Chat Log: R21, Geelong 11.16.82 d Carlton 11.10.76

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Mendax: lol
Grazz: Evening all
desmondo: 6-7 goals from the hawk tonight..
wabofi: giday
Crow_Saint: are you David King desmondo
LovesIt: off a step speciallllllllll
God_: lads
mpollock: hope geelong get rolled ...
sammyo7: carlton by 11
LovesIt: cats by 18.5
hardballge: thinking this can go 2 ways, blues get ahead of themselves and pumped or they hold steady on form and pump cats, 30+ e/w
Heizenberg: Hi all, how are we? Go the baggers
sammyo7: blues play alright against the cats
m0nty: go Blues!
Heizenberg: Go baggers you owe these plows for last time the menzel non free kick
heppelitis: danger game for the cats?
hardballge: oh and Evening all :D
mrpotato: This could be a great game with a couple of big geelong outs plus some blues form
kangawalla: Yes Hepp, 3 good players out. You got your wish with Ariel Setberg playing this weekend.
oldfart: game over blues
uptoolate: evening all. Cats by 40+ ?
Rilian: First time Geelong has played without their 3 Norm Smith players since 2001. I like that stat!
heppelitis: have to say...blues have good outs too...they gonna be ok next year?
LuvIt74: Blues im not sure what to make of them
uptoolate: Blues will be great one day ! (with a new coach) ....:0/
heppelitis: yeah Kangawalla...probably spud it up to make me look silly
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Joel Selwood by ramming his head into Thomas, the ump is sucked in.
uptoolate: what a bargain Bews looks to be ! .... wish I had him already ... :0(
gdshifty: go bews!! My cover for Bartel :)
meka100: Simpson starting forward
heppelitis: same gdshifty...goood start
Redraptor: go jelwood and bews...pendles vc this week
oldfart: all the shower teams come good at the end of the season eg tigers,blues.dogs,eagles
TheSaint: i changed to bews to cover bartel with 45 seconds left before lockout! already got more than luke thompson prob will hah
heppelitis: yes TheSaint...but is his sc score fair?
casey22: @the saint: we'll see how "chuffed" you are at the end of the game!!!
m0nty: I think it's because the finals teams do that month of hard training in July preparing for September.
TheSaint: haha dont have him in SC heppel. p.s. how r u gonna play with watson back?
3rdstriker: remember when carrazzo was a tagger
heppelitis: bit worried tbh...dont know who is going to kick goals
TheSaint: i did however go sidebum over selwood for something different. that may not work out so well :P
uptoolate: @oldfart ..... we both are .... but ur statement is rash ? Re the Doggies we have been mostly average all year !
MudDawg: Keep going jed.
CoachTNT: Vsing the Traders this week, gonna get owned
bloods81: Bews cover for Bartel :)
uptoolate: gooooo Jelwood !!! u lil beauty .... u can 'dive' now if u want cos I have u C ! ...
Arch: once again the umps in favour of the cheats
3rdstriker: looks like selwood has already shaken carrots
old_shepp: Ellard went to the same kicking school as Taylor Adams!
Beast_Mode: Carrazzo looks like War Machine
WrightWay: Carn ya Murf.
wadaramus: Good start Murph and Selwood.
snake_p: Ellard not that bad Old shepp. Adams clanger king
casey22: What score from Selwood to loop him over Rocky????
wadaramus: You'd surely need 140 casey.
timwhatson: 125 for the loophole
bloods81: think rocky will scored sub 100 don't think he'll be able to shae the tag
Theo X: ridiculous free
Beast_Mode: anything over 130
Arch: bullshower free ride to the cheats all year.
Dangermaus: Come on kelly need a big score from you with no Johnson or Bartel
casey22: Thanks all; I reckon 140
mooses: l
Beast_Mode: selwood muppet
MudDawg: Daisy might of done a ankle.
Heizenberg: Holy flower please god not the ankle daisy
hardballge: 140 is my loop cut off
casey22: @arch: I didn't invent the loophole; I just know how to use it!
Arch: daisy did his knee! 12 months out. thanks for the 800,000 buddy
TheSaint: simpson 16 dt 0 sc lol
wadaramus: I don't have Rocky, so I would take 130 from Selwood as VC.
TheSaint: cant hit a target to save himself so far
timwhatson: Harry sc?
wadaramus: Taylor 35sc.
heppelitis: Bloodt hell @TheSaint...get a job at luv stats!
TheSaint: you love getting stats heppel! haha
uptoolate: @Beast .... Selwood is the high score here ! ..... muppet ? ...... wtf ?
JGreezy: rocky will have Macaffer and they'll probably lose
old_shepp: Ellard again snake_p?
timwhatson: cheers wadaramus
Derekcraig: Blicav 44sc?
Catter1234: Skills are absolutely useless so far and umps are even worse.
Ryan: bews sc?
snake_p: Yes Shepp. He's a terrible shot at goal. No doubt
wadaramus: Selwood SC not reflecting his DT domination, needs to improve his efficiency.
sammyo7: bews 15
Derekcraig: Bews 12sc
heppelitis: bews to finish at 45 dt....
CWingard: kade simpson...3
Morts54: @TheSaint Simpson doing really well to have 16dt seeing as hes not even playing
Raspel31: Evening all.Selwood what a champ.Anyone running less than 22 players this week-me 21 aarrgh.
Derekcraig: Bews 16sc
TheSaint: ummm morts he is playing? and wadaramus, selwood is going at 80% efficiency
Morts54: My apologies
wadaramus: My mistake, Selwood sc is now 39.
Morts54: I thought you meant Dawson Simpson
heppelitis: heppelitis purple name game...any guesses?
Arch: @Catter1234 all year the blues have been blessed . Cats who usually get looked after will get smashed by the umps tonite
uptoolate: g'eve Raspel .... agreed re Selwood ...
wadaramus: Carn Selwood, bust it up man.
Roksta: Go selwood
JGreezy: simpson is going at 0% disposal efficiency, 2 clangers, lucky he's not negative sc
Roksta: Unlucky rappel haha
3rdstriker: simpson may have just dodged another clanger by the ball missing his foot completely
TheSaint: did anyone else get sidebum? simply cos he is less likely to get a rest. was scared selwood may rest r 23 if ladder set
heppelitis: common bews....5 more frees against to a doughnut
Lynxe: if carlton win these watch the carlton fans be like next year is our year were so good
Arch: on the ball @Lynxw
matty20man: does anybody know how to look at teams in match centre that havent made finals/have been eliminated?
Mendax: not a free
Jonesy pan: What's wrong with that bump?
JGreezy: terrible free
3rdstriker: dont think it can be done matty20man
mooses: bullshower free to selwood
danmaio: that was shower free to selwood
N.Fyfe: I have selwood in my team, but the free kicks he gets are absolute bullshower!
Beast_Mode: shocking decision, selwood a protected species.
Arch: haha cats 2 frees in arow blue sooks cant handle it
Rilian: Note that Selwood didn't appeal for the free, and didn't stay down. So blame the umps not him. Menzel decision worse too
Jmachete: who would win out of selwood and murfy in a flog contest?
Heizenberg: flower you selwood you get a free for anything
LazyAs: jmachete =flog
old_shepp: True Beast_Mode. I just gave up in the end and put him in both my sides SC & DT
snake_p: Arch. Don't follow blues. They were ordinary frees. Duckwood always gets soft frees
mooses: anyone else back the blues tonite?
TheSaint: selwood is a star.
Jmachete: lazyas = ape
heppelitis: haha old_shepp
Heizenberg: No Mooses I don't bet
Arch: yes snake_p i agree selwood should be wearing a blues jumper then it would all make sense
LazyAs: lol
Raspel31: Not sane people mooses
happytimes: At the line mooses got 21.5 points at 1.91
mooses: no, in tipping comps
Theo X: gibbs is a flog
3rdstriker: great goal gibbs
Heizenberg: Gibbbssssyyyyy!!!!!!!!
old_shepp: you don't hate the frees as much then ;)
heppelitis: Heiz????/ you in rehab?
mooses: yeah, im 4 of lead, need to pick the upsets
Catter1234: Good goal finally!!
3rdstriker: only took 8 years for the blues to realise hes not a forward or a back or a tagger
mooses: theyre tasty numbers though happy times, cant see a blow out happening
Beast_Mode: no one with a brain would back the blues tonight but wouldn't might seeing a close game though
old matey: @mooses same here
snake_p: Murphy gone off the ground to touch up his make up??
3rdstriker: give selwood the hulk already, embarrassing carrazzo
wadaramus: Selwood out to 65sc.
Heizenberg: No heppell just gave up naturally been 96 days
Raspel31: Never accuse Heizenberg of being in rehab-we need his powers.
Beast_Mode: 8mind
TheSaint: 3 votes tonight all but wraps up the brownlow for selwood for mine
Heizenberg: Lol yes raspel
3rdstriker: ellard carried off
heppelitis: wallet better off mate?
Mendax: blues are coming
snake_p: I take that back Murphy
Jmachete: thesaint cotch 144sc this round?
mooses: no one with a brain would pick carlton up at this stage beast mode?
3rdstriker: agree thesaint
Heizenberg: Yes way better heppell my fault though I was a pretty good punter with poor disclipine
Catter1234: imagine if the blues had kicked straight.
wadaramus: Go Murph you gun.
peachcream: when i saw ellard get his leg smothered, it gave me flashbacks of nathan brown's break, hopefully not as bad
heppelitis: well done then
gdshifty: amazing how quickly bews has turned to shower lol
Beast_Mode: @mooses, cats have too much to play for, will take over in the 2nd half.
Heizenberg: Thanks heppell
Jmachete: i heard murfy got caught flogging off in sick bay at his school
heppelitis: peachcream.../see Paul George the other week in nba?
Heizenberg: I appreciate the support/positive comments
snake_p: Rowe improving as a defender. Not DT relevant though
3rdstriker: ahhh caddy
mooses: most likely beast, but a boy can dream
Raspel31: Heizenberg a loser-just thought I'd mix it up.
heppelitis: haha Raspel...very funny
peachcream: yep @heppelitis thankfully just a bone fracture and no ligaments, tendons torn
TheSaint: jed bews managed to have a tackle taken away and a free against in a whole quarter. that is ice cold
old_shepp: Smedts just a good VFL player really
Heizenberg: Why you calling me a loser raspel?
ballbag: @heizen gotta hedge live to win. got blues @2.20 +16.5. just got cats @2.20 -12.5. 10% gteed ;)
gdshifty: 40 mins bews has gone backwards -7...
Theo X: carlton knobs booing selwood
heppelitis: ballbag thats just
Theo X: ellard sub
uptoolate: ohhhh dearrrrr .... who told the Blues really that they had a sniff in this game ???
meka100: Simpson wake up
TheSaint: bews flame! +6
Raspel31: Heize my friend-a joke.
timwhatson: I feel sorry for anyone relying on Bews at this time of year!
Heizenberg: I used to ballbag, good luck
peachcream: ok that replay wasn't that bad, just the way ellard grabbed it live was worrying
sammyo7: ellard subbed
WizMan: Hi peeps, kade sc pls just logged on.
TheSaint: kade 6 sc
Heizenberg: Oh okay raspel it's all good
Theo X: lol nice shank smedts
meka100: Here comes Dennis, Carton are certain to win this now
heppelitis: gambling is wrong...making blue ice and selling its ok..hiez
Heizenberg: Damn goal for goal now
WizMan: Wow thanks saint
Theo X: lolz armo
Heizenberg: Lol yes raspel and killing ppl Gus fring etc
meka100: Almost Dennis
3rdstriker: if you are going to look like a massive flog you better not miss goals like that armfield
snake_p: Arnfield looks like a bigger flog than usual with the new haircut
Buzz67: Keep going Daisy. My be a heart in it for you by the end
Rilian: What is with the Friday night umps of late? They're sh!t - both ways!
Raspel31: Armfield plays tiddly winks with my gran-and has a worse haircut.
Catter1234: hawkins will miss!
wadaramus: Come on Boris you big spud, get into gear man.
Jmachete: blues supporters sooking bad about umps, but have the most frees for of any team this season lol
heppelitis: Who is Boris?
peachcream: enright @heppelitis
Ryan: bews sc
meka100: Boris is Corey Enright
Heizenberg: @heppell Boris = enright
Theo X: typical of carlton fans
wadaramus: Enright hepp, not sure where it comes from but is regularly used.
Arch: Ranked 1 for most free for 2 years in a row and leats frees against... Unheard Of!!
heppelitis: thx guys...i remember now...old man disease
Raspel31: Okay,fellow loopers.Who did you put the captaincy loop on tonight-hard given draw?
TheSaint: selwood obviously raspel. no brainer
wadaramus: Selwood Raspel.
ballbag: obv jelwood
wadaramus: Lets hope he can finish the job in the second half, currently 69sc.
Raspel31: No brainer ? With Rockcliff,Pendles and Fyfe to come?.Yeah-I went Selwood.
TheSaint: you said VC raspel. C on rocky if selwood doesnt go well
Eaglesuk: Told you all the fix is in... Free kick for that bump on Selwood! What a flowering joke
uptoolate: Jelwood.
Heizenberg: I have rockliff VC with fyfe my c if he fails, hawks don't tag hard often
preki1: selwood sc?
heppelitis: who is the better mature age recruit...fantasy wise...rocky or barlow?
heppelitis: over their whole career?
wadaramus: Selwood 69sc.
3rdstriker: rocky was picked up as an 18 year old albeit in the preseason draft so not really mature age
heppelitis: k
wadaramus: Got to be Rocky surely, Barlow is good but not at the level of Rocky.
heppelitis: must still be fairly young?
3rdstriker: but I would go with rocky of the 2 on durability if nothing else
Raspel31: Just like opening a conversation at half time-but Fyfe a huge risk with that shoulder and last game?.
Howlong: Rockliff was recruited out of the TAC cup.
3rdstriker: yeah hes 24
heppelitis: wow...hes a lock for next 5 years
Raspel31: Pardon me-half time.EPL starts tomorrow.Go Spurs.!
wadaramus: Li-ver-pool
Heizenberg: Yeah fyfe a risk but will have had 8 days recovery come sunday
banta: Carrazzo clearly doing a hopeless job on selwood? Just flicked on the game
kangawalla: Any clues on who gets the Crowley tag v Hawks? Smitch or Hodgey?Just for planning purposes! :)
heppelitis: Tiger supporters...go...Hull!
wadaramus: Yep, mayor of struggletown banta.
wadaramus: Crowley sucks.
3rdstriker: mitchell far more likely than hodge, hodge doesnt play a taggable game
Raspel31: No Heize-know he'll play the season out.Fyfe a champ.But cap this week-dangerous.
heppelitis: probably smitchell...just to annoy fantasy players
mrpotato: 10/10 Wadaramus, Crowley is a wonka
wadaramus: I just can't stand him mrpotato.
BFAsh: Surely JPK for capt!
Raspel31: heppelitis-really Hull? Go Geelong-we have to mix this up.
kangawalla: I hear on good authority that Crowley is a lovely bloke off the field. Just plays the villain on game day.
mrpotato: Neither mate, least favourite player.
heppelitis: no tiger
wadaramus: Least favourite/most hated!
snake_p: Muppet Kelly
heppelitis: carrazzo havin nightmares of lonergans tackle...destroyed the bloke
danmaio: is that the biggest all time muppet tokelly
jfitty: Haha that was stupid Kelly
kangawalla: Muppet time James K?
3rdstriker: nice goal assist kelly
gdshifty: i sense a muppet :D
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Kelly picks up a loose ball near the behind post and bounces a handball past White but Menzel volleys a goal!
Heizenberg: Kelly muppett
wadaramus: That's just fine kangawalla, he's a jerk on the field, don't know him off the field.
JGreezy: Crowley is a jerk, but i respect him more than players like Merrett, Vickery who actually hurt/injure the opposition
JGreezy: Crowley just plays mind games and frustrates, never see him hurt or cheap shot anybody
heppelitis: every coach would love a Crowley
mooses: crowley is a footballer who gives 110% to his team, regardless of role. more power to him. RESPECT
3rdstriker: thats exactly whats wrong with the high tackle rule
Raspel31: And Crowley is relevant why?
wadaramus: Crowley epitomises everything I don't want to see on a footy field. His tactics suck.
JGreezy: MM killing it right now
heppelitis: good question raspel31..back to the
mooses: Crowley no more a jerk than brett kirk, cam guthrie, pickering, carazzo or any other tagger, hes just the best at it
wadaramus: He's the worst at it mooses.
jfitty: Cam Guthrie seems like a massive tosser
JGreezy: guthrie just took a dive, disgusting, stand your ground
Raspel31: Wadaramus-love your work.Negative-kills football in every way-stifles the game with thuggery,not skill.Crowley a flog.
wadaramus: It just sucks tha our best footballers get scragged to the limit and the no talent scraggers get lauded for it.
TheSaint: earth to kade simpson. you are actually a unique in my final somehow
meka100: Stop staging Simpson and get the pill you little shower
kangawalla: Sorry Raspel 'bout the Crowley chat that I started. It was just half time banter. Speculating who he might tag.
Eaglesuk: Quack Quack and Diving... Geelong the biggest cheats going
wadaramus: Yeah, it's all your fault kanga! lol
MudDawg: Wake up Jellywood.
tigerman28: Caddy shank
3rdstriker: caddy making gc feel better about letting him go every time he gets the ball
Raspel31: kanga-good on you-half time chats are good.
TheSaint: kersten youd think certain sub
Theo X: caddys flowering useless
kangawalla: Yeah Wada, didnt expect the banter to last 15min into the 3rd! :)
wadaramus: Yeah come on Selwood, finish off your/my VC selection please with a 140.
JGreezy: how does varcoe consistently get a game?
wadaramus: +1 Raspel, good half time topic.
BFAsh: Varcoe looked like he was on a treadmill.
heppelitis: woohoo eaglesuk..first time another club labelled biggest cheats in ages
Theo X: menzel hurt himself diving
D.Barwick: blues are home! geelong need bartel to milk some bullshower free kicks to win! cats cheat
TheSaint: i love how ppl say geelong cheat by milking free they blow the whistle and pay them do they?
kangawalla: That's a very enduring muppet on James K. He's still there!
heppelitis: move bews,,cant have you subbed this week
kangablues: Menzel could be done for the night!
TheSaint: yarran bandaid too. sore calf
Eaglesuk: Ducking and Milking is cheating Saint.. Read the rules lately
JGreezy: TheSaint, they have some player who dont always play to beat their opp they play to draw a free
m0nty: Kermit has a long memory about plays that bad
D.Barwick: @the saint yes the umpires get sucked in! they blow the whistle and pay them
darkness: Jelwood 0 touches this QTR ! Carrots 20 touches
kangawalla: Fair call there Monty!
TheSaint: bews no chance to be subbed. playing solid role down back.
3rdstriker: outrageous decision
JGreezy: varcoe is just terrible
BFAsh: flowerIN disgraceful decision. Bloody Elwood
snake_p: Bulls it free against Murphy to Duckwood
knickers: Simpson useless hack. If I had a trade you'd be gone
Raspel31: Cheers Wadaramus-appreciated.We have a real game on here.
Theo X: cats cant kick for shower
Heizenberg: Coast to coast blue boys
timwhatson: Taylor SC? he's playing well again tonight
Lynxe: dw geelong will win regardless
heppelitis: good news TheSaint...not games and chix flix dominating here
JGreezy: harry is on 98
wadaramus: Jeez, can the Blues go on with it?!
TheSaint: lol knickers. simpsons last 3 scores all above 109. bit dramatic there
wadaramus: K.Simpson 27sc, not good.
knickers: @thesaint I love amateur dramatics
Raspel31: $100 to 1. Of f course Geelong will win.
Theo X: caddy is a complete flowerwit
3rdstriker: hawkins yips are back, could be the return of the back injury
kangawalla: Monty, if that Muppet stays for much longer you'll need to pay royalties to the estate of Jim Henson! :)
snake_p: That was ugly docherty
knickers: The tagged and the tagged highest scoring?!
jfitty: The tagger and the taggee?
wadaramus: Caarn Selwood, your sc is good, just need a few possies to keep it ticking over.
mooses: low scoring game
TheSaint: please find your way to a 70 simmo. somehow lost QF with 2500 last week and now in knock out semi
JGreezy: docherty's skills are woeful, he makes mistakes on basic plays
wadaramus: Boris 66, hope he can push up to close to 100sc.
Heizenberg: flower what a quarter it eill be the last, GO BLUES!!!!
Heizenberg: *will
Raspel31: Okay chumps-anyone brave enough to say Carlton will win this one?.
JGreezy: i hope this isn't decided by a geelong free, but who am I kidding, its geelong
Lynxe: no carlton are useless they wont win
mooses: backed em in tipping, big chance still
valkorum: @raspel I tipped Geelong but am barracking for Carlton
TheSaint: only just realised rocky is now 722K in DT. wow. 9/16 games over 133. that is absurd!
old matey: @Raspel31 im hoping so
wadaramus: 3 points up Raspel, I'm not that confident!
Redraptor: let's go jelwood and bews
zump69: What a spud simpson
mooses: is rockliffe a must have roung 1 next year, or hope for price drop????
Catter1234: Cats will win easy, blues have got too many injuries. Cats will prob kick 1.13. must be windy tonight at ES
heppelitis: TheSaint aka Anthony Hudson
wadaramus: Bring it home Selwood, Murph and Boris!!!
TheSaint: rockliff is the best dream teamer of all time. have to just get him. has 3x170+ scores so may never drop
JGreezy: rockliff not a must have, you want next years rockliff
Heizenberg: Omg 722k you serious hes 695 in sc, is that the most expensive ever? Or gaz still has him?
3rdstriker: mooses, he certainly wont average more next year than this year, I think his price will drop
tigerman28: Joel sc?
wadaramus: I'm definitely thinking of starting with him mooses.
TheSaint: 722k is most in DT yes. he averages over 100 in his career. including rookie year! and thanks heppell haha
Pendlez10: cats bound to lose 1 tight game this season.. prob today
old_shepp: Cats should be winning comfortably. Terrible kicking that quarter
JGreezy: swan is the best DTer of all time
wadaramus: Selwood 83sc.
Heizenberg: Price drop for sure be realistic
Heizenberg: Wow the saint what a freak
mooses: if cats lose,top two set???
Stuart88: I'm at the game is Menzal done?
Raspel31: Cats will win this-the guru has spoken!
wadaramus: You would think so mooses.
tigerman28: Doesn't look like the selwood loophole is gonna work out - go rocky!
nick_bahr: @mooses probably
wadaramus: We need a Selwood winning goal tigerman!
heppelitis: so many bandaides on blues...can they win?
jocka: Is tunnelling from behind allowed now?
knickers: Simpson winning goal
tigerman28: We need a miracle wadaramus!
TheSaint: oh hello kade. welcome
wadaramus: Won't help his 28sc knickers!
colmullet: yes kade keep it up haha
Rilian: Monty - Thomas and Menzel = Jacket on / gone for the night!
mooses: quck 18 by simpson
TheSaint: +18 simpson trash. love it. menzel and thomas both red cross out of game
meka100: Simpson +18 in 30 seconds, need a few more of those
wadaramus: Yeah, it is probably something miraculous!!
Theo X: learn to kick staright cats
Heizenberg: Cmon blues gibbsy
mooses: 3 red crosses, serious doubts over geelong if they drop this
BFAsh: Keep going simmo
heppelitis: will malthouse complain...too many injuries and weather too cold?
knickers: Cape up simmo
Raspel31: 20 to go-despair not mooses
wadaramus: SC scores are flat tonight, no-one busting it up.
Victorious: Wouldn't mind a frothy
3rdstriker: ankle problems for daisy
TheSaint: selwood 2 possies for the half
3rdstriker: I will never get tired of seeing a Scott brother look shocked after a free kick goes against them
wadaramus: What's stopping ya Victorious?!
tigerman28: Regardless of the result, it's clear that the Cats aren't GF contenders.
wadaramus: Enright outSCing Selwood!!!!!
JGreezy: this game has plateaued, waiting for someone to win it
old_shepp: Caddy has been impressive
wadaramus: It's got to be Selwood JGreezy
Redraptor: good game
ballbag: can someone put a pingpong ball in cscotts mouth when he has that expression. he looks like a clown
Raspel31: 3rd striker -they are both perfect Mr Potato heads.Blank canvasses.Carn Geelong.
JGreezy: might be Judd, wada
3rdstriker: haha ballbag
casey22: Didn't duck into that one
Raspel31: Lol ballbag.
wadaramus: It's got to be Selwood JGreezy!!!
ballbag: awww the winds blowing hard into selwoods back- give him a free kick
Victorious: anyone got any vb tinnies?
TheSaint: enright has racked up 15 sc points since his last touch lol
wadaramus: xlnt kick Murph.
kangawalla: Champagne comedy ballbag.
Eaglesuk: Quack quack goes Selwood!
ryansteam: Cant Geelong win a game with out umpires?
TheSaint: interested ryansteam. carlton with 7 more free kicks...
Rilian: Ryansteam - Carlton have more freekicks. There's been bad ones both ways. Perhaps try watching with 2 eyes..
tigerman28: Barrel quiet tonight.
eski_liddr: how is that not a 50m penalty
WizzFizz_: what has happened to selwood? at ht he was on 70
Eaglesuk: How's that not 50 to Waite! Rigged
JGreezy: kelly is trying to double up that muppet
3rdstriker: waite!
ballbag: if waite knew how to be a turtle and pull his head in he could be anything
Heizenberg: Cmon tou can do it b
TheSaint: enright went +7 sc for that kick that gave carlton a 7 point lead...
knickers: @victorious. Only Melbourne bitter
Eaglesuk: Suk shower Geelong! Flowering cheats!
Heizenberg: *blues
tigerman28: Terrible Enright
eski_liddr: was that an enwrong clanger
3rdstriker: wasnt a clanger for enright, if thats not a clanger what is?
heppelitis: i suggested Carrazzo was crap at half time @wizzfizz
desmondo: Enright minus 3000 SC points LOL
TheSaint: nope it was counted as contested and effective kick on stats eski
Ryan: selwood sc pls anyone
Redraptor: jelwood mid 90s sc
TheSaint: nope desmondo. he went up 7 sc for it. to 103
old_shepp: Star for Caddy if Cats win
Rilian: lol Monty. It's comical how much you hate Geelong. A crab on a 7 game player. You're a tool!
Victorious: veryyy interesting
Lynxe: thats true monty is a tool for giving a crab to kersten
jocka: Not in the back?
eski_liddr: @Rilian - he hates you more
heppelitis: no star for caddy after destroying my sc earlier this season
Raspel31: The guru said theCats would win and the guru is in touch!
3rdstriker: what a surprise
JGreezy: the umpire realised he needs to gift geelong the game
WizMan: Very late whistle on that one, made a cup of tea in that time.
eski_liddr: umpire that is terrible, wreck another game
mooses: terrible decision
Lynxe: graham $
old_shepp: Got to move on Hepp - I nearly brought him back in three weeks ago :)
Victorious: wasnt there
TheSaint: selwood effective handball and bounce and score involvement got him less than the enright clanger kick :)
Eaglesuk: Wow, late whistle, it's fixed! Disgusting
JGreezy: he had to think about whether it would be too obvious
Woosha 73: Is there a crab on that wall?
ballbag: @wizman LOL i got up, lit a ciggie turned around and then heard a whistle. that ump is demented
jocka: Hands in the back is a rule!
Roksta: Carltank had been getting the better run from the umps
Ryan: just cost Carlton the game
snake_p: I didn't realise Lindsay Thomas was playing tonight
JGreezy: get over it TheSaint, Enright got a contested possession and kicked to a contested mark, scoring isnt perfect
Raspel31: lol jocka
Redraptor: jelwood tons up in sc...again and again and...
tigerman28: Can't wait for mick's post match interview. He might kill a reporter.
eski_liddr: draw im calling it
Lynxe: thurlow selfish!
mooses: poetic justice - would lova a draw
TheSaint: haha tigerman he was happy pre game ;)
JGreezy: do carlton realise that they're losing?
tigerman28: Bruce has just come out with a stat gem!
Eaglesuk: Christensen should be suspended for diving! Cheat
3rdstriker: youd think carlton are in front from the tuohy kick
Buzz67: You would just dare a reporter to ask Mick, did Geelong just want the win more tonight Mick? Cue explosion!
kingbaz: After his effort at the wce v coll match in Perth Lindsay shouldn't be umpiring this week
tigerman28: The fat lady is singing!
3rdstriker: and once again the umpires get the cats over the line in a really tight game
jfitty: Wow Rowe forgot to put his hands up the spud!
TheSaint: what on earth were calrlton doing? moving it slowly with less than a minute left and goal down. huh?
Raveneyes: Reporter to Mick: Does your side have the desire to win?
Raspel31: The guru called it-sorry Carlton.
Catter1234: Gotta feel for the blues, injuries cost them a win! and the Cats kicking skill was a about 1 out of 10
Lynxe: Carltank!
_wato: Geelong didn't deserve that hahaha, what a joke
cobrakai00: We love trolling crap teams...
wadaramus: VC fail.
old_shepp: Cats made unnecessarily hard work of that. Star for Caddy
mdon11: Reporter to mick: Is your side any good?
tigerman28: Reporter to mick - how do you think the umpires performed?
heppelitis: freo...fat and slow...kick him in the balls and he still wont go
Lynxe: Geelong did deserve the win lmaoo
Lynxe: Caddy star tbh
knickers: I'm real stiff
Rilian: Carlton won the free kicks for all those complaining about that. Also had soft ones in front of goal ala Menzel. *sigh*
mooses: rilian, do you think that last one was there, and worth calling fron the centre square
Eaglesuk: Rilian are you deaf dumb and blind?
jocka: @3rdstriker Try watching the game, you flog.
knickers: Cats don't deserve win
old_shepp: Take the magnet off and put the star on Caddy M0nty - 3 votes for sure
jocka: @Rilian Don't bring facts into this argument!
Rilian: No I don't, but I'm aware enough to know that there were bad ones all game. Injuries and bad decisions cost Carl not ump
Rilian: Bad decisions aka Tuohy taking 30secs to kick ball in back pocket with 60secs left on the clock...! Umps fault too?
DoctorRush: So Selwood 1, carazzo 2, Caddy 3??
TheSaint: omg jackson thurlow sc haha
heppelitis: Heiz 1, Raspel 2 and Ballbag 3 tonight
3rdstriker: @jocka, watched the whole game from beginning to end, dont even go for carlton, that was disgraceful though
jocka: Carlton also got a forward free that was called from the centre square.
mooses: bad umpiring cost game.....
wadaramus: Selwood crap after half time.
knickers: I'm still stiff
Rilian: Caddy taking a mark on goal-line behind a pack. The umpires fault as well?