Chat Log: R11, Adelaide 16.13.109 d Gold Coast 11.11.77

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Karlpov: No changes - Subs: Matt Wright & Sean Lemmens
WrightWay: Damn it! Matty W's the sub for Adelaide. Needed him for a big score, but now relying on Kerridge.
howeydamus: few players have wright dont they? unlucky\
Ploy: Crows to win?
Starshoota: Just realised still had S.mitchell in my team and had webster not play had to trade him for swallow
mijg: really need a Suns win here.
WrightWay: Someone from adelaide, please be subbed for Matty wright. My fantasy team rests on it..
Karlpov: 1st goal scorer?
mrpotato: Actually not sure who to tip for this one
mijg: dixon
Lions38: Tex
TotalFruit: Starshoota are you 1billionth overall ??
imahawka: Lynch
Starshoota: Nah few weeks back i was in top 200
Foss: iPod first goal
Starshoota: + Totalfruit, only a kid
flickclint: Gaz 1st goal. 1st ton. 1st 200
Heizenberg: Need ablett to be fairly quiet in sc
Foss: ablett v danger should be interesting
mrpotato: Danger predicted to hit 155 in SC...i flower hope so
leethal: Dang was soooo close to fielding Shenton instead of Wright... :/ I could lose because of this now..
Heizenberg: I saw that potato god that's ambitious
mmachida: Need a quit game from gaz, went danger as the big c
frenzy: want a shower game from sauce for a change
Jackwatt$: I'm just peeved cos I was gonna make Rockcliff captain but Freako said no....History means jack
Breezey: Thompson to get a showerload of it today hopefully
Redraptor: I also need gaz to have a quiet day...went for priddis as c
Theo X: yep hope for gazza to go under 100
Karlpov: Need Sloane, Douglas and Thompson to have big games!!
mrpotato: kick some goals dangerspud!
Heizenberg: No it doesn't watts history means a lot
Breezey: I think Alastair Lynch likes to throw the word Superstar around a bit too freely.
Jackwatt$: Sometimes, but Rockcliff only averaging 80 against Carlton, probably cos he has played a diff role
mmachida: C'mon danger need a massive score
Redraptor: great, gaz copping a hard tag or two
Starshoota: C'mon swallow need more from you than 1 handball every 2 or so minutes
Jackwatt$: Freako been sacked as my assistant coach. I only have 1 now, m0nty
coldog: Keep it up please kk
Stuart88: Come on Gazza need U to bed Pendles
Heizenberg: Yes gaz keep it up
Froggy: Danger, Ablett(C), Swallow, Prestia, KK, Jacobs... Need big games!
Breezey: I'm going to have to stop thinking about getting Prestia and just do it.
smoochy: crows getting away with a lot of holding at the moment
Redraptor: I think danger is still feeling the impacts from last week
circle52: When is a hold not a hold bad umpiring cost Suns a goal and Crows get one ob rebound 12 point turn around
mijg: Good boy Kerridge keep him down
dyii22: Ablett trade out not looking to shabby right now!
HawkTalker: lol gary ablett. the dream is dead
Heizenberg: Yes gaz keep it up yeah good point watts he tagged a lot under vossy forgot to consider that went jobe in sc
slmit4: Not again gaz
casey22: First time ever i hope GAJ has a low score given i went Pendles (c) & all opponents have GAJ (c)
Luke919: happy I put rocky captain in AF just wish I did it in SC and DT as well
bulldogs11: Clay Cameron subbed
Starshoota: Hurry up Swallow otherwise your gone next week
Redraptor: great tags on gaz for the last 2 weeks, about time
RooBoyStu: Charlie Cameron $
Grazz: dyii2 why would you trade out Ablett, not something id be bragging about tbh.
Lions38: Go Danger, Cameron, Swallow and Gaz(C).
flickclint: Glad picked shenton over Cameron.
Jackwatt$: Also Rocky has played a lot FWD in the past, more pure mid now
meka100: Come on Walker, kick a few
HawkTalker: good to see ALL my players spudding it up: harbrow, ablett, danger, cameron
dyii22: @grazz based on the assumption he wasnt going to keep it up, obviously will burn me some weeks
Grazz: Shenton looked very good the other night
Torpedo10: Good job Gaz, my Captain curse continues.
casey22: Theory: GCS non competitive who cares what GAJ scores - now gets a lot more attention as GCS win mor games
Heizenberg: Yeah forward too sorry that's what I meant, not tagging sorry I got confused sorry
Karlpov: Great goal from Prestia
Froggy: Prestia keep going son!
Breezey: Cameron's off with concussion@ Hawktalker
Redraptor: how good is prestia
Moondog21: Traded Prestia for Swan this week. Happy
Grazz: Yeh mate i think Gazza will burn you, very gutsy move.
leethal: I hope Cameron is okay.. Maybe Wright will be on tho.... ;)
TheSaint: Prestia has gone bonkers
RooBoyStu: @breezy Charlie Cameron wrong Cameron
HawkTalker: wrong cameron, breezy
poolboybob: do something Ablett
Woodie: Wrong Cameron leethal
dyii22: Had to do something about my average season, massive win if i can get him back under 650k
frieswthat: wrong Cameron leethal
Theo X: haha gazza
Morts54: Wrong Cameron leethal
smoochy: so wright is going to come on for the suns Leethal. that's new.
Grazz: @leethal it's the GCS Cameron buddy.
Breezey: Sorry my mistake
Jackwatt$: Anyone coming between 100-1000 in SC should consider trading out Ablett? Especially if u don't have Rocky or Kennedy
leethal: Ahhhhh I see
RooBoyStu: $ sign for Charlie Cameron
Heizenberg: Wonder if ablett sc is in the negatives?
WrightWay: Yeah I hope Clay's alright. But I do hope a adelaide player gets injured for Wright.
bulldogs11: As soon as Gaz goes in the middle his points will rise
Tempaa: Yes jaensch go son
howeydamus: lets go tex
Morts54: No its on 1 and Dangers double that
leethal: All comedians on here hey ! :D
thommoae: GWS, Crows, GCS ... it's raining Camerons today! And there's Leon to boot!
Breezey: Fair dinkum. My opponent has 1 player in this game in Jaensch. Can't believe this
coldog: Come on kk back into the flame
biggs2dujj: ablett mare. get it out of the way. playing deep fwd and won't hit 40 SC today
old_shepp: McKenna is flowering up GAJ's fantasy scoring
Luke919: hope wright stays sub for as long as possible
FlowerTime: ablett crab
Breezey: David King now suggesting GAJ is hurt after last weeks game. What a load shower
mrpotato: Ablett has had a couple of slow <40 @ HT scores, only to explode in the 2nd half'
WrightWay: Ablett goal.
2xxRinga: always so quick to ride him off
HawkTalker: lol @ ablett wont hit 40SC today. You mean this Quarter
biggs2dujj: ablett gun. never in doubt ;)
Morts54: Gaz now 21
howeydamus: muppets carrying on about ablett
bulldogs11: All the hate on Ablett I love it
FlowerTime: breezey I thought it was a fair comment, looks really tired...
collpies11: how does Gary go up 15 after kicking one goal....
poolboybob: Get after it Gazza, go for the hulk icon
TheSaint: The guy averages more than 1 best on every 2 matches this year and ppl bag him haha
thommoae: Ablett crab? Ablett goal! Aren't we quick to knock the champ any time he doesn't Flame in 4 minutes' game time!
Starshoota: Finally ablett it's about time
howeydamus: id be more worried about danger today
WrightWay: You guys may be bagging the next brownlow medalist. The guy must be at least 15 votes.
Froggy: How good of a kick was that by Ablett!
Redraptor: i love gaz, just want him to have an 80-100 day
FlowerTime: ablett again haha what a legend
circle52: @collpies Mark before the goal accounts for it.
howeydamus: prestia jet
burgz300: 4 minutes without a flame is a long time for gaz though.
RooBoyStu: Charlie Cameron for adel b/e -55 and no $ sign
2xxRinga: cape for prestia
Starshoota: Prestia Cape m0nty
Breezey: @flowertime. I think he's just made something up because didn't have 10 possies in the first 10 mins
FlowerTime: Whenever we doubt him, he shows us how wrong we are ;) Gaz is on fire
mijg: Go Dixon
Crazy Good: never doubted ya ablett :D
RooBoyStu: logo man hungover no cape as well lol
Nocash: Haha - all 30% of the Non Ablett coaches must be here today
Nocash: Go to:
FlowerTime: @Breezey, he does talk a lot of shower!
Nocash: you wont find anything there
keyboard: Prestia you are a good boy!
old_shepp: I'm actually playing one Nocash !
Breezey: Indeed he does.
happytimes: Go suns
mijg: Needed to take a chance for a win this week and went Wato Capt. only reason I want GAJ to have a below par
preki1: geez this is a good fightback from the suns
2xxRinga: ablett 37 prestia 45 swallow 28
TheSaint: kol on my bench :( played langdon over him
m0nty: Collared Jazz Knee looks decent
howeydamus: go the tassie boy
Heizenberg: Matera tv
poolboybob: So disappointed in myself for missing out on KK this year. Kid is a gun.
2xxRinga: jaensch 36 walker 31 sauce 254 cameron 8 danger4
mrpotato: Suns look the real deal this year, shame they have such a terrible name.
Solat: Kolo!!
danmaio: ffs , need tex to outscore kolowhatevername is, and he is going big
Karlpov: KK is so much better than his brother
poolboybob: Sauce 254? Must be a lot of hitouts to advantage.
Breezey: I've been waiting as a Pies supporter to see if the siren was louder. And it was LOL
keyboard: OMG Andy Otten is on the field!
mijg: Danger 4 seriously?
2xxRinga: haha 25@poolboybob, my bad
Starshoota: Clay Cameror sub or not it's almost been 20 mins
uptoolate: Suns are a good chance !
2xxRinga: danger now 9 sc
FlowerTime: Danger 2 clear turnovers + 1 sped bounce
happytimes: Dixons role in the suns line up looks a lot better when smith is in the team
mijg: Had to get Dixon this week. Seemed the best replacement for Grundy to avoid a ) with the money I had
2xxRinga: 1 sped bounce haha love it
happytimes: Stuffed up with bye structure, so got Dixon in
mrpotato: Dangerfield 9 SC @QT, long way from 155 :'( and my opp has Prestia
coldog: Great qtr kk
b-rudda: looks like kerridge has moved to prestia. ablett and danger h2h
CamT: Do you guys think AFL players are robots ? Dangerfield got belted for 4 quarters last week..
OnTheRocks: there's something not Wright here :(
circle52: FFS HTB twice not paid both ways
slmit4: B-rudda that would be brilliant
collpies11: Lynch and Jenkins.... :(
Solat: how many SC for the ball palm by dixon
OnTheRocks: cmon Sauce
Redraptor: jacobs in rooms i think
happytimes: Soft hall
RooBoyStu: avoid West Gate Freeway if going to the footy as thirteen-car pile-up West Gate Freeway and Kings Way
happytimes: Please sauce stay there
LovesIt: jacobs ok? what happened?
Heizenberg: Omg 13 cars, are you for real man?
Redraptor: jacobs has a problem with his groin
Blue Chev: Really suprised by Jacobs ownership, probably the best kept fantasy secret right now.
mrpotato: circle52, why are you expecting consistancy in htb? The rest of us gave up after round 1
poolboybob: Well, at least we will get one price rise out of Charlie Cameron before he gets dropped.
WrightWay: tackle missed for Kerridge.
OnTheRocks: ffs i don't need Sauce injured when i'm scoring ok :(
mijg: Hope Jacobs OK but hope he stays off
Juzz: SEN saying Jacobs injured before 1/4 time, still being assessed
RooBoyStu: google it
Heizenberg: Damn Jacobs my week falling apart was a chance for 2400 sc today
OnTheRocks: will just mean Wright comes on sooner if he gets subbed
2xxRinga: jacobs right groin, very sore
Jrobb: Danger having a nice quarter so far
cougar37: Boyd late withdraw?
itsduftime: just traded in jacobs. flower this game
keyboard: Jacobs gone then so am I :(
2xxRinga: he is coming back on, but very proppy
bulldogs11: Come on Cameron get in it
mijg: Even 15 mins off the ground will help me
Redraptor: jacobs to come back on and test it out
mijg: Lets go Suns
Hymie: Jaensch cracks the SC half-ton
B.Pickett: Bringing in Walker for $270k was a bargain
Theo X: pizz off gazz
old_shepp: Boyd and Silvagni late outs confirmed
happytimes: Cardboard cut out. Love it
wolfheart: boyd and swan late outs. FMDT.
danmaio: KK and gaz, slow down, cmon Tex, lets go
flickclint: Tex with 2 score of 56sc?? No thank you
mijg: Hows Dangers SC fairing now?
poolboybob: Tex coming into form?
mrpotato: Nice to see some accurate goal kicking for a change. Sick of these 10.15 scores etc.
tiges4ever: jaensch, cameron, danger sc?
wolfheart: GCs last 2 shots at goal both OOF. That aint gonna get it done, suns.
barlow4pm: danger 28 sc
RooBoyStu: agree mrpotato
Grazz: Hows Jacobs looking?
coldog: Don't bloody stop kk need at least 100 from you
mijg: Cheers Barlow. Better than 9 I suppose.
Heizenberg: Ablett seems like he can't run properly ATM
feralmong: The longer jacobs stay on the better for me. opp has Wright and I have BSmith. we both have jacobs.
Redraptor: gaz is a freak
happytimes: At least he can kick goals
Breezey: He ran alright there Heizenberg.
Solat: booom
mstrbatten: lol go gary
wolfheart: Heizenberg's timing is impeccible.
Heizenberg: Damn the second I say it, please stop gaz
MontyJnr: Amazing goal from Gary in the wet
old_shepp: GAJ 60 Dixon 53 Prestia and Jaensch 52
Raspel31: The only good thing about Gablett having a quiet one is your opponent prob has him as cap too.Whoops-timed that badly.
Heizenberg: I know wolf heart, story of my life trust me
circle52: @ Grazz he is resting forward with Jenkins rucking so suspect groin is effecting him
poolboybob: Swallow looks like he can't run properly. (crosses fingers, waits for goal)
Grazz: Thanks circle53
Grazz: 52 sorry
Changeling: dont stop kk
tiges4ever: thx guys
banta: someone stop that hack swallow ffs
circle52: in case you forgot Grazz Circle52 is Ringo
Redraptor: please gaz, have abreak, you've earned it
Grazz: Haha yeh mate i had forgotten
Heizenberg: Lol poolboy, it's catching on
TheSaint: 17 possies 43 dt for swallow !
poolboybob: Wow, a Chuck Cameron sighting!
coldog: Swallow ain't a hack
Jmachete: how shower are carlton lol
creeker: Ah, 3 packhunters on the chat.
wolfheart: dont bag out Charlie, he's going alright.
RooBoyStu: Everytime someone has a player struggling ask Heizenberg to say looks like he can't run properly and yoll be fine lol
Breezey: Thats the way Brandon. some more would be nice
danmaio: cmon Tex, ffs, do something
keyboard: its annoying when your SC players are nullifying one another
howeydamus: thats how to do it, well done day
CamT: Who said "The dream's over" ?
Heizenberg: @rooboystu hahaha funny
Raspel31: Heizenberg-please say how badly S May is going.
tor01doc: Lynch gone this week for me. Done his job. Cheers for that.
Blue Chev: Hrizenberg - Swallow, Jaensch, Dangerfield and Jacobs. Please and thank you.
Lions38: Cmon Danger, CC, Gaz(C) and Swallow.
Heizenberg: Looks like Sam May can't run properly
mijg: Dixon almost at his projection already:)
2xxRinga: ablett 70 dixon 61 swallow 49
Raspel31: Good work Heiz.
m0nty: I think Ablett took an arrow to the knee
FlowerTime: Why would you even have lynch
Heizenberg: Swallow, yaensch, danger and Jacobs can't run properly LOL
2xxRinga: danger 32 janesch 58 sauce 30
circle52: Slow down Dixon
old_shepp: Has Live-HQ crashed for anyone else ?
danmaio: how does Fan Footy know I am in Vietnam, and advertising all these beauties for me, distracting me from my footy
wolfheart: good game this. Go Suns!
thommoae: Is that Sam May or Steven Day, Heiz?
mstrbatten: aahaha classic mont
poolboybob: In the case of Jacobs it's true, he actually CAN'T run properly right now
PezzDogg95: The Suns have to be my second favourite team
Raspel31: Steven May not Sam Heizenberg.Please try again
tor01doc: Flowertime - came in for Rioli at $373K - won me 2 cash leagues games - sell high
burgz300: live hq is still working for me
coldog: shower qtr kk
Heizenberg: Sorry my stuff up make it both lol
wolfheart: He cant run but he just tapped a ball down Sloane's throat.
Heizenberg: Steven May can't run ATM
poolboybob: Tex looking really productive now, lots of touches and marks. Reckon he is still a good pick-up.
FlowerTime: tor01doc, but he only averages 80, waste of a trade..
Luke919: stay down KK and jacobs!
mookie: The ads linked to what you've been surfing Dan
tor01doc: poolboybob - Tex for F which number?
Redraptor: rain might slow gaz
tor01doc: F-time - still have 14 so has been a reasonable short term cash cow who has scored points for me. Docherty as well.
mrpotato: Gold coast need a solid tagger
MightyEss: enjoying this from walker, slow down KK
Raspel31: You're not trying hard enough Heizenberg
poolboybob: Depends on your team structure, but F6 maybe. Or he'd be a great F7.
foolysik: Jacobs status?
Luke919: let's go tex!!!! eliminator match is back on!
danmaio: dam you tex, goal woulda been very handy
Heizenberg: Lol raspel sorry maybe next game
ajconodie: Rain will make GAJ better!
happytimes: Sub sauce at half time please
old_shepp: Finally comes back at half time
jfitty: Maybe just a corkie for Sauce?
cripdogs: walker gaj and danger sc anyone please??
cougar37: Is there any chance at all Dan Currie could be a late in for the roos. I need him not to play for loophole...
ofnao001: sauce just interviewed. he said it was just friendly fire. not sold on that but hope hes ok
CamT: GAJ won't get Brownlow votes today. Too much mouthing off Goddard style.
heppelitis: sounds like sauce copped on in the rusty nuts
Raspel31: Lol Heizenberg
mijg: Yeah dont want to risk Jacobs. take him off and pack in ice
tamoz: Swallow 21 possies but only 54 points
circle52: Great game this though and hope the wet does not cause to many problems.
Breezey: I'd love Currie to play. I'm one short with Grundy being out.
Rockafella: Whos the Sauce, and why
mrpotato: GAJ is a superstar and a sook
frieswthat: Boyd out vs Dockers
howeydamus: sauce is a nationally recpgnised nickname for the spreading diease of the ranga
RooBoyStu: Sauce = Sam Jacobs
Raspel31: Good work howeydamus
Jmachete: flog = marc murfy
2xxRinga: swallow only 54 DT bevause most of his possies handballls and only 1 mark
Boydosanes: Is it true the only thing wrong with Jacobs is he copped one in the nuts?
2xxRinga: and no tackles
OnTheRocks: good boy Danger, stay down so i can pick you up cheaper soon
RooBoyStu: pitty howeydamus can't spell
krapalot64: looking forward to the day when they find a cure for that sauce disaese..
happytimes: 47 at half time is not really down
old_shepp: @cripdogs I've tried to post scores 4 times for you but its not happening
2xxRinga: so at this rate are we thinkin cameron will get the vest if jacobs doesnt?
Raspel31: yeah pittty rooboy
howeydamus: pitty? at least mine was a typo.
2xxRinga: tex 77 jaensch 59 danger 43 sauce 34 cameron 18
motty823: haha pitttty
Jmachete: wonder if yarrans punch will make the indigenous round highlights lol
2xxRinga: ablett 78 dixon 74 prestia 63 swallow 55 kk 45
krapalot64: thx for the sc guys
remon tea: @jmachete - really hate Carlton hey?
bulldogs11: Swallow should have a higher sc
2xxRinga: 70% efficiecny only 7 contested with 3 clangers for swallow
Steve89: amazes Me how Ablett can have 78sc.... not complaining thought as he is my capt..
leethal: Got rid of Walker last week damn...
Jmachete: @remon tea i was trying to think who I liked at carlton.. maybe simpson thats it
leethal: Brought Jenkins in for J Merrett... :/
Steve89: Murphy played well.. just a lazy 39
2xxRinga: yeah ablett runnin at 92% with 9 contested, thats why, and 2 goals obviously
happytimes: Murphy has been good for the blues this year
Raspel31: Yeah Steve89-Murff had a cracker.
Jmachete: good at being a flog
2xxRinga: wight will replace jacobs very soon!
2xxRinga: wright*
Escapist: Murphy is a good player, he's just as soft as butter its almost laughable
Jmachete: yeah murf is fair pussy
HawkTalker: oh dear. we're back on the murphy thing
burgz300: "oh dear" lol
coldog: Oh come on kk get the bloody ball
m0nty: back on this game please
Jmachete: murf is the new nick maxwell
Solat: i know talia is tough to beat but lynch needs to take a mark
danmaio: thanks tex
burgz300: jaensch needs to get back into the game after a good start
Heizenberg: Stop bagging Murphy
leethal: Why O Why did I get rid of Tex after one game back...?!
happytimes: Get harbrow off
WrightWay: @Hawk, you started it.
Raspel31: Glad so far I picked Crows after going Geelong against Syd-idiot moi.
mrpotato: jaensch, never has a good 2nd half
Escapist: lynch and shaw pick the flower up
coldog: Anyone know if kk is still out there? Or is he in the shower
danmaio: go Tex, another goal pls
Raspel31: Yeah,Jaensch totally disappeared
a1trader: I traded J Merrett for Tex :)
poolboybob: Swallow = magnet
Changeling: kk 1 touch since qtr time...
Lions38: Cmon Charlie Cameron LIFT!
poolboybob: Slow down Tex, want to trade you in next week
DirtyDawn: Afternoon gents
twsherrin: cmon KK - keep it going
rigs: Tex ton up SC. oh yeah!
casey22: G'day DDawn
Rockafella: Hey Dawn
FlowerTime: Jaench 7 points in a quarter and a half.. pathetic.
Grazz: Hello Dawn
DirtyDawn: Someone told me that KK's middle name is Keith. Is this true?
HawkTalker: argh, cameron could've had two in two minutes
banta: get a kick thompson you old man
Raspel31: Greetings Dirty
banta: surely play danger out of the square. he'll kick 4 and win the game
m0nty: ump is letting them play, which is good I guess
FlowerTime: Swallow is going OFF
Escapist: Is dirtydawn a female, ive never seen so many users reply to a greeting ever
MontyJnr: Wow David swallow absolute gun goal!
2xxRinga: swallow 3 votes already, massive massive performance
poolboybob: C'mon Ablett, Broughton is about to pass you
Rob K: Charlie Cameron had better kick at lease 1 goal if he wants to keep his spot. Come on Cameron! I need the cash!
coldog: Ha ha who called
Steve89: Every touch gaz has Is gold
Inside50: swallows endevour is incredible, only eyes for the footy. what a flowering star.
coldog: Who called swallow a hack before? Ha ha
Starshoota: Keep going swallow put on the superman cape
Raspel31: Was either Swallow or Ebert this week-went Ebert-aaargh.
FlagDog: swallow gets 120 I might just win my match up
poolboybob: Swallow has 30 touches, nobody else on the ground has 20!
casey22: As in KKK, Dawn. Like it, parents with a weird sense of humour
B.Pickett: I'd like to thank the afl fantasy site for telling me swallow was an emergency and making me trade him out this week
DirtyDawn: You in town Rocka?
MontyJnr: Kerridge is a germ
leethal: Trade Wright and bring Tex back in...
Solat: walker on the bench and lynch on the ground :(
tamoz: D.swallow > A.swallow
Rockafella: nah, away
coldog: This is bloody showerhouse kk after such a great start.
poolboybob: Swallow was listed on the extended bench. B.Pickett = spud.
FlowerTime: Tonne up Swallow beast
TheLegend6: All players doing well, shame my captain flopped this week :(
DirtyDawn: Exactly Casey22. Would be poor form for indigenous round
mrpotato: Dangerfield > Ablett
mijg: go suns go dixon go danger.
DirtyDawn: @Rocka, all of Kevin's comments have gone from the coaches box. What happened?
FlowerTime: poolboybob, he's always interchange/from
whitsy: Pickett= spud
Morts54: ur a spud mrpotato
danmaio: KK only 13 in almost 2 qts, thanks to him
leethal: pls bring Wright on for anyone ecept JJ Jacobs and danger...
mstrbatten: the only question is, how much is gaj goiong to absolutely dominate Q4?
TheSaint: KK on target for 70 still...amazing that he gets that EVERY week as a rookie .you guys are nuts
leethal: except*
Escapist: sub jacobs off for wright asap plz
RooBoyStu: mrpotato a spud that's what potatoes are lol
flickclint: No chance of danger bring subbed.
tiges4ever: cameron, danger sc?
DirtyDawn: Sandy Roberts.."Harbrow felt him come".... hahahahahahahaha
Inside50: JAENCSH what a comeback, prooving us all wrong.
casey22: Do you belive it: "Betts is coming, Hardbrow felt him coming"
old_shepp: Whoever bagged Jaensch have another go please - he's firing again since then
Tonche: Stupid Jaensch
OnTheRocks: pumpkin for GaJ :P
lift_spud: harbrow you flowering spud. Need GC to win!
a1trader: Come on Jacobs, still need 75 out of you
Starshoota: 12 more Swallow
Pavalinco: Put Langdon on my field over b smith. Dang.
mrpotato: Excuse me, i jolted him to action
coldog: Well can someone bag kk so he can get to 100
2xxRinga: gaj 98 swallow 95 prestia 94
mijg: goals dixon goals
Tempaa: Great comeback jaensch gooo
2xxRinga: walker 101 jaensch 32 danger 69 sauce 52
mstrbatten: let's all make sure we bag gaj in the final qtr so he can cape it up
dyii22: jacobs is a spud! now plz ton
twsherrin: cmon kk - crawl your way to something respectable pls
Rockafella: Someone bag Wright aswell whilst your at it
Tonche: Pavalinco the spud - Smith has been awesome this year
RooBoyStu: Luke Russell $
Newmie73: Walker sc?
OnTheRocks: wtf isn't Wright on Sanderson you moron
poolboybob: Swallow magnifying glass, hasn't had a touch in 5 minutes :P
Tempaa: What's jaensch on anyone??
Luke919: tex doing well. KK, jacobs and wright doing poorly, exactly what I needed! woooooo!
2xxRinga: sorry jaensch 99
TheSaint: lol poolboybob he touched he before u said that...not watching?
Tempaa: Jaensch cape nearly??
Tonche: Get Jacobs off, can't run
old_shepp: Jaensch 98
mstrbatten: jaensch nearing a cape?
WrightWay: Come on, Sanderson, lift your game, and put in possibly the game breaker, Matty Wright.
TheSaint: luke 919 how is KK doing poorly? What do you expect from him? 70 would be a solid week
OnTheRocks: my clay cameron to jaensch trade in the bye rounds is paying off
leethal: In Sandersons defense Wright has been playing crap the last few weeks. I have Wright on field too.
DirtyDawn: Peptides @Tempaa
Steve89: swallow was on the bench
Inside50: swallow!!!!
Scalahad: lol swallow!
happytimes: Swallow BANG
Drak: wow swallow
a1trader: go away Swallow, time to sub you off
FlagDog: bang bang
Raspel31: May-wanted to trade you out for weeks-touch the friggin pill.
HawkTalker: come on suns. roll this mob of hacks
uptoolate: Swallow = gun .....Suns to run over the top !?!
Steve89: lol swallow
old_shepp: And the little master tons up (again) in SC
leethal: Swallow!
RooBoyStu: Ross Lyon says that Fremantle will be tagging Ryan Griffen today, rather than Tom Liberatore via Triple M.
Drak: That was an intercept mark kick and goal. Supercoach gold
Luke919: @the saint, doesn't look like he's going to get 70 though
collpies11: Tom Lynch absolute shower
PasDaddy: KK 3rd quarters are always so quiet!
HawkTalker: ablett tonne's up by 3Qtr. WHere's that loser who was tipping him to score 40 for the game?
mijg: nice right on 3qtr time suns
2xxRinga: walker 100 jaensch 98 danger 70 sauce 51 cameron 28
leethal: Went Pendles captain this week over Rocky, GAJ and Danger... :/
FlowerTime: haha old_shepp, I called Jaench out and he puts on a 40 point qtr, well done son!
dyii22: langford late in
happytimes: Sub the sauce
Tonche: This week has been fun so far. Parker's 84 my lowest. Waiting for it to all fall apart
Raspel31: Gazza SC almost irrelevant-everybody got him-bit like Suarez in EPL
old_shepp: @FlowerTime - make sure you have a crack early in the last !
2xxRinga: boys, schoenmakers or langford on the ground, i need to pick?
happytimes: Who's out
FlagDog: Boyd out for the dogs
HawkTalker: not at all the case, raspel. Plenty of people took other players this round
Raspel31: I'd go Shoe Maker-mainly because I did.
HawkTalker: langford is back in? He wasnt named. Must be repalcing stratton. Definitely go Shoey. Langford plays a tag role
coldog: Langford is out
happytimes: Sauce gone
2xxRinga: jacobs subbed
danmaio: isnt langford out?? please tell me he is a late in
poolboybob: Jordan Lewis out with "anyone can beat this shower house GWS side, so we'll rest one of our older players"
dyii22: Langford replacing Lewis
NDiddy: 2xxRinga - Isn't langford ommited?
Breezey: Sauce sub
banners87: Jacobs and McKenzie subbed.
Drak: jacobs sub
NDiddy: Forget my post - Didn't realise langford was a late in
Hadouken: come on kade, shiat
howeydamus: yeah wankford late in, take your ick both putrid, poomakers i reckn mate
coldog: Oh is Langford in now my sorry didn't read it correctly
Tonche: Sauce gone is music to my ears, been killing me all season.
2xxRinga: ok shoe maker it is!
JGreezy: Lewis out, Langdon in
HawkTalker: I havent heard that Lewis is out. I know Stratton was a late withdrawal
danmaio: adio just said langford for lewis, Hartung sub
uptoolate: bottoms ...... just traded lewis in ! >>>> :0/
2xxRinga: late in @ NDiddy,
twsherrin: cmon KK big last qtr
FlowerTime: Flowering lift Jaench, only gone negative this quarter
leethal: Wrighty you spud!
Raspel31: Aint that a bummer uptoolate.
mijg: woohoo jacobs subbed you beauty
uptoolate: pls kk something ..... anything .....
happytimes: Tex any chance for the Coleman
FlagDog: flower off tex
leethal: Who has Tex?
mrpotato: A forward line of Walker and Tippet would be scary
Raspel31: I'll swap you kk for Steve May uptoolate-just
a1trader: Yep. go Tex
coldog: These bloody late outs are killing me
howeydamus: yeah got him.
mijg: dixon stopped
WrightWay: Swallow Magnet, Danger Heart, Walker star, Ablett gun, and Prestia cherries.
Tonche: Tex gonna suck a lot of people in with this performance
B.Pickett: I've got tex as well
linusp: why does ablett get the gun??
cripdogs: i got him
Raspel31: Agreed Pickett-look at J Riewoldt-waste of space
OnTheRocks: turning you into Parker Wright
twsherrin: enough with the niceities - get a &%$%$ kick KK
leethal: Danger!
carlton_99: if u dont have tex u shouldnt be playing sc
leethal: Yeah def bringing in Tex for Wright this week..
Raspel31: Sorry-agree Tonche.
Drak: Cameron knee?
happytimes: Hall is shirt
FlowerTime: Walker averages 56, has one good game and everyone jumps on him, haha flogs
mijg: cmon suns ffs
Wends: Argghh! Most frustratingly spudly SC rd 4 me ever. Simpson 4 Langford over Rocky 4 Crouch. Slipped my mind Crouch out!!
DirtyDawn: Will Danger get brownlow votes this round?
3rdstriker: love it when someone says that carlton_99, those 2 56s the last two weeks were irresistible were they?
Raspel31: Lol flowerthyme
a1trader: game over
Wends: Sorry 4 long post - needed to debrief!!
carlton_99: my lowest players score so far has been 88 very happy wkth this round. have tez, ablett, swallow and danger
RooBoyStu: both Cameron's injured what are the odds
old_shepp: Probably worth burning a trade to ditch Cameron to Shenton
berniebern: walker is a sound bench fwd come finals. sucked in at $299k LOL
leethal: That's game.
2xxRinga: votes swallow 3 walker 2 prestia 1
thommoae: That's not debriefing, Wends - that's Venting!
Raspel31: Good to let it out Wends-vent my boy.
a1trader: FlowerTime you obviously missed out on Tex
dyii22: if your name is carlton_99 you need to get off the keyboard!
uptoolate: kk got a touch !!!
mrpotato: Eddie betts, I can't believe Adelaide are paying so much for hum
twsherrin: kk - wohooo
poolboybob: Walker averaged 56 in TWO GAMES, just off of a bad knee injury.
Wends: True thommoae! Just frustrated at recent spudly choices. Thx Raspel! But I am a chick ;-)
carlton_99: why
WrightWay: carlton_99, get back to bed and stop lying.
FlowerTime: a1trader, didn't think he was worth it with that very below par average..
tamoz: GAJ predicted sc?
Tonche: Gaz gone to sleep
meka100: Ablett back to back puss, Rocky captain
Raspel31: Whoops-sorry Wends
Tonche: Herald Sun SC down for anyone else?
leethal: Yeah exactly, Tex is a star waiting to break out. He has the potential to be as good as any of the other great powerfwds
carlton_99: im not joking langdon is my lowest score so far. but i have had tons of 90s
Raspel31: And May gets a kick-my Christmas has come early
RooBoyStu: glad I went nicky dal C over gaz
Froggy: Where is Ablett? i cant even see him
2xxRinga: suns will come hard!
berniebern: ablett needs more friday night games for captains loophole
OnTheRocks: pumpkin for Wright please monty
Froggy: They just said Ablett has been on the bench for 6 Minutes
Heizenberg: Yes stay down gaz
Raspel31: Well Tex certainly cheap-might be worth the gamble,hmm?
burgz300: ablett been on bench the past 6mins
Drak: Ablett been on the bench for 6mins. Something not right, he is playing sore (commentators)
2xxRinga: ablett back on
WrightWay: @Ontherocks 20 already, and came on a 3QT, what game are you on?
Crowls: was going to keep beams 126 went gaj. mmm
dyii22: Ablett's SC keeps ticking up... champion data muppets
poolboybob: Maybe they are throwing in the towel on this one and mothballing Ablett :-(
old_shepp: Not that I have him but Wright is going ok for 1/2 a qtr
RooBoyStu: ablett was having a pot and a parma on the bench hence the 6 mines off
OnTheRocks: @Wrightway: the whole reason he got kept as sub as he's been very ordinary since his good start, not including this game
Raspel31: Friggin Jaensch might cost me the game-not meant to score this high.
Kennedy31: Jacobs SC please
leethal: It's too risky keeping someone worth as much as Wright with the potential as sub..
Drenthe FC: swallow gun/magnet
WrightWay: 8 touches, already. Cut him some slack. Not his fault he was chosen sub.
DirtyDawn: 4830 coins. Thanks for the coins Monty
leethal: Cmon Danger keep going!
FlowerTime: Go on Jaench!
old_shepp: Jacobs 54 up 3 from 3/4 time
casey22: Swallow close to my pick of the year & close to half of the competition agree
Tonche: Can't get SC scores, Herald Sun playing funny buggers
moiecoute: That six minutes cost what 10-15 points GRRRRRRR
lock98: Swallow - atlas
old_shepp: Took me ages to log back in earlier Tonche
meka100: flower you Sanderson, Wright has already caught up with Cameron
burgz300: @tonche same here
Luke919: damn you wright! stay down
Raspel31: And Casey-I chose Ebert over Swallow this week.Idiot moi-game changer.
casey22: Want some of my coins DD?
poolboybob: C'mon Swallow, get to 40 touches
Inside50: come on danger
happytimes: Hall needs to be delisted today
a1trader: C'mon Ablett, still time to give away a couple of free kicks
2xxRinga: hall has played a big part in the suns loss!
twsherrin: kk disappointing today but been great for his price this year
Froggy: @happytimes you are a spud
a1trader: 3 votes for Tex
Raspel31: Well,that's nice,May who is doing nothing sat his fat butt on Cameron's knee.Thanks
casey22: Tex is starting to tempt me
Escapist: flower you tom lynch and shaw
Theo X: cameron will be dropped next week
Theo X: you have lynch and shaw? lol
Grazz: Is Charlie on the ground or the bench?
burgz300: avoid the key forwards unless you can keep loopholing their scoe. way to up and down
Grazz: Cameron that is
burgz300: hopefully crouch takes camerons spot
dyii22: cape coming up for wright
old_shepp: 100 would be nice for the DT score GAJ !
Escapist: @theo, this is a 22 man draft league im talking about.
Raspel31: Charlie off injured after contact with May's fat butt
Grazz: Cheers Raspel
coldog: wtf happened to kk? Nothing since qtr time.
RooBoyStu: Luke Russell $ logo?
Breezey: That bone wasn't very funny was it GAJ
leethal: Cmon Danger tonne up
moiecoute: Who is number 6, terrible effort
happytimes: Is there a heartless symbol for hall
dfgdfg: Well time to flower off SC this year
Ewoks: gold coasts small forwards cost them sexton on jaensch russel on smith hall on mackay
DirkDigler: flower you cameron
Raspel31: Knee Grazz-but didn't look serious-but who knows?
mijg: terrible last qrt by the suns
leethal: Haha Wright has smashed it!
RooBoyStu: Matthew Wright will be very cheap soon
leethal: He'll most likely get a full game next week I'm thinking
2xxRinga: come on danger, scale up to 100 sc
Breezey: Both Camerons neck and neck at the bottom
WrightWay: @OnTheRocks, where's that pumpkin for Wright, eh?
meka100: Been good Wright, flower you Sanderson
NDiddy: Matt wright cape this quarter? 1 point away
Raspel31: Well,the Camerons are lowlanders,not Highlanders
Ninty: stfu about wright.
frenzy: be kind to me supercoach
frenzy: gazzzzaa
Tonche: All that agonising over whether to take Beams VC and Gaz gets basically the same score
WrightWay: M.Wright's grabage truck, heard Wrights call when he need it :3
RooBoyStu: Steven May 67, 30 for landing on Charlie Cameron