Chat Log: R17, Geelong 14.18.102 d Melbourne 5.6.36

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J.Worrall: Dees to win in a canter.
RooBoyStu: Canít believe my opponent put the VC on Dangerfield last night
cusch1: I can't believe I was stupid enough not to
RooBoyStu: only a crows supporter would do it and he is
cusch1: I am an essendon supporter and I would have but Stevie J against Melbourne is more tempting
cusch1: Looking back, and melbourne plays much too defensive and destroyed Libba for me a few weeks back
Karlpov: Need the cats to belt the demons by 100+ and Duncan to kick 6
RooBoyStu: my vc is biased on Brent Harvey as he loves the wet
rattatat: Bartell Loves the wet more
cusch1: Need kersten to do well as my coverage for Goddard
RooBoyStu: Harvey won the last State of Origin EJ Whitten Medal in a mud bath in 1999
uncleperv: bring back origin
uncleperv: btw the redhead in this tshirt ad on the page is an absolute minger
Ermaz: VC out of SJ, selwood and bartel??
RooBoyStu: congrats m0nty on the birth of Gilbert Paul Montgomery, in 2032 we will all be abusing him on FF if he plays AFL haha
uncleperv: i started fantasy footy in my mid 20s. i fear the generation that was born with it. cya top 10,000 ranks
RooBoyStu: @uncleperv late 20s for me
flame: SJ captain- go big son!
cusch1: Anyone getting tagged for Geelong?
struggler: whats with the commentators voice?
crows=GUN: i had danger captain pretty happy!!!
RooBoyStu: @ struggler it is winter people do get sick
Kermit: Come on SJ! Rack them up
flame: Is anyone tagging SJ?
Torz: Bartel, Kersten, SJ and Duncan. Top start.
Punt: SJ never going to get much latitude v Roos' Dees
juddsuxx: Kelly always starts like a house on fire...then bombs
RooBoyStu: SJ eating a pie in the fwd pocket
Punt: LMac to Jimmy next week. LMac made his breakeven!
cusch1: Sj and Kersten get a move on ffs
FlowerTime: Bartel +8 then -7, da heck
Punt: SJ ownership went up how many % this week I wonder?
circle52: flame looks like Vince running with SJ
flame: Cheers circle52
Punt: Went < 160.5 pts for this game. Good start!
Torz: Four players for 14 points. FMDT.
krazykray: lift duncan
Karlpov: McKenzie is tagging Duncan
Pendlez10: Choosing SJ over selwood for Vice captain loop. Life.
danmaio: sorry guys, i brought in Duncan, and got rid of Tyson
PezzDogg95: please excuse my ignorance, but who is brad hartman?
cusch1: Is Kersten sub?!?!
Woodie: Get into the game Kersten FFS
grubby: thanks jack
B.Pickett: Brad Hartman is a person who plays for Geelong FC in the Australian Football League
Torz: At least you'll get off the donut Kersten.
WizzFizz_: joel 50 sc nice vc choice :)
Punt: Caddy downgrade bench option?
west_coast: 15 touches jelwood hahahah legend
Derekcraig: Same Wizz, loving it
Derekcraig: Caddy is cheap
Fury: Almost traded Duncan in this week....
meziare: Opponent has Selwood but also Shenton on the field so sort of balances out!
LovesIt: did the ambrose to caddy trade today. npw have s.martin swing man. dpp In da house mofos oh yerrrrrr
tor01doc: I grabbed SJ for Shenton
Theo X: s.martin will be dropped when luenberger comes back in a a week or 2
Karlpov: Cats need to help Duncan shake the tag
Fury: Good week to ditch Shenton, aye
LovesIt: burger aint comming back
tor01doc: Did it before I knew he was sub - so lucky.
feralmong: Got the vc on jelwood. Let's hope he goes on with it.
Torz: Missed a SJ tackle.
danmaio: cmon Duncan, I got you and Nroo
aneebreezy: mmm selwood is moist
Ben_Gogos: Lol Hartman got no love after his first sausage roll
tor01doc: danmaio - Roo worse than Duncan atm.
Jordanstk: do something bartel
danmaio: yep, I know he is
meziare: Surely Roos would do something about Selwood?
tor01doc: Shame for you
Karlpov: Roo's finally dropped the tag from Duncan..
aneebreezy: welcome stevie j
Pendlez10: finaly SJ
Torz: Stevie J is entering best mode.
tor01doc: SJ on the move now. Come on VC.
snake_p: StevieJ getting busy now
mace485: far out demons!
Torz: Aidan Riley is very good in traffic.
flame: Keep going SJ!
Kermit: Stevie may superman up
old_shepp: What the hell is wrong with Jimmy ?
Bovine: flower off Stevie J when i brought you in you stunk it up for 2 months
B.Pickett: Here we go Captain Stevie!
ademase: i agree old shepp
Torz: Lift Duncan, Jimmy and Kersten!
DarkLegend: Junk time already. Let's go Bartel
richorocks: have jimmy as a unique this week and you do this to me wtf
old_shepp: Is it early enough to call it bin time for Jimmy?
eski_liddr: @richorocks - not the most unique pick
Torz: Nooo.. not the blood rule.
DarkLegend: Ab
DarkLegend: Bloody blood rule cost me captain 9 points
D.Barwick: come on d mons
richorocks: exactly eski, first time all year thats why i am powered
danmaio: dont stop Kelly, got to beat Jelwood
cusch1: If only Selwood had converted
Derekcraig: Bartel 9sc. Loving my opponent has him
WizzFizz_: so joel get to 100 sc
eski_liddr: dw richorox - i picked up roughy and my opp picked up harvey... im effed
aneebreezy: selwood would be a mad downgrade option with his breakeven
Luke919: go stevie and jelwood!
Luke919: icicle bartel
Derekcraig: Selwood 84sc
NDiddy: forced to play riley due to rocky and goddard suspension. Happy so far
wolfheart: witches hats for each and every demon on the park.
Sloaneyyyy: Bartel, 5 touches in a half... wth is he doing out there ?
friezyyy03: wtf bartel????
Derekcraig: SJ 65sc, Enright 60sc, Bartel 15sc
Coglistro: Ball isn't getting into dees forward line so bartel not seeing it much.
shuby14: got in Selwood and harvey this week. good trades
shuby14: bartel having a holiday though
Torz: No chance of Kersten getting to a good score in this weather.
cusch1: We can always hope Torz
_wato: Stevieeee J
Derekcraig: Bartel on ball now
_wato: Bartel only 20sc but
Sloaneyyyy: hmac finally putting together two good games in a row
Torz: Guthrie subbed.
tor01doc: Who is off?
MudDawg: Guthrie subbed off.
cobrakai00: Viney is a filthy little turd
tor01doc: Ta Torz
Drak: Selwood do that wouldn't he. Howe does he alway s-McIntosh-it
MightyQuin: Stevie J sc anyone?
old_shepp: Stevie 88 jelwood 95
MightyQuin: Thanks Old shepp
danmaio: cmon Kelly, stay with Jelwood, move it Duncan, ffs
Hawks_13: anyone know what selwood and johnson sc score is?
tor01doc: Hawks- are you being funny?
Hazza09: Bartel has ended my season can't believe it
MightyQuin: scroll down mate
Rowan1812: bartel just did a good tackle and hasnt gone up +4. Even commentators said good tackle.
Hawks_13: no just logged in and didnt read
colmullet: because it was still dished out effectively Rowna
tor01doc: Thought you were being obtuse. Go Hawks.
Torz: Jetta subbed.
Rowan1812: so its only a tackle if the ball is held up?
Karlpov: Get involved Duncan.. junk it up
tor01doc: Effective tackles are counted
colmullet: only if it causes a urnover or a ball up yeah
JGreezy: motlop is on 100 sc????
Heizenberg: Selwood just refuses to lose pole position for too long
danmaio: has duncan had a posi this qt
bobby98: Stevie J sc?
Derekcraig: Selwood 114sc, Bartell 25sc
Ben_Gogos: Griffen can't cop a break this season, out with illness this time
cusch1: Bartel will still get 80+ hahah
Hawkatack: stevie j wont crack 100 sc
_wato: Bartel 14% by foot no wonder his SC is low
Rowan1812: hes already over 100sc you idiot. He will get 125+ easy
danmaio: ffs Duncan, heard of juck time
3rdstriker: Surely Bartel has earned an icon by now, a mare, magnifying glass or icicle would all work
happytimes: We'll said rowan
old_shepp: Damn, Caddy would have been a cheap in this week
Rowan1812: no but maybe junk time.
Hawkatack: thanks for the score update Rowan Bahahaha see bobby98 thats how you get a sc update
Pendlez10: hahaha bartel!
berniebern: yer. pumpkin for jimmy
danmaio: perfect rowan
old_shepp: With GAJ gone what is a worthy VC score - 130?
_wato: Not a pumpkin for Jimmy?
berniebern: lol tapscott.1 hit wonder making a rerun.
Heizenberg: Lol hawk attack nice one
Rowan1812: If your vc gets under 130 you have to back pendles to beat it.
berniebern: pendles will pop a shoulder. You heard it hear 1st
Hawkatack: Heizenberg it only works when nuffy's are in the chat room
Pendlez10: here*
Rowan1812: and thats the last time we will hear it
berniebern: whats *?
danmaio: most probably right bernie, as I backed him @$11 pre season
Karlpov: Comon Geelong, fire up.. Would love 5 more goals
meka100: Come on Johnson get to 130
Ben_Gogos: Jimmy!
cusch1: I don't think it is smart to have Viney tag another player..
cusch1: Anyone remember that part where I said that Bartel will still get to 80?
_wato: Bartel just hit 40sc holy hell
Heizenberg: Oh okay hawk attack
Heizenberg: Hawk attack there's always nuffys here
fruity: anyone got an sc score on stevie j
danmaio: keep it going Kelly, , cmon Duncan, an 80 odd
The39Steps: Fruit: please.
old_shepp: Stevie 114 jelwood 134 jimmy 45
Hawkatack: hey fruity stevie j wont crack 125 sc
cusch1: Kersten sc?
Aceman: cant complain. I have selwood, SJ and Kelly. Although SJ Capt
fruity: thanks guys
old_shepp: Take the lid off that can Jimmy
old_shepp: Kersten 49
3rdstriker: come on jimmy, really earn that bin today
bobby98: omg vince's haircut is so bad
Pendlez10: a goal or 2 wont hurt stevie..
cusch1: And Bartel?
tor01doc: What score for VC this week?
cusch1: Dont worry about it just saw it thanks
berniebern: 134. go captain rocky!!!!
grossn: 8 lowest scores from the dees
tor01doc: Pendles or SJ?
old_shepp: I'm tipping Lyndon Dunn has burnt some people in the last few weeks
mace485: who will score more? dees or saints? haha
friezyyy03: at least selwood has covered for bartel!!
grossn: How can anyone in this game receive the Xfactor? Motlop has not been the difference, NO ONE has
Heizenberg: 150 please selwood
danmaio: Duncan and Kelly, siren aint gone early
Hawkatack: Melbourne St kilda merger on the cards??
Pendlez10: ty johnno
cusch1: Call them South Melbourne Hawkattack? haha
sacky35: A Novel idea: pick your C on Friday and accept the score. To much responsibility for loophole losers!!
colmullet: Stevie J just parking the garbo truck
Hawkatack: sacky35 sitting on the bottom of his sc ladder thinks
9294eagles: harvey my loophole this week, loving it
old_shepp: Would have taken Caddy's 86 for his price
sacky35: Hawkatack : a Loophole lose!!
Pokerface: here's an idea sacky - utilise all the rules and game mechanics that are there
wolfheart: Riley looks like a player. A Gong boy too
Pendlez10: might have to keep SJ captain over pendles just incase..
Hawkatack: sacky35 sitting in his mums basement angry at the world aged 42
sacky35: On top without cheating. Try it, perhaps a bit tough for u Hawkatack!!
sacky35: Pokerface: 2 goes at picking C? weak as power
berniebern: argh enright. loopholed you for brodie martin