Chat Log: R21, Port Adelaide 7.14.56 d Gold Coast 7.5.47

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WrightWay: Tom Logan sub.
circle52: Port Adelaide: Angus Monfries, Ollie Wines, Jasper Pittard Substitute: Tom Logan
jaxx: Logan is not sub. Moore is. Don't all talk at once.
Bovine: tough game coming up for robbie gray... very happy my opp has him lol
LovesIt: why tuff for gray?
Bovine: no one can handle the ball
Bovine: lots of turnovers - not many high scores
Lions38: Go Lobbe and Swallow.
Dangermaus: Oh wow, this would be hilarious if Gold Coast knocked off Port
Lions38: There was another very late change. Monfries out for Young in.
Lions38: And Young is the sub.
Bovine: stay down gray and wines
WrightWay: Come on Windgard.
WrightWay: Lifrt Swallow you flower. My finals are on the line.
PezzDogg95: lobbe was a great buy this year.
howeydamus: shat stinkfart
WrightWay: You too windgard you idiot.
Costanza: Dean Solomon what a tough nut was
cdrobert: carn ebert, get involved
Dangermaus: this game is ridiculously underwhelming so far
Theo X: go gray 100+ thanks
Costanza: i thought the EPL started tonight
colmullet: Dixon bringing his price down more for next year
TheSaint: dixon is a never touch though colmullet. has 2-3 games a year that he is subbed out
Bovine: suns ducking for every free kick
PezzDogg95: seems like every second game dixon gets subbed out injured.
colmullet: oh yeah he would have to put up a big off season and pre-seaon to be considered
m0nty: Dixon has been subbed off injured in 6 of his last 17 senior games.
colmullet: wake up Ebert you flog
PezzDogg95: alarming stat monty
Costanza: they need his bulk but obv rush him back too quick too often
Dangermaus: this is gonna be a shower game for DT scores today
daniel87: Big second half port and boaky
Dangermaus: Boak has been so hot n cold this year
Pokerface: come on prestia, big 2nd half
Pokerface: you too chad
timwhatson: Swallow SC plz?
Bovine: swallow 39sc
Bovine: gray 54sc
timwhatson: tx Bovine
deanie: Please let Gray outscore Matthew flowering Broadbent
LovesIt: gray 64 sc
Bovine: suns getting an awesome run from the umps
Bovine: this makes the game a little more interesting
TheSaint: gray is 80 sc
colmullet: ebert gone next week
Dangermaus: Ebert gonna be dirt cheap next year
TheSaint: no he wont dangermaus. starting price is done by average score not finishing price. still averaging 100
PezzDogg95: Lobbe 121sc at 3/4 time
deanie: Kick some Goals please Gray :)
Mendax: lol
TheSaint: gray 102 sc
old_shepp: Hartlett providing excellent bench cover this week!
WrightWay: Windflog.
old_shepp: Corners hardly an effective tagged anymore more a "run with" player
WrightWay: Swallow 90 m8, pls, final on the line.
old_shepp: *tagger
_wato: Wow I hate Wingard hahhaha he is a dud, can't find the pill for 90% of the game
Roflcake: Lol, has wingard even touched the ball this half?
WrightWay: Nope.
Costanza: Matera could've won it with last two airies
pies13: what a goal!
Mendax: i wonder if that goal will be scaled much ...
Mendax: here comes chad
Mendax: could be major scaling on this one
Mendax: watch the sc scores go wild now
Zombi: I scaled a fish once. It got shorter.
spiggs: atta boy wingy!
Roflcake: my opp has wingard, hoping he didn't get too much for that
TheSaint: robbie gray definitely star. 20 contested possies and 10 clearances and 11 inside 50s. gun
jfitty: Gray gun
Mendax: game over
Bovine: gray 148sc WTF?????? how did that happen - SC scoring is crap
_wato: Wingard went from 55sc to 89sc hahaha yes
23rookie23: can anyone tell me what gray did to get scailed 40 odd sc points more
Mendax: nce one for chad!
TheSaint: bovine i just wrote why. 20 contested possies 10 clearances 11 inside 50s
Theo X: lulz just got gray in this week haha
deanie: "robbie gray definitely star. 20 contested possies and 10 clearances and 11 inside 50s. gun"
old_shepp: You can't say that around here Bovine. Might be subject to personal abuse
23rookie23: @the saint but he jumped after 1 min? must of been one huge thing???
PezzDogg95: lol!!! thank god wingard kicked the sealer!
Theo X: bovine shags sheep
Roflcake: YES Robbie, take me all the way
Pokerface: turn it up old_shepp you call everyone a flog then cry when you receive it
spiggs: holy moly i have wingard wines and boak and thought i was in for always amazes me
_wato: I may or may not say it's all due to scaling lads. @Oldshepp knows exactly what I'm talking about!