Chat Log: R7, Port Adelaide 20.12.132 d Western Sydney 15.7.97

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jaxx: Rumour Hartlett and carlile out, not that anyone would have carlile, surely
Grazz: Hartlett replaced by Stewart and Carlile replaced by Newton, Impey sub-Lamb sub
drewy75: whats wrong with hartlett?
drewy75: lamb the sub after a good game last week
23rookie23: Hartlett has the flu
Drenthe FC: knew that would happen palmer
spiggs: C'mon wines
dipstick: wines, wingard and cornes. 10 mins and nothing
Brown*Dog: What can you get with Monty $
uptoolate: get off ur bum Olliw !
uptoolate: Josh Kelly a gun now and for many years !!! imho.
old matey: cant believe lamb is sub after i picked him up with all forward injuries
jsquish95: whats happened to shaw? -1?
mstrbatten: chad wingard eager to get back to rookie price
cheers: lift wingard
SpudsFC: C'mon shaw. Start junkin early
lift_spud: wtf wingard you cow. useless plow
dipstick: youd hate to have chosen wingard & Tmitch over parker & gray
uptoolate: Kelly !
mijg: Robbie gray is the new wingard
Grazz: Pole dancing
Torz: Polec :)
dipstick: wingard happy to get 3 goals instaed of 25 touches
uptoolate: shaw ..... let go of your handbag and get a touch !
mstrbatten: westhoff always threatens do be one of the best in the league but disappears.
SpudsFC: Opp has trengove :) I have heater :(
Magicsmell: What number is kelly?
Gigantor: Gray only 22sc
old matey: @magicsmell 22
mmachida: Hey guys, has anyone got Robbie gray sc?
Buzz67: Icicle for Wingard
mmachida: Bull*shower 22 sc? Surely not
tor01doc: Magicsmell - hover your mouse over the player and info pops up
uptoolate: sorry magic ..... don't know Kelly's number. Just that I have watched him fot 5 trs and is an abs gun !
SpudsFC: Heater 16 sc. Haha luv it
Jair: Holy shower Chad! My SC picks have been straight out of the toilet this year
dipstick: if shaw has 16SC from 4 DT is it actually possible to have 160SC from 40 DT? is that possible?
SpudsFC: Hope so dipstick
krapalot64: kelly number22
SpudsFC: 16 sc with a free against. I'd love to see how he got his 16
dipstick: hey m0nty did you release your own tough budget? why these FF coins ticking over so slowly?
casey22: I have Impey on the bloody ground, my opponent Wingard. So far not a problem
GJayBee: jimmy t and jack v are slight compared to the power of wines! how did they miss him!
dipstick: yeh wingard has looked like a hack this year
Mutters: Wingard just spectating
dyii22: Westhoff will finish with 8
coldog: Gotta flower wingard and Mitchell off asap
mmachida: Still can't believe gray is on 22 sc
CamT: Hurn used to get 120sc from 60dt all the time when his dad was doing the scoring
TheDTKing: Wingard a bad option for captain this week
FlowerTime: Wingard gonna get subbed at this stage...
SpudsFC: Wingard was good b4 ankle
Tony9668: I've got kelly and my opp has wingard + shaw.... loving it
carlton_99: gray is on 41 not 22
coldog: Wingard did have a 50 point qtr last week. Can only hope
dipstick: shaw relaxing on his pay check since gone to GWS. disgusting
SpudsFC: C'mon shaw. Get out of the tab and get a kick!
cashcow: shaw averaging 98sc this year...
mijg: That is a figgin disgrace Wingard
casey22: Dermie still spruiking absolute rubbish, good reason to switch to the other game
mmachida: At quarter time his was on 22sc from 41dt
cashcow: good reason not to switch to other game is it's half time
m0nty: Dermie is in assistant coach mode
casey22: Very soon cashcow, very soon
TheDTKing: Shut up Dermie!
mrpotato: polec is a beast
cashcow: why no p plate for orourke
mijg: OK lets go Gunston at least match Roughy
old_shepp: Couldn't decide b/w Parker & Gray in SC this week. Might have zigged when I should have zagged
uptoolate: what is Shaw doing exactly ???
peachcream: @cashcow its his 3rd game :)
cashcow: so it is
mrpotato: @uptoolate laughing at all the money he is making
alekstah: Fricken Wingard!!!
GJayBee: sub ward, im on port at the line hahahah
alekstah: Is he on the field?
uptoolate: @alek ..... agrees re Wingard ...... fallen off the perch ? ..... next trade out !
Jair: This is torture; Wingard for the chop
daniel87: wingard just having a quiet one probably not needed in this game as much as the big clahes
old_shepp: Heater 40 in SC so getting good bang for your buck there
cashcow: robbie gray has burned me 5 years running - 2 years when i had him, 3 when i didn't
mijg: should of put impey on the ground over Wingard.
FlowerTime: @peachcream, learn your facts, it's his second..
dipstick: wingard 390K after byes
daniel87: boak and broadbent are also down
old_shepp: That was my thinking too cashcow
uptoolate: yeah right Daniel ...... every game is important ! I dumping Wingard as a slackalps !
FlowerTime: much needed goal thanks wingard
mijg: Good morning Chad
SpudsFC: Got polec as unique this week but shaw is ruining my happiness
NewFreoFan: who's the chick goal umpire? doesnt look like chelsea. she's bloody hot!
FlowerTime: and sorry peachcream, he played one game last year only!
cheers: look at wingard go
cashcow: unique polec in 58% of teams
daniel87: im not saying its not inportant but you saw port sharing it around last week and some of the lesser names getting a run
daniel87: this week
Jodd: D.Smith supercoach?
Moondog21: Wingard 30 sc
SpudsFC: Anyone got ward? He'll be relevant when GW start winning and he gets scaled up
uptoolate: @ cheers ...... yes ..... look at Wingard GO out of mosy ppls teams this week. He has wimped it !
daniel87: monfries looking awesome 5 possies 3 goals
Woodie: Smith 34sc
mmachida: Gray sc anyone?
Woodie: Gray 63sc
mmachida: Cheers woodie you legend
3rdstriker: Apparently Ward in trouble, candidate to be subbed
alekstah: Wingard's SC is good considering he hasn't done much
burgz300: glad HT is over - was sick of watching hawks run training drills
dipstick: wingard is happy to get 3 goals instaed of 25 touches these days
Pokerface: bring on impey :(
TheoX: my god scully is a flowering dud on 6 million ridiculous
old matey: ffs bring on lamb!
tor01doc: Ger Wingard off and Impey on. Please.
Woodie: Polec in for a big sc score
GJayBee: scully should drive a ferrari to training. rock up and beep beep 'hey fellas'
burgz300: kelly limping
dipstick: @gbjay hahaha good one. buddy would do the same if he could drive anything faster than a datsun 120Y
GJayBee: im going to be carrying smitchel like a little baby this year! my fingers are burned from trading early
mijg: Ok wingard jokes over start playing now...thanks
GJayBee: at least buddy's girlfriend will listen to him cry. his tears will drop on expensive real estate!
Sloaneyyyy: wingard did this last week and still ended up with 80 or something like that
GJayBee: boo
GJayBee: need port to win by 47, fire em' up hink!
mijg: 80 is not good enough. Hopefully things will get tight and wingard will come out and play some footy
daniel87: come on port percentage
TheoX: how the hell does scully escape media scrutiny? flowering joke
burgz300: i really do not lke the advantage rule...
Crazygood: Fk yeah keep going gray
mrpotato: How is $cully still in the team? so useless
3rdstriker: Polec again. Amazing
JGreezy: not his fault theoX, just took the money like anyone would
Crazygood: Polec sc cashcow of the year hands down
NewFreoFan: polec looks like when tarantino becomes a vampire in from dusk till dawn
B.Pickett: Good week to put ebert captain, fml
OnTheRocks: pumpkin for Wines
creeker: I'm amazed brisbane didn't give polec a chance - what went down there ?
grossn: zzz ebert, you choose THIS round of all rounds to play like shower
mijg: So wimgards in the centre now and still not getting a touch
Torz: Polec straight swap for Stevie J in a couple of weeks?
JRedden: bring lamb on for flower sake
furlzy: @3rdstriker why would you put ebert as captain? blame yourself..
alekstah: CMon Wingard!
old matey: @jredden right there with ya
mstrbatten: harsh @ontherocks
JRedden: why did he start lamb as the sub, hes been great
3rdstriker: I don't have evert as captain
furlzy: sorry that was for @B.Pickett
Roflcake: Broadbent getting tagged? Really
Woodie: Polec maybe a keeper if he keeps going like this
B.Pickett: Because ebert has been massive this year and his last 2 games against gws have also been big
Soulman: Get a move on Ebert!
Escapist: nothing wrong with captaining ebert this week imo
Dafty: Kelly SC Anyone?
furlzy: just leave the c on ablet.
Woodie: Kelly 57sc
burgz300: kelly 57sc
JGreezy: sgouldnt cptn ebert with Ablett against the non tagging north and Danger vs Melb
TheoX: how's o'rourke looked?
cashcow: orourke subbed
Dafty: Woodie thanks
burgz300: kelly subbed
TheoX: oh lol
korza: Callan Ward is a terrific capt
burgz300: commentators messed up - orourke subbed. sorry
cashcow: no, orourke subbed
old matey: lamb 3 possies in first minute of being subbed on
Woodie: O'Rourke subbed
Dafty: thank god not kelly!
JRedden: already getting into it lamb
Woodie: Polec 113sc
alekstah: CMon Wingard!
Sloaneyyyy: when is mumford back
heppelitis: Callan Ward is the alpha male in a room full of beasts
daniel87: wingard
alekstah: Winagrd!!!!
alekstah: One more goal for the cape!
Sloaneyyyy: hahaha my opponent has westhoff and roo... and I was worried... lol not anymore
mmachida: Gray sc anyone?
burgz300: gray 103sc
Woodie: Gray 103sc
Sloaneyyyy: westhoff - pumpkin icon please, he needs a permanent pumpkin for every year after about round 5
mmachida: Cheers burgz and woodie
alekstah: Wingard SC?
burgz300: wingard 64sc
Woodie: Wingard 64sc
uptoolate: 1st year player,...... 2nd pick in draft .... this bloke dm underacted !!! Good ...... I have him.
GJayBee: win by 47 or more port, please, do it for koshie
old_shepp: Robbie Gray looks the real deal this year
Heizenberg: I'm on that too gjb in a multi though
bulldogs11: Polec sc ? Kelly's sc?
alekstah: CMon Wingard and Polec!!!
alekstah: Polec is a freak, could be a keeper for a few more rounds
JRedden: how much is polec gonna go up by
SuperCodge: One more round anyway
Heizenberg: flower port stop flowering around with it
korza: Treloar ill take 80 right now
Pantsman: Boak muppet.
burgz300: polec 126 Kelly 58sc
dipstick: oh well wingard got his 3 goals so is happy and done for the day
bulldogs11: Cheers
dipstick: i reckon polec increase by 30K+
Heizenberg: Seriously port c'mon
123wce: if polec stops now he should go up by $40k
mstrbatten: polec will go up 50k in sc at this rate
Lynxe: wines and impey supercoach?
mstrbatten: sc gold says that if polec gets 93 he goes up by 28k
GJayBee: nooooo port killing me on line. my boys, letting me down!!!
JRedden: lamb you're a star, on 36 halfway through last quarter
123wce: oh i was talking AF
old matey: keep going laaaaamb
cheers: come on wingard
alekstah: Cmon Power! need +40.5
dipstick: this brad ebert is how you say emabaressing
Boydosanes: Kelly not even going to get to 75 his stopped :-(
frenzy: back to back poo weeks Hoff ?
MarksMen: kelly 60sc
dipstick: at this minute polec is +40,300 in AF
TheDTKing: Poo weeks frenzy? You're better than that
cusch1: Horror year for forwards this year
cashcow: hoff always starts season well then remembers he's shower
Joe B: Break out game for Devon. The new Toby Greene?
dyii22: what happened to him frenzy do you have an idea :(
pies13: kelly goal thers your 75 and some
burgz300: Thank you Kelly - Glad to see you hadnt gone home early
Heizenberg: Were flowered gjb
Tony9668: go kelly you champ
mijg: Game on
a1trader: this is Eberts worst game in a long time
MarksMen: Kelly 71
old_shepp: I can see I'm going to regret bringing Parker in over Gray in SC
mstrbatten: not a shower year for fwds if you have 4 of gray parker zorko danger roo and boomer
cashcow: game off
GoCrowz98: @dipstick, you know the formula? Or is there a site that does it?
GJayBee: yes hizenberg, lucky i got hawkes line. now, here's hoping that i get adelaide line! beers and bets, love ya satdey!
cashcow: wingard you are giving me the...
mijg: At least the Giants put in a show unlike the saints
Heizenberg: Still on gjb
dipstick: live prices on dream-stats. but the chat sucks ball sack over there
Ghost: Impey, you eediot!
Heizenberg: Lol yes I made money this week but today been a disaster so far
mstrbatten: what bets this week heiz?
heppelitis: well said dipstick
TheoX: kellys been showerhouse
old matey: @dipstick cheers about dream-stats
grossn: flowering hell ebert didn't even double his QT score
old matey: ward is looking as a good unique pick up