack: Melbourne to merge with whats left of Essendon after ASADA finishes with them. Melbourne cheetahs
old_shepp: Garbage truck coming up the street for Shaw?
west_coast: afl is rigged baaaadddd!!!!
BFAsh: cmon shiel... a few more PLEASE
OnTheRocks: replace mare with tank icon.....
SCpts: the full mare!
old_shepp: Thanks N Jones - a DT warrior
wadaramus: The ultimate disgrace, the full mare.
Gigantor: and stannis baratheon hits the post
krapalot64: give a mare to paul roos for negative football while u are at it monty aswell.
meka100: Roos 1.5 million a year, what a waste of money, still going to finish last
west_coast: what roos has done to the melbourne demons - priceless
Antony: Doesn't the mare mean they are playing significantly worse than normal? I think the witches hat is more appropriate!
Foss: love you mummy
iZander: nathan jones is such a champ
WizzFizz_: nice 91sc shaw
LeFtBehinD: I never thought Roos would be one to tank