Chat Log: R20, North Melbourne 19.12.126 d Western Sydney 7.9.51

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WrightWay: Lachlan Hansen (hip) and Levi Greenwood (leg) replaced by Aaron Mullett and Nathan Grima
PostKeeper: are you sure? that could win me my league gam
Viscount: Confirmed outs by SEN
WrightWay: @Post, AFL Website wouldn't lie.
PostKeeper: awesome
swannies14: hope we have no 'banned topics'' today on this chat forum
Hawks_13: what do you guys think on putting the vc on goldstein?
MackckA: @hawks i have made him vc. I wanted to do fyfe but have no non playing cover after that game
Hawks_13: im the same @MackckA
matthius: why don't these flowering muppets just announce they are resting them when teams are announced ffs
matthius: they only do it against the weaker clubs. Gonna cost me any chance of a win the plows
Hawkatack: Matthius if you need Hansen & Greenwood for the win your team is in a very sad state
_wato: Bugg to NDS you ripper.. Big one now Boomer.
WrightWay: Nicky Dal played to himself, in the kick in so that means he gets a kick? God.
_wato: Actually wait, I take that back.. Bugg on Boomer?
Torz: He didn't play on to himself WrightWay.
Dare2Dream: Bummer hey _wato, :))) for those with NDS
jaxx: But Bugg's being tagged himself according to the icon
swannies14: Maybe just watch the game wato
uptoolate: afternnoon all ....
Dare2Dream: Been Bugged then jaxx?
_wato: Don't have Austar chief otherwise I would hahaha
uptoolate: I reckn GWS are good enuff !
swannies14: Lol wato no probs
WizMan: Wow, no touches for Boomer or Ward yet
matthius: retire boomer you old bugger. too slow.
Ben_Gogos: Sorry about the Bugg tagged icon, my bad
WrightWay: @matthius, you really are clueless.
meka100: Harvey and NDS hello?
uptoolate: cmon Heater !!!
Cheannn: Idiot matthius, will prob go top 5 Brownlow
krazykray: cmon boomer, break the tag
timwhatson: Petrie should destry it today. Glad I held him
WrightWay: Flower you NDS.
Torz: Harvey and NDS... disgraceful.
JGreezy: dal santo on 11 sc
meka100: NDS you lazy plow
Sydney14: ffs dal santo, you spud
uptoolate: imho .... harvey a champ .... but not today. top 5 in Brownlow is most unlikely...
gogonz: hey all
ballbag: theyre playing in canberra where its freezing. boomers arthritic joints have frozen over so dont expect much
matthius: He's finished, just accept it. Pin your hopes on Ben Jacobs as your new leader Norf fans
TheSaint: lol dal santo is -1 dt 11 sc :/
OnTheRocks: Did anyone else read kayne as Kanye?
gogonz: he'll fight his way into the game
JGreezy: harvey will probably be on 30 in 5 minutes time, its what he does
swannies14: Lol Ballbag,says a lot for the kangas future when their quickest player is 39
Kanga.18: How does the 10 year old matthius not get banned?
Hutcho42: Canberra is 1 degree c older than Melbs at the moment.
JGreezy: it says they have a really quick 39 year old, swannies
man0005: It's difficult when you can't buy the competition Swannies :/
timwhatson: stay down Harvey
trolls: Greene, Shiel, Devon Smith on my radar next year
Blue Chev: I'm in Canberra, it's freezing.
Buzz67: Cmon NickDS. Never seen a tag before!
swannies14: True JGreezy but the future is dismal
gogonz: lol.. lamb.. GWS paying him $350k
_wato: Who's Turner lining up against on the wing?
swannies14: Save your pennies man0005 and anything is possible
heppelitis: jeepers..young toby nearly supeman
Mendax: Bowyang looks handy, NDS wtf?
Dare2Dream: C'mon NDS, turn the heat up and roast him!
matthius: lol at all the hopeless wishful thinking of a Harvey reasonable score. he's old folks.
burgz300: whats ward been doing?
MightyEss: flowering hell NDS and harvey pull your finger out of your ass
gogonz: maker for next week?
WrightWay: I'm going to rage trade NDS, if he finishes on a Kade Simpson score like 29 when he played GWS.
TheSaint: dal santo is 1 possession 1 clanger and is 11 sc :/
JGreezy: we'll see Matthius, stop trolling with stupid comments
JGreezy: the saint, he has had 3 or 4 effective kickouts that dont score as possessions
swannies14: Saw old man Harvs win the car at the Norf rafflle this week and he swapped it for an old pensioner scooter
_wato: Surely Thompsom and NDS sc scores are the other way around? Thompson with a tackle, mark and kick that hit the target?
MudDawg: L plate for Turner.
JGreezy: GWS player just played that, kicked his head back with no contact
Ryan: sc NDS harvey lindsey and goldy pls
swannies14: Stop trolling JGreezy,we all saw the shoulder get him high
krazykray: slow down greene
JGreezy: NDS and Swallow are on 12
JGreezy: Harvey is on 17
HappyDEZ: Looking at the ladder it would be great if GWS, WCE & Carlton all win.
JGreezy: thomas is 17 as well and goldy is 40
MackckA: @hawks so far goldy is doing vc well. Just needs to continue it
Jmachete: The Saint - how did cotch go last night another 144 lol
Ryan: Thanks JGreezy
Hawks_13: well hopefully he keeps going
MudDawg: Ward only on 9sc.
JGreezy: this turner kid looks good so far
Hawks_13: whats heath shaws sc please
JGreezy: heater is on 34
swannies14: Capt swallow struggles again,this time against a bunch of kids,afraid his short career may be at crossroads
Blue Chev: The penguin icon should be replaced with sub-zero from mortal kombat
HappyDEZ: Coming back from a snapped achilles swannies. A bit harsh.
swannies14: You play your fit
swannies14: He will never get his pace back
HappyDEZ: I didn't know he had any lol
matthius: Harvey to get subbed at h/t with rigarmortis setting in.
poolboybob: did Dal Santo really have 12 in the first quarter? 12 points for one handball. Must have been a great handball.
JGreezy: ignore him HappyDEZ, he's been making these dumb anti north comments all game, it was boomer 5 mins ago
matthius: why did I get the spud?? I'm not playing poorly
swannies14: Face the facts Greezy Norf is struggling of late,bit of a culture problem I suspect
MackckA: Matthius you are a spud
Sydney14: wow dal santo, cmon seriously its sc finals
Munza: Goldy 45 Sc, should have made him VC
MackckA: @munza i have him vice
meka100: There's NDS one handball for the quarter, Mr. Consistent
timwhatson: Goldy SC is Bullshower. He just gave away 2 frees
TheSaint: this is a strange one. goldy 45 sc dal 17 and they have combined for 20 dt haha
WrightWay: Matthius is a spud. Well played M0nty.
MackckA: @timwhatson and he lost sc points for both frees, he was higher
poolboybob: Guess we know who champion data have in their side.
Hawks_13: slow down heath shaw, my opponent has him
poolboybob: Goldy mark and a kick, reckon he has probably tonned up in supercoach now.
jfitty: Ward will be on the SC ton by now too
MackckA: Ward 20sc
TheSaint: ward 16
Buzz67: dribble file
matthius: I know I've joked about Boomer but seriously, I hate seeing the elderly suffer like this. sub him please
MackckA: And dt isnt a joke? Rewarding for mistake and shower kicks?
matthius: Come on giants! hang in there fellas please
MackckA: @matthius where are you playing? I dont see you on the field.
whale607: lol @ the spud icon
TheSaint: toby greene attempting the double cape
NewFreoFan: just logged in, wtf greene?! what is going on?
Hazza09: Boomer struggling today
Ben_Gogos: If Toby gets to the ton, he'll have the cape!
heppelitis: ironic...superman protected against thugs like toby
swannies14: Spud boomer
MudDawg: Greene should be behind bars.
swannies14: Rather be a spud then alleged sex offender any day
IWantPie: haha listen to you bitter little kiddies. Harvey isn't scoring *boohoo*
swannies14: "Thug
Hazza09: flower off Bugg you plow
heppelitis: haha...spud firrito telling the ump he is a spud
smoochy: firrito is not getting a brownlow vote today even if he goes forward and kicks a dozen goals.
JGreezy: what have north done tow get such bad umpiring two weeks in a row
WrightWay: you masive plow NDS.
swannies14: How dodgy are Norf raffles when boomer wins the car,honest club at its best
swannies14: Want a tissue Greezy?
ofnao001: nds sc? what a pickup by me this week
swannies14: This game is close,way too close for Rooboystu to chat yet...
JGreezy: dal santo 34
IWantPie: thisis a VERY long quarter of footy
poolboybob: lol @ goldstein's supercoach
Karlpov: I hate you Toby Greene
MackckA: Goldy 84sc
Ryan: harvey and lindsey sc pls
WizMan: That's not very nice Karlpov.
matthius: Old man boomer keeping me in the contest. 40 total from him will be ideal.
JGreezy: harvey 25, thomas 30
MackckA: Harvey 25 lindsay 30
Redraptor: big half please harvs and thommo, go brown and shaw
Hazza09: Where was this tagging effort last week Bugg you flowering plow?
Howdoyoudo: Matthius can you stop writing so much shower my laptop can only show so much.
nic-n-nat: Lift Swallow! Lift Boomer!!!
MightyEss: harvey you little flowering midget, lift.
swannies14: The game has caught up with you boomer old son,retire while you still have some credits
Ben_Gogos: Patton is starting to assert himself in the contest on a regular basis
Yelse: harvey and dal santo to cost me dearly whyyyy
Hawks_13: shaw is killing me
swannies14: Boomer scored....yes
Buzz67: Need a General George Patton army hat logo for him Ben_Gogos
matthius: they really should cap an Afl players retiring age to 35..
IWantPie: Patton is a very big unit. Once he has full confidence and maturinty he is going to be hard to stop
MackckA: @matthius how many games did you play compared to the so called arthritic old guy? Spud
Ben_Gogos: Hahha good call Buzz, will pass it on to m0nty
desmondo: Dal Santo ya flog...find some football!
WrightWay: NDS and Swallow going to cost me.
MightyEss: i remember when NDS was one of the comps most elite look at him
slmit4: Got no one in this game but this is fantasy carnage. Booma, dal, ward all showere
MackckA: Goldy just knocked up sc ton
matthius: I played 2 of the best mini league games ever seen at footy park. least I knew when to retire
WrightWay: Yea Nicky Dal +7
Hawks_13: whats a good sc score to lock in as vc?
ofnao001: dal santo sc? less than 40 surely?
MackckA: @hawks if he makes 140 i am locking him this week
WrightWay: Oh, I guess there not going to count the tackle.
JGreezy: hover over and look at his sc average MightyEss
ofnao001: 135 sc hawks
Ryan: why does Ben Brown have that star after his name
JGreezy: first goal, ryan
JGreezy: dal santo 40 sc
timwhatson: 1st goal
Ryan: oh thanks
timwhatson: Pertie SC plz
Ben_Gogos: @Ryan he kicked the first goal mate
jfitty: Swallow SC?
JGreezy: swallow is on 56
WrightWay: Flower you NDS you big fat Plow, I hate when premo's do this. Its flowering shower.
MightyEss: not even in the same ballpark as where he used to be @jgreezy
swannies14: Bomber being towelled up by a 21 yr old,would have hoped the old man had a few tricks after 20 yrs of footy
MackckA: Petrie 86
timwhatson: Pertie SC plz anyone?
timwhatson: OK thanks Mackcka
_wato: NDS on 40sc so one good quarter and he will score very respectable.. BS his score but, same with Goldy!
TheSaint: harvey on track for 25 possies with a hard tag. what is that dude on about?
swannies14: When was NDS a premo Wrightway?,5 yrs ago maybe champ
JGreezy: need Dal to sneak up to 55sc this quarter
nic-n-nat: c'mon Harvery... c'mon Swallow!!
WrightWay: @swannies flower off.
TheSaint: nds is a supercoach premo
MackckA: Goldy is 77% eff with 23 hitouts and 9cp among other things
Ryan: Greene has gotten quiet...
swannies14: Not related are you Thesaint???boomber 1st to admit he has put in a shocker today you muppet
WrightWay: @Swannies its Boomer, not Boomber.
swannies14: Good comeback Noway
Hawks_13: come on goldstein, keep going for me
swannies14: Sorry teach..
JGreezy: GWS were impressive, but its sneaking away a bit now
Cheannn: Boomer haters quietly going back into their caves.
TheSaint: mackcka how about NDS. 7 possies 2 clangers and 44sc haha
Howdoyoudo: Boomer getting into it, matthius the spud loving life.
gogonz: lol... boomer
nic-n-nat: yes! Boomer!! Now follow Swallow!! Your brother is injured and he's dominating!
swannies14: Love it when the sites 12 yr olds correct the spelling hey Wrightway
JGreezy: TheSaint, DalSanto sc is from a bunch of effective kick ins that don't count as possessions
Buzz67: Seriously NDS
WrightWay: I don't actually care, and I'm here for a reason. To watch the Footy and stats, so complain all you like.
swannies14: Don't hate boomer, he is just struggling today boys
J.Bartel: A years hard work ruined by NDS. 193 ranking overall loosing to a 50,000
gogonz: boomer on target to ton up...
Cheannn: J.Bartel.....sucked in
swannies14: thats funny gogomobile
3rdstriker: looks like NDS's heart is about the same size as his plow haha
JGreezy: if you're that good JBartel it would take more than 1 player getting 60 to 70 to beat you
gogonz: u watch.....
Redraptor: go harvs and thommo
swannies14: lol 3rdstriker
nic-n-nat: what do you mean Cheannn? What's with Bartel?
old_shepp: Goldstein hasn't had a possession since on logged on early in the 3rd yet his SC has goine up 9 points. What Bullshower
gogonz: 10 possies @ 100% and a goal in the qtr that will be heavily weighted....
MightyEss: lol @nic-n-nat he means j.bartel the username
nic-n-nat: scratch that last comment...
J.Bartel: Im talking DT and hes going to get under 40?
nic-n-nat: cheers MightyESS
ofnao001: nds sc? wouldnt mind a 60+
colin wood: First time I've had to say this all season.... FFS WARD!! Have to do week 1 of finals...
Meztek: can't believe my SC opponent has Cunnington, any please tell me his sc score?
JGreezy: oh DT, my bad, yeah thats not good
timwhatson: Cunnung 109sc Petrie 110!
Hawks_13: cunnington 109 sc
Crowls: need 50pt qtrs from ward and nds
MackckA: Cunnington 109
Meztek: thanks for the
MudDawg: Superman for Droopy, kicked 4 in the 3rd.
Meztek: Thanks for the cunnington score guys.. im gonna go jump off a chair or something
MightyEss: haha ambitious @crowls
gogonz: if GWS win u'll get a 70pt qtr from ward
timwhatson: Majak Daw is Prtrie's poison
Ryan: thomas NDS and harvey SC pls
matthius: really enjoying the competitive footy giants and suns have added to the comp. ha ha. give them another 20 years lol
The39Steps: Petrie is the league's number one soft track bully. Roughead a close second.
Hazza09: Has boomer tonned yet?
Crowls: mighty, bad time for hem to go missing, oppt has boomer, goldy
swannies14: Soon Hazza ,starting to sheepdog now
MackckA: 78sc boomer
gogonz: he will ton in SC
Howdoyoudo: Boomer harvey comes back to bite all the haters in the ass hahahahaahah
MudDawg: Yin-yang for Boomer.
Hazza09: Boomerrr
gogonz: wait for scaling.... 3rd qtr
colin wood: Hulk for boomer?
swannies14: 10 goals up and is getting beat Howdoyoudo you megamuppet
Hazza09: Boomer should have tonned now surely!
StAnselm: Give Boomer the Hulk
Karlpov: if NDS has a SC higher than 40, SC is a horrible compeititon.
nic-n-nat: Come on Swallow!!!
Hotham: swannies14 = no idea
Lions38: Do something Dal Santo.
TheSaint: nds already 52 karlpov
swannies14: Hotham = moron
Karlpov: Thats actually the worst thing I've heard this year. He has done flower all this game!
Hotham: now that matthius has disappeared swannies14 deserves the spud icon
Leon88: give him the vulture not hulk
Leon88: he's only started getting kicks now the games over
Pendlez10: ta petrie
MightyEss: already, i can't wait for the end of the round just so i can rage trade NDS
Hawks_13: goldstein sc score anyone?
swannies14: Agree Leon88
MackckA: @hawks 126
Pendlez10: ta again drewie
Karlpov: flower you Petrie, had you for 6+ goals
MackckA: @hawks 131 now, i might lock him in with this
Hawks_13: cheers@ MackckA need another 20 id say
3rdstriker: welcome to brent harvey leon88, king of junk time
swannies14: Did all of Norfs 50 supporters catch the bus to Canberra?
Ben_Gogos: Well deserving muppet for Petrie who misses one of the easier set shots of the season!
JGreezy: boomer has shredded the hard tag this half, what a champion
3rdstriker: this is the reason i got him, he loves this stuff
Redraptor: well done boomer
_wato: Scatty Thompson we meet again.. Move it chief, this is not good enough!!
Cheannn: Love how everyone gets stuck into Harvey at 36. Fletch is past it and cops nothing.
Hotham: Wonder if any South melbourne supporters do the same
swannies14: Don't agree Chaann,Fletch is just as crap
MudDawg: Bin for Jay-Z.
Cheannn: Harvey is not crap, Fletch is still getting games cause the Dons feel obligated to.
heppelitis: wat the hell is up with nths score?
swannies14: Junk it boomer,you will be in best players tomorrow ??????
swannies14: fletch dropped every other week buddy
Hawks_13: i just hope rockiff doesnt score more than goldstein now
swannies14: Dream run from umps heppelitis
Cheannn: @swannies, he shouldn't be playing at all.
MackckA: @hawks goldy now hit 140 i have locked
IWantPie: Your dreaming Hawks. Rockliff gets a ton in his sleep
MackckA: @hawks same re rocky
swannies14: Agree Cheann drug cheats have nursed him to 400 games for a while now
timwhatson: Petrie sc>?
old_shepp: How the flower could Goldstein be 50 more than his DT score? SC is a flowering wank sometimes
heppelitis: i dont follow..its a frikkin skype address
_wato: CD you couldn't gift Ward more points could you? And Goldy? And NDS? This is pathetic!
Pendlez10: bl to the dude who had 6 goals on petrie
MudDawg: Hit outs to advantage that's how, old_shepp.
Rilian: Yin-Yang for Greene? 99 in 1st half, 27 in 2nd half (not complaining, as I'm against him in Elite..)!
Derekcraig: harvey 102sc, where is that guy who was bagging boomer now?
Derekcraig: petrie 141sc
meka100: NDS time to retire, floweren pathetic turd
Karlpov: @Pendlez10 I can't believe he kicked 3 behinds in the last quarter.. One was from directly infront 15m out. $200 lost
Pendlez10: karly - hahah sucks doesnt it... especially the one from 10m out :P
Mendax: more drug talk, eh. F Off, swannies
Jmachete: judd is such a dog