Chat Log: R21, North Melbourne 17.9.111 d Western Bulldogs 8.13.61

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colmullet: MaCrae out
WrightWay: Macrae out, Grant in. Gia and Adams subs.
Heizenberg: Macrae out the train wreck continues
wolfheart: go the wooly bullies! Chew on a nice juicy shinbone.
WrightWay: flower of Boomer
knickers: Goldy must of got 100sc by now.
jfitty: Flower of Boomer sounds like a great name for a nursery
wadaramus: Come on Libba, repay the faith (and the fact I have no trades left and must play you)
claysymo9: hahahahahahhahahha @jfitty
Luke919: dal santo playing on the half forward line?
Roflcake: Yes NDS playing HF
jonnyhart: Dunstall picked the wrong knee boys. It was actually a twistinginjury sustained to Thomas' knee.
burgz300: liba....2 disposals....yuck
Boydosanes: Is Goldy playing ruck or Brown ?
Roflcake: Brown just switches when Goldy's not there
rooboypete: NDS, 30 last week was inexcusable, but if you only score that this week as well...
wolfheart: flower it. I cant pick norf this year. looks like they're switched on today
uptoolate: avo all ..... ohhh dearrrr ..... doesn't look like a great day to be a Doggie person already !?!
Roflcake: God, i just brought in Nds
MightyQuin: Griffen SC fellas?
GriffenBFF: dal santo can you not be a cheap spud for once ffs
uptoolate: one of few bright sparks this year for the dogs ...... Bontempelli ! .... we did one thing right ...?
old_shepp: Griff 28 MightyQuin
uptoolate: my beloved Doggies still in dreamtime ....
bloods81: hey fellas I'm back on just went down to pub with some mates
uptoolate: @bloods .... goodonya ...
uptoolate: so c'mon Doggies ..... try at least a modest comeback !!!
knickers: NDS is a soft cock
bloods81: the dogs what a joke of a side feel for them once bob cooney and boyd are gone
Roflcake: omg Nds plz, it's a contact sport
wolfheart: who gave Petrie the line of speed? Hes chasing down and tackling everybody
Hazza09: Looks like Libba is at it again!
colin wood: Why wasn't that minsons kick?? FFS!
Roflcake: Swallow, such strong tackles
wolfheart: flower griffen that was showerhouse kicking for goal. 30m out right in front.
uptoolate: thanks for that Bloods .... and good on your team .... future for Dogs is more bright than u think ....
grossn: Is thomas back out yet? Or is he 100% gone?
grossn: nvm, +2 for him
bloods81: what Jarred Grant as No 1. forward and the defense is Roughead who has glass shoulders and no support...
uptoolate: only 68 years since our only premiership ..... but we are still here !!! get staffed !
MattyZ: Thomas is back out there he only stayed off for about 15 mins but still isn't running his best
oodmutler: Where's Boomer gone?
peachcream: im a richmond supporter, but bulldogs has some promising players, bontempelli, libba, stringer, hunter, macrae, wallis
CoachTNT: if NDS doesnt reach at least 75 then he's gone
uptoolate: @Bloods .... so who do you barrack for buddie ?
GJayBee: Dal Santo preparing for his media career. He's really drawing a line in the sand pit.
bloods81: hawks
wolfheart: good onya Bontempelli. Nice one Razor Ray. Keep the dogs in touch.
uptoolate: @peach .... goodonya ..... not all teams can be on top !?!
GJayBee: Will Minson is obviously not in a contract year.
heppelitis: move relying on you today
smoochy: swallow solo tackles have been awesome today
wolfheart: the dogs just need some talls down each end of the park. Trouble is, good talls dont grow on trees.
Boydosanes: I'm a swans fan, fav player Boomer Harvey and have Goldy capt but not sure anyone really cares :-(
peachcream: we'll give you hampson ;)
woofy: @wolfheart they grow in western sydney
Hazza09: What is wrong with Libba?
uptoolate: ohhhh dearrrr Peach ! .... a whining Blues man ..... I feel ur pain ..... :0/
uptoolate: @woofy ..... u nailed it ! we need Patton !!!
meka100: Come on Lana Dal Ray you flog
wolfheart: Hampson plays for the tigers these days, @uptoolate.
peachcream: idc what anyone says about the standards of training at richmond, maric out was the reason we slumped
Roflcake: Nds is the biggest flog out
flame: Is dal injured?
SwaggyP: Boomer is dead
woofy: I'd be happy with janschk or however you spell his name. Can play back or forward
Jordanstk: dal santo calf soreness
peachcream: the main reason, along with others of course
WizMan: NDS just laid a tackle. He has asked the north boys to chair him off at half time
uptoolate: @peach ..... bdust. 2 competent ruckman is required for any team ...
peachcream: yeah id take jaksch or whiley
peachcream: @uptoolate griffiths or vickery can take that void and swing forward, hampson is horrible out of the ruck
flame: I need a ton Libba!
MattyZ: It's too early to give the mare icon out but Dal Santo's making a strong case for it
bloods81: dont know why Richmond used pick 29 on Hampson if only for a short term fix and play second fiddle to Maric
wolfheart: Cmon dogs. Put these pretenders to the sword.
uptoolate: @peach ..... so why are u suggesting that without Maric u are diminished ??? .... get a consistent line u dope !
coldog: Go doggies! Back in it woof woof
Dare2Dream: Never too early MattyZ!! Might have to swap to yin/yang if decides to get going 2nd half
uptoolate: haha .... thats it Wolf !!! just b4 I get banned again.... :0)
Buzz67: Pretty happy I traded Swallow out for Sloane this week - not!
MattyZ: nah i'm not allowed to do that this early haha Ben and m0nty will yell at me :P
peachcream: agreed @bloods81 especially when we have mcbean too @uptoolate i meant hampson was not good enough for maric's role
bobby98: Guess who traded in Nick dal santo! me ! :'(
Dare2Dream: Start of 3rd qtr the hey MattyZ, lol
Dare2Dream: *then*
knickers: NDS at last
Roflcake: thank you Nds, lift
Hazza09: Libba 2 weeks in a row!!!! What a joke!!
Dare2Dream: Given NDS almost doubled penguined 1st half last week maybe he should have a sun icon today??
Roflcake: Shoulda brought in swallow instead of Nds...
_wato: The one week I don't need you Thompson and you dish this up, absolutely pathetic.
wolfheart: radio just said NDS is getting a heavy tag. who is on him?
wolfheart: harvey picking fights again. Kick his alps picken.
MattyZ: It's not a heavy tag but Higgins and Murphy are rotating onto him, he's just playing averagely.
Roflcake: he's playing on Higgins Wolf, don't think it's a tag, Higgins playing his own game
bloods81: NDS 45 i'll take that
Buzz67: Bontempelli going to be a star
uptoolate: Bontempelli !!! u can all go out and have a walk !
Dare2Dream: @wolf, maybe it's just the price tag hangin heavy off his back
burgz300: dogs ruined this qtr with that freebie goal
MightyQuin: fellas whats Griffen's SC?
jfitty: Jordan Roughead muppet
Pendlez10: roughead ruined that term for the doggies
Hazza09: Your a joke Libba
MattyZ: every time Ben Brown runs towards the ball you can't tell what's gonna happen, i love that kid :P
meka100: I will have sprinkles with the donut Boomer
MightyEss: anyone know why macrae was withdrawn?
woofy: Great job Picken!
HowI Rioli: I've carried that useless Scott d Thompson this whole season and traded him out this week. Now he's gonna ton
Lynxe: brian lake been teaching how to choke!
Derekcraig: Griffin 57
Derekcraig: Bontempelli 93sc star
wolfheart: where is kermit with the muppet newsflash?
uptoolate: u nailed it Derek !!!
Rockafella: how many fans at the game....234?
uptoolate: without bottom sides who do the top sides plau against ?
heppelitis: wats a good sc this week?
uptoolate: @Rocka .... so u barrack for ???
desmondo: 2000 LOL with all the outs
casey22: Just got in. Can somebody please tell me why Macrae is out?
heppelitis: looking at 2550...any chance?
runt: yes
heppelitis: cash wauold be handy atm....fingers crossed...doubt it though
desmondo: i won a game day comp...$250 ;)
heppelitis: the winner of the 50 g used to be on the big footy ess forum a bit...lucky bugger
twinkle: Macca said Macrae just sore - back next week
Raptorbalz: Afternoon all. The guy winning SC comp is also winning real team! C-money -Patrick unbelievable.
heppelitis: fantasy monopoly...not
JGreezy: what are the commentators talking about, he copped an elbow to the head
uptoolate: that's it Libba ! stick it upem !
WizMan: Why can't you sell your trades on ebay? I'd buy one for $50!
kranky: great call wizzer
jfitty: Minson needs a year-long pumpkin
uptoolate: because it's a game Wiz, not a commercial enterprise .... yet ...
desmondo: LOL @ Higgins tryin to lift his free agency value ;)
TheSaint: so my dt mid this week. bbeams pendles jpk macrae. only tyson as cover. still gonna win somehow :/
Hazza09: Needed a big ton from Libba oh well out in straight sets
kranky: how about a hundred uplatte
uptoolate: @kranski .... ur a sausage ??? wtf u talkn bout ???
wolfheart: Wells did something a bit dodgy off the ball. Might get time.
jfitty: Give Swallow the star already
MattyZ: wells got higgins in the jewels, can anyone tell me if it was accidental?
colmullet: sideshow bob having a cracker today
desmondo: it was quite deliberate...maybe 2 weeks
uptoolate: @des ..... deliberate in the jewels deserves the worst .....
Lynxe: It was an accident lol wells won't get anything
_wato: Thompson you are a joke! 40's and 50's when I need a score and 85 at 3qt sitting on my pine, so frustrated!!
uptoolate: lol ... yeas Lynxe .... accidentally striking someone in the saladas happens all the time .... ? ... he should do time
Lynxe: Watch the replay lmaoooo gg
WrightWay: Traded out Swallow and now look at him.
Steelers7: Just retire gia
uptoolate: @Lynxe don't have it. U watch ur nuts !
runt: Swallows"jewels", apparently fine.
desmondo: NDS smashing last weeks score LOL
wolfheart: 7-11. I hate to see an underdog kick themselves out of the game - especially when I have cash on them.
Hawkatack: dalsanto you play footy like you have a teeny tiny weener
rooboypete: Ziebell subbed
rooboypete: And Minson subbed too
DangerousD: NDS SC score anybody?
rooboypete: Due to Stevie J, Carlisle & Roughead being out, I had to field McDonald. A serviceable return
WizzFizz_: how is boomer on 73 sc
bloods81: dont you work for cd?
pies13: how long left?
korza: To all my friends at FF cya next year. Thanks to Pendles JPK (C) and every other peanut in my squad. FMDT
WizzFizz_: @bloods how are you going this week
bloods81: had miles cover for Pendles, unfortunately had Jpk and traded Bartel for Hanley looking at around 2500 thanks to Buddy (
CoachTNT: i know them feels korza
bloods81: buddy captain ^
korza: 1 last thing. Jacobs to win the Brownlow
WizzFizz_: @bloods wow thats a great score, how many trades left
bloods81: 2... might have to trade 2 of Pendles Beams, Jk
pies13: how long 2go?
WizzFizz_: yea im looking to trade beams to priddis
bloods81: Should already have Priddis!
coldog: Hope zac obrien gets a game next week. Bog in the twos
circle52: @coldog but who would you drop for him.